Kerry has been reading for me for two decades. Along with her profound understanding of Vedic astrology, she is able to translate the mysterious into language that I can understand. Her insight has given me more confidence and optimism about what lies ahead.

Kiki C.

Kerry's reading was one of the most incredible experiences I've had. I wish I could better put it into words but it defies explanation. It's like seeing all the pieces of yourself reflected in the universe back to you. It opened up a deeper level of understanding. Highly highly highly recommend experiencing it for yourself.

Olivia Collins

Kerry's consultation has been the most unique from many astrologers I have seeked over a decade. She has quickly makes complex calculations and explains them easily with relevant metaphors.

She has been very optimistic and lifting in her attitude versus astrologer that are just about giving the technical details. She has allowed me to ask a dozen questions, been patient with my impatience, filtered out what need not be answered to make the most of the time we have. I have appreciated her consultation and knowing her.

I feel lucky to have come across her. Thank You Kerry for blessing me with your support. Appreciate it!

Rima Desai

Kerry has an almost magical way of synthesizing all of the information (that could potentially be very confusing) into a really clear, intuitive explanation of how it relates to my life in the past, now, and in what lies ahead. The information was helpful, empowering, and actually VERY inspiring. I had my reading the day after my birthday and I highly recommend it as a birthday gift to your self. Or anytime of year for that matter!

Lauri Pointer

The reading I recently had with Kerry is by far the most accurate and informative one I've had to this date. Kerry's knowledge and way of presenting the information appears to come naturally to her. She translates that knowledge into useful information to be of use to the individual receiving the reading.

Peggy Evans

Thank you for sharing the gift of your expertise and conversational approach to explaining my chart. I love the way you toggle between technical language and explorations of how my chart relates to my everyday life.

You are masterful at connecting and inspiring others to live a more authentic path in life.

Sandy Scott

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