Reading Policies & Disclaimer

Entering into an agreement to receive an astrology reading indicates that you have a sincere desire to understand and work with the astral forces that are shaping your life. While the information transmitted from astrologer to client can be useful, true changes or improvements in the condition of one's life cannot occur without a serious commitment to change or evolution, as well as personal effort toward those ends. Any advice given by the astrologer remains neutral until the client makes the decision to take that advice.

Astrological counsel comes from the subjective view of the astrologer, no matter how objective the astrologer attempts to be. In short, what is said during an astrological consulting session is my opinion about what I am perceiving through the astrological charts and based on the information I receive from the client, based on my own training and studies. While it is my intention to connect with Universal Truth and convey that to the client, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to evaluate what is true for them.

It is common for astrologers to disagree. Even though a client may have received numerous reading from other astrologers, psychics, shamans or other types of channel that provide useful information or guidance, what is revealed through a session with me may reveal new or conflicting information that needs to be taken for what it is worth to the client. Because each practitioner has a unique way of connecting with and transferring information to a client, our relationship as astrologer-client will begin with a birth chart reading in order to lay the groundwork for our work together.

It is the responsibility of the client to attend the session with the intention and ability to fully receive the information that is provided. A state of calm sobriety and an environment free of distraction is essential to take full advantage of the session. Therefore, please avoid intoxicants before the session, please make sure the room you are calling from is quiet and private, please be prepared in advance with questions you'd like to introduce into the session, please have materials for taking notes if you are so inclined, and please notify me well in advance if you are unable to keep the appointment for your session.

Upon request, I will record the session and deliver it as a downloadable mp3 file. Please understand that technology does fail and your recording is not 100% guaranteed. You are welcome to use your own recording device to capture the session, as a backup method, in case my recording device fails.

I do not provide "emergency" sessions. Generally, states of crisis are not the best time to assimilate the type of information that is sought through a Vedic astrology session.

Your session with me and any information you share with me will remain strictly private.