Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2020

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.


October may have brought about sudden changes and unexpected events due to the settling in of the nodal axis into new signs since late September. Rahu will be affecting Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn for the next 1.5 years. New static that affects those signs in the horoscope may have blasted in without notice. Because Saturn will be transiting Capricorn through January 2023, this means that Rahu's amplification blends in with Saturn's hard press until April 2022, when Rahu moves to Aries. This could especially be felt by those with important Capricorn placements in the horoscope.

Top that off with a full Moon in Aries on Halloween night, and November slides into view with retrograde Mars pushing on retrograde Mercury as we scramble for balance, navigating new territory.

There are four signs in the zodiac that may be "really feeling it" at this time due to the influence of more than two challenging planets.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, generally rolls well with the punches. Things may seem a bit unsettled this month due to Rahu aspecting from Taurus, which remains in place until April 2022, causing unexpected ups and downs that may force reorganization over the medium-term. This is coupled with the misguided and unfocused, yet still powerful, retrograde Mars adding his aspect to Rahu's. The compulsion to quickly and suddenly build a new castle may be strong; take a deep breath and wait until Mars returns to direct motion mid-November, which will help with focus, strategy and resource management.

Libra is getting a dual aspect from Mars and Saturn, which can feel like a compulsion to drive forward without having a place in mind to go (Mars retrograde in Pisces) combined with a conservative anxiety about the practical eventualities of committing such an act (Saturn in Capricorn.) Again, with Mars' direct motion mid-November, planning and assessment will help Libra get back into focus with goals.

Capricorn is occupied by Saturn, ruler of this earth sign, until January 2023. In terms of stability, this could be positive, but when Saturn is strong (as planets are in their own signs), the effects can be quite pressing. The lord of karma may be forcing Capricorns to take a hard look at how they spend their time, wondering how to separate from unproductive situations. Until April 2022, Rahu will be aspecting Capricorn from Taurus, which adds instability, insatiable desire and the potential for risky decisions, but also the opportunity for ingenious bypasses and sudden improvements. Be careful what you wish for 'cause it might come true.

Pisces, Jupiter's universal sign of visionary completion, is currently occupied by retrograde Mars and aspected by strong Saturn. This is similar to the push-pull feeling that Libra will be experiencing. Pisces could feel almost unable to bear anymore weight or intensity, but this may lighten a bit when Mars resumes direct motion on November 13. This is a good time to recognize that pressure can arise from internal sources and is not always coming from outside.

If one doesn't have any significant placements in any of these signs, your job is to support the others!

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion November 3

Our final Mercury retrograde phase of 2020 will end around noon on Tuesday, November 3, as the United States attempts to run a major election. We know that Mercury gets excited about his messages and even more so during retrograde phases. This can cause us to skip steps, make haste and run on fumes (even more than usual!)

This Mercury direct in Libra at the beginning of November should act as a re-set for many. The best thing we can do to calm down Mercury is find some grounding and nourishment in our daily routines. Slow down, reassess, talk to your people and figure out how to create a new way forward.

We know that Mercury is easily influenced by the other planets around him, and this retrograde phase put him on the other side of the Sun in the zodiac, with the next big influence on him to come from Venus, his forever friend. Since Venus moved into Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, on October 23, this has created an energetic exchange of signs between Mercury and Venus, which helps both of the planets in the short run.

Normally with this exchange of signs between Venus and Mercury which happens regularly when the Sun and his entourage pass through the Virgo/Libra region of the zodiac, we see immense enthusiasm that can be channelled creatively and efficiently. In 2020, we see a couple of things creating some confusion in the normally pleasant tourist season: Rahu is aspecting Virgo (and Venus) and for part of this exchange, Mercury has been retrograde.

We will have the benefit of almost two weeks of direct Mercury enjoying the parivartana (exchange) with Venus as they Do-si-do their way into November. This is helpful in trying to re-organize enough in order to get back into business. Both Mercury and Venus are supportive of interactions, exchanges, transactions and well, business. With Rahu still cranking, we may want to look at how we can innovate to do business in an altered environment rather than struggling to get back to "usual."

That said, we should also remember that Libra, where Mercury is, has the aspect of Mars and Saturn, creating a bit of the hesitation blues, amidst the spirit of creatively starting anew. Awkward, a bit, but perhaps a call to use caution, guarding against flagrant use of resources.

Mercury will be joined by Venus in Libra on November 16, which is also a positive support for getting things done cheerfully, skillfully and gracefully, under fire. This prevails through November 27, when Mercury shifts to Scorpio, following the Sun, ready to report back after landing the big scoop.

Mars Resumes Direct Motion November 13

Mars has been retrograde since September 10, which caused fiery and intense conditions which could have calmed a tad in early October, when Mars paddled back into Pisces. Mars retrograde in Pisces could have demanded some type of unexpected dispersal of energy or resources.

From November 13 – December 23, Mars will shift back into gear and move forward through Pisces, giving us the strength to let go of what needs to dissolve while attempting to hold on to the valuable foundations that will continue to fuel our progress.

We can think of Mars as causing the environment where he transits or aspects to become hot, fiery, agitated or accident prone, especially if we aren't making conscious effort to channel that power in a safe, productive manner. For Mars now, that is watery Pisces, where his is sitting, plus airy Gemini, earthy Virgo, and airy Libra. These signs are gaining Mars' energy and power, and with direct motion of Mars, could be able to make efforts that actually result in tangible results.

New Moon in Libra/Vishaka November 14

The Moon glides into alignment with the Sun on November 14 as they meet at 29°10' Libra, in the nakshatra Vishaka, which spans between Libra and Scorpio. This happens very late in the evening of November 14, and both Sun and Moon will cross through the gateway of Vishaka during the night that follows.

"Vishaka" has many translations, but the root meaning implies "fork" or "branch." This symbol implies having to make a turn or initiate something new. At the new Moon, we are energetically spent, completely exhaled and ready to pull ourselves into a new cycle. We can see it as an invitation into the realm of deep transformation or we can see it as the inevitable force of nature pushing us toward a new approach to living. This is a choice point. Not only a choice on direction but also a choice on how to react to the pressure which is forcing the "fork."

Saturn is throwing his dim glance onto the scene, implying that there is heavy and unyielding circumstance that is moving the situation. It may feel a little like "have to" or "karma." We may not get to know why things are the way they are this time. Be ready to pivot anyway. Call upon the parivartana between Mercury, also in Libra and Venus, placed in Virgo, to get your momentum going in with grace, efficiency, and levity.

Mars, newly in direct motion, will also aspect this new Moon in Libra. Use the courage and strength of Mars to attend to the practical details, strategy and focus required to get an engine running again.

Another notable feature of this new Moon moment is that there are a few planets placed in late degrees of signs. Rahu/Ketu are at 28º Taurus/Scorpio, implying they just got there, as they are naturally reverse movers. Both Venus and Jupiter, the two gurus of the planets, are at 28º and 29º of their respective signs, in forward motion and ready to change signs. Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes.

Sun Transits Scorpio November 15 – December 15

The great Sun leaves his debilitation sign of Libra to join Ketu, the south node of the Moon, in Scorpio for a month, just after the moment of the new Moon, on November 15. As the Sun crosses into Scorpio, he is with the Moon for a couple of days as it begins to wax and distance from the Sun.

This officially opens the eclipse discussion once again, as eclipses are caused by the nodal axis, currently sitting in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. That means when the Sun moves into one of those signs, we get a pair of eclipses.

As mentioned earlier in 2020, we get to experience six eclipses this year rather than our normal four, which makes sense now that we are starting to understand what 2020 is all about! Here is the rundown of the eclipses for 2020:

  • Jan 10–11. Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)
  • Jun 5–6. Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)
  • Jun 21. Solar Eclipse (Annular
  • )
  • Jul 4–5. Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)
  • Nov 29–30. Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)
  • Dec 14. Solar Eclipse (Total)

Here is the Wikipedia article about eclipses, in case you are in the mood to learn what penumbral or annular means.

The basic impact of the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, is that they have the power to consume the light of the Sun and/or Moon. This eclipse energy invites chaos, unpredictability and uncertainty, as details become cloudy and vision more difficult.

The Sun in Scorpio on any given year is considered to be in a friendly sign, lorded by his friend Mars, but co-lorded by Ketu, his enemy in a sense due to the eclipse issue. So this is always an interesting month, as the Sun continues on his journey to the winter solstice, and we in the northern hemisphere are experiencing shorter days and longer nights as the living creatures go into dormancy, their own path of transformation.

This is generally a good month to turn inward and shed the detritus of the growth achieved when the Sun was strong in the spring and summer. We take a pause to examine the depths of our being as we face that dormancy. This year, with Ketu strongly placed in Scorpio, we may experience an even more dramatic desire or requirement to withdraw. Perhaps this could manifest in tighter governmental restrictions due to pandemic management plans that will go into place as Covid-19 cases across the globe continue to increase.

Venus Transits Libra November 16 – December 10

Mid-November appears to be an interesting time, with notable shifts happening just before and just after the new Moon on November 14. As the Sun and Moon exit Libra on November 15, Venus, the lord of Libra, rushes in for a quick passage from November 16 – December 10.

With both Venus and Mercury in the house, and with the aspect of Mars and Saturn coming in, Libra is a busy place this month. We may be dealing with forced changes, but the materials we have to work with are valuable and accessible.

Zooming out a bit, remember that Venus is the conductor of the human symphony, in the sense that Venus promotes exploration and play in the realm of our relationships, from families to societies. In Libra, Venus tends to play out more in the societal realm and we are confronted with the philosophies of conduct, morality and social accountability. Politics, people! For better or for worse.

The latter half of November, with both Venus strongly voicing through diplomatic relations and Mercury there to report on it, may be somewhat active on the relationship and transactional front. Be ready to bargain, for your time, your power, your health and your education.

Jupiter Enters Capricorn November 19

Jupiter, exits his own fire sign of Sagittarius on November 19 and makes for Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, which is strongly occupied by Saturn himself and also is the territory that debilitates Jupiter. Jupiter will have his trainers on, as we see him fairly dash through Capricorn from November 19, 2020 – April 5, 2021.

This could be a very significant 5-6 month period which we reflect back to someday. We count on Jupiter's positive and expansive energy to uplift, educate and connect us to the inherent wisdom of nature. Jupiter promotes lineages, children and abundance in our lives.

Jupiter struggles to remain positive and buoyant while in Saturn's Capricorn. The challenges to practical reality are real in Capricorn, and with Saturn in occupation, we may have little wiggle room when it comes to hands-on responsibility. Because Jupiter is a planet associated with righteous behavior, we may even see some suffering due to sacrifices that we voluntarily make in the name of all that is good.

During this transit, we may also experience deep themes relating to faith vs fear, positivity vs negativity, joy vs sorrow or freedom vs duty. We are faced with skillfully balancing expansion and contraction and with building a practical container for lofty ideas.

Further, we also get the aspect of Rahu from Taurus, affecting all of the earth signs. Even though Jupiter struggles for positive outcomes in Capricorn, this auspicious energy is still available, but perhaps harder to access. Whatever good we can muster with Jupiter, it will come in handy as Jupiter and Rahu will be in a mutual aspect while Jupiter runs through Aquarius. This could allow Jupiter to counter some of Rahu's chaos and actually afford us access to our own inherent wisdom as we may be battling the incoherent desires of Rahu.

We will spend the next months watching Jupiter's progress through Capricorn. Just food for thought, the last meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn was from February 1961 – March 1962. John F Kennedy was inaugurated January 20, 1961, having defeated rising Republican star, Richard Nixon and succeeding Republican Dwight Eisenhower.

Mercury Transits Scorpio November 27 – December 16

Mercury puts his boots on and heads into the depths of Scorpio on November 27 for a rather quick dip, emerging to Sagittarius on December 16. With Mercury's focus being the eternal efficiency of exchanges, verbal, monetary or otherwise, we could see some action (holiday shopping?) during this stretch.

Ketu is strongly guarding Scorpio for the near future and can sometimes cause breakage of physical items, including bones, when Mercury is near. Mercury is speeding through, so perhaps it may be wise to slow down and avoid dangerous moves for a few weeks.

Ketu's influence is also associated with disinterest or withdrawal; since Mercury is the ruler of markets, perhaps this shows the possibility of erratic economic markets during this time.

Full Moon in Taurus (Lunar Eclipse) November 30

The Moon is waxing through the second half of November, coming into opposition with the Sun at 14° 30' Taurus/Rohini (Moon) and 14° 30' Scorpio/Anuradha (Sun) on November 30. Because this Moon-Sun opposition at the full Moon is only separated from the Rahu-Ketu axis by about 12 degrees, this will cause a penumbral lunar eclipse, which is a less dramatic version of eclipse than a total eclipse, due to the misalignment between the nodal axis and the Sun-Moon axis.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, but will be past its exact degree of exaltation, however, will still be strong, as it is also full. The Moon is changeable and reflects how the human mind tends to turn and churn on a moment-to-moment basis. This strong Moon in proximity to Rahu could cause emotions to run high and mental reactions to be strong or out-of-character.

Again, it doesn't seem the most stable moment for major decisions; a better time for safe indulgence of moods and perhaps a signal to sit back and wait just awhile longer.

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