Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2020

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.


Venus at Inferior Solar Conjunction June 3

The last meeting of Venus with the Sun was on August 14, 2019, when they met in the sign of Cancer. As Venus moved away from the brilliant Sun, we were able to see her appearance in the evening sky in the hours after the Sun set, from late 2019 through April, 2020. As the second planet from the Sun, Venus is never far away from the Sun from our observational standpoint and will oscillate between setting after the Sun or rising before the Sun. We are in the midst of a Venus transformation from "evening star" to "morning star" at this time.

With Venus as our teacher in the subject of to how to connect, live together and enjoy life, we may be collectively experiencing a shift when it comes to matters of the heart, social mores, creative processes and political landscapes.

Venus is currently occupying her own earth sign of Taurus, moving toward the Sun in retrograde motion since May 13. On June 3, Venus comes into total combustion with the Sun at 20° Taurus, receiving an exact aspect from Mars in Aquarius. This is an immense amount of fire energy on our watery Venus, signaling perhaps an intense time ahead with regards to public policies, relationships and living the good life.

At the time of this writing, Mars is placed in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, which is co-lorded by Rahu and Saturn, and also being aspected by a very strong Rahu from Gemini. The news is full of images of buildings burning as people are rioting for social justice. Mars is associated with law enforcement and is currently navigating the chaotic environment of Aquarius with the masses rising.

With Venus representing social matters, strongly placed in Taurus, and with Rahu, representative of the masses and exalted in Gemini and with Mercury, ruler of communications, joining Rahu in Gemini, we have quite a bit of energy and inspiration to create a new paradigm of how to get along, communicate respectfully, be safe and create prosperity and comfort for all. The Sun, as representative of leaders and government matters, will be in the position to drown out the voice of Venus at this sensitive juncture, aided by Mars from Aquarius.

On a global level, the discomfort of the masses may be reaching a boiling point. While we think of Mars as the aggressor, Venus' job is to oversee how we get along; sometimes that means diplomacy, sometimes it means confrontation and sometimes it extends further into engagement of force.

Things are going to change, regardless of comfort, safety, tradition and legacy.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 5 (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

As June begins, the Moon is waxing through the unoccupied side of the nodal axis. On Friday, June 5, the Moon becomes full at 22° Scorpio, in the nakshatra known as Jyeshtha. With the Sun at 22° Taurus, this puts the Sun and Moon close enough to the nodal axis to create an eclipse, even though the signs occupied are different.

A penumbral lunar eclipse is not a total eclipse, and usually can be seen as a shadowy effect upon the full Moon. This eclipse will be visible to those in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia but not to the Americas, as the eclipse will be happening at mid-day in those time zones.

For most of the world, 2020 has been a continual series of distressing situations and unprecedented, chaotic events. In January, the second of the eclipse pair that ushered in this unforgettable year occurred during the first weeks of the year. Normally we experience two pairs of eclipses per year as the Sun and Moon move through the nodal axis during full and new Moons. This year, we get six.

Eclipses are astronomical events that in astrological interpretation shows the shadows temporarily overcoming the light. They are generally seen as times where unexpected or fateful events may occur and are to be avoided for actions that are aimed at stability or long-term success.

When the Moon is full, we consider that positive and strong for the concerns of the Moon, who has the job of feeding, caring and unifying. The Moon is a barometer for public opinion, which obviously fluctuates on a daily basis as the Moon waxes and wanes through the zodiac, joining different planets and signs nearly each day.

This full Moon is wrought with difficulty. First, Scorpio debilitates the Moon, creating some corruption in the strength of the Moon. Second, proximity to Ketu will cause the shadow of the earth to darken its brightness at this juncture. Third, as the Moon begins to wane, it will enter Sagittarius, joining Ketu and again tipping the weight to one side of the ship until the Moon emerges on the other side of the nodal axis only to participate in another eclipse at the new Moon on June 21.

It is at times like this, when the lights go out around us, that we must strive to find our inner guidance and own source of light. We may feel particularly vulnerable during this time. It is completely understandable if one's intuition to hold back, to wait and see how things shake out, begins to loudly proclaim during this time.

Sun Transits Gemini June 14 – July 15

The Sun exits Venus' sign of Taurus and joins Mercury in his own sign of Gemini on June 14, for what could be a memorable month, exiting to Cancer on July 15. The Sun is a giant ball of fire in the sky and things may continue to heat up as Mars' aspect on the Sun will be continuing through the Sun's trip through Gemini (Mars moves to Pisces on June 18, keeping the bonfire going, even from a watery environment.)

While Taurus is an earth sign, giving some grounding, Gemini is an air sign by nature and has a wind machine going as well, due to Rahu's presence there. You can put out a fire with water and earth, but adding extra air usually doesn't go well for calming fire.

The Sun represents our individuality and ego. Each year, as the Sun moves through the zodiac signs, one per month, we feel the collective soul journey through the different environments and conjunctions that the zodiac provides. With the Sun in Gemini, we generally get to explore how individual needs and agendas tend to express in the context of communication, education and exchange of ideas.

With the nodal axis currently running across the zodiac from Gemini (Rahu) to Sagittarius (Ketu), this may be a very challenging time to express ourselves clearly. It may be difficult to fathom our own stance or to perceive the viewpoints of others.

Mercury, who we count on to spell it out, analyze and manage, is strong in his own sign, joining Rahu and Sun in Gemini, but of course, this may go sideways when Mercury begins a retrograde period.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini June 17 – July 11

Mercury joins Venus, Saturn and Jupiter (and Pluto!) in retrograde motion on June 17 while he is at 21º Gemini, his own sign. Mercury's retrograde phases tend to have a reputation associated with unforeseen problems and chaotic communication, which can certainly be expected especially with Mercury strongly placed in Gemini and hanging around with the original retrograde king, Rahu.

Mercury's retrograde cycles only last a few weeks, but like his friend Venus, this will switch his relationship with the Sun, and we will see both Mercury and Venus rising in the eastern sky before dawn by late July. But what an interesting few weeks to have a retrograde cycle!

When planets are retrograde, they become a bit unpredictable, sort of in the same way that Rahu's effects are unpredictable. Additionally, the retrograde can both make the planet's influence very strong and may or may not reverse the effects of the planet. With Mercury as ruler of communication and transactions, we may want to take extra precautions in this realm with Mercury retrograde, with Rahu and all during eclipse season.

From mid-June to mid-July, with all of these factors combined, it may not be the most supportive time for establishing new businesses, signing contracts or making commitments. The astrological weather is forcing us to work with what we already have, reinvent ourselves, lighten our loads and innovate.

The astrological weather at this time reflects an environment that is supportive of letting go, returning to former situations, remodeling, editing and surrender. Many have been forced to live one day at a time due to rapidly developing circumstances that offer no sense of continuity. The key to remaining rooted, calm and aware can only be found within during times like this. Personal practices, health routines and support networks have become essential business.

Mars Transits Pisces June 18 – August 16

Fiery Mars tends to cause a consolidation of power in the signs that he is transiting and aspecting. Just as fire can be either dangerous or comforting depending upon how it is being managed, Mars can either be aggressive or protective depending upon how we are managing and taking responsibility for the portion of power that each of us wields.

Mars' team consists of Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu, and interaction with these planets may help to bring out the best in Mars. When interacting with the other team, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu, we may see Mars acting out in ways that don't show his best side. The best influence on Mars is Jupiter.

With Mars moving out of Aquarius and into Pisces on June 18, we will see Mars jetting through friendly seas until August 16. This does not mean that we will be free of frustration, but transiting through Jupiter's sign may give us a sense of perspective that allows us to transmute our energy and power into managing the chaotic, difficult situations that seem to compound on a daily basis.

Mars is happiest when solving problems, designing, managing resources, making strategic plans and protecting his own. Mars becomes aggressive and angry when there seems to be no solutions, when resources are lost, when planning is impossible and his people are not safe. Managing this fiery energy is one of the most challenging requirements of living a peaceful and prosperous life. Making it a choice is a good start.

Mars in Pisces will also be pushing his energy into the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Libra. These are the energetic signs of Mercury and Venus. We will be inspired to mobilize, make changes, form alliances and begin to sketch out strategies for how to attain a state of safety, wellness and stability. The trick is that we may be finding that stability has to be mobile and flowing in order to move with the times.

New Moon in Gemini (Annular Solar Eclipse) June 21

Just after the full Moon of June 5, the Moon begins to wane as it joins Ketu and brings all of the planetary weight to one side of the nodal axis once again. Through the middle part of June, waning Moon passes by Ketu, retrograde Jupiter & retrograde Saturn, passes Mars in Aquarius, retrograde Venus in Taurus and will finally join the Sun at 6º13' Gemini, in the nakshatra Mrigashira.

This joining of the Sun and Moon is only a few degrees away from the great shadow causer, Rahu, giving us an annular solar eclipse. This is the "ring of fire" type of eclipse, just like the one on December 26, 2019, when the Sun and Moon joined with Ketu in Sagittarius. That eclipse in December 2019 marks the timeframe in which the COVID-19 virus emerged into our awareness, eclipsing our "normal" and throwing many into a state of uncertainty, grief and fear.

At that time, Rahu was immensely strong in Gemini and specifically within his own nakshatra of Ardra, allowing his genius to spread rapidly across the globe in the form of a coronavirus followed swiftly by a fleet of conspiracy theories by which we tried to make sense of the unfathomable.

Now, we are on the other side of that experience as the Sun, Moon and Rahu join in Mrigashira, which is ruled by the problem solving, pioneering and protective Mars. While Rahu in Ardra may have birthed COVID-19, Rahu in Mrigashira will see the world redesigning the new normal, finding pathways toward safety, reconnecting supply lines and rebuilding relationships.

Rahu moved to Mrigashira on May 21, 2020 and exits to Rohini on January 27, 2021 (mean node calculation.) This new Moon annular eclipse is calling for us to dig deep and move through the chaos and instability toward a place where we can envision a new paradigm.

In August 1945, Rahu was in Ardra as atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, forcing their surrender and ending World War II. The impact of those bombs changed the world. Nothing was ever the same as we attempted to move on with the new knowledge that we were holding the power to destroy the world in our hands. Rahu moved to Mrigashira from late December 1945 – August of 1946, bringing forth the establishment of many new alliances that would guide the world going forward.

This current eclipse can be a good opportunity to close our eyes and imagine the world that we want to live in given our history, current data and a fleeting opportunity. Just as the world started over again after the trauma of WWII, we will start over again after the trauma of a pandemic that has been inflamed by long-standing undercurrents of division and unrest.

Venus Resumes Direct Motion June 25

After the very hot meeting with the Sun on June 3, Venus continues to etch her presence into the middle degrees of her own earth sign. On June 25, Venus stands pat at 12° Taurus as she resumes regular motion. A few weeks later, enough distance will have occurred between Venus and Sun that we will again be able to view our bright neighbor in the pre-dawn eastern sky.

The next conjunction of the Sun and Venus is at 14° Pisces, in late March 2021. If we see this as a dance between the two, we see Venus leading the Sun from now until then, finally allowing the Sun to come and transform her once again. She then holds back and allows the Sun to run ahead and lead, becoming the evening star once again.

When Venus leads the Sun, we are on the part of the cycle where "WE" becomes dominant over "ME." Most of life is about how we live in harmony with nature and with other beings while exercising our power of individual expression and definition. This is the dance of Venus and Sun, in the astrological sense. Finding balance between the self and others is a nearly universal experience. For the next nine months, as Venus leads "US," there is an opportunity to create new forms, bridge the divide and regain some forward motion toward peace and balance.

Venus continues forward through Taurus until July 31, when Venus joins Rahu and Mercury in Gemini. While the heavy drag of Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde urge caution in establishing long-term plans at this moment, in many cases we are feeling that something has to be done in the moment to stabilize our situations.

With Venus strongly placed in earthy Taurus, this is the part where we can plant some seeds and nurture them along so that we may nourish and be nourished by these acts, regardless of the long term or the illusion of stability. Venus in Taurus will help us to confront imbalances in a constructive and creative way. Get to it.

Retrograde Jupiter Returns to Sagittarius June 29

2020 has thus far been a year that will stand out in our collective memory. As the world turns and the universe churns, we are all learning to navigate ourselves through an ever-changing ocean, surrounded by bands of scurvy pirates. Now is the moment to realize how we truly wish to participate in this world. Our inner truth yearns to be revealed and expressed.

Jupiter, the champion of truth, the lord of our natural evolution, has been grinding back over recently traversed territory, churning up previously failed understanding and offering another chance at positive growth and deeper wisdom.

On June 29, Jupiter returns to his own sign of Sagittarius and continues the retrograde motion until September 13, when he stations and resumes direct motion at 24º Sagittarius. At that point, Jupiter again re-traces his steps through the late degrees of Sagittarius (Purvashada and Uttarashada nakshatras), again entering Capricorn, joining Saturn, on November 19, 2020.

Jupiter will behave differently when retrograde versus when in forward motion, but he is still Jupiter and his naturally balanced aspects will still fall in the same signs. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, he casts an aspect onto Aries, Gemini and Leo. Either way, Jupiter in Sagittarius will be more powerful to create positive change, away from a strongly placed Saturn, giving us all a window to learn and grow from the difficulty of the recent past that both retrograde Jupiter and Saturn are continuing to reveal.

This advantage of Jupiter in Sagittarius will roughly span from July – November. We need to revisit our mistakes, learn from them and apply this knowledge going forward, which is crucial for our individual and collective growth and prosperity.

Saturn will also continue in retrograde motion, but will not re-enter Sagittarius. His transit through his own sign of Capricorn will create the baseline for the time period between January 2020 – January 2023.

After Jupiter slips back to Sagittarius, we see that June 30 is celebrated as Devshayani Ekadashi, the time each year we begin the four-month rest period, chaturmas. This is traditionally a time for spiritual practices and rest which coincided with the monsoonal season. This year in particular seems a great time to acknowledge this traditional view of the summer months.

Stay well, stay safe, stay calm.

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