Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2020

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.


Jupiter in Sagittarius June 29 – November 19

It is always good to know where Jupiter's transit may be hitting our individual horoscopes. We count on Jupiter to grant us wisdom, joy and abundance, to help us out of scrapes and to guide us toward positive growth. When Jupiter's doing well, we can all benefit in some way.

Jupiter is currently in a retrograde phase from May 14 – September 12. Jupiter started this retrograde in Capricorn, his sign of debilitation, when it began in May. The retrograde phase returns him to his own territory of Sagittarius on June 29, where he continues in retrograde motion until September 12.

We can view this 4.5 month period as an opportunity to get any remaining good juice out of Jupiter's time in Sagittarius. While Jupiter is still in retrograde motion, we are invited to revisit lessons, educational plans, opportunities for growth or spiritual practices. Come mid-September, we see Jupiter stabilizing once again into forward motion in his own sign. This will be a positive window for growth, progress and expansion (mid-September to mid-November.)

This period could provide some relief when it comes to the matters that are represented by the house that is occupied by Sagittarius in the personal horoscope. The effects of retrograde Jupiter can also bounce to its opposite sign, Gemini. This axis is particularly active at this time due to the nodes occupation of these signs since March 2019.

Any remaining attention and work that the Gemini – Sagittarius axis is demanding at this time may come into play during July, August and September especially, as the nodes will remain active there. By mid-September when Ketu moves from Sagittarius to Scorpio and Rahu moves from Gemini to Taurus, we will experience Jupiter alone in his own sign, in forward motion for two months. This could be a good time for healing, regrouping and glimpsing positive goals to move toward.

Full Moon in Sagittarius (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) July 4-5

We welcome July while the Sun is mid-way through Gemini, after a quick conjunction with retrograde Mercury. The Moon is waxing, preparing once again to shine brightly at the moment of fullness, only to be hit again by another penumbral lunar eclipse on July 5.

Depending upon location, on July 4-5, the Moon gets into exact opposition with the Sun, who is at 20º Gemini. This puts the Moon at 20º Sagittarius, in the nakshatra Purvashada. Like the eclipse at the full Moon in June, this is only partial, as the Sun and Moon opposition are a full 15 degrees away from the nodal axis. Of the three eclipses that we see through June-July 2020, the solar eclipse of June 20-21 will be the closest to a total eclipse.

The exact moment of this lunar eclipse comes around midnight for the mountain zone of the US. You can check this link to see when the eclipse is exact for your location. This shadow on the Moon will be visible to the Americas, western Europe and parts of Africa.

Retrograde Jupiter returned to his own fire sign, Sagittarius, on June 29 and will be joining the Moon and Ketu, although not a tight conjunction. On the opposite side, retrograde Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini with Sun and Rahu. These two dual signs are brought into heavy play during this entire three-eclipse cycle; this is also the last eclipse cycle to affect Sagittarius and Gemini until 2028, when Ketu enters Gemini and Rahu enters Sagittarius. We have been feeling the eclipses here since spring 2019, when Rahu entered Gemini.

The nakshatra Purvashada lies completely within Jupiter's fire sign, yet is ruled by watery Venus and by the Lord of Waters, Apas. Through this nakshatra, we are challenged to connect with the cleansing natures of both water and fire, to bridge this seemingly impossible gap between inimical forces that are actually vying to accomplish the same goal.

The proximity of Ketu to this powerful full Moon suggests that it is time to go in new directions toward this common goal of purity and righteous relationship. This may require a painful separation from fundamental beliefs or assumptions in order to make space for a more evolved form of communication, faith, positivity and understanding.

This will also begin the final, weak pulse of the phenomena of all the planets ganging up on one side of the eclipse axis. By mid-July, with the mighty Sun moving to Cancer, that imbalance will be disabled for the time being.

Let us all keep in mind also that the planets placed in the sign of Gemini are receiving a heated, forceful aspect from Mars. This can cause fiery reactions, hot tempers and accidental injuries. Mercury retrograde with Rahu and the hot Sun are not helping to calm things down, so that's on us!

Mercury Direct in Gemini July 12

Just after midnight on July 12, Mercury stands firm at 12° Gemini and from then on, will move forward again through the late degrees of his own air sign. Mercury entered Gemini on May 24 and after resuming direct motion, will mosey on out of the well-manicured lawns of Gemini and into the Moon's watery environment of Cancer on August 1.

Let's just admit it: Things have been crazy on planet Earth in 2020. In many ways, it feels as if we are at the turning point of the century as old structures and mores crumble under the weight of the disgruntled masses who yearn for equality, justice and safety.

The world seems to be ready for change, but for the world to change, we have to change. Each person is a part of this collective story and those who aren't at least toying with the idea of how they could do something small or large to make the world (or their world) a safe, balanced and fair environment in which to allow the human experience to unfold, may be missing the boat.

Now is the time to make those changes, jump the fence and think big. While Mercury will be resuming direct motion, enabling us to communicate, coordinate, think quickly, make changes, learn from mistakes and find the best deal, we still must be aware of Jupiter and Saturn remaining in retrograde motion, pulling us back to former situations (Jupiter transiting back to Sagittarius July – November) so that we can put the finishing touches on our educational requirements for evolutionary advancement.

Mercury in Gemini is powerful to do his work, think quickly, analyze data and disseminate messages. Mars is pushing him from Pisces, but in a positive way, coupled with Jupiter's aspect from Sagittarius. This could be a productive time during an unstable period, this last few weeks of July, as Mercury is strong to act.

Sun Transits Cancer July 15 – August 15

Between July 15-16, the Sun will be moving out of Gemini and into the Moon's sign, Cancer. There a few things to notice about this.

First, this alleviates some of the fire danger. The bright Sun has been pushed by fiery Mars since mid-May. This is a very hot combination that will break up as the Sun enters a water sign. As mentioned earlier, the Sun passing out of Gemini also breaks the cycle of all of the planets weighing on one side of the nodal axis (Rahu-Ketu, currently stretching from Gemini to Sagittarius.)

Second, this puts the Sun out of the fire and into the frying pan. Of course, nothing can be too easy in 2020! With Saturn in occupation of Capricorn through January 2023, each time the Sun transits Cancer in the summer from mid-July to mid-August, we will be seeing a Sun-Saturn opposition, which can create some tension.

The Sun represents our drive toward individuality and sovereignty. Transiting through the Moon's sign, Cancer, is friendly territory and can create a focus on home, family time, sharing food together and learning about self-care. People born when the Sun is in Cancer tend to exhibit these nurturing and nourishing qualities.

With this 2020 addition of Saturn occupying Capricorn in the mix, we will experience the tension that arises between Sun and Saturn when the Sun passes through Cancer each summer through 2022. This is tension that feels like self vs collective or like personal freedom vs the confines of tradition.

The Sun represents self interest while Saturn represents the collective interest. The Sun emphasizes personal definition and achievements while Saturn reminds us that our time as individuals that impact the world is limited and transient. Saturn tends to force separation, limitation and detachment. This may feel like a separation in the family unit or experience of isolation in relationships.

Interestingly, there is little to influence these two enemy planets in the face-off they will experience from mid-July to mid- August. This may highlight even more the feeling of isolation from a group or separation from the comforts of "home."

New Moon in Cancer/Pushya July 20

The Moon slips into the strong glow of the Sun on Monday, July 20 at 5° Cancer, the Moon's own sign. We associate a planet in its own sign as strong and effective but must apply the principle of the Moon being in new phase as being a bit guarded and vulnerable.

When the Moon and Sun join each month at the same degree and sign, this is the moment of the new Moon. After this, the next fortnight sees the Moon waxing, and advancing to the opposite side of the zodiac from the Sun, catching his full light and reflecting it back to Earth as the full Moon.

The Sun represents our individual strength and soul expression while the Moon represents our mental reactions and emotional state. We have a chance each month for a meeting of the heart and mind during the new Moon. Our physical energy may feel low, which can force us into relaxation, contemplation and rejuvenation activities.

With the new Moon receiving the aspect of Saturn, we also may be subject to some added pressure when the chips are already down. The Moon in watery Cancer can get emotional or irrational with the combination of the Sun and Saturn affecting it. Go easy on yourself and others around this time as emotions may be raw.

Venus Transits Gemini July 31 – August 31

First off, this implies that we are getting the benefit of direct-moving Venus in her own earth sign of Taurus all month of July. In the midst of a global pandemic that is seeing spikes in some countries, this Venus position is one of the positive things we see. This could help soothe the disappointment we may feel about not being able to travel or see loved ones for prolonged periods of time.

Venus in Taurus may be good inspiration for blooming where we are planted, enjoying the fruits of the land and the peace provided by nature. Focusing on watering the gardens, giving love and attention to our creative pursuits and connecting socially in safe ways could be the greatest balm for these volatile and uncertain times.

Venus emerges in her morning appearance by mid-June, so we will be blessed to see the beautiful and bright Venus before sunrise through the remainder of 2020. The last big planetary shift for this month comes on July 31, when Venus moves out of her own sign of Taurus and into Gemini, a friendly sign ruled by Mercury.

The first face Venus encounters in Gemini will be Rahu, currently ghosting the early degrees as he backs his way toward Taurus. Venus and Rahu are both politically oriented planets and while in the energetic and communicative sign of Gemini, we can expect some highly charged politics coming our way in August. Get your popcorn ready.

This will also put Venus in a potent position for creative communications, networking, and relationship connections during August. This is a positive time for Venus-related pursuits and Gemini will still be receiving the positive energy of Jupiter from Sagittarius.

Stay tuned, stay safe, stay positive.

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