Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2020

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.


Planets in Positive Dignity

As the month of February begins, we will be experiencing the benefit of well-placed planets; Jupiter is in Sagittarius accompanied by Ketu, exalted in Sagittarius, setting the tone with positive and uplifting energy. Opposite, in the sign of Gemini, Rahu is exalted as well, spicing the air with the excitement of the unknown. The nodal axis will continue to occupy these signs of exaltation until September 2020.

Saturn has recently moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn, his own sign. This is nearly a three year transit. Saturn moves into Aquarius in January 2023. There will be a short preview of the Aquarius transit when Saturn dips into Aquarius and then retrograde motion takes him back to Capricorn from April 29 – July 12, 2022. The large window of Saturn in Capricorn is from January 24, 2020 – January 17, 2023.

Mars is also placed in his own sign of Scorpio at the beginning of February, crossing through the gateway into Sagittarius on February 7, helping us to focus our power and resources. Venus will be moving into exaltation in Pisces on February 2 bringing in the flow of creative connection. During the first week of February especially, we will be the recipients of some positive and powerful planetary energy, with the added strength of the Moon waxing and growing.

Venus in Pisces February 2 – 28

Everyone loves an exalted planet, especially the plant of love, beauty and connection, Venus, transiting the expansive and infinite sign of Pisces. Appropriately during the month that holds the magical holiday of Valentine's Day on February 14, we may feel the desire to dissolve into the other and into the infinite, experiencing that "all is one."

There are multiple ways that we can group the various signs and planets and one way for the signs is by the quality of flexibility. In this scheme we see signs as either movable, fixed or dual. Starting from Aries, the twelve signs proceed in this order of flexibility. Here we will focus on the dual signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces; the first two of them ruled by Mercury and the second two by Jupiter.

There are also multiple ways that signs and planets can affect one another by their placement. With "rasi drishti" we are looking at how the signs aspect one another and the planets therein throw their weight around via these sign aspects. In the rasi drishti scheme, all of the dual signs aspect one another.

This build up is to shed light on the potent transformative energy that will be created during February via the many planets placed in dual signs combined with the magic of rasi drishti to keep things moving and growing.

One one side, Venus and Rahu have common agendas when it comes to feeling happy, enjoying the good things of life and really getting into a creative flow. Exalted Venus will occupy Pisces this month while exalted Rahu continues through Gemini, even stronger by nature of transiting his own nakshatra of Ardra. If you're not sure what you want, February 2020 would be a ripe time to find out. Try new things, let go of the old, roll with changes and allow circumstances to unfold.

On the other side of the dual signs, we find Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius with Ketu exalted and as of February 7, their comrade Mars joins them. Mars and Ketu are a fiery pair, explosive even. We always look to Jupiter to guide Mars in the most constructive and natural way and during this Mars transit of Sagittarius, we all benefit from Jupiter's placement there, keeping a watchful eye on Mars. This is a source of protection as we hope for wisdom to guide our use of missiles, both figuratively and literally.

Another layer of intensity occurs specifically to our exalted Venus. Venus is receiving the hard aspect of Saturn from Capricorn, who causes limitation and urges caution, either helpful or frustrating depending on specific circumstances.

Once Mars moves to Sagittarius on February 7, Venus also receives the heat and intensity of Mars. This combination of drive and caution can give us mixed signals which causes a stop/start rhythm. We can also synthesize the practicality of Saturn and the protection of Mars to become a supportive foundation for the expansive and creative efforts of Venus which are being amplified by Rahu in Gemini.

Mars in Sagittarius February 7 – March 22

Mars moves through the transition between Scorpio and Sagittarius on February 7 for a six-week transit of Aquarius that will land him in his sign of exaltation, Capricorn, on March 22. In the meantime, the powerful Mars is in good company in Sagittarius which is currently occupied by its lord, Jupiter and by Ketu, co-lord of Scorpio with Mars. Jupiter and Ketu are both enjoying the environment of Sagittarius as they reach to the highest heights.

Mars and Ketu are both considered fiery planets and Sagittarius is a sign under the fire element. With the strong wind of Rahu coming at them across the zodiac, this shows potential for fiery or explosive circumstances. The best helpers in this situation are Venus, the firefighter, and Jupiter, the wise counsellor. Both have a chance to soothe and reassure the sometimes impulsive Mars and his faithful army, Ketu. Venus can shine through the rasi drishti between Pisces and Sagittarius, while Jupiter is placed firmly with Mars and Ketu.

There may be a particularly hot spot in the month as Mars approaches Ketu. Be aware of this incendiary stretch between February 22 – 28 as Mars passes through the shadow of Ketu.

This Mars-Jupiter-Ketu combination is positive for digging in and getting to work on projects that have to do with education and spiritual pursuits. This is great for focus and drive with a positive outlook. One thing to be aware of would be a heightened sense of impatience that comes from pure enthusiasm and desire to move along. Don't let impatience get the best of you as it could spoil an otherwise fertile flow, creative streak or building period.

Full Moon in Cancer February 8-9

The Moon reaches exact opposition to the Sun in the zodiac just after midnight on February 9, putting yet another planet into its own sign as the Moon becomes full at 26° of its own sign of Cancer. The Sun will be at 26° Capricorn, which falls into the nakshatra known as Dhanistha, a region of the zodiac that receives both the support of Saturn as ruler of Capricorn and of Mars, as ruler of Dhanistha. We see this Mars+Saturn influence thematically through the month.

The Moon will be in its own sign of Cancer, within the Mercury-ruled nakshatra of Ashlesha, which spans the last 13°20' of Cancer. Ashlesha is connected with serpent symbolism and has the reputation for an almost mesmerizing effect.

The Moon and Mercury are both associated with the mental realm. The Moon shows the mental/emotional state which in most people fluctuates depending on stimulus and input. Mercury rules the intelligence of the mind, that which calculates, learns and analyzes. These two aspects of the mind when balanced and integrated can make an individual quite proficient and skilled.

This is a good time to recognize that Cancer, along with Pisces, will be receiving the dual aspect of Mars and Saturn through Mars' transit in Sagittarius Feb 7 – Mar 22. That includes this full Moon, but with the mention that the orb of influence is very loose due to Saturn and Mars both being very early in their signs with the Moon being at the late degrees of Cancer.

The symbolism of both watery planets being well placed in either exaltation or own sign in watery signs, being pressed by Saturn and inflamed by Mars, is quite potent. It shows that we may be facing both a time of fertile creativity and pleasant evolution while under the uncomfortable hardness of Saturn and the aggressive pushing of Mars.

We may be faced with instances of choosing to be nurturing, forgiving and compassionate in the face of negativity and selfishness. It is a shining opportunity for empathy and softness with those who may be acting out of desperation, fear and loss. The pattern for this dynamic coincides with Mars' entire transit through Sagittarius, but this strong full Moon in Cancer may punctuate it with significant events.

Sun Transits Aquarius February 13 – March 14

A few days after the full Moon, the Sun marches predictably forward into Saturn's sign part two, Aquarius. For the Sun, there is a distinct difference between these two Saturn-ruled signs. Capricorn marks the beginning of the Sun's upward journey from the winter to the summer solstice. It is an earth sign ruled by the Sun's enemy, stone-cold Saturn. It is a serious environment, in the 6th house from the Sun's own sign, showing difficulty for the Sun.

Aquarius does also have Saturn as a lord, but adds in the interesting and chaotic energy of Rahu, the north node of the Moon. Aquarius is an air sign, a more appropriate environment for the great Sun, but also has that eclipsing energy of Rahu, which is threatening to the Sun. The big deal is that from Aquarius, the Sun aspects his own sign of Leo, which is a positive effect.

The Sun-Saturn theme brings up the delicate balance that we all strive for: healthy self-esteem. Saturn chips away at an overblown ego while Sun builds up an underdeveloped ego. The Sun moving through Aquarius is an especially appropriate time to do some ego re-balancing work.

When the Sun gets into Aquarius, he is also stepping into Rahu's aspect from Gemini and heading toward some quality time with Mercury who is preparing for some sit-and-spin retrograde action. Remember that Mercury's diagnostic and analytical skills are unparalleled, he's the money manager and the best candidate to gather our information for taxes, which is money that goes to the government, an indication of the Sun as a ruling body.

It may take extra effort to feel clear and organized while the Sun is transiting Aquarius this year. Take it as a hint to let go of self-generated ideas and relax into the messages coming from the events going on around you and to which you are subject. We may have great ideas for a business but if we aren't in tune with the demands of the masses, we will be developing products that no one will buy.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius February 16 – March 9

A few days after the great Sun enters into Aquarius, eager Mercury stops in his tracks and makes a mad dash into the arms of the great Sun. While the Sun is still in the early degrees of Aquarius, Mercury begins retrograde at 19° Aquarius, entering into a state of combustion the very next day. Combustion means a planet is invisible to the eye due to proximity with the overpowering light of the Sun. In astrological terms, it may be hard to discern the effects of that planet as separate from the effects of the Sun.

This is a powerful transit of Mercury. First, Mercury is passing through Rahu's sign while Rahu is exalted in Mercury's sign, Gemini. This is a parivartana, an exchange of signs that temporarily bonds two planets, allowing them both to act in strength. This time frame is Mercury's entire transit through Aquarius this winter, January 30 – April 7. The retrograde cycle of Mercury within that time window may be particularly exciting (February 16 – March 9.)

Here is some windy energy! Rahu and Mercury are interacting from within air signs. Aquarius is windy by nature of Saturn's co-lordship. Rahu is an amplifier and Mercury loves catching the wind and moving quickly. During the retrograde part of this Mercury-Rahu parivartana, we may benefit from consciously slowing down, sitting down and writing down. There will be a whirlwind of ideas. It will be exciting and chaotic. Remember to communicate rapidly changing circumstances to your essential people.

During this time, Rahu acts as a bridge between the enthusiastic idea generator Mercury in Aquarius and the aforementioned creative, growing and building energy connected through the dual signs. Ask yourself, what do I want? What do I really want? Let yourself go wild with the possibilities. Open up the mind with childlike wonder and consider options so far out of the box you never knew they existed. Have fun, wear a helmet and watch your speed!

New Moon in Aquarius February 23

The Moon slips into place with the Sun at 11° Aquarius on the morning of Sunday, February 23. As the Moon wanes through mid-February, it is losing strength, which means that our minds may be increasingly unsteady and our physical vitality may seem to be low or vulnerable. February 22 is the day leading up to the moment of the new Moon, referred to amavasya, which implies the covering or loss of the Moon's vital energy. We may feel low or vulnerable at this point in the lunar cycle and it is a great time to schedule small retreats and self-care activities.

It should be noted that there is a popular annual celebration known as Maha Shivaratri (Great Night of the Auspicious Lord) that falls on the 14th day of the dark half of the month, just before amavasya (15th day of the dark half), when we celebrate the coming together of the masculine and feminine aspects of divinity. Mahashivaratri will occur on the night of February 21-22; you can check the specific local timing of this celebration here at Drik Panchang.

The joining of the Moon and Sun in Aquarius occurs in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Shatabishak, which has the lordship of Rahu. This is an extremely Rahu-laden new Moon, as well as month, with Rahu in exaltation in Gemini within his own nakshatra of Ardra (each of the nine planets rules three of the twenty-seven nakhatras.) The Sun, Moon and retrograde Mercury will be placed in Shatabishak (ruled by Rahu) within Aquarius, co-lorded by Rahu and receiving the very tight aspect of Rahu from 12° Gemini.

With Rahu "holding the reins" at this time, we can expect the unexpected. After the eclipse energy of December/January and the shifting of Saturn into a new station in late January, we may feel ourselves transported to new destinations as if on a magic carpet ride.

How ironic that we are also doing a leap year on the western calendar this month. On Saturday, February 29, both Moon and Venus will be gliding through the sign of initiation, Aries, receiving the auspicious aspect of Jupiter from Sagittarius. Make that extra day a special one.

With love,

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