Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2019

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.


Mercury Transits Gemini June 1 - 20

By June 1, Mercury is galloping ahead of the Sun in the zodiac and enters his own sign of Gemini, which normally would be a great time to enjoy the strong, flexible, cheerful energy of Mercury in Gemini. This year, Mercury bursts into the room only to find an intense pairing of Mars and Rahu. Awkward!

This Mars-Rahu combination becomes an exact conjunction on June 12-13 at 24° Gemini, in the nakshatra of Punarvasu. By that time, speedy Mercury will have joined Mars and Rahu within a few degrees. This adds up to some intense energy and power that is amplified by the nodal axis, weighed down on the other end by the exact and extended conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius.

As we learn when playing with knives and fire: with power comes responsibility. That is part of the lesson of navigating June 2019. Gemini is a very enthusiastic sign that will be a wonderful host to ideas like more, better and faster that may arise with Mars, Mercury and Rahu grouped together.

This is a fast and strong current that could be used to achieve great things in a short period of time. With that level of juice, we need to be double careful and deliberate about each action in order to avoid mistakes and oversights that could prove to be consequential.

This is a month where we practice risk assessment skills. Mars and Mercury, under the influence of Rahu, exalted in the active sign of Gemini, will easily agree to fit more in the schedule and go further, faster. Use the strong current, but take precautions, be realistic and don't skip safety measures.

New Moon in Rohini/Taurus June 3

Just before sunrise on June 3, the Sun and Moon join at 19° Taurus in the nakshatra of Rohini. Taurus is ruled by Venus, who at the moment of the new Moon is on the threshold of moving from Aries into her own sign of Taurus. Rohini is ruled by the Moon itself, who is also at the threshold between waning and waxing. This is a liminal moment, where we may feel unsure of our footing or direction as we shift into a new set of circumstances.

Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning that it is good for holding ground and staying firmly planted. With so much intensity in the dual signs of Gemini/Sagittarius which are holding five planets collectively, we may feel an urge to dig in our heels and carve out a comfortable spot that feels like home while the sands of time are shifting things around us.

This new Moon reminds us to take care of our basic needs of eating and sleeping so that we are able to face the activity that is required with a fresh face. We must care for ourselves even in those hectic or chaotic moments when our schedules require us to go further, faster.

Venus Transits Taurus June 4 - 28

Venus happily exits Aries and settles into her own earth sign of Taurus on June 4, gliding through the wildflowers and moving into Gemini on June 28. This transit of Venus will sustain the Taurus energy suggested by the new Moon on June 3, further encouraging us to find comfort and pleasure even amidst busy or challenging moments.

Venus will be joining the Sun in Taurus, who exits to Gemini on June 15. Venus and Sun have a tough time seeing eye to eye. Sun, by nature, is singularly bright and generous with his light. Venus, while quite bright in the night sky, can't be seen when the Sun shines.

Both Sun and Venus will be in Taurus, but with enough space between them that Venus does not fall into combustion. In fact, no planets are close enough to the Sun this month to fall into that state, where their energies are diminished in the immense light of the Sun. On the contrary, the Sun will be heading for the eclipse axis in July, coming under the shadow of Rahu.

With so much moving and shaking going on, this transit of Venus through Taurus could be the anchor this month. This is a reminder to fall back on the foundations that keep us vital: good food, meaningful relationships and creative energy. Making these things a priority this month will help us to stay grounded, steady and calm.

Sun Transits Gemini June 15 – July 16

The Sun moves away from Venus and Taurus on June 15, proceeding into Mercury's air sign, Gemini, currently under the shadow of Rahu since March 2019. This will set the scene for our second round of eclipses in 2019 as the Sun and Moon align with the Rahu-Ketu axis for a total solar eclipse on July 2 at the new Moon and a partial lunar eclipse at the full Moon on July 16.

The Sun in Gemini is generally well placed and gives light and energy to Mercury, who rules Gemini. This last two weeks of June sees the Sun in Gemini prior to entering the eclipse zone. Use this time to gain clarity and perspective about how the situations at hand are churning. The Sun keeps us on the path of right behavior and good choices; when the eclipse shadows approach, this clarity can also become dim and we are vulnerable to deception. Take the time to analyze data carefully and make decisions with extreme deliberation.

Full Moon in Mula/Sagittarius June 17

The Moon waxes during the first half of July to become full at 2° of Sagittarius in the pre-dawn hours of June 17. The Moon shares Sagittarius with the still tight Saturn+Ketu combination and the Sun shares Gemini with Mercury+Mars+Rahu, but the Sun and Moon are in separate nakshatras from the other planets that are occupying the same sign. Therefore, the nodal axis (Rahu-Ketu) is too far away from the Sun-Moon opposition to cause an eclipse this month.

The eclipses will come at the new Moon on July 2 (total solar eclipse) and at the full Moon on July 16 (partial lunar eclipse.) We may begin to feel the eclipse energy approaching early this year, as this full Moon is occurring in the same signs as the nodal axis, just not in close enough proximity for an actual eclipse.

The bright, strong Moon opens up our emotional, vulnerable and sensitive human feelings. Just like the new Moon earlier in June, this full Moon is in a liminal state, just at 2º Sagittarius, with Jupiter, the lord of Sagittarius currently in retrograde status. The combination of Saturn and Ketu can be a bit harsh for the emotionally open Moon, so we may encounter the potential for hurt feelings, loneliness or disappointment during this time.

With so much uncertainty in the air, caused by the nodal axis, the retrograde status of Jupiter and Saturn, the liminal state of the Sun and Moon during the important points of the lunation cycle and the additional power and energy of Mars and Mercury added to the nodal axis, we may have trouble maintaining emotional balance this month. Pay attention to chaotic mood fluctuations and try to remain objective rather then becoming swept away in the passion of the moment.

Mercury Transits Cancer June 20 – August 25

Mercury skates through Gemini and the drama created therein, moving into Cancer for a two month transit from June 20 – August 25. Mercury will go retrograde in Cancer July 7 – 31 which actually takes Mercury back into Gemini for about 5 days, from July 30 – August 3. Primarily, though, we see Mercury in Cancer, the Moon's sign.

The main action during June and July will be happening in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The controllers of these two signs are important, as they can influence the results of the actions triggered by the planets in those signs (Rahu, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Ketu.) Overall, we could describe the potential energy in Sagittarius and Gemini as explosive and powerful. The combination of air, fire and fuel always gives this potential.

The counterbalance is water and earth. With Mercury going into Cancer, it is difficult for him to quickly do his job, as we expect. In this case, it is perhaps safer for all as he is slowed down by the watery, cool energy of Cancer. Jupiter also is transiting a watery sign, adding to the insurance policy.

After mid-June, we have a series of planets shifting signs and the general forecast until mid-August will include a combination of slow, watery retrograde motion that impedes efficient progress but promotes stability AND the powerful, energetic, unstable force of a flow of desire for change and innovation. This could be frustrating! We see how to move forward but are beset by impediments. Patience is a virtue and knowing when to act is pure gold.

Mars Transits Cancer June 22 – August 8

Mars joins Mercury in Cancer just a couple of days later and stays almost as long, passing by Mercury when he goes retrograde in July and then exiting to Leo on August 8. Mars is a natural friend of the Moon, but does become debilitated while in Cancer. Like Mercury, Mars experiences a bit of a mismatch being in Cancer and has trouble showing his full array of power and logic in the Moon's emotional environment.

Adding Mars to the planets that are sitting in a pool of water may be a positive thing at this time, especially if we concede to the fact that this may not be the best time for building long-lasting foundations. We can focus our efforts on repairing or remodeling things at home, analyzing our emotional reactions and creating solutions to deep, recurring problems that have created obstacles or patterns in our physical, mental and spiritual lives. Rather than building, this time frame is more conducive to dismantling that which has become corrupt or defunct.

While Mars is frustrated generally in Cancer, this position does bring him into a trinal aspect with Jupiter, who does affect Mars positively. Thus, both Mars and Mercury, while frustrated, do have important work to do while in Cancer, guided by retrograde Jupiter, who is temporarily calling for slow growth, lesson review and deep transformations.

Venus Transits Gemini June 28 – July 23

At the beginning of June, we saw Venus move into the position of anchor with its stable position in Taurus. After the power of Mars and the enthusiasm of Mercury move out of Gemini and into Cancer, Venus breaks into Gemini, joining Rahu and the Sun. Venus moves through Gemini during the eclipse pair of July, from June 28 – July 23. It is time to weigh anchor and move into the flow.

Venus is driven to connect and merge, revealing the oneness that permeates our human experience. Venus is a natural friend of both Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Rahu, currently transiting there. Despite this comfort in the environment of Gemini and proximity to Rahu, just like the Sun, Venus will be subject to the shadowy obscurity created by Rahu and the eclipse activity.

Since Venus is chief when it comes to relationships, friendships, love affairs, creative endeavors and any form of social contracts, this may not be the best period of time to establish anything new of this nature. The sudden and unexpected energy of the nodes may trigger situations that are enchanting or engaging, which could certainly be explored and enjoyed with the resolution that long-term decisions regarding such relationships should perhaps wait until August.

Remembering back to the early forecasts of 2019, we were targeting the months of May-September as the ones to watch. The keywords that arose as a theme for 2019 were "Pure Flow." This was based on the the transit of Saturn and Ketu through the nakshatra Purvashada, ruled by Venus and Apas, lord of the waters. We will be met with situations during these summer months that challenge us to look at how we are flowing with the waters, both figuratively and literally. The times, they are a' changin'. It is time to take responsibility for how we are conducting ourselves within the environment that we call home. Make those changes consciously or they may be made for you whether you like it or not!

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