Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2019

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.


Outer Planets Hold Positions February 2019

After an eclipse-laden first month of 2019, the inner planets begin to move away from the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, following the Sun as he makes his journey in the northern direction for the year.

Venus moves away from its conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio on January 30. No other planet will visit Scorpio and Jupiter, except for the Moon, until October 2019. Jupiter will maintain slow forward movement through the last part of Scorpio, Jyestha nakshatra, through February and March. March 29 will see Jupiter popping into Sagittarius, beginning a retrograde cycle and returning to Scorpio April 22.

Venus will continue to rise in the east before the Sun as the herald of the morning, but the conjunction that we have enjoyed seeing with Jupiter will break apart.

Jupiter is well placed in Scorpio and gives his energy to all of the water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) plus Taurus during this time. During February, this continues to give Jupiter the ability to regulate and stabilize the Rahu energy that has been coloring the sign of Cancer since August 2017. Jupiter in forward motion in Scorpio assists us in mining deeply for knowledge and carefully identifying stable places for setting roots and planting seeds.

February is the last full month that the Rahu-Ketu axis will occupy the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The always retrograde and eclipse-causing nodal axis changes signs during March to Gemini and Sagittarius, where they transit through September 2020. Any final inspirations that Rahu has for us while in the sign of the divine mother, Cancer, should blast through during this month of February.

We look ahead to an extended and very tight conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius that corresponds with Saturn's retrograde cycle this year from April 29 – September 18. This is one of the most prominent astrological transits of 2019. The fire sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the nakshatra Purvashada where this tight pairing will occur is ruled by the planet Venus and by Apas, Lord of the Waters. The theme of purification comes up strongly during this transit, signaling a period of time where we must take responsibility for our treatment of the waters, including our own bodies, which are primarily water.

Ketu and Rahu are considered to be exalted in the Sagittarius and Gemini axis, as they will be starting next month for 1.5 years. The nodes are naturally surprising, unstable and catalytic and will occupy signs that have a dual, flowing nature. The changes initiated during the time that Rahu and Ketu occupied Cancer and Capricorn (known as "cardinal" or "movable" in nature) should proceed whether we are ready or not once the axis moves next month. Rahu in Gemini signals a collective desire for innovation in communications, markets and currency. Ketu in Sagittarius roots us blindly on the path toward liberation through wisdom.

The last period of time when Rahu and Ketu were transiting these signs exactly was between August 2000 – February 2002. The last period of time when Rahu and Ketu were in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, but in reversed positions, was December 2009 – May 2011. Desires of those days that were put aside may rekindle during this next 1.5 years.

Finally, we begin February 2019 with lord Shani (Saturn) at 20° Sagittarius, in the nakshatra of Purvashada, mentioned above as the site of the extended joining of Saturn with Ketu later in the year. For now, the seas are somewhat calm for Saturn, who is joined by the planet Venus from January 30 – February 24. This is quite a soothing and diplomatic addition to Saturn's tendency for pressure and obstruction for a short while.

With the prospect of two obstructive planets in such tight proximity in the near future, we may want to make arrangements now for what we may predict as a possible impasse ahead. This could be Venus' role in February, assuring that relations are sound and needs are met before what looks to be possibly problematic may arise. Venus will bring energy and inspiration to the stuck spots this month.

New Moon in Shravana/Capricorn February 4

Early February sees the Moon waning, leaving the Saturn/Venus pairing in Sagittarius on February 2 and moving close to the Sun, retiring completely from our view during the later afternoon hours of February 4 for the new Moon at 22° Capricorn, the very last quarter of the nakshatra Shravana, ruled by the Moon itself. Even though Ketu, the shadow maker and eclipse causer is still in Capricorn, the Sun-Moon pairing are far enough out of range of the nodal axis to avoid further eclipsing until July, when the Sun reaches Gemini and joins Rahu.

Joining his energy to the Sun and Moon in Capricorn is Mercury, well-placed and nimble, even in Saturn's cold and dry climate. The moment of the new Moon can be recognized for the ebbing of physical and mental energy. It is recommended to create at least a small window of retreat and rest during the day leading up to this moment. Getting Mercury to sit down for a moment is the challenge in this case.

Saturn itself as lord of the sign where this new Moon occurs is in a neutral position as far as sign goes, and joined by a friendly planet, Venus. This pair sits twelve signs from the new Moon, showing a gentle reminder to let go and let it flow when the time to hang on has clearly passed by.

Mars Enters Aries February 5

Through January, we were enjoying the beneficial exchange of signs between Jupiter, currently placed in Mars' water sign of Scorpio and Mars, who had been transiting Pisces, Jupiter's water sign. Having Mars placed both in a water sign and under the supervision of Jupiter is ideal. This could have felt somewhat stabilizing with the caveat that Mars' position is in the sign of the cosmic ocean, which can feel vast and directionless.

Mars leaps from the little boat into his own solid ground of Aries on February 5, where he transits rather quickly until March 21. This changes the relationship with Jupiter somewhat, as Mars will no longer be under Jupiter's gaze but will get to aspect Jupiter and also rule the sign in which he sits. This could translate as the energy of Mars taking the driver's seat. With good focus, this could yield great productivity, but we need to be aware of resorting to aggression and force.

From Aries, Mars will be throwing his power to Cancer, affecting Rahu, and to Libra, currently vacant and to Scorpio, with Jupiter there. With force comes momentum and speed. Be aware that Mars combined with unstable energies (like Rahu in Cancer) can cause us to lose focus and make mistakes. Slow down, be deliberate.

Mars in Aries is quite strong and fiery. It is his own sign and this energy is helpful to all with regards to planning, focus, strategy, campaigning and building. Counterbalance the fiery energy with enough good food, self care and nurture to avoid burnout or temper flares while you maximize the strong energy for effort that Mars in Aries can promote.

Mercury Transits Aquarius February 6 - 24

Mercury is moving quickly in direct motion through Aquarius from February 6 – 24, after which he plunges into Pisces for his first retrograde cycle of the year, March 5 – 28.

Mercury is a natural friend of Saturn, so his transits through Saturn's signs each year are often helpful to keep energy and movement in projects and lines of communication open. Since Mercury and the Sun often occupy the same or adjoining signs, we see Mercury supplementing the solar energy during this time of year, as the Sun in Saturn's signs during January and February struggles somewhat.

Mercury tends to leap before looking as well as to overextend energy and commitments, simply out of a desire to remain connective and helpful. Saturn's influence as lord of the signs Mercury is transiting will help to check the speed somewhat, but the reins really come down on Mercury in Aquarius this year because Saturn is also aspecting there, urging the planets transiting there to be cautious and conservative. Maybe not the month to send out the fastest horses!

Aquarius is co-lorded by the planet Rahu, currently poised to move from Cancer (the Moon's sign) to Gemini (Mercury's sign) in March. While running through Aquarius, Mercury may be hearing the whispers of Rahu, who will be quite strong and active for the next 1.5 years while moving through Gemini. Mercury and Rahu may be hatching some big plans soon enough, but patience and strategy must be maintained through February.

Sun Enters Aquarius February 12

Following little Mercury's lead, the Sun steps into Aquarius on Wednesday, February 12. This puts him also in Saturn and Rahu's sign while also under the strong aspect of Saturn. This is the annual humbling of the power of the Sun, who has to submit to a bit of pressure and cold for a temporary time. This can leave us feeling a bit lost and uninspired, but hopefully the wheels that are already in motion will grind forward.

One thing we can do while the Sun transits Aquarius is latch on to the Rahu energy of the moment, which in this case is still finishing up business in Cancer. Rahu's unstable and chaotic energy can be used in a positive way to get a new look at how we may be aligned with our current life purpose, goals, visions and desires. This is a good month for soul searching and mind-tuning, for checking in with the energy we are putting where and deciding what to adjust going forward.

Sometimes getting out of your routine and visiting a new place can be supportive in this type of visioning work. Rahu loves to help us jump the fence and check out new pastures.

Full Moon in Magha/Leo February 19

The Moon waxes during the first part of February, coming into fullness and opposition with the Sun at 7° Leo on Tuesday, February 19. This is a nice position for the Moon, disposited and aspected by the Sun, aspected by cheerful Mercury and not aspected or afflicted by the nodes, Saturn or Mars. This may feel like a peaceful moment where balance has been temporarily attained. Gather this lunar energy and store it for the weeks to come.

This part of the zodiac is Leo, ruled by the Sun, but is also specifically Magha, ruled by the planet Ketu, the liberator. Collectively freed from the drama of the recent eclipse energy, we may have a more informed and steady stance during this full Moon to really understand what we are being asked to grow or to shed away. We honor those on the path before us who have paved the way by acting with righteousness in the present moment. This is a theme coming through for this mid-February time.

Traditionally, this is a time for bathing in sacred waters. Any form of that during this time may feel empowering and especially cleansing.

Venus Enters Capricorn February 24

Venus, as a connective planet who desires union and celebration of earthly delights, is seen as a balm in certain dry, parched situations. Most recently, we appreciate Venus' attention to Saturn in Sagittarius. When Venus moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn on February 24, the juice will really need to be turned on as Venus faces yet another dry environment inhabited by the headless hot one, Ketu.

This may reflect in daily experience with feelings of being drained and uninspired to overcome yet more obstacles and endure even more pressure and responsibility.

When Venus departs Sagittarius, this will also be the last communion with other planets for Saturn, aside from the Moon's monthly passing and Ketu's shadowy company from April – September, until the Sun comes with his retinue of inner planets in November. Saturn will still be able to extend his influence through aspects to the signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo, as well as to any planets transiting through those signs. This Saturn effect on three of four dual signs plus Aquarius extends through Saturn's transit in Sagittarius through January 23, 2020.

Venus in Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, through March 21 will soften the cold and windy environment we expect from Capricorn. As Venus enters Capricorn, it passes by the entity of Ketu, shortly to continue its reverse motion into Sagittarius in early March. Once Ketu exits Capricorn, Venus is free to clean things up and smooth things over that may have gotten messy during the very active year in Capricorn during the past year.

We may find ourselves working to sculpt and patch with the broken debris that we are sweeping up after the dust settles in March. Allow Venus to give us compassion for those that we find in need of repair or rejuvenation. This could be a time for new designs within established projects as we gain new information and practical challenges.

Mercury Enters Pisces February 24

Mercury, fast friend of Venus, moves signs a bit later in the day, from Aquarius into watery Pisces, which debilitates Mercury but is also granting Mercury an aspect directly from Jupiter in Scorpio. This will be a long transit with mixed results as Mercury enters Pisces on February 24, begins a retrograde cycle that goes from March 5 – 28 and returns Mercury to Aquarius.

Mercury entering Pisces is one of the last big transit shifts of February. As Mercury enters the early degrees of Pisces, it also dives into the direct aspect of Rahu from the early degrees of Cancer, and more loosely from the aspect of Jupiter in the late degrees of Scorpio. This calls back our attention to the concept of the purification of the waters that is being pointed to by the Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Purvashada later in the year.

With Mercury's help while in Pisces, we can take a dive into the ocean of consciousness and knowledge with an analytical eye and open ears. Jupiter and Mercury interacting here can signal an opportunity for growth through learning. This is a good time to get a new perspective on what may be entering into the new set of equations that are developing with the shifting of the nodal axis in March. Rather than microscopic vision, we may want to step back and allow things to blur together as we relax into the vast number of possibilities before us, rather than trying to get definition when its temporarily unavailable.

This may be a good time to absorb lessons that have already been consumed, to really break apart information and digest. When Mercury enters retrograde, the energy may ramp up while concurrently we see the Rahu-Ketu axis shift in March.

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