Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2016

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Exalted in Capricorn October 31 – December 11

Mars continues to move forward through the zodiac, putting space between himself and Saturn, but as Mars enters Capricorn on October 31, this makes the connection with Saturn even more profound.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the sign of exaltation for Mars, giving Mars strength to express his direct approach to power. Additionally, Saturn and Mars will enjoy an exchange of signs, parivartana, which boosts each of the planets in a positive way. Third, Saturn will be aspecting Mars in Capricorn by his special 3rd house aspect, further strengthening this bond.

Saturn entered Scorpio on November 2, 2014 and we saw this same configuration the last time Mars transited Capricorn, from November 27, 2014 – Jan 4, 2015.

Having just the condition of Mars in exaltation, we get the opportunity to focus our energy on difficult tasks that require strength, determination and discipline. With Saturn's additional aspect and the exchange of signs, we receive the added energy of detachment and the keen ability of Saturn to stand firm in the face of suffering.

While we consider Mars and Saturn both to be in the camp of malefic planets, all of the planets can offer us both challenges and blessings. This transit of Mars through Capricorn is a difficult planet in good dignity and the exchange with Saturn spreads this good dignity. This gives us the chance to maximize the positive side of each of these planets.

This combination is extremely supportive of "getting it done" in the sense of actualizing plans through determination, focus and hard work. The impatience of Mars may still reveal itself, as may the negativity of Saturn, but we can still press ahead, onward and upward toward a goal that may seem elusive due to the amount of effort required.

It is notable that on December 2, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will all reach 24° of the signs that they occupy. When Mars enters Capricorn on October 31, he will fall under the positive gaze of Jupiter who aspects all of the signs of the same element that he occupies, currently the earth signs due to Jupiter's position in Virgo. On December 2, Jupiter and Saturn will both be making an exact aspect to Mars; this could be a positive moment when we see some growth potential actualizing from the hard road that we are following.

Venus Transits Sagittarius November 6 – December 1

Filling the space that Mars left vacant on October 31, Venus enters Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius, on November 6 for a relatively speedy transit. Venus joined Saturn in Scorpio on October 12, putting our planet of comfort, beauty and connection into a rather cold bed with Saturn, who doesn't relish the luxury that Venus champions. The exact conjunction of Saturn and Venus occurs on October 30.

That said, when two planets are interacting, the energy can go in both directions. In this case, the social grace of Venus can meet and greet the lonely, distant and cold Saturn, perhaps giving some comfort and rejuvenation where there has been isolation, injury or illness. Or, on the opposite tack, Venus could become cold, broken and negative when encountering the difficult environment that Saturn currently commands.

When Venus moves to Sagittarius on November 6, there is freedom from the discomfort of union with Saturn, but we then see Venus flanked on either side by Saturn and Mars, creating the difficult papakartari yoga for Venus. While generally, this "bad scissors" yoga can make the planet feel caught between a rock and a hard place, we must also remember that Saturn and Mars, as mentioned above, are in a fine position to do good.

The discomfort for Venus may come in the form of being forced to buck up and add energy to the "getting it done" cause, rather than the preferred leisure and social interaction in which Venus is a master.

The other beautiful thing that Venus moving to Sagittarius will create is a short span of graha malika yoga, which translates as "garland of planets." This occurs when planets create a chain through the signs. From November 6 – 15, we have this occurring, starting with Jupiter in Virgo, Sun in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Capricorn. Mercury moves from Libra to Scorpio on November 8, so participates in his classic moving fashion. This necklace of beads breaks on November 15, when Sun moves to Scorpio, creating a space in Libra.

This graha malika is quite striking considering also the Kala Amrita Yoga that has been forming. You can review this in the October forecast. We may see a "chain of events" during this time that may be significant, especially between November 6-9, when we have the full effect of Kala Amrita Yoga and Graha Malika Yoga.

The US Election day is November 8, 2016, right in the midst of this planetary configuration. Additionally, on election day, November 8, at exactly 6:00 am EST, when the polls open in New York, the Moon moves from Capricorn (with Mars) to Aquarius (with Ketu.) These are interesting times where we will see significant history being created.

Mercury Transits Scorpio November 8 – 28

Mercury, our representative of energetic movement, communication and exchange, joins Saturn in Scorpio for a few weeks in November, shifting signs around noon on US election day, November 8. As the planet that would be closely associated with counting the votes, this could be an interesting event, as well.

Mercury is ruler of signs that are air (Gemini) and earth (Virgo) and is also the standard bearer of the earth element among the five elements (space, fire, water, earth, air.) While the water signs, like Scorpio, tend to bog down Mercury's quick movement and action, Mercury is somewhat comfortable and friendly with Saturn. Mercury could pick up the job that Venus started: giving Saturn some positive and energetic boost.

The exact conjunction of Saturn and Mercury occurs on November 23. While Saturn is slow, Mercury is fast. The biggest challenge here for Mercury will be patience, as the normal speed that Mercury prefers for things to happen may be challenged by the icy grip of Scorpio and the hard, slow demands of Saturn. So, if we can focus our power (Mars in Capricorn), hold our structure (Saturn in Scorpio) and methodically step forward (Mercury in Scorpio) we can keep on track and make things happen.

Kala Amrita Yoga Suspends November 8

You can review the section in the October forecast about Kala Amrita Yoga.

Technically, when the Moon is joined Ketu in Aquarius from November 8-9, the Kala Amrita Yoga breaks, as the true yoga is formed when no planets are conjoining the nodes. The Moon enters Aquarius very early in the morning of November 8. The people (represented by the Moon) will have the ability to decide our future on such an interesting Election Day (US.)

As the Moon clears Ketu and moves into Pisces on the morning of November 10, this gives our minds (Moon) a period of time where we have better perspective on the current scene of our lives. From November 8 – 22, the Moon moves outside the bind that the nodal axis (Rahu/Ketu) is creating on the rest of the planets.

The final period of pure Kala Amrita Yoga begins on November 22 and completes on December 5 when the Moon again moves into Aquarius. When Mars moves into Aquarius on December 11, this will remove the condition of the pure yoga because we will have a planet conjoined the nodes. As winter and spring progress, the planets will begin to move past Ketu, completely breaking that yoga apart.

Full Moon in Aries November 14

The Moon has been waxing since the new Moon of October 30, coming into its state of fullness at 29° Aries, in Krittika nakshatra. This occurs just at sunrise on Monday, November 14.

Krittika nakshatra is ruled by the Sun while the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars. This brings quite a bit of fire in the Moon's direction at this time, especially considering the natural aspect of Sun to Moon during the full Moon and an aspect of strong Mars from Capricorn onto Aries and the Moon during this time.

Additionally, Rahu in Leo is able to aspect all of the fire signs and planets therein, which at this full Moon would include Moon itself in Aries and Venus occupying Sagittarius.

We could see some type of ignition with the fiery influences of Sun and Mars on the Moon creating a spark and Rahu from Leo providing the air. Venus, the watery planet that keeps things cool, may have trouble combating that heat while placed in Sagittarius, so it is up to us to balance out the fire by remaining cool and calm.

Sun Transits Scorpio November 15 – December 15

The Sun moves out of debility in the sign of Libra and joins Saturn in Scorpio from November 15 – December 15. Running interference for the Sun as he moves steadily toward a conjunction with Saturn, who is not a fan of the Sun, is Mercury having preceded the Sun into Scorpio on November 8.

Saturn is in the last third of the sign of Scorpio and is moving forward toward a shift into Sagittarius in January 2017. Saturn entered Scorpio in November 2014 and was recently joined by Mars from February – September 2016.

One by one, the inner planets are moving toward and past Saturn, pulling him forward into a six-month stint in Sagittarius before returning to Scorpio for the final months of his time there; October 25-26, 2017, Saturn moves to Sagittarius and vacates Scorpio until December 2043.

Mars moved past Saturn in September, Venus glides by Saturn in October, and in November we see Mercury and then Sun move past dear Saturn, pulling him toward the future. Many fear the negative effects of Saturn, as they run contrary to what feels good and props up the ego.

As we rush forward like the inner planets through our busy lives on our important trajectories, Saturn shuffles along, muttering under his breath: Who do you think you are? You are no one. You think you are important, special? You are going to die and your bones will be dust and no one will remember your name.

There are important lessons that Saturn offers. Take advantage of this opportunity for Saturn to hold up his cracked and dirty mirror to your face as the Sun transits through Scorpio. Slow down, bow deeply and listen carefully as you silence the I, ME, MINE mantra. The Sun conjoins Saturn exactly on December 10 and exits to Sagittarius on December 15, which will be the first alone time Saturn has received since February 20, 2016.

This alone time extends until January 26, 2017, when Saturn enters Sagittarius and joins Mercury for about a week. After that brief interlude, the first planet Saturn will see in his sign, aside from a monthly visit from Moon, will again be Mercury when he returns to Sagittarius November 24, 2017.

The practical reality of old age, disease and death exists. So does the hope for new life, growth and evolution. One may be negative and one may be positive but they are both essential to navigating life; finding the balance is the key. When we encounter Saturn, those "negative" messages should be humbly received, not in order to overwhelm our buoyancy and send us into darkness or depression, but to bring perspective and structure to our hopes and dreams.

Mercury Transits Sagittarius November 28 – February 2

Mercury passes by Saturn at 23° Scorpio on November 23 and carries on into Sagittarius for a prolonged stay from November 28, 2016 to February 2, 2017. This long stay is due to a Mercury retrograde period from December 19 - January 7.

One of the most exciting aspects of this prolonged transit of Mercury through Sagittarius is that it creates a wonderful parivartana (exchange of signs) with Jupiter. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter's current position is Virgo, ruled by Mercury. This tight relationship boosts both of these planets.

This should be a very productive period for the significations of both Mercury and Jupiter; where they overlap most heavily is in the Teacher-Student realm. An excellent time for studies, creating curriculum, connecting with educational resources, etc.

This exchange should also support a nice energy around the holiday season in December. Positivity and sense of humour are essential and supported. Late gift shopping may get dicey with the Mercury retrograde session beginning December 19.

New Moon in Scorpio November 29

The Moon wanes during the second half of November and joins the Sun at 14° Scorpio in Anuradha nakshatra on November 29. This is during that last stint of Kala Amrita Yoga that stretches from November 22 – December 5. This new Moon lies right in the center of that stretch.

As the Moon wanes, it loses energy, which we can sometimes feel like a state of weariness in the body, especially as the Moon reaches close to the Sun. This month especially, we should surrender to that flow that takes us toward reducing activity in favor of rest and contemplation.

During periods of Kala Amrita/Sarpa Yogas as they play out in the heavens, we are already at risk of feeling powerless in the face of events and situations that seem much larger than we are. Rather than being unseated by these feelings, especially at this new Moon in Scorpio with Saturn, relax, surrender and practice detachment from mental gymnastics. There may be truth to the perception that we are being pushed by forces beyond our control, but we can still remain calm and accomplish what is possible within our environment.

Remember also during this time that Mercury and Jupiter are on the positive path of growth and expansion. Focus on how you can grow and learn from the difficulties that present themselves rather than slipping into helplessness or hopelessness. Saturn, Sun and Moon may dip deep into the well of darkness at this time, be ready, bring your light and your notebook and see what gifts the earth has for you.

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