Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2016

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Saturn and Jupiter Hold Positions

The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will all hold their sign positions through the month of July. Saturn maintains retrograde motion in the middle degrees of Scorpio, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Jyestha. Jupiter continues forward through the late degrees of Leo in the nakshatras of Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni, putting more space each day between himself and Rahu, who continues his normal reverse motion through Leo.

With the tension somewhat subsiding after the June 23 conjunction between Jupiter and Rahu in Leo, we may feel some positive outlook in Jupiter-related matters: education, finances, spirituality, children. With Rahu getting into Jupiter's rearview mirror, we may find the blessing of more clarity when it comes to making decisions about these things.

Saturn will maintain his 10th aspect on Leo and the planets there, Jupiter and Rahu, which can continue to give delay, obstruction or pressure on the sign of Leo. People with important natal positions in Leo will continue to feel this restriction, but the forward motion of Jupiter should help, as well as the separation of Jupiter from Rahu.

There will be two important shifts coming up in August concerning Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter moves to Virgo on Wednesday, August 11 and Saturn resumes direct motion on Friday, August 13. This will lead us into a new phase of planetary weather, ending a rather difficult eight month span that has been marked by the occupation of Leo by the Jupiter and Rahu combination and the occupation of Scorpio by the intense combination of Saturn and Mars.

That said, we will still feel some of the intensity of the Saturn and Mars combination through September. The exact conjunction of these two challenging forces comes on August 23, with Mars finally exiting Scorpio on September 17.

New Moon in Gemini July 4

Before dawn on July 4, the Moon joins the Sun at 19° Gemini, in the nakshatra Ardra. This indicates that July 3 is amavasya, the day leading up to the new Moon, when the lunar energy is low and we are encouraged to slow down, withdraw from excessive activity and calm our bodies and minds.

The other indication is that for people in the US celebrating the 4th of July, there will be a very dark sky for fireworks viewing (but we can't control the clouds!)

Joining the Sun and Moon in Gemini will be Venus and Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so his presence there bolsters the entire combination. Venus and Mercury are both considered to be very energetic (rajas), so it may be difficult to slow down and withdraw as prescribed on amavasya. The themes of work, play and movement will be prevalent.

There are no negative aspects to Gemini or the planets deposited there at this time, so we could see the days following this new Moon as a very good time to initiate actions that come under the umbrellas of Venus or Mercury, which would include relationships, creative projects, communications campaigns, studies/teaching, networking, diplomacy and entertainment.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Ardra is ruled by the planet Rahu and the fierce form of Shiva named Rudra. The symbol for Ardra is a tear drop, indicating the lament that can come from the stormy interaction with Rudra. With this new Moon, we can perhaps settle for a moment, reflecting on the difficulties that we have weathered. Look up and ahead toward what is next, feeling the strength that you may have gained after a period of difficulty. Pick up the important threads and move on. Beware of losing time with lamenting what has been lost or destroyed.

Venus Transits Cancer July 7 – 31

With Venus moving forward into Cancer on July 7, we will begin to see Venus once again in the evening sky after sunset toward mid-July. This will mark the finish of the transition of Venus as morning star to Venus as evening star. Venus officially escapes the combustion of the Sun, getting far enough away for us to view Venus again, on July 13.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, giving us a nurturing, watery environment for Venus to shine through the end of July. With Venus indicating the connection between people that comes through relationship and the connection with the earth that comes through artistic expression, we have a good environment for promoting these pursuits during this month.

None of the planets can give aspects to Cancer during this time, but through sign aspects, Cancer is receiving some energy from Ketu in Aquarius and the Saturn/Mars combination in Scorpio. With Venus in Cancer, we have potential for deep emotional connection, a state where we open up and show our vulnerable side so that we can really share with others. These sign aspects coming from Ketu, Mars and Saturn may lend some prickly influences into this watery, emotional state. This may teach us the true value of the exoskeleton of the crab.

Mercury Transits Cancer July 10 – 26

Mercury speeds past his friend Venus in the sign of Cancer from July 10-26. While Venus and Mercury are similar in the regard that they both rule an air and an earth sign, it is likely that Venus fares better in Cancer than Mercury, due to Venus' association with the water element (jala tattwa.) Mercury is good at adapting, however, and can get work done and move through almost any environment.

Mercury has a bit more emotional detachment than either Moon or Venus. Mercury's joining Venus through the world of emotional depth could lend some balance to Venus by keeping things light-hearted, interjecting practicality and offering perspective.

Mars Returns to Scorpio July 12

Mars retrograde cycle ended on June 29 at 29° Libra. Slowly he regains forward motion and pushes back into his own sign of Scorpio on July 12. This refreshes the stage where Mars and Saturn have been sharing space, causing a combination that has given us energies that tend to conflict. Mars wants to press ahead and make plans. Saturn wants to let go, sit and limit actions.This may be causing some frustration and obstruction in the domain of life ruled by Scorpio in one's chart.

We may begin to feel some pressure building as Mars moves toward Saturn through the last part of July and the early part of August. Saturn resumes direct motion on August 13, which slightly prolongs the exact conjunction of these two challenging forces. Faster moving Mars overtakes Saturn on August 23-24 and then exits Scorpio on September 17, ending the seven month conjunction in the depths of Scorpio, a watery sign co-ruled by Mars and Ketu.

As we build up to the exact conjunction in August, it may be helpful to identify how Mars and Saturn may be pushing and pulling on us. Mars represents courage while Saturn represents fear. This could be a big showdown for each of us individually as we identify and face with courage our fear of loss. Mars would prefer that we do this with our eyes open, plans in place and resources at the ready.

Sun Transits Cancer July 15 – August 16

The Sun joins Venus and Mercury in the sign of Cancer on July 15 for his annual transit through the Moon's watery sign. By this time, both Venus and Mercury will have pulled far enough ahead of the Sun to be seen shining and then setting in the west, just after sunset.

Cancer is the natural sign of the home, and with the Sun joining the socially active planets Mercury and Venus, this may be a nice time for reuniting and celebrating with family and/or at the home. Again, we have no planets throwing aspects onto Cancer at this time, but the signs of Scorpio and Cancer are connected by sign aspect (rasi drishti.)

This connection will throw some of the Mars/Saturn energy onto those planets in Cancer, so we could see a struggle for harmony and peace due to the energy coming in from Scorpio. It may be tempting to bring up old wounds in group situations. While there may be validity in past traumas causing present-time situations, it may be more productive to let things go than to fan the flames of conflict in present-time.

Since the Sun represents each individual on a soul level, as well as being a natural leader, take this energy into your social and family interactions during this time. Be the one to take the high road and let sleeping dogs lie. Your soul can shine without the interference of personality conflict or ego inflation.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 19

The Moon reaches its full strength this month on Tuesday, July 19 in the lunar mansion Uttarashada, at 4° in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by, and currently aspected by Saturn, giving the influence of limitation or pressure on the matters of the Moon. Uttarashada nakshatra has the Sun as planetary ruler and Viswadevas as the presiding diety.

Uttarashada spans Sagittarius and Capricorn, so the three sections that occupy the first ten degrees of Capricorn are receiving the influence of both Saturn and Sun. The Viswadevas are the collective whole of all deities, indicating that all aspects of the divine should be acknowledged. Uttarashada reminds us that the divine encompasses all facets of life. We need to accept the light (Sun) and the dark (Saturn) parts of our worldly experience and learn how to integrate them into our life experience.

With the Sun, Venus and Mercury occupying the Moon's sign of Cancer during this full Moon, emotions may be running strong and fast. The aspect of Saturn may actually be helpful in keeping outbursts in check. The slow pace of Saturn could encourage us to be careful about how we express our emotional reactions.

The Moon is very strong when full, which can cause the mind stream to flow with some force and turbulence. Meditation and deep breathing, even for a few minutes, can be helpful in calming the mind and body during the full Moon.

Mercury Transits Leo July 26 – August 19

Enthusiastic Mercury skips into Leo on July 26, just in time to join Jupiter before Jupiter passes to Virgo on August 11. Mercury will also get to move past Rahu during this transit. We will explore Mercury's transit through Leo and Virgo in the August forecast, but one thing that may be indicated by the joining of Mercury and Jupiter is the potential for educational pursuits.

Mercury is the eternal student, eager for knowledge and Jupiter is the great teacher, called Guru in Sanskrit. Jupiter is also known as the adoptive father of Mercury, husband of the Mercury's mother, Tara. This could be a good period of time for renewal of studies, launching teaching projects or generally being open to imbibing or dispensing knowledge.

Leo is still receiving the aspect of Saturn, so Mercury's transit through Leo may force our analytical thoughts as well as bodily movements to slow down, which may be frustrating in the sense of getting things done, but also puts us at less risk of making hasty mistakes.

Mercury in Leo could also be productive in the sense of communications that have to do with a creative process. Get your writing room ready for a good burst! We know Rahu can be confusing and trouble-making at times, but can also give brilliant flashes of inspiration. Just as the full Moon indicates this month, we must take the good with the bad and find our own path of harmony.

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