Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2015

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Post-Eclipse Moon

October 1 sees the Moon waning but in exaltation after the full Moon lunar eclipse of September 27. Other planets that were involved in the eclipse energy were Mercury, still retrograde and moving closer to Rahu in the early degrees of Virgo and also Jupiter, lord of the sign Pisces, where the Moon and Ketu joined.

Jupiter is strongly placed in Leo through August 2016, but is influenced by the presence of Venus and Mars also in Leo during October. Additionally, as long as Sun is in Virgo (Sun rules Leo), it will convey the eclipse energy of the Rahu-Ketu axis to Jupiter. This may make our minds a bit cautious with how we are handling projects requiring growth during the first couple weeks of October. The reverberations of the eclipse energy will continue for a while; things may seem to stabilize during the third week in October after Mercury has resumed a steady, direct motion.

The Moon will wane during the first part of October, passing through its own sign of Cancer on October 6-7, which will be empty save for the Moon itself. This is the first time since June 2014 that the sign of Cancer will have no other planets.

After passing through Cancer, the Moon continues to wane, joining into heavy traffic in the signs of Leo and Virgo, with the new Moon moment occurring on Monday, October 12. The day prior to the new Moon, October 11, is amavasya, when the Moon wanes to its weakest point. It is a good day to withdraw from too much worldly activity in favor of rest and rejuvenation.

Leo Full of Energy in October

While Jupiter will hold his place in Leo through next summer, October sees a notable conjunction of three planets in the Sun's fiery sign.

Jupiter and Mars are friendly toward one another and in the sign of a friend. Together their union can indicate strength and power that is difficult to defeat. This will especially bolster the Sun (lord of Leo) as it moves into Libra mid-month.

Jupiter and Venus are known as the two teachers; Venus' approach to Jupiter this month is the second of the year, as they conjoined in Cancer earlier in the summer. This combination is called "dwi guru yoga," the joining of two teachers. We can use this time to absorb the teachings that are offered to us by those who are our guides.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion October 9

During the morning of Friday, October 9, Mercury stations at 7° Virgo, just one degree short of another exact conjunction with Rahu. Due to Rahu's continued retrograde motion, the two will not meet up again until Mercury and Rahu conjoin in August 2016 in the sign of Leo.

Mercury in Virgo is very strong, as Virgo is considered both Mercury's own sign and its sign of exaltation. Rahu is also strong in Virgo, as we consider it to be the moolatrikona sign (the office) of Rahu. So this combination is providing immense energy to the sign of Virgo, propping up both Mercury and Rahu.

Since the energy of retrograde planets can be both strong and contrary to normal behavior at times, it is advised to wait a few days before embarking upon any great new plans or projects, especially combined with the waning Moon. We should be clear for takeoff by October 15.

Mercury continues in forward motion through Virgo, moving into Libra on October 29. The last half of October should be very supportive of projects that can leverage the Mercury-Rahu association and strength. Mass communications, writing, recording, networking, working with plants and plant medicine, medical procedures and appointments, etc.

New Moon in Virgo October 12

The Sun and Moon join for the monthly meeting that we call New Moon in the evening of Monday, October 12, at 26° Virgo, the first quarter (pada) of Chitra nakshatra. Although we have Rahu in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces, this new Moon will not yield an eclipse, even though the Sun and Moon are also in Virgo. The eclipse occurred in September when the Sun/Moon were in the late degrees of Leo, only 11º away from Rahu.

This New Moon, even though Rahu is in the same sign with the Sun and Moon, they will be 20° distant, so no actual eclipse will occur astronomically speaking. That said, the Sun/Moon combination will still be joining direct Mercury and Rahu in Virgo, conveying some of that eclipse energy from the last month into this new Moon event. As well as giving some strength to the transformation of the Moon from waning to waxing due to the great position of the current lord of Virgo, Mercury and his helper, Rahu.

Chitra nakshatra is ruled by the planet Mars and the devata Tvashtar, the celestial architect who created all things. Chitra spans equally over the signs of Virgo and Libra, bridging the two signs. Being ruled by Mars gives Chitra great energy; it is also symbolized by a single pearl, associating Chitra with bright, sparkly things.

The Sanskrit translation of the word "chitra" extends to other meanings such as: bright, variegated, ornamental and agitated. This could be an inspirational time for creative projects that involve building or making something out of raw materials. An image drawn with lines on paper can quickly transform simple resources into an intricate treasure.

Sun Transits Libra October 17-November 16

After the new Moon of October 12, the Sun continues through Chitra nakshatra, taking the bridge from Virgo into Libra on October 17. The Sun will spend the usual month period in Libra, moving to Scorpio on November 16.

Libra is the sign of debility for the Sun, which can be challenging when it comes to matters of the individual self, #1, the big "I am." Venus, ruler of Libra, is from a different camp from the Sun; in the camp of Venus the focus is on harmony and cooperation, while in the camp of the Sun the focus is on the self, power and creation.

The discomfort of the Sun in Libra manifests as shining too brightly or standing out with too much contrast in situations that require blending energy with others. It is a perfect opportunity to strike a balance between the defined self and the fabric of community.

In the northern hemisphere, this is the time when the Sun is becoming weak, descending toward the winter solstice. In that sense, it is a good time to connect with others and join together, consolidating the light, as the days become shorter.

Libra is currently hemmed on each side by the challenge of Rahu in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun traversing Libra could lead toward situations in which we can feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. Rather than immediately reaching for the eject button, instead consider the option of being still inside the discomfort. Face with dispassion that which threatens or entices the ego.

Another factor that supports and uplifts the Sun during this transit is an exchange of signs (parivartana) with Venus through November 2. This strengthens both Venus and the Sun, especially encouraging us find noble and elegant ways to conduct ourselves in social situations and relationships.

Mars-Jupiter Conjunction in Leo October 17

Joining Venus in Leo are Mars and Jupiter, which, as a trio, are rising in the east before the Sun, quite lovely in the pre-dawn sky.

As the lord of Leo, the Sun, moves into Libra, his friends Jupiter and Mars come together at 20° Leo. When two planets, excluding the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu), conjoin in the same degree, they are said to be in a planetary war, graha yuddha.

The rules of planetary war are complicated, but the important point to remember is that two planets occupying the same space are vying for room to act. The planet that is further ahead in longitude is said to be the victor of the war. As Mars approaches Jupiter, the struggle begins on the morning of October 15 with Jupiter in the top position. During the afternoon of October 17, Mars overtakes Jupiter and becomes the new victor, with the battle ending around midnight on October 20.

Jupiter's influence on Mars is always positive, encouraging the sometimes brash and aggressive Mars to act in a positive, wholesome manner. Jupiter is concerned with actions that tend to hold things together; Mars will act in whatever way will best promote the objective at hand, whether it is good for the whole or not.

This period between October 15-20 could see some struggles on both personal and collective levels regarding doing what is right vs doing what is necessary or efficient. Because this is happening in the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, we can also note that the Sun will be transitioning to a new sign in the middle of it all. Those in positions of leadership or authority may change their agendas in some way during this time.

Full Moon in Aries October 27

As Mercury settles into direct motion in Virgo and the planets in Leo jockey for position, the Moon waxes, reaching fullness at 10° Aries, in Ashwini nakshatra (lunar mansion.)

The Sun will have moved into Swati nakshatra by this full Moon. Swati is ruled by Rahu, while Ashwini is ruled by Ketu. This puts the luminaries in the nakshatras ruled by the nodes and in signs ruled by Venus (Libra – Sun) and Mars (Aries – Moon.)

At the time of this full Moon, Venus will be at 24° Leo and Mars will be at 26° Leo. This marks the beginning of a month of Venus and Mars traveling in close proximity through Leo and Virgo.

After the Mars-Jupiter war ends on October 20, we see Venus approach Jupiter on October 24, putting the two into planetary war on that morning. Venus overtakes Jupiter by mid-day on October 25 and moves out of competition by the evening of October 26.

The full Moon shines gloriously, giving strength to the sign of Aries and its lord, Mars, as well as to the sign of Libra and its lord, Venus. We can reflect at this time on the upcoming travels of Mars (planet of power) and Venus (planet of love/relationship) and how we may experience this combination during November.

Mars and Venus enter into a planetary war situation on October 31 which continues through November 5 as the two planets move together from Leo to Virgo. This may be an action-packed autumn season with the faster-moving planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) flowing through the territories held by the slower ones (Jupiter in Leo, Rahu in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio.)

Mercury Transits Libra October 29-November 16

After an unusually long tenure in his own sign and sign of exaltation, Virgo, Mercury moves into Libra on October 29 for a quick transit of Venus' air sign. Mercury joins the Sun, moving quickly ahead and joining Sun exactly on November 16 as the two move together from Libra into Scorpio.

Mercury is the planet of communication, exchange, analysis and medicine, coming off of a strong period joining Rahu in Virgo. This movement and energy will be brought forward into Venus' sign of Libra, perhaps further pushing the Sun into a more harmonious and diplomatic mood as he traverses Libra.

Mercury gives the gift of humor. In order to see the humor of situations, we sometimes need to step back to see multiple perspectives. This affords us the ability to frame our challenges in a way that they can be used as learning tools rather than just appearing as insurmountable obstacles. In this case, Mercury moves through Libra, currently squeezed by Rahu and Saturn. The child-like face of Mercury can be turned toward creative, inspired solutions that may improve our difficulties without needing to move too far.

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