Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2015

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Waxing Moon with Rahu May 1

The sign of Libra has been the site of various levels of pressure since August 2012, when Saturn completed a retrograde period and began to move forward through the air sign of Venus through November 2014. From January 2013-July 2014, Rahu joined Saturn in Libra, creating an intense conjunction, adding instability and chaos to the pressure of Saturn.

Libra is free of occupation at this time, but both Rahu and Saturn are still influencing by their transit of signs on either side of Libra; Saturn will be moving through Scorpio until October 2017 and Rahu will continue to reverse through Virgo until January 2016.

Each month, the Moon is moving through these three signs: Virgo, Libra and Scorpio, first encountering Rahu, then passing through Libra, squeezed between Rahu and Saturn and then moving into Scorpio where Moon is in a state of debility, as well as conjunct Saturn.

The Moon represents our mind, emotions and sensitivity, ever fluctuating and vulnerable to the impressions that it so naturally reflects. We can guard and calm the mind by engaging in activities like meditation and repetition of mantras. When our mind gallops out of control, we experience mental states like intense emotions, anxiety, depression and paranoia.

During these times when the Moon is passing through Virgo, Libra and Scorpio during 2015, it is good to be aware that we may be more vulnerable to disturbances in our mental and emotional fields. This month, the Moon passes through this territory from May 1-6 and again from May 27-June 2.

Venus Transits Gemini May 2-30

Venus moves from its own sign of Taurus to a friendly sign, Gemini, on May 2, moving steadily forward into the sign of Cancer on May 30.

In Gemini, Venus is in the sign of her friend, Mercury, while Mercury will be occupying Venus' sign, Taurus. This creates a special, tight bond between these two planets throughout the month of May. The exchange of signs between two planets is a type of sambandha that gives each of these planets the distinction of strength as if they are in their own signs.

Venus and Mercury are naturally friendly toward one another and as the agents of love/connection (Venus) and communication/exchange (Mercury) they may provide us a good platform this month for exercising compassion for others, creativity with communication and grounding our connection with our "stuff."

Mercury in Taurus is a good agent to help us sort through, analyze and exchange things in the material realm. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus, the second sign of the zodiac that represents the material resources that we enjoy and that support us. Mercury has a natural detachment that is key in exchanging goods, services, ideas and words. This could be a great month to clean house by digging through closets and storage areas in an effort to lighten loads and repurpose items for more use than collecting dust.

Venus in Gemini will allow us to truly engage in communication with others, with compassion and passion. This would be a good month to promote creative thought by engaging in idea farming and think tanks with other people. Cooperation, sharing, networking and socializing will likely go well during this month with Venus and Mercury in exchange of signs.

Mars Transits Taurus May 3-June 15

Enter Mars into the equation of Venus and Mercury's exchange of signs. While Venus loves to focus on what the other person is thinking, feeling or saying, Mars tends to grab onto a conversational keyword and probe for a personal feeling, memory or sensation to focus on.

Mars, a self-oriented planet transiting through Taurus, a fertile field of Venus' energy in which we can cultivate the seeds of connection with others, may be able to learn a few things during his five-week transit.

Certainly Mars, the planet of drive, power and energy to move ahead will be met with a few influences during this time.

First, Mercury will meet Mars in Taurus, remaining in Venus' sign during the entire transit of Mars, due to the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle from May 18-June 11. Mercury is easy going and tends to add his enthusiastic energy to whatever cause another planet may be promoting, but two things may modify and/or strengthen Mercury's resolve. First, Mercury's exchange with Venus will stabilize Mercury a bit and second, Mercury retrograde may destabilize Mercury a bit. Mercury may get a bit confused, listening to Mars from one ear and Venus from another. Mars and Mercury will conjunct on May 26, while Mercury is moving retrograde through Taurus.

Mars in Taurus can add strength and discipline into the equation when we are talking about pursuit of and appropriation of resources during this month. The work capacity of Mars is also great, so perhaps this can be directed toward creative projects. Mercury and Mars are not natural friends, but they do seem to work well on technical projects that require engineering, problem solving and communication.

Full Moon in Libra May 3

Late in the evening on Sunday, May 3, the Moon becomes full at 20° in the sign of Libra. The Moon is at its strongest energy level during the full Moon, and because the Moon signifies mental/emotional state, we could feel things strongly during this time, especially remembering that Libra is currently squeezed between the difficult energies of Saturn and Rahu flanking either side of Venus' air sign.

The full Moon in Libra is also receiving a full aspect from the exalted Sun in Aries, and the lord of Libra, Venus, is well situated in Gemini. If the pressure and negativity of Saturn with the instability of Rahu begins to work on your mind during this time, take heart in the strong Sun, which should point to the steadiness of your own heart and soul. Access Venus in Gemini for communication and companionship if you feelings of negativity or despair are creeping in.

Sun Transits Taurus May 14-June 15

The Sun exits Aries on May 14, joining Mercury and Mars in Venus' earth sign, Taurus. This makes one more "me" planet in the sign of "we." Each year for one month, the Sun transits the sign opposite Saturn, bringing these two planets face to face and giving us all the chance to face our own relationship with how we express and value our "self."

The Sun signifies the individual self, the ego that promotes the story that always begins with, "I am..." While we need this definition of self to propel us through the actions we make in life, we must be aware of the power of the Sun, which can quickly destroy and burn without the proper introduction of shade and water.

Saturn's mission is to destroy the ego. The Sun says, "I am" and Saturn says, "Nothing is." Saturn negates where Sun promotes. Saturn humorlessly reminds us constantly of our limitations, the temporary nature of existence and the futility of chasing abundance. The facts of life and death cannot be avoided forever and great Saturn gives us the blessing of this practical knowledge.

The Sun's ego problem often looks like "too much me," while Saturn's ego problem looks like "not enough me." Each of us has to arrive at a healthy balance where our ego allows us to express and protect our individual self without harming or abusing anyone else's individual self.

Saturn is currently retrograde in Scorpio while Sun will be transiting the opposite sign of Taurus with Mars and Mercury present also from mid-May to mid-June. The nature of both Scorpio and Taurus is fixed, unmovable and difficult to change. During this month, we may face our ego imbalances in their true, deeply habitual glory.

Especially in the arena of relating to others (Taurus) we may be given the reflection of how our own fears about dissolving our precious "selves" blocks us from truly connecting with others. The clues about what to discard in order for transformation to begin will be present if we are willing and able to see. Saturn will require your detachment, Sun will urge you to know yourself, Mars will supply the courage and Mercury gives you ability to communicate with others.

New Moon in Taurus May 17

The waning Moon follows the Sun into Taurus and exactly conjuncts with the Sun at 3° Taurus just before midnight on Sunday, May 17. The Sun sign of this meeting is Taurus, but the lunar mansion (nakshatra) the underlaps this is Krittika, ruled by the Sun and by the spirit of fire, Agni.

Each of the planets enjoys a small section of the zodiac as a place of exaltation, where it functions at its highest level; for the Moon, this section comprises the first three degrees of Taurus, so this new Moon occurs while the Moon is exalted.

But the Moon's energy is also affected by the waxing and waning process, and by this measure, the Moon wanes to its weakest point at the new Moon, so we have an interesting mixture of exaltation and weakness this month as the Moon is new.

As mentioned earlier, without water and shade, the energy of the Sun can scorch us; the exalted, new Moon moving into the equation could provide just the right energy so that we can glimpse or feel the right balance between self and other that leads us down the path of healing our ego imbalances and therefore our relationships.

Saturn's aspect on the new Moon configuration will stress what we can't have or maintain. Also aspecting the new Moon is Rahu from Virgo, singing sweet songs about what we really want, must have and need so much. This could be a confusing set of messages that all seem true yet conflicting.

Throughout the day on Sunday, May 17, we are in the state called amavasya, the day leading up to the new Moon where we protect our minds by getting into a state of calm by withdrawing from too much activity.

Mercury Retrograde May 18-June 11

As soon as we stand up from our union with the Sun and Moon, the Moon begins to wax on Monday, May 18, moving through Taurus toward Mercury, who promptly begins a retrograde cycle on the evening of May 18.

Meeting with the Moon briefly at the outset, Mercury begins apparent backward motion at 20° Taurus and resuming direct motion once again at 11° Taurus on the afternoon of June 11.

The Moon and Mercury each rule a sector of what we would refer to as "mind." Moon reflects our thoughts, feelings and emotions while Mercury manages our information and analytical capacity. Since both of these planets are present at the outset of this retrograde cycle, it is a good reminder of how powerful the mind is in both creating and confronting any "problems" that we may assign to Mercury's retrograde cycle.

While it does appear from anecdotal evidence that Mercury has the power to cause mishaps during its retrograde cycle, it is good to consider that retrograde motion of any planet is merely apparent and not actual. Through the power of illusion born from perspective, we see Mercury move in reverse through the constellations.

Perhaps it could be grounding and comforting to root in the belief that whatever shenanigans arise during the three week period from May 18-June 11 are all a part of the surface story, the apparent motion of things. It could be an interesting exercise to observe this apparent motion from your own seat of reality and see if it is easier to weather the communication breakdowns and electronic antics from a place of detachment (Saturn will be aspecting Mercury.)

The general advice for Mercury retrograde periods remains this: go slowly, triple check plans and reservations, listen deeply, respond carefully, check all vehicles and communication devices for proper function, back up data, review, revise and wait to initiate important actions until after the cycle, mid-June.

Venus Enters Cancer May 30

Venus transits through the sign of the Moon, Cancer, from May 30-July 4, 2015, joining exalted Jupiter for the end of his year-long transit there. Jupiter moves to Leo on July 13, 2015.

This five-week long transit of Venus through Cancer, joining Jupiter, creates a combination called dwiguru yoga, the union of the two teachers. One of Jupiter's names is Guru, and he is known as the preceptor of the devas, the teacher of the divine beings. Venus is also a teacher, but his chosen task is to instruct the asuras, the eternal beings of a demonic nature.

While Jupiter and Venus are both considered benefic planets, they obviously have different goals and objectives. Jupiter is a sattvic planet, promoting purity and calm, and Venus is a rajasic planet, promoting action and movement. Teaching and guidance they have in common, but the methods and audience are divergent.

Since each person has a bit of deva and asura within them, each of us has something to gain from listening to the teachings of Jupiter and Venus. Their exact conjunction comes at the end of June, but we may feel that the entire period between May 30-July 4 is like a conference where we have the opportunity to learn from an array of qualified teachers.

Jupiter rules Thursdays and Venus rules Fridays. Perhaps setting aside time to study and/or teach on those two days during this transit of Venus through Cancer would be a good idea in light of gaining and sharing knowledge.

Venus in Cancer may also be inspiring for socializing and beautifying the home. Cancer is the natural sign of the home and vehicles and Venus has an affinity for beauty, comfort and promoting relationship and connection.

There will be more about the final segment of Jupiter's transit through Cancer in the June 2015 forecast.

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