Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2015

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Joins Jupiter in Cancer May 30

Venus has been moving steadily through the zodiac and moves from Mercury's sign of Gemini into the Moon's sign of Cancer, joining exalted Jupiter during the final weeks of Jupiter's transit through Cancer. Venus stays with Jupiter in Cancer for all of June, coming to an exact conjunction at 28° Cancer on June 30. Venus leads the way into Leo on July 4 and Jupiter follows on July 13.

Venus begins a retrograde cycle on July 24, moving back toward Jupiter and conjoining Jupiter for the second time on August 4. Venus continues in retrograde motion, re-entering Cancer, until September 6, 2015 when Venus regains direct motion at 21° Cancer.

The journey of Venus throughout the remainder of 2015 is quite interesting to follow. In June, we have Venus conjoined with exalted Jupiter and the beginning of a retrograde cycle, which will mark the start of Venus' journey from evening star to morning star. Through July, Venus remains in Leo with Jupiter, but slipping ever further from Jupiter and closer to the Sun, which means we lose site of Venus in the evening sky in early August. June and July should be quite dazzling as we see Jupiter and Venus together in the western sky after sunset.

Once Venus returns to Cancer in August, the dance between Venus and Mars resumes. They share space in Cancer from August 12-September 14, when Mars moves into Leo. They will stay in proximity to one another through early December 2015, moving through Cancer, Leo and Virgo together.

Retrograde Venus conjoins the Sun on August 15 at 29° Cancer and a couple weeks later will begin to appear in the morning sky in the east, before the Sun rises. Venus remains the "morning star" throughout the remainder of 2015, joined by Mars.

That is the long-term look at Venus through 2015. Venus is the force that urges us to actively relate and create. Venus wants to connect, enjoy and feel good. Venus represents our human desire for love, power, vitality and satisfaction derived from activity. Venus will be close to Mars for the remainder of 2015, once again providing us the opportunity to experience the dance between meeting our own selfish needs (Mars) and merging with others (Venus.)

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus forms a yoga, or combination, called dwiguru yoga, which literally means "two teacher yoga." Jupiter is known as the instructor of the sura (deva, divine beings) and Venus is known as the instructor of the asura, also a faction of the divine beings. Both planets are considered naturally benefic planets, so their intention is generally for the good.

Let's consider the concept of asura, which has become attached to the word "demon" in English translation. In Sanskrit, the word "rakshasa" also implies a demonic being. The question is: should we see rakshasa and asura as the same form of energy? In my opinion, the answer is no, and we may need to reframe our understanding of Venus as teacher of the asura as having demonic connotation.

In Vedic literature, we do see the sura and asura battling one another, but we miss some important meaning by thinking that sura=good and asura=bad. In the Rigveda, the asura were depicted as presiding over social and moral phenomena while the sura presided over natural phenomena.

In the context of what goes on in the world and in human beings, we can see that sometimes the demands of needing power within a social context (Venus) can conflict with our inherent sense of righteousness (Jupiter.) As human beings, we really need the guidance of both of these bright, powerful planets due to the demands of finding our right way (dharma) in the world.

What then, can we expect from two planets that are interested in instructing us in different topics while they are conjunct in the sign of Cancer? Imagine being in a room where a beautiful symphony is being played. After some time, a group of singers enters the room and begins to further fill the space with lilting melodies and intricate harmonies. Both of the songs being played are beautiful and enriching, but having them going on at the same time can be overwhelming and confusing. Which one to listen to? We may at one moment feel a sense of wholeness and the next moment be only hearing a cacophony.

One thing is sure, when there are two fantastic teachers in the room, the opportunity to gain knowledge is there. Figuring out how to absorb knowledge in two different subjects at the same time is the trick, but on a certain level, we deal with this quandary each moment of our lives as human beings. At one moment, we can clearly see how we can create a beneficial situation through our action (Venus) while at the same time we can see that this action may go against our inherent nature and cause us loss, problems or may harm another being (Jupiter.)

There is no need to choose sides when it comes to Jupiter and Venus; we need the wisdom of both planets in order to evolve and grow. This is the final part of Jupiter's exaltation in Cancer, before moving into the Sun's sign of Leo for the next year. Cancer is the sign naturally associated with home, comfort, security and happiness. Cancer gives us the environment where we nourish ourselves, replenish our energy and safely dwell.

The best way to absorb the information coming our way from both Jupiter and Venus in Cancer this month could be to relax into an expansive state with a quiet mind. We can observe how our actions and non-actions affect our contentment, we can harmonize our social conduct with our need for connection with the divine, we can explore the fine line between desire and satisfaction and observe what tips the balance.

At any rate, we have two teachers in the room who are both attempting to guide us toward fulfillment; it may take some doing (or not-doing) to understand all the lessons coming our way.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 2

On the morning of Tuesday, June 2, the Moon and Sun move into exact opposition at 18° Scorpio and Taurus, respectively. This exact opposition of the two luminaries is popularly known as Full Moon, when the Moon receives the full light of the Sun and reflects it brightly back to earth during the night hours.

The Moon will be in the nakshatra Jyestha, sharing the sign of Scorpio with retrograde Saturn, and the Sun will be in the nakshatra Rohini, sharing the sign of Taurus with retrograde Mercury and Mars (direct). This brings attention to the Taurus-Scorpio axis in the zodiac, which has been under some tension due to the Mars (Taurus)-Saturn (Scorpio) opposition.

While Saturn and Mars are both considered tamasic (dull, dark) in nature, they have different methodologies. Saturn tends to negate, deny and contract while Mars tends to plan, drive and complete. This opposition in Taurus-Scorpio may have created some push-pull situations depending on the house placement in personal charts. For example, sometimes tension is required for certain jobs, so this may be a productive time period if tension is required.

Applied to relationships, this tension may be causing uncomfortable situations that demand solutions. Both Mars and Saturn are willing to destroy things in order to solve problems. With Sun in Taurus with Mars, this bolsters separative energy due to the fire generated by both Sun and Mars.

The strong full Moon of June 2 will bring some cooling reflection into the tense situations. The important thing is to keep the mind calm in the midst of either sadness (Saturn) or anger (Mars.) Full Moon in Jyestha nakshatra should help with seeing situations in a mature light.

Another interesting thing to note is that both of the luminaries will be sharing a sign with a retrograde planet. Moon will be in Scorpio with retrograde Saturn and Sun will be in Taurus with Mars and retrograde Mercury. Retrograde planets can convey strong influences, and with the planets in opposition, we may feel the full strength of the call to move slowly, review past experiences and analyze carefully.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion June 11

On Thursday, June 11, Mercury resumes direct motion at 11° Taurus, accompanied by Mars and Sun. It would be a great day to stop and catch your breath. The waning Moon will also be with Ketu this day, so we may want to protect our minds with our practices or solitude.

After the Sun and Mars leave Taurus and enter Gemini on June 15, Mercury has the whole place to himself through July 6 when he follows Sun and Mars into his own sign of Gemini.

Mercury having some space, outside the close influence of other planets transiting the same sign, should feel somewhat relieving. Mercury functions well in Taurus due to his natural friendship with Venus, ruler of Taurus. Both Mercury and Venus are rajasic (active) in nature, so this could be a good period of time to get things done in the realm of communications, creativity and entertainment.

Saturn is still giving an opposition aspect to the sign of Taurus and any planets there, which adds slowness and stability into the mix. Mercury tends to move quickly, so this obstructing influence from Saturn may be felt as an annoyance. When things "get in the way of progress" during this time, see it not as an obstacle but as a reminder to slow down and check that the foundations of what you are doing are in place. Remember to thank Shani (Saturn) for putting on the brakes and preventing haste from making waste.

Sun and Mars will still have a bit of influence on Mercury in that they will be occupying Mercury's sign of Gemini. The focus and power of the Sun+Mars combination should help keep plans and projects on track.

Sun Transits Gemini June 15-July 16

Just as the Sun is rising on June 15, it slides from Taurus into Gemini, followed later in the day by Mars. The signs, known as rasi in Sanskrit, each have their own planetary ruler (Mercury rules Gemini) as well as being associated with one of the twelve Adityas, which are expansions of Vishnu in the form of the Sun God.

The form of the Sun in Gemini is Mitra, the patron of friendship, contracts, meetings and fair-dealing. Keep this in mind when working with the combustion energy that is aimed at purifying Mars and bringing the blessings (see next section). Both Mars and Sun can tend to be focused on the self, bound by ego and looking out for "number one."

In the environment of Gemini, ruled by Mercury who has no yearning for power and who delights in union with others, Mars and Sun could benefit from the good-natured environment of Gemini and the guidance of Mitra.

Another positive influence on Sun and Mars as they move through Gemini is a combination called shubakartari yoga, a state of one sign being flanked on either side by at least one benefic planet. This is a calming influence to these fiery planets with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter surrounding and supporting them.

Mars Transits Gemini June 15-July 30

Combustion is the state of planets that are not visible due to proximity to the powerful Sun. Surya (Sun) is associated with the devatas Agni and Shiva, who each have the power of both conveying blessings and also cleansing through burning. This explains why Surya is both sattvic (pure) in nature but also krura (fierce.) We can experience this in day to day life when we both enjoy the rays of the Sun and also feel the need to protect ourselves from them.

The range of combustion for Mars is seventeen degrees on either side of the Sun; as Mars travels closer to the Sun, the combustion becomes more intense. This current combustion of Mars began on April 13, just as the Sun entered exaltation in the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. Thus, we have seen a very fiery combination of Sun and Mars marching forth since mid-April.

The exact conjunction of Mars and Sun occurs just as the pair are moving from Taurus to Gemini, in mid-June. Sun then overtakes Mars and moves ahead in the zodiac, ending the state of combustion for Mars on August 11, 2015.

The combustion of Mars began when Sun and Mars were in Aries, both in very good dignity and strength. Then, they moved into Taurus, advance into Gemini on June 15, and finally into Cancer, where the combustion ends and Mars will be in debilitation.

With this combustion, especially after mid-June when Surya (Sun) moves ahead of Mangala (Mars), we have the opportunity to both receive the blessings and purify the sins of Mars as they are transmitted to us through the strong rays of the Sun.

What are the blessings of Mars? Courage, strength, discipline, perception. What are the sins of Mars? Anger, aggression, selfishness, egotism. June and July could be a great time for intentional purification that transforms the negative manifestations of Mars.

New Moon in Gemini June 16

Joining the Sun and Mars as they transition from Taurus to Gemini is the waning Moon. The Moon joins the Sun exactly at 2° Gemini on Tuesday, June 16. This point in the zodiac falls in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Mrigashira, ruled by Mars.

The exact conjunction comes in the morning, at about 8 am (Mountain time US), ending the state of amavasya, the last portion of the dark half of the Moon. That indicates that Monday, June 15 would be a good day for light activity that does not cause too much stress.

After the Moon begins to wax, we can step forth into activity again, which may be somewhat lively or urgent due to the influence and drive of Mars who rules both the day (Tuesday) and the nakshatra (Mrigashira.)

Mrigashira nakshatra has a ruling deity, Soma, who bestows the nectar of immortality and is associated with the Moon. Mrigashira connects the Moon and Mars naturally, and during this new Moon these two planets will also conjoin in this nakshatra.

Soma represents enjoyment and fulfillment that living beings seek constantly, but that is difficult to obtain. Mars, master of strategy, works hard to push us toward gaining or constructing that which produces enjoyment. As the Moon begins to wax, we may find ourselves making plans to improve the situations of our lives such that we gain increased fulfillment.

There may be a juxtaposition of the desires of the self and needs of others as we examine the conditions that are producing or withholding contentment. It may be easy to see what we want and need to be happy (Mars and Sun in Gemini) but it will also be impossible to ignore how our actions will ripple into the lives of others (shubakartari yoga of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.)

Moon Passes through Rahu and Saturn Territory June 23-30

Just a reminder that the Moon, who gets stronger as it waxes through the bright phase during the second half of June, will still have to traverse the territory of the zodiac that is currently being held by Rahu and Shani (Saturn.)

Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are affected by these two challenging planets during this year. Virgo is occupied by Rahu, Scorpio is occupied by Saturn and Libra is flanked on either side by these two planets. This makes the monthly traverse of this section of the zodiac by the Moon something to which we should pay attention.

The Moon represents our mind in the sense of our thoughts, emotions and perceptions. It gathers the input (food, impressions) that we process each day and moment. Our own minds are both vulnerable to outside influence and also capable of producing our own sense of happiness.

As the Moon moves through Virgo, Libra and Scorpio during June 23-30, we get to practice the basic walk of life: we want to be happy and calm, but life is difficult, always producing a challenge. Go into this week with the intention of facing life's difficulties with a calm mind. This requires a level of detachment from expectation of specific results. So, we need to plan as if things will go our way, but also be prepared to let go and adapt when they don't.

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