Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2015

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction June 30-July 1

We continue to see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the western sky after sunset through the month of July, with the exact conjunction coming just after midnight on July 1 at 27°33' Cancer.

Venus moves faster than Jupiter and will move ahead into the sign of Leo on July 4, followed by Jupiter on July 13. Venus begins a retrograde cycle July 25, bringing Venus back toward the Sun. We lose sight of Venus as "evening star" after the first week of August.

Read the June forecast section about the Venus-Jupiter conjunction and the cycle of Venus through the remainder of 2015.

Full Moon in Sagittarius July 1

The monthly Sun and Moon opposition will be at 16° Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, just before sunset on Wednesday, July 1. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will still be very close and should be striking in the west as the full Moon rises.

Both the Moon and Jupiter will be strengthened by the exchange of signs that happens between them from June 30-July 2. Jupiter is finishing the one-year transit of Cancer, the Moon's sign, just as the Moon becomes full in Sagittarius, Jupiter's sign. This type of exchange gives each planet strength as if it occupies its own sign.

Because Moon and Jupiter will be in a 6-8 relationship during this full Moon (Sagittarius is six signs away from Cancer and Cancer is eight signs away from Sagittarius) we could say that this puts two strong, benefic and well-dignified planets in a difficult position that invites transformation.

Another positive spin on this full Moon is the position of the Sun, the provider of the Moon's brightness. Currently Sun and Mars are very close in the middle degrees of Gemini. Gemini is enjoying the benefit of a shubakartari yoga which occurs when benefic planets are positioned in signs on either side of a sign or the planets therein.

Gemini and its occupants, Mars and Sun, are being given a big group hug by friendly Mercury from Taurus and the Venus+Jupiter combination from Cancer. Additionally the Moon is opposite, transforming and cooling the hot light of the Sun.

This could be a very healing and transformative period of time. We can see Sun and Mars as very self-oriented planets surrounded by the friendly guidance of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Perhaps as individuals, we have the benefit of feeling the healing energy of the group in the form of families, friends or communities.

The Moon will occupy the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Purvashada, whose planetary ruler is Venus. This further emphasizes purification and regeneration through the power of water as Purvashada is also ruled by Apas, the waters. Through Purvashada, we gain strength through connection.

Venus Enters Leo July 4

Venus leads the way into Leo on July 4, begins a retrograde cycle on July 25 and retreats back to Cancer on August 12. This makes about about six weeks that Venus occupies the Sun's sign of Leo.

Venus is the planet of relationship, partnership, oneness, beauty and creation; Venus propels us to appreciate and create beauty in the world. Leo, ruled by the Sun, supplies great fuel for the creative thrust of Venus.

Venus in Leo also brings forth the concept of relationship (Venus) in the realm of individuality (Leo.)

Venus begins a retrograde cycle on July 25 that extends through September 6. This will bring Venus into exact conjunction with the Sun on August 15, just after Venus re-enters Cancer on August 12 and just before the Sun enters Leo on August 16.

So half of Venus' time in Leo will be in direct motion and half will be in reverse, traveling forward to about 7° Leo and then back again. This occurs in the nakshatra called Magha, ruled by the planet Ketu and by the Ancestors. Magha generates the environment needed for letting go when a change of condition is needed. Venus' retrograde period here indicates the end of a cycle when it comes to Venus indications such as relationship or creative effort.

Mercury Transits Gemini July 5 - 20

Quickly moving Mercury makes a dash through his own air sign, Gemini, from July 5 – 20. Mercury is gaining on the Sun, entering a state of combustion that begins on July 11 and ends after Mercury passes by the Sun and out of combustion range by August 6.

Mercury catches up with Mars on July 15, just as the Moon is waning into its new phase. Mercury then passes by Mars, leaving Mars alone in Gemini as Mercury moves to Cancer on July 20.

Mercury is our planetary messenger and ruler of exchange. He aids us as we give and receive in our everyday exchanges of words, thoughts, goods, services and currency. In his own sign of Gemini, even for a short time, Mercury could help us in the realm of communication.

Mercury's status as a planet of rajas (action) could push us to accomplish many small tasks during July while Mercury runs through Gemini. Especially with the fire of Mars in attendance, we may be able to plan and execute well during this time.

Jupiter Enters Leo July 13

Jupiter departs his sign of exaltation on July 13, moving to his next station in Leo, which lasts through August 11, 2016. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which gives strength but is also strong in Leo, ruled by the Sun, a natural friend of Jupiter.

For the first month of his Leo transit, Jupiter shares the sign with Venus, re-establishing the condition of dwiguru yoga, the union of two teachers, discussed in the June 2015 forecast when it occurred in Cancer.

Jupiter's position in a new sign combined with the retrograde cycle of Venus that begins later in the month, both in Magha nakshatra, give us strong indications of one cycle ending and another beginning. Attachments that reach the soul level could be dissolved during this time.

During the entire transit through Leo, Jupiter will receive the planetary glance of Saturn who currently aspects Capricorn, Taurus and Leo from his position in Scorpio. This is a reversal of aspect in that from Cancer, Jupiter was aspecting Saturn. Jupiter aspecting Saturn could have helped push things that were stuck or stopped in order to grow or expand. Saturn aspecting Jupiter could limit or slow growth and expansion.

Before making any quick assumptions about the "goodness" or "badness" of such a shift, think deeply about the balance between restraint and growth and how crucial that balance is to living a healthy life on both personal and global levels. The limitation of Saturn can be a great gift in creating smart and healthy expansion. Slow and steady wins the race.

We got to see how pushing outward defines the pulling inward. Now we get to see how pulling inward defines the pushing outward.

Aside from the aspect of Saturn on Leo during this transit, another interesting period to note will be when Rahu (always in retrograde motion) will move into Leo on January 29, 2016. This could be quite a significant time, as Jupiter will also be retrograde and at 29º Leo. Jupiter stays ahead of (or behind?) Rahu as they continue in retrograde motion together through May 2016.

Forward motion of Jupiter will finally bring an exact conjunction with Rahu on June 24, 2016 and from there, Jupiter and Rahu separate, with Jupiter moving to Virgo on August 11, 2016. So the period of time between February - June 2016 could be notable, especially for those who have Leo featuring strongly in their personal charts.

New Moon in Gemini July 15

Mercury meets Mars and Moon meets Sun on Wednesday, July 15, giving us our new Moon of July at about 7:30 pm at 30° Gemini. All four planets will be placed in the nakshatra called Punarvasu (Return of Light.)

This is the second new Moon in the sign of Gemini this year, the first being in the early degrees of Gemini on June 16.

When the Moon is full, it is at its peak strength. As it wanes, it loses strength and during the final phase of this waning, people can also lose strength or feel a lack of energy. The recommendation for the day leading up to the moment of the new Moon is therefore to withdraw as much as possible from the activities of the world, sitting quietly to create a well in order to regather strength once the Moon begins to wax. This would be recommended starting the evening of July 14 into the evening of July 15.

Punarvasu nakshatra is ruled by the planet Jupiter and by Aditi, the mother of the devas (divine beings.) This new Moon could indicate a return of light or guidance that is helpful in generating the energy for a new start.

Sun Transits Cancer July 16 - August 16

Sun moves into the Moon's sign on July 16 for one month. Since the new Moon was at the end of Gemini on July 15, we see the Sun and Moon moving together into Cancer as the Moon begins to wax.

The Sun is in a friendly sign while in Cancer and is relatively free of negative aspects during this transit. Mars shows up in Cancer on July 30, which is Mars' sign of debilitation. The Sun's presence there may actually improve Mars' condition.

Cancer as the natural sign of home, vehicles and mother could show that we turn our heart and soul in the direction of family and community during this time.

Mercury Transits Cancer July 20 – August 4

Mercury transits rapidly through the zodiac this summer, moving through Gemini during the early part of July and then moving into Cancer, joining the Sun. Both Mercury and Mars have been close to the Sun in the state of combustion. The Sun passed ahead of Mars in June; Mercury speeds toward the Sun, making an exact conjunction on July 23.

Mercury in Cancer brings our energy of communication and exchange into that natural territory of the home. It may be a good time for organizing or moving if necessary.

Mercury moves quickly through Gemini, Cancer and Leo during July and August, enters Virgo on August 23 and will remain in Virgo until October 28 due to a retrograde cycle September 17 – October 8. This will give us a Mercury+Rahu union for over two months, including a retrograde cycle. Heads up!

Mars Transits Cancer July 30 - September 14

Mars moves into the Moon's sign of Cancer on July 30. Although the Moon and Mars are natural friends, Cancer is the sign of debilitation for Mars. Mars moves with purpose, precision and aggression, which runs counter to the soft and nurturing environment of Cancer.

Since Mars can be disruptive to the home in general while in Cancer, this could be a good period of time to deliberately disrupt in the form of moving, remodeling, rebuilding or additions to the home.

An interesting thing to note is that Mars' transit of Cancer will put Saturn and its current dispositors (Mars and Ketu) all placed in the water signs. Saturn, Mars and Ketu are all considered malefic and tamasic (dull) planets. This could indicate accidents or illnesses relating to water or boats during this six-week period starting in late July.

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