Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2014

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Transits Leo August 31-September 24

As the month of August comes to a close, we see both Mercury and Venus changing signs. Mercury departs Leo for Virgo on August 29 and Venus exits Cancer for Leo on the afternoon of August 31.

Venus in Cancer with Jupiter created a combination of two benefic planets that both have to do with the two aspects of teaching that we experience as human beings. The trigger for receiving this wisdom could have come from Saturn, due to the planetary aspect of Saturn on Cancer since November 2011. Other signs affected by Saturn's transit through Libra have been Sagittarius, Aries and Libra itself.

Saturn can put pressure or obstruction on situations and individuals as indicated through an astrological chart. This aspect of Saturn on Venus and Jupiter may have made the lessons we receive from our teachers be blocked or difficult.

Venus traveling through the signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo will be moving through enemy signs and debilitation. Venus, as representing our capacity for connection with others through intimate relationships, friendships, entertainment and mutual appreciation of beauty, will likely offer us some intricate lessons during the next six weeks. Venus enters Libra, own sign, on October 19.

Venus in the sign of Leo is free of any other planet's influence save the Sun's until September 17, when the Sun moves to Virgo. While the Sun and Venus are both in occupation of Leo, it may be a good time to work through the aspect of relationship that requires the balance between serving others and fulfilling personal desires.

Sun is the ruler of Leo, so is strong in this sign. When Sun is in Leo, we can easily taste the glory of our individuality. In the cases of those with negative ego problems, it can be a time to safely practice being a bit more self-fulfilling. For those who may already lean too heavily in this direction, it could become overblown.

Adding Venus into the dynamic requires us to make room in a graceful and noble way for the needs of all selves involved in our situations. We may encounter issues where egos collide and then eventually harmonize. The key is to both clearly define one's desires and to recognize that each individual's desires are equally as important. The trick is to learn how to make room and compromise, but not too much that we reach the point of martyrdom.

Venus' transit through Leo could be very inspirational in the field of the arts and entertainment. It would be a great time to entertain, socialize and participate in creative pursuits. Collaborations could be subject to what has been suggested in the above three paragraphs.

Mars Enters Scorpio September 5

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the sign of Libra created quite a bit of friction. Necessary friction, but not without the byproducts of heat and irritation! With the switching signs of Mars and Rahu on July 12, we entered into a phase where it was as if the tanks and trucks rolled in to repair, replace or rework people, places and things that may have been exposed or damaged during the Rahu-Saturn conjunction between January 2013 - July 2014.

Mars certainly has what it takes to get things done, but combined with the detached and difficult influence of Saturn, it could have been a bit painful and taxing over the past six weeks.

Mars moving into his own sign of Scorpio could be somewhat of a relief, leaving Saturn to enjoy his last couple of months in exaltation in silence. Mars can get a lot of good, deep work done through this upcoming Scorpio transit, which runs from September 5 - October 15.

Another positive aspect of this Mars transit through Scorpio is that it will receive the auspicious aspect of Jupiter from Cancer. Jupiter can direct the efforts and energy of Mars in a wholesome, positive way. Remember that Jupiter is still receiving an influence from Saturn, giving us the chance to fully work through our difficulties while coming out the other end with a deep understanding of how the challenges we face are what cause our growth.

Full Moon in Aquarius September 8

The Moon reaches its peak of strength as it is rising on the evening of Monday, September 8, at 23° Aquarius. The lunar mansion of this full Moon is Purvabhadra, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, currently exalted in the Moon's sign, Cancer. This makes a nice exchange between these two beneficial planets.

The relationship between these two planets on this day also includes Jupiter located six places from Moon and Moon located eight places from Jupiter (6-8 relationship). This could show that understanding and benefit comes only after a struggle and transformation, perhaps indicated by what could have been coming our way throughout the Mars-Saturn conjunction through mid-July.

Mars from its own sign of Scorpio lends strength to the Moon and Venus from Leo offers compassion for self and others. The Moon in Purvabhadra shows the possibility for the support of spiritual understanding and advancement. Included in this is the movement from self-centered behavior to that which is more universally supportive. This plays on the theme presented by the Venus-Sun conjunction in Leo as discussed above.

Mercury-Rahu Conjunction September 17

Mercury entered his own sign of Virgo on August 29, moving quickly forward toward a conjunction with Rahu on September 17 and then into Libra on September 20.

Planets do function well when placed in their own signs, as Mercury does in Virgo and Gemini. Mercury is also known to be heavily influenced by planets that aspect or especially conjoin it. The chameleon-like nature of Mercury not only allows us to participate in communication by allowing words and symbols to convey our thoughts, but it also allows us at times to morph into new forms based on our surroundings or associations.

Mercury in Virgo unaffected would allow us to rapidly accomplish tasks that require quick thought, flexible planning, analysis and skill with the hands. With the addition of Rahu into this equation, we may see not a lack of this effect, but rather an amplified version. Our ability and desire to accomplish many tasks such as organization, study, writing, handiwork, harvest and networking may be at a high during the first few weeks of September.

The temptation to multitask will be very strong. Know that the ability to do it may be present, but Rahu's influence may cause confusion about which tasks are most important.

For most of this transit, Mercury will be flanked on one side by the Sun in Leo and on the other by Saturn in Libra, two powerful planets both strongly positioned. This could create a state of mind that vacillates between the influence of self-confident Sun and cautious, conservative Saturn.

It may be good to plan in advance and stick to schedules this month to maximize efficiency. Mercury may have a hard time deciding between A & B this month.

Sun Transits Virgo September 17-October 17

The Sun enters Virgo on September 17 which gives the Sun a full month sharing space with Rahu, the North node of the Moon, also known as the "dragon's head." The Rahu-Ketu axis will align with the next full Moon on October 8, causing a full lunar eclipse.

The eclipsing action of Rahu works on any planet that it conjoins or aspects. While the Sun in Leo may have exuded clarity and confidence, when it joins Rahu in Virgo, the Sun may change guises a bit. This may manifest as self-doubt, confusion about what seemed so clear just a week prior, and maybe even a little desperation due to the influence of the shadow planet, Rahu.

Knowing this in advance, take advantage of the clarity of Sun in Leo during the first half of September and literally sketch out a plan. While you're clear, list what is important for you to accomplish during the remainder of September and try to get it on the calendar. The routine and regularity of exalted Saturn in the second place from the Sun in Virgo will be an asset to keeping yourself on track.

With the Sun in Virgo, we can put our heart and soul into the Virgo realm, organizing, sorting things out, harvesting, storing, making medicines, attending to health.

Mercury Enters Libra September 20

Mercury exits Virgo a few days after conjoining with Rahu. Mercury is a natural friend of Venus, ruler of Libra, so will be well placed there and will likely benefit from contact with exalted Saturn, also a natural friend of Mercury.

A reminder that the next Mercury retrograde cycle is from October 4-25, beginning in Libra and working back into Virgo for another conjunction with Rahu on October 21.

After resuming direct motion on October 25, Mercury will move forward again into Libra and finally exit to Scorpio on November 25. So we have about two months where Mercury is hovering around Libra, almost as if attending to the movement of his friend Saturn into Scorpio, which happens on November 2.

The flexibility and agility of Mercury is what informs the speed and action of our informational minds, which can be at once an advantage and an obstacle when it comes to making decisions. If we think of the sign of Libra and the scene that it has been during the last three years of Saturn's transit there, during the last 1.5 years when Rahu was also transiting, and during the period of Mars' transit from July 13-September 5, we are aware that this region of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, could be a bit tender and delicate.

Libra is an air sign, much involved in the realm of thought and the social side of Venus. We may have collectively experienced an overhaul in how we think about ourselves in relationship to others through the past few years. Forms that weren't working may have been destroyed, removed or rejected. Saturn has forced us to face our own ego attachments vis a vis others and relationships; we let go whether we want to or not, taking responsibility for our own actions and trying to create boundaries that protect us without imprisonment.

Mercury, with his delightful orientation that allows us to see multiple sides of a situation, including tremendously sad and strikingly funny at the same time, is likely just what we need to move us along to the next Saturn transit through the sign of Scorpio (November 2014-October 2017.) Mercury in Libra can help us to make adjustments to new paradigms, reorganize our resources and shift perspectives. It will be helpful in how we communicate with the important people in our lives. The lesson has had much to do with shifting of power dynamics and struggling with ego attachments. Mercury is the eternal student, eager to learn, change and grow, unattached to the old forms. Try to integrate this youthful, fresh outlook as you move forward.

New Moon in Virgo September 24

The moment of the new Moon of September happens just after midnight on September 24 in Mountain Time US. Amavasya is the 24 hour period leading up to this conjunction of Sun and Moon, which occurs at 8° Virgo in the lunar mansion of Uttaraphalguni.

The lunar energy is at its lowest during this day and is best for withdrawal from too much activity if possible. Therefore, try to curtail important actions on September 23, waiting to move forward with things until the morning of September 24.

Uttaraphalguni nakshatra offers us the gifts of happiness and prosperity that come through union with another. As we work through the dynamics between self-fulfillment and bringing happiness to others, we may see that a small sacrifice of personal power or desire could lead to a fruitful result that far outweighs what we could have made on our own.

While the shadow of Rahu is also occupying Virgo along with the Sun and Moon, it is not close enough to cause an astronomically observable eclipse. There will be an eclipse pair coming up in October. A full lunar eclipse on October 8, best seen from the South Pacific and a partial solar eclipse on October 23.

Rahu's influence may make this lunar cycle a bit unstable, but there are other good influences supporting this new growing phase of the Moon: Venus in Leo on one side with Mercury (and exalted Saturn) in Libra on the other side of the Sun-Moon combination in Virgo.

While there may be growing clarity about what our next moves are, there may also be self-doubt, obstacles that make us slow down and desires that cloud our mind.

Venus Enters Virgo September 25

When Venus enters Virgo, it joins the shadow planet, Rahu, which could create some disturbance in the peace within relationships. Rahu is known for destabilizing qualities. Venus traverses Virgo from September 25 – October 18, then joining Saturn and Mercury in Libra for the last couple of weeks of Saturn's transit in Libra.

The debilitation sign of Venus is Virgo, making it difficult for Venus energy to express during this transit. The presence of Rahu in Virgo, which will act as if it is placed in its own sign, will actually give some strength to Venus as it moves through Virgo. It is also said that in some ways, Venus is like Rahu, so there may be a thirst for change, activity and ways to feel good physically during this transit. Desire can be one of our greatest pointers toward our true purpose, but it can also trick us into compromising our stability in favor of temporary pleasure.

With Venus being our main representative of love and relationship, moving through the sign of health (Virgo) with Rahu, the agent of intense desire, we are faced with a delicate situation that allows us to heal the way we relate to others, especially with regard to communication.

Venus moving into Virgo puts Venus and Mercury into a special exchange (parivartana) as they will be occupying one another's signs. This strengthens not only Mercury and Venus, but also the signs that they are occupying, Libra and Virgo.

As we move into the end of September, we may feel as if we are (finally) on the road to recovery. Certainly things won't yet move at great speed, but it may seem that healing is occurring and that we are organizing our next moves. September is a good time to clean, organize and lightly decorate the parts of life that are indicated by Virgo and Libra in our personal birth charts, in an effort to restore health and harmony.

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