Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2014

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Saturn Enters Scorpio November 2

In the wee hours of the morning, when the yogis are meditating, the great Shani ends his three year transit of Libra and moves to Scorpio. There is a lunar mansion called Vishaka that spans the transition between the sun signs Libra and Scorpio. One of Vishaka's symbols is a triumphal archway, which is a great way to move through a juncture such as Shani is moving this month.

This transition of slow-moving Saturn should reflect the natural pace of our planet that is lord of time, karma, service and sacrifice. Vishaka nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter and by moving into Scorpio, Saturn also moves into the influence of Jupiter's aspect. The gift of Vishaka is the achievement symbolized by a harvest. The fruits of harvest imply all the long, deliberate steps taken to ensure growth and also the power of rain (Indra), heat (Agni) and earth combining to engender the ripening of efforts. Vishaka nakshatra spans from 20°00' Libra to 3°20' Scorpio; Saturn moves out of Vishaka and into his own lunar mansion, Anuradha, on November 30.

Another interesting factor of this transition of Saturn is that the Sun moves close to Saturn during this month, starting a state of combustion for Saturn on November 1, exact conjunction of Sun/Saturn on November 18 (Moon and Rahu also conjunct on this day), and combustion ending December 5.

The battle between Sun and Saturn is certainly eternal. The Sun tends to promote individuality through ego expression while Saturn presses the ego to diminish in favor of selflessness. As "I" and "Not I" travel through the gateway of Vishaka nakshatra together, it is a unique opportunity to find the balance between these principles as we travel into a new phase.

Saturn will go slowly through Scorpio over the course of the next three years, moving into Sagittarius October 25, 2017. Saturn will most heavily influence the signs Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus and Leo and the planets that pass through those signs during this transit. With the movement of slow but significant Saturn into a new sign, we may be feeling a transition within our own experience surrounding perception of karmic difficulty, responsibility, hard work, or ill health.

As the months go by, we will continue to see how Saturn's position in Scorpio affects and is affected by the other planets. The first beneficial influence comes immediately from Jupiter, who aspects the signs of Scorpio and Pisces from his position in Cancer. This places Jupiter's influence on both Ketu in Pisces and on Saturn in Scorpio through July 2015. This sheds a positive light on Saturn, allowing us to see the benefits of letting go.

Mercury Transits Libra November 4 – 24

Mercury moves out of Virgo and out of conjunction with Rahu on November 4. Mercury continues to pick up speed, charging through Libra in under three weeks and moving into Scorpio on November 24.

Moving into Libra, Mercury joins Venus and Sun. Getting closer to the Sun, Mercury enters combustion November 14, just before Sun moves to Scorpio. By November 15, Mercury will be the only occupant of the sign of Libra. Libra has been relatively occupied, except for a few days, since July 2012, by Saturn and a host of other revolving guests. This means that those with significant placements in the sign of Libra may be feeling a sense of relief or release of pressure that may have been in place for an extended time.

Mercury in this quiet position in Libra gives us a chance to analyze the aftermath of a long-term, slow-building lesson that may have been almost three years in the delivery. As the eager, eternal student, Mercury can assess the damage and begin to make a list of things needed to heal any wounds in order to move forward quickly.

Full Moon in Aries November 6

The Moon reaches its full point in the afternoon of November 6 at 21º Aries, the first big lunar event after the eclipse pair that occurred on the full and new Moons of October.

The Moon has good strength on this day. The lord of Aries, Mars, is positioned in Jupiter's sign of Sagittarius, while Jupiter is exalted and strong in the Moon's sign of Cancer. The only planets giving aspect to Moon are the Sun-Venus-Mercury combination in Libra. We may get some mental clarity and inspiration this day, an ability to see ahead to our new situations or goals.

The nakshatra (lunar mansion) occupied by the Moon on this full phase is Bharani, ruled by Venus and contained fully within the sign of Aries. Bharani's deity is Yama, lord of death; the energy of Bharani assists in removing that which has reached its span of life and moves it toward the next situation.

Venus Transits Scorpio November 11 – December 5

Since October 24, Venus has been moving away from a state of combustion with the Sun, which it will finally escape on December 4 when we will begin to see Venus again in the evening after sunset.

Venus exits her own sign of Libra and moves into Scorpio on November 11 and into a conjunction with Saturn on November 12. Keep in mind that both Venus and Saturn are in combustion with the Sun during this time and on November 12, there is also a conjunction between Jupiter and Moon in Cancer that will be conveyed in the direction of the planets in Scorpio via Jupiter's aspect.

This could be a sensitive few days as Venus transitions from a comfortable position into one that is more challenging. Venus continues through Scorpio until December 5 and then moves to Sagittarius. This is at the same time Venus breaks free of combustion with the Sun and becomes visible in the evening sky.

November, therefore, is a transformative time for Venus, the planet of love, beauty, relationship and oneness with others. It is a time when we can sink into silence and darkness, listening to the pulse of our hearts as we prepare to find a new way to shine.

Sun Transits Scorpio November 16 – December 15

The Sun moves out of Libra, its sign of difficulty and into Scorpio, a friendly sign for the Sun, on November 16, spending the standard month in this sign that is co-ruled by Mars and Ketu.

Keeping in tight contact with Saturn and Venus during the first half of the transit through Scorpio, the Sun also receives the benefit of aspect from Jupiter as it moves into the natural eighth sign. The transformative nature of Scoprio will encourage us to make changes in our self (Sun), our detachment from self (Saturn) and our relationships to other selves (Venus.)

Guided by the positive influence of Jupiter, we could have the chance to make some long-awaited changes. That doesn't mean that we have an opportunity for effortless change; Scorpio itself requires deep work and Saturn's presence will keep us to that task. We can hope for some sweetness and beauty in the end as Venus separates from the Sun and moves forward in early December.

New Moon in Scorpio November 22

Before sunrise on November 22, the Moon and Sun conjoin at 7° Scorpio, in Anuradha nakshatra, which lies completely within the sign of Scorpio. Mitra, the divine Friend, rules the lunar mansion called Anuradha, while the planet Saturn is the planetary ruler. Here, we find our way toward right relationship through compassion and honorable action. The depth of Scorpio is the basis for this lunar mansion. The balance between self and other that is required for successful relationship comes partly from the work of objective self-inquiry and reflection.

The themes carried through Anuradha by Saturn, its planetary lord, indicate that the balance between self and other is essential to a right relationship. Venus, as ruler of relationships and ruler of the sign of Libra, where Saturn is exalted and Saturn itself, will also be present in Scorpio for this new Moon event.

Scorpio, as the natural eighth sign of the zodiac, is a place of deep transformation. With the presence of Saturn joining this new Moon, having newly moved into Scorpio, we may be feeling collectively a sense of renewal or rebirth within our current course of action.

Mercury Enters Scorpio November 24

Mercury joins the planets in Scorpio (Sun, Saturn and Venus) on November 24, moving directly into exact conjunction with Saturn on November 25. Mercury's speed is up right now, so this encounter will not last long. By late in the day, Mercury surpasses Saturn's degree position and continues to move through Scorpio.

More about Mercury's experience in Scorpio will come in the December forecast as he moves into deep combustion with the Sun in early December and then into Sagittarius on December 12.

Mars in Sagittarius, Moves to Capricorn November 27

Mars spends most of the month of November positioned in Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius, moving forward into Capricorn on November 27. Mars and Jupiter are natural friends, so Sagittarius is a comfortable position for Mars to exercise his fantastic capacity of collection and channelling of energy and resources.

Mars has the natural aspecting ability to affect planets and signs that are four, seven and eight places away from his position, as well as the sign where he is positioned. This gives Mars influence on the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Cancer at this time. For those with significant placements in these signs, the focus and energy of Mars could be easily accessed at this time.

It is good to keep an eye on the expression of Mars energy, as it can easily grow in the direction of aggression or impatience due to the fiery nature of Mars. Find a safe channel to let Mars run, make sure others are out of harm's way and drive ahead on your road.

Mars moving into Capricorn on November 27 will be quite auspicious, as this is the exaltation sign of Mars. Mars moves through Capricorn until January 5, 2015. Mars in Capricorn will receive the aspect of exalted Jupiter from Cancer as well as from Saturn, lord of the sign of Capricorn, currently transiting Scorpio. This position of Mars alone could indicate the promise of a dynamic and energetic December.

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