Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2014

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Kala Sarpa Yoga May 24 – June 11

Yogas in astrology are planetary combinations that promote certain indications. Although not mentioned in classical writings, Kala Sarpa Yoga is a notable combination. When all of the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, meaning that if you mark the position of Ketu and count zodiacally from there, and all of the planets are placed in the signs before you come to Rahu, then this yoga exists. If one or some of the planets are occupying the same signs as Rahu or Ketu, they have the opportunity to break the yoga.

Kala Sarpa Yoga is known to create conditions under which people or situations seem to be driven or pulled into what may feel like fate or destiny; somewhat a feeling of powerlessness in the face of the happenings of either the world or of the spirit.

When a benefic planet conjoins one of the nodes, that planet obtains the power to break the KSY (Kala Sarpa Yoga), meaning that we may use the vehicle of that planet's energy to overcome any problems or blocks created by the yoga.

On May 23, Venus entered Aries and on May 25, Moon joins Venus in Aries, leaving all planets hemmed between the nodes for a couple of weeks as the Moon travels through the signs of Aries-Libra. We have two planets breaking the yoga: Venus joining Ketu and Saturn joining Rahu.

It could be that this mild version of KSY that will arise again once more, from June 21-July 7, is a configuration that will push us toward synthesizing the experiences from the past 1.5 years as the nodes have occupied the Aries-Libra axis.

Benefic Venus is in a position to break the yoga, so we could be looking at the lessons of oneness, compassion and union that Venus shows. With Venus in Aries conjoined Ketu, the clue may be to examine the deep necessity of letting go of self-obsession in order to find liberation. One way of self-dissolution comes through the joining with another or others, as demonstrated by Venus.

During the second set of breakable KSY from June 21-July 7, the only candidate to do the job will be exalted Saturn in Libra. The action that Saturn takes in pursuit of liberation is detachment, quite the opposite action of Venus, which seeks to join. With Rahu-Ketu changing signs on July 13, this period may be a significant time as far as assimilating the inevitable changes that Rahu and Ketu have delivered in the past 1.5 years. Final acts of surrender will be welcome during this time, with deepest respects paid to great Saturn for creating a stable ground for lessons of instability.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini June 6-July 1

Mercury, the planet of communication and exchange, begins the month of June positioned in its own sign of Gemini joining Jupiter as the great Guru prepares to move signs on June 18.

It's a long and exciting story, but Jupiter is actually the adopted father of Mercury in the great scheme of things. Although they are of different natures, they have similar interest in fields such as education and travel. Jupiter is the great teacher of the gods, while Mercury is the eternal student, using the informational mind to absorb and transmit knowledge.

Mercury receives the blessing of true wisdom from Jupiter one last time while Jupiter occupies Mercury's air sign. May this meeting of these two planets in this sign be a celebration of student-teacher relationships and for active pursuit of higher knowledge.

On top of it all, Mercury will behave in a substantial way due to the retrograde cycle that begins on Friday, June 6 and ends on Tuesday, July 1. When Mercury is retrograde, especially while in its own sign, its influence can be stronger than normal.

Mercury is considered a rajasic planet, meaning that it promotes action and movement. The realm of action for Mercury lies in mental activity, communication and exchange. When Mercury is strong, the desire to do all of these things constantly and at a faster pace may arise.

Because we know that haste makes waste and that making big decisions under the influence of a moment of inspiration can be risky, it is generally recommended to avoid important actions that require long-term stability during Mercury retrograde cycles. That means things like getting married, signing contracts, opening an office, etc. This includes 3-7 days on either end of the cycle, so we're just about ruling out the entire month of June.

Other recommendations for Mercury retrograde periods include extra doses of deliberation, double checking of plans and schedules, care in communication (both speaking and listening) and a conscious effort to slow down movements and thought processes in order to avoid mistakes and mishaps. Also preparing vehicles and communication devices by getting tune-ups, back-ups and safety checks is a good idea.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 12

The Moon reaches the full point on the evening of June 12 at 29° Scorpio. The Moon's energy is that of the conscious mind, emotional sensitivity and depth of feeling. Scorpio is considered the debilitation sign of Moon, so the intensity of this sign that is co-ruled by Mars and Ketu can be hard for the soft energy of the Moon. When the Moon is full, its strength is at the peak, so this helps the Moon's condition and will allow us to have an enlightened chance to see clearly what may often lie hidden.

The lords of Scorpio, Mars and Ketu, are positioned in the signs of Virgo and Aries, respectively, so there is a strong influence of Mars on this full Moon, as well as Mercury, indirectly as the ruler of Virgo. Mars is also the ruler of Aries, where Ketu is positioned. Although we don't like to attempt "big" things with Mercury retrograde, this full Moon will be good in showing us what may be lurking in the shadows, that which has been forgotten, hidden or stashed away that could be a resource.

Sun Transits Gemini June 14-July 16

The Sun enters Gemini on June 14 for its annual tour through Mercury's air sign. This time joining retrograde Mercury and Jupiter also, just for a few days. Gemini is the sign where the Sun takes the form of Mitra Aditya, bestowing the wisdom of friendship and communion through its early summer rays.

Mercury retrograde is strong, but not stronger than the Sun, whose rays can outshine all other planets. That said, we still have an interaction happening between Sun and Mercury this month, with the addition of Mercury retrograde. With Sun bestowing a natural energy of self expression in the sign of communication, this could be a good time to make known your ideas (after carefully organizing your thoughts) through speech and writing.

This time may also be fruitful for putting oneself totally into the mode of studies, writing proposals, and making business plans. It also would be decent for travels with the caveat that extra planning and flexibility may be needed due to Mercury mishaps.

Venus Transits Taurus June 18-July 13

The first part of June sees Venus transiting the second half of Aries, covered in last month's forecast.

Just at sunrise on June 18, Venus enters its own earth sign, Taurus. Later in the day, Jupiter moves signs, making this the day that both of the teacher planets move into signs that are extremely supportive. Jupiter is known as the teacher of the gods while Venus has the job of educating the demons. Jupiter embodies the quality of sattva, which is pure, light and sweet, while Venus embodies rajas (like Mercury) and engenders movement, desire and activity. In this sense, you could view Venus as the teacher of worldly matters and Jupiter as the teacher of spiritual matters.

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, so this transit should be positive for Venus, since planets like occupying their own signs. Taurus is earthy in element and fixed as far as movement, so the energy here is stable. Venus is the planet ruling love, relationship, comfort and enjoyment, so during this time where we see one phase evolving into the next, we may find that it is our solid relationships and creature comforts that keep us centered and grounded.

Venus in Taurus is also supportive of creative arts including fine and performing arts, so it may be an open window to produce something creatively, the act of which could be both an anchor and a celebration of connection.

Jupiter Enters Cancer June 18

Just at sunset on June 18, Jupiter enters his sign of exaltation, the Moon's sign, Cancer. Jupiter stays in each sign for about one year and will pass through Cancer until July 17, 2015. The blessings conveyed by Jupiter as it traverses Cancer could be notable.

Another aspect that Jupiter in Cancer will grant is that on a monthly basis when the Moon transits the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, the Moon and Jupiter will enjoy an exchange of signs, which promotes both planets even further.

With the Moon being the natural significator for mothers and motherhood and Jupiter being the natural significator for children, this could be a fruitful and fertile year for these types of relationships and significations.

Jupiter has the ability to aspect the signs that share the same element from his position, as well as the sign directly across (7th aspect.) From Cancer then, Jupiter influences Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. It may be helpful to know which houses in the individual charts that this transit will affect in order to maximize the blessings offered by great Guru.

With Jupiter having moved to Cancer, the positive aspect that Jupiter had been granting to the Saturn-Rahu combination in Libra will be lifted. This gives Rahu a bit of free reign which could manifest as an inability to make the most wholesome and wise decisions because of the very strong pull of desire. This condition persists (Rahu without aspect from Jupiter) until Jupiter and Rahu join in January 2016. Hopefully we have learned enough to keep an eye on ourselves for awhile! When Saturn moves to Scorpio in November 2014, Jupiter will resume aspect on Saturn.

Ketu Gandanta June 23-July 31

Gandanta translates as "knot" and there are three main gandanta points in the zodiac. They exist at the junctures between the water and fire signs and for our purposes now, we will consider a degree on either side of these junctures. Specifically, we are considering Ketu travelling through the gandanta point between Pisces and Aries. The zone between 1° Aries and 29° Pisces will be traversed in reverse by Ketu between June 23 and July 31.

Ketu's only concern is for liberation, and the passing of this shadow planet through the final gandanta point of the zodiac may point toward significant events that in the end, push us a little further toward spiritual freedom.

Things that we may have been reluctant to release may get pulled away, making clear the way to a new level of liberation. With the changing signs of Jupiter and the nodal axis during July, this first part of summer could feel much like the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. We have the chance to shed the past and transform the present, but the trick is that gandanta means knot, and knots are challenging to unravel, so the transformation may require great attention and patience, not to mention skill and effort.

Moon-Venus Conjunction in Taurus June 24-25

This should be a lovely combination to behold in the morning sky with the crescent Moon rising with Venus before dawn. Moon will be exalted, Venus is in its own sign. The Moon's exaltation also bolsters the newly exalted Jupiter in Moon's sign of Cancer. This combination could give us the grace to softly make the necessary adjustments that will allow us to grow in a safe, creative and joyful way.

New Moon in Gemini June 27

The Moon joins the Sun at 12° Gemini in the pre-dawn hours of June 27. This is the tender time of the Moon, when its power is weaker due to the proximity to the Sun.

Gemini is also the scene of Mercury's current retrograde cycle, so with these two mind-related planets (Moon and Mercury) in the thought-laden land of Gemini, we may wish to protect our minds from our own thoughts during this time. Mercury may be strongly expressing the workings of the informational and analytical mind while at the same time the Moon's expression of our sensitive emotional mind may be vulnerable and easily influenced.

The saving grace for the Moon throughout the next year is the positive guidance of Jupiter, occupying Cancer. Think of Jupiter energy as the manifestation of deep inner and outer wisdom that comes through many channels. While the mind wavers, the source of eternal wisdom does not.

Jupiter-Moon Conjunction in Cancer June 29-30

This combination will occur on a monthly basis throughout Jupiter's transit through Cancer, with this instance being the first since Jupiter moves to Cancer on June 18. In June, the pair should be seen in the western sky, just after sunset. This combination in Cancer is positive and fertile, promoting healthy growth on many levels.

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