Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2014

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Rahu and Ketu Settle into Virgo-Pisces

By August first, Rahu and Ketu have nestled in to the Virgo-Pisces axis for the next 1.5 years, until January 30, 2016. The point of gandanta will be past, but we may feel the adjustment from the nodes shifting location through this month. To know which domains of life are affected in an individual chart by this new placement could help to understand and weather any sudden or unexpected situations that may arise.

Rahu and Ketu tend to bring or remove things or people that are involved in deep karmic lessons. While there is no escaping these lessons for good or ill, we can adjust how we receive and react to them.

Rahu in Virgo may bring change, innovation or chaos into the realms signified by Virgo: health, food and medicine (and that which supports and creates those things, doctors, exercise, farming, research.)

Ketu in Pisces may lead many toward a more spiritual perspective that would lead us toward letting go of worldly desires that keep us bound to a strictly material perspective. For those that are willing, the experience may be profound and for those that are not, it may be a painful exercise in letting go against one's will.

The first few days of August see the waxing Moon moving past Rahu, Mars and Saturn and then through the sign of the Moon's debilitation, Scorpio. While the Moon gains strength in the bright half of its cycle, it will still be moving through some difficult territory. We have an opportunity in this first week of August to practice walking forward with a calm mind and stable emotions as we face possible confusion and situations that appear to be stuck. The theme is patience with sensitivity.

Venus Enters Cancer August 7

Just before dawn on Wednesday, August 7, Venus moves into the sign of Cancer, joining exalted Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. We are in for a spectacular display of planetary beauty as we watch the third and fourth brightest objects in our sky (Venus and Jupiter) moving closer together in the pre-dawn eastern sky. They will be exactly conjunct on August 18.

Venus has been rising before the Sun for most of the year, inspiring us each day as the "morning star." Venus disappears from view in the morning by mid-September, coming into combustion with the Sun for a few months, which obscures Venus due to the proximity to the brilliant Sun. The exact conjunction of Sun and Venus will occur in the sign of Libra on October 24. From there, they slowly separate and we will begin to see Venus as the "evening star" in early December. Therefore, most of the month of August will offer this conjunction of two bright and beautiful planets, Jupiter and Venus. This forms a special combination called "dwi guru yoga," which translates as "joining of two teachers." Jupiter, or Guru, is known as the teacher of the devas (gods) and Venus is known as the teacher of the asuras (demons.)

If we can perceive within ourselves both of these factions, we can see that we need both types of teacher in our lives. Within each human being, there is a part that desires the fruits of worldly life, to fill these desires in a healthy and productive way, the teachings of Venus can be supportive. There is also a part that strives toward union with the divine, an expansion of the soul that includes the entire universe; for this type of attainment, the teachings of Jupiter are there to guide us.

From August 7 – 31, Venus will pass through the sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and acts as a crucible for life that allows us to enjoy the nurture of all mothers, including Mother Earth herself. Jupiter is in occupation of this sign of his exaltation through mid-July 2015.

The combination of these two teachers in the sign of Cancer may bring us much needed guidance about how to balance our desires for both material comfort and prosperity with desires for spiritual fulfillment and divine union.

Full Moon in Capricorn August 10

The Moon reaches full strength and perigree to the earth on August 10 for a "supermoon" full Moon at 24° of Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, which occurs at around 12pm in US Mountain time zone. You can read about the astronomical term "supermoon" here.

The full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, in occupation of opposite signs of the zodiac. This month's full Moon is in Capricorn, while the Sun (along with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) is in occupation of the Moon's sign of Cancer.

The lunar mansions involved in this full Moon are Dhanishta (Moon) and Ashlesha (Sun.) Dhanishta is ruled by Mars, and the full Moon will also be receiving a planetary aspect from Mars, currently positioned in Libra. The Sun will be in Ashlesha, ruled by Mercury and accompanied by Mercury. This brings Mars' power as a support for the already strong Moon, who is further stablized by the virtue of its sign dispositor, Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, exalted in Libra.

The combination of power, stability, flexibility and steadfastess through the planetary alignment of this full Moon should be a blessing to actions perforned during this time. We must also be aware that Rahu, from Virgo, will be aspecting the Moon during this day. The best plans and work can go by the wayside because of moments of doubt and confusion. Ward against this by keeping the mind calm and detached while sticking to the plan.

Mercury Transits Leo August 12-29

Swift Mercury touches foot to three different signs in August, starting with Cancer, moving into Leo just ahead of the Sun, and racing on to Virgo by August 29. Mercury will be within five degrees of the Sun from August 4 – 12 as it passes by the Sun. This last section of Cancer is covered by the lunar mansion Ashlesha, symbolized by a serprent and also ruled by Mercury.

Because of Mercury's tendency to mimic the energy of planets that he conjoins, and due to the Sun's overwhelming power, this combination could lead to a solid fusion of heart and mind that allows for the transformation of both on some level. The sign of Cancer is being aspected by Saturn, so there may be some element of sacrifice or letting go.

Then Mercury moves through Leo, steadily putting space between himself and the Sun, on a race to do what he does: communicate messages and conduct exchanges. One benefit of Mercury's placement in Leo from August 12-29 is that it is free of any negative planetary aspects, which should free us up to analyze, calculate, learn and communicate straight from the heart.

Finally, at month's end, Mercury enters his own sign of Virgo and moves through by the end of September. This will involve an encounter with Rahu and which will be discussed further next month. Heads up! Next Mercury retrograde cycle is October 5-25, 2014.

Sun Transits Leo August 16-September 16

Sun enters own sign of Leo on August 16 and moves predictably through in one month's time. Planets in their own signs are strong and can express well. The energy of the Sun is connected with leadership, personal power, self and soul. This is a good month to become clear about what it is your soul needs to shine in this life. The Jupiter-Venus combination is offering good guidance, Saturn is offering calm detachment and stability and Mars is showing us how to put energy into creating new forms.

Calmly sitting with yourself, feeling the connection to the greater consciousness that is mirrored even in our perception of sunlight, discover that you are irrevocably connected to the source of all life. Let that knowledge lift you toward your true purpose.

Mars and Saturn Conjunct August 25

Mars entered Libra on July 13, joining exalted Saturn. The meeting of these two powerful planets exactly on August 25 could involve a slowly building tension as the month of August unfolds.

The energy of Mars is youthful, rash and forceful. Mars brings courage, initiative and desire for movement. Saturn is aged, experienced and cautious. Saturn gives us forebearance, responsibility and detachment. While all of these qualities are desirable at some times, we may feel a clash in the energies of these two planets during this month.

The Rahu-Saturn conjunction in Libra between January 2013-July 2014 brought destabilization in many regards. Whether through Rahu's hurricaine-like action of stirring things up or through Saturn's easy ability to let go of that which no longer serves, we may have seen certain situations exposed to the bones.

What is left after this conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is now subject to the rebuilding efforts of Mars. Even though we may be looking at rubble, if we feel Mars coming in to start building again, there may be resistance to putting up new forms too quickly. The lesson here is to understand that foundations are everything. Even in a terrible hurricaine, often the foundations will remain although the walls have fallen. We need to ensure that our boundaries and cornerstones are solidly in place before we quickly pile things on top.

This combination could indicate a struggle of some sort as we work our way through August. Patience, courage and detachment are all required.

New Moon in Leo August 25

After August 10, the Moon begins to wane, reaching the darkest part of the cycle on August 25 at 8:12 am MST. The conjunction of Sun and Moon will be at 9° Leo in the lunar mansion (nakshatra) of Magha. We should pay attention to our personal energy during the day before the new Moon (August 24) as it may ebb in the same way as an ocean tide. This is a good day for withdrawal from heavy activitiy in favor of contemplation.

Magha is the portion of Leo that is specifically ruled by the planet Ketu, giving an otherworldly tone to this lunar mansion. It is connected with the energy of the ancestors, parents and family lineage. This is a good time to honor those who went before with the intention of bringing the good forward in a positive way.

This is also the day that we will be experiencing the exact conjunction of Saturn and Mars. It may be good to avoid beginning anything new or important for a couple days before and after these conjunctions (Sun+Moon and Saturn+Mars), which would be the date range August 23-27.

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