Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2013

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Enters Sagittarius October 30

Moving out of Scorpio in the wee hours of October 30, Venus moves into Jupiter's sign of Sagittarius for a five week transit before moving to Capricorn. Venus remains visible in the evening sky but is preparing for the change to "morning star" which will begin with a Venus retrograde cycle beginning around the winter solstice.

Venus is relieved of the aspect of Mars until November 26, when Mars moves to Virgo. This may lessen the intensity of things for the time being, as Venus is currently the lord of all of the goings on in Libra. Venus helps us to connect, relate, love and find the beauty in life and free of the hot pressure of Mars, we could feel a bit of reprieve.

However, in Sagittarius, Venus will instead receive the aspect of Saturn, a different type of pressure, perhaps more steady and serious but less dramatic. In addition, Venus receives influence from Jupiter, the owner of Sagittarius, which creates a positive balance on the affairs of Venus for the month of November. More on this at the last section of this forecast.

This transit may inspire us to adventurously yet sustainably expand in our creative pursuits and relationships.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse November 3

According to the NASA web site, the solar eclipse of November 3 is "is the most interesting eclipse of the year." The path of the total eclipse is narrow, and will be seen best during the day from the countries of central and western Africa. The disc of the Moon will come between the Earth and the Sun, at that magical spot that perfectly aligns the Moon in order that it may eclipse the light of the Sun. These magical alignment spots that allow the Sun, Moon and Earth to line up just so, we call the nodes of the Moon, otherwise known as Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node.)

These "shadow" planets mark points in our astrological charts that give us clues as to our karmic path. What are we striving toward based on our past experience? Eclipses are dramatic and significant, just as the nodes are in our charts. Where the eclipses occur and the other planets that are drawn into the event of the eclipse tell a story about how these astral influences will manifest in our lives.

The moment of the greatest eclipse happens at about 12:45 pm UT, 5:45 am MST, so just before sunrise on Sunday, November 3. This is also the moment of the new Moon, when the Moon reaches the end of the current cycle and moves into the next. This happens in the sign of Libra, our Venus-ruled air sign.

The Sun and Moon will be at 17° Libra, retrograde Mercury will be with Rahu exactly conjunct at 13° Libra and Saturn will be approaching its exact degree of exaltation at 19° Libra. These five planetary bodies are all placed within 7 degrees of one another, making this a rather dramatic eclipse.

The Moon becomes an empty vessel at this juncture, a well of potential. The Sun in Libra is in its sign of debilitation, somewhat ameliorated by the Sun having past the exact degree of debilitation at 10° Libra. So both of our luminaries are weak and at the mercy of the nodes, meaning that no matter what our mind and heart is striving toward, we may experience some intensity and be somewhat at the mercy of the happenings of the world to overshadow our own story for a moment, in some way.

What is very strong in this eclipse grouping is Saturn. Saturn becomes exalted at 20° Libra, which Saturn reaches exactly around mid-day on November 4. What can a strong Saturn bring in this situation? Saturn rules truth, detachment, responsibility, the understanding of karma and time; Saturn can bring hard knocks and facts of life, combined with Rahu and the eclipse energy, this could trigger some events that deliver the types of situations that call for us to draw on our fortitude and wisdom.

The ability to grasp the lessons that may come through these situations will be granted by Jupiter, currently transiting Gemini and giving energy through its aspect to both the sign of Libra and to Venus, the ruler of Libra, currently in Sagittarius. Jupiter grants us wisdom and a positive outlook that propels us toward deeper understanding and higher learning.

If you find yourself in a situation that is unpleasant, uncomfortable or painful, rather than asking, "Why me?" or "When is this going to end?" try shifting your inner perspective and instead question, "What is the lesson?" or "How will I grow from this experience?" Jupiter inspires us to be inquisitive in a positive way that supports our growth. This is a great balance to the hard lessons that Saturn can bring, especially when accompanied by the wild energy of Rahu that reminds us how little control we have over our lives.

Another good technique for dealing with wild eclipse energy is to remember Ketu, the south node of the Moon, quietly placed opposite the five planets in Libra. Ketu's main concern is liberation from the cycle of birth and death, urging us inward and upward through practices like yoga and meditation. Seek refuge in the cave of the heart!

Saturn Reaches Exaltation Degree November 4

As mentioned above, Saturn reaches its point of exaltation on Monday, November 4. Despite the fact that Saturn will do a retrograde cycle in the spring of 2014, our slowly moving planetary friend will not come back to this exact degree until the winter solstice of 2042. Saturn takes about 28-30 years to make a tour around the Sun, so enjoy and absorb the strength of Saturn as it reaches its peak at the beginning of November.

Another factor of reaching 20° Libra is that Saturn will change lunar mansions on this day as well. Saturn entered the nakshatra of Swati in October, 2012 and has been slowly going back and forth over this territory from 6°40' – 20°00' Libra for the past year. Swati nakshatra is ruled by Rahu and has a changing, moveable quality to it. Like the wind, or flood waters, Swati can challenge our steadiness and position by creating an environment of change.

Saturn moves next into the lunar mansion Vishaka, which spans from 20°00' Libra-3°20' Scorpio, and steadily progresses here through November 2014. Saturn stays in each nakshatra for a little over one year. (27 lunar mansions, Saturn's cycle 28-30 years.)

With Saturn bringing us the difficult lessons of life which are aimed at strengthening us and urging us to loosen our attachments to material life, we have moved through some interesting territory with Saturn influenced by the Rahu-ruled Swati, accompanied by Rahu himself. Many things have been pulled and moved in a collective sense. While this may have been difficult, we find ourselves in new positions that invite a new perspective.

Vishaka nakshatra is ruled by the planet Jupiter and by the gods Indra and Agni. Indra rules power in our atmosphere and Agni rules the power of heat and fire. This nakshatra supports achievement and the harvesting of the fruits of labor. With Saturn, we move slowly, steadily and strongly to achieve best results. This may be a good time to identify what we are willing to work hard for during the next year and point our feet in that direction.

Through May, we will have the aspect of Jupiter from Gemini on Saturn in Vishaka, bringing some positive influence to this work that we are undertaking. This shifts the influence on Saturn largely from Rahu to Jupiter. This may feel a bit more positive and expansive as we slowly move forward. This influence from Jupiter will be helpful, but Saturn is not totally out of the woods yet, as Rahu will continue its cloudy influence on Libra as it finishes its transit, through June 2014.

Jupiter Retrograde November 6-March 6, 2014

Jupiter, currently spending the year in the sign of Gemini, begins a four-month retrograde period starting on November 6. Reverse motion commences at 27° Gemini and direct motion begins again on March 6, 2014 at 16° Gemini. Jupiter will be reversing through the latter half of Mercury's air sign, Gemini, and through the nakshatras Punarvasu and Ardra.

During the last five days of Jupiter's retrograde cycle (in March), both Jupiter and Saturn, beginning a retrograde cycle on March 1, will both be in reverse motion. This is interesting to note that during the first five days of this Jupiter retrograde we will see Mercury in retrograde motion and during the last five days, Saturn.

This period of time, roughly our late fall and winter season in the northern hemisphere, could see a slight slowing of general growth due to Jupiter's reverse motion. This slow and deliberate condition could extend even further due to Jupiter's aspect on Saturn-Rahu. Saturn already makes things slow or stuck, so we may expect an intensified version of this.

This doesn't mean that things won't move; just that they will move slowly. Not always a bad thing, as deliberate and steady motion usually creates solid foundations.

With Jupiter in Gemini and all the mention of studying and learning that I've made since Jupiter gained that position, this may be a very good time to review and go deeply into the subjects that you may have chosen to assimilate.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion November 10

From our perspective, Mercury stops and turns around, getting back to his forward motion through Libra, mid-day on Sunday, November 10. Mercury's brief stop and turn-around will be at 9° Libra, giving him the opportunity to gain speed through the gamut of Rahu and Saturn as he makes his way toward Scorpio, which he reaches on December 1.

Mercury meets up with Rahu for the third occurance in recent times on November 17 and with Saturn on November 25. As we know, Mercury is easily influenced by nearby planets, so we can count on him to carry the final messages that we have from the Rahu-Saturn conjunction and the recent eclipses.

Reminders of any recent troubles and disasters may drift like dried leaves carried in the wind during the last three weeks of November as Mercury weaves through the planets placed in Libra one last time.

With Mercury again in direct motion, we may feel that things can proceed more smoothly; especially after Mercury clears the area occupied by Rahu and Saturn. It may be December before we can feel that what we are communicating and exchanging with others is clearly understood. In the meantime, we are slow and careful with our words, focusing on the truth and speaking deliberately.

While Mercury is in Libra for the remainder of the month, he receives the aspect of Jupiter from Mercury's own sign of Gemini. This is supportive of the teaching-learning process, so it is a good time to connect with teachers, write lesson plans, study, participate in classes and philosophical discussion. As mentioned above, Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from November 6, so these connections with our studies may consist of going deeper and reviewing.

Sun Enters Scorpio November 15

The glorious Sun emerges from his debilitation sign, Libra, on November 15, having moved past quite a group of challenges in the past month, including Rahu, retrograde Mercury and Saturn, the Sun's greatest opponent.

For the first third of Sun's transit through Scorpio, Sun and Mars will be in an exchange of signs. This will give the Sun a good boost, and in our personal experience, some of the pressure and injury to our self-esteem that may have occurred while Sun went through well-occupied Libra could be released and reversed. It should be good energy for taking strong actions and going deeper and further, especially with Mercury having resumed direct motion.

Full Moon in Taurus November 17

The Moon reaches the fullest moment this month just after sunrise on Sunday, November 17. The Sun will be at 2° degrees of Mars' water sign, Scorpio, while the Moon will be at 2° of Taurus, Venus' earth sign.

This Moon is very strong, almost at the point of exaltation, which is at 3° Taurus. The nakshatra, or lunar mansion, will be Krittika, ruled by the Sun and the god of fire, Agni, so very fiery despite the reality that most of this nakshatra is located in the earthy sign of Venus, Taurus. Krittika has a cutting, sharp quality to it, so we may feel very awake and fired up during this full Moon. In addition, in support of this fiery energy, Mars and Sun will be in exchange of signs.

With Venus and Mars ruling the Moon and Sun, respectively, we see Venus and Mars also ruling Saturn-Rahu-Mercury and Ketu, respectively. This puts six of the nine planets in the signs of Mars and Venus, giving much energy and passion to this period of time.

As the Moon begins to wane, moving forward through the constellations, it will come into conjunction with Jupiter on November 21, with Jupiter and Moon opposite to Venus. This will bring calming energy to the passionate Venus, giving an uplifting and inspiring quality to this week.

Mars Enters Virgo November 26

Just before sunrise on Tuesday, November 26, Mars exits the friendly-to-him sign of Leo and enters Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, with the Moon close at his heels. Mars will take his time moving through Virgo, until February 3, 2014.

Although Mercury and Mars aren't natural friends, they are temporary friends at this time because Mercury is just one sign away from Mars, lending support but not crowding. When Mercury transits Scorpio from December 1-19, this support will even be more strong as well as mutual, because Mercury and Mars will be in exchange of signs.

Something Mars can do well in Virgo is to get things done. Mars loves to plan, execute and finish, making him a great candidate to have at your side while you accomplish your tasks. Efficiency, practicality and energy will be accessable while Mars is in Virgo these next couple months.

Because Saturn and Rahu are causing such prevailing planetary weather right now, it is interesting to note that Mars in Virgo is in the 12th sign from this conjunction of the co-rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Rahu. The 12th house from any planet or sign shows loss, expense, release or negation.

This could show that we may have to work with little gain, perhaps on a project or task that is unavoidable. While a calculating impatience may be easy to feel in this situation, suppressing that in favor of taking the opportunity to selflessly serve, showing up with vigor and enthusiasm to meet any tasks, no matter how little the gain, could perhaps prove to be a more positive outcome.

Mars in Virgo is also a great time to attend to personal health, healing and perhaps even medical work that may need to be done. Mercury and Virgo have an association with medical attention and medicines while Mars is also necessary in the healing process, which takes energy and sometimes laser-precision, as in surgery, that Mars gives us.

From Virgo, Mars will aspect the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries, so people with strong placements in these signs may feel touched by the energy of Mars in the next couple of months. This could translate as increased levels of energy, motivation and ability to work, plan and design.

Jupiter-Venus Exact Opposition November 27

As we consider planets aspecting (influencing) one another, each with its own special way of casting that aspect, in Vedic astrology we can consider an aspect in effect within the whole zodiac sign that the planets occupy. For example, in our current sky we have Jupiter in Gemini, the sign which is exactly across the zodiac from the sign of Sagittarius, which Venus is occupying. Both Gemini and Sagittarius occupy 30° each of the 360° zodiac, which is divided into 12 equal portions. So even when Jupiter occupies the later portion of Gemini and Venus occupies the earlier portion of Sagittarius, the planets are still considered to be in opposition.

This opposition becomes most intense when the two planets are exactly facing one another, each at the same degree of their respective signs. This occurs for Venus and Jupiter on November 27 with Venus at 25° Sagittarius and Jupiter at 25° Gemini.

As a side note, Mars and Moon will be conjunct on this day, as well, in the sign of Virgo. With Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius all being dual (mutable) signs, this period of time may be marked by things moving or situations changing, shifting or transitioning somehow.

Since Jupiter and Venus share the distinction of being the two teachers among the planets and since the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are both enthusiastically supportive of all levels of education, this opposition may show some positive events along these lines. The entire opposition of Venus-Jupiter runs from October 30 – December 4, while Venus transits Sagittarius.

The exciting part is that there will be a reprise of this situation starting January 6, 2013 and going until February 25, 2014. This is due to Venus' upcoming retrograde cycle, so we will see Venus retreating through the latter part of Sagittarius, to come within about a degree of Jupiter on the last day of that retrograde cycle, Jaunuary 31.

So we will have the energy of this Venus-Jupiter opposition in two doses, one from October 30-December 4, 2013 and the other from January 6-February 25, 2014. Another thing to see is that Jupiter aspects Saturn, Saturn (located in Venus' sign) in turn aspects Venus, while Venus returns the aspect to Jupiter. This creates an interesting cycle of energy that brings the Saturn-Rahu combination in Libra into the mix.

Saturn's involvement in this triangular energy exchange could lend discipline and respect to this educational process that may begin to take hold during this Venus and Jupiter opposition. It will help us to discern the truth and to remain detached from ideas that may be blocking our comprehension of subject matter.

To understand the significance of the roles of Jupiter and Venus as teachers, we must know that Jupiter is the teacher of the gods and Venus is the teacher of the demons. We must also understand that within each one of us there are the god-like tendencies of kindness, benevolence and charity (or many others things) while there also are devilish tendencies like greed, gluttony and meanness (or many other things.) Within each of us rages those various tendencies, and bringing them into balance is one of the most honored paths of any individual.

We need the benefit of hearing the teachings of both Jupiter and Venus to help us grow and expand our lives into progressive, joyful, healthy experiences. Getting the opportunity to either teach or learn during these times is a great blessing. Take the chances to go hear a teacher or take a class in something that interests you. Gather your information and experience and offer to share it with those that are interested. This exchange will make each person more wealthy in body, mind and spirit, something for which each one of us can be grateful.

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