Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

March 2013

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Outer Planets Keep to Themselves

Aside from interactions with the Moon as it travels through the signs this month, the outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will aspect neither each other nor the inner planets throughout the month of March. Of course, Saturn and Rahu will still be sharing space in Libra, so there is that combination of pressure and churning that will remain active for the remainder of Rahu's transit through Libra, which ends in July 2014. Pressure and churning, but only for another 1.5 years. No problem!

Jupiter remains in forward motion in Taurus, moving through the degrees of Rohini nakshatra. Jupiter is completing his transit through Venus' earth sign and preparing to change signs to Gemini on May 30. Therefore, we have three more months of this Jupiter transit through Taurus. Since Jupiter rules positive growth and expansion, is currently in forward motion, and is unimpeded by any negative influences, this could be a really great period to move things forward in the realm of life that the sign of Taurus covers in your own birth chart. It should be mentioned that Mars will actually aspect Jupiter until March 3, until Mars moves forward from Aquarius to Pisces.

Providing a counterbalance even a little more than usual to this urge to grow and manifest inspired by Jupiter, Saturn is currently in retrograde motion through Venus' air sign, Libra. Where Jupiter likes to grow, Saturn likes to limit; where Saturn is cautious, Jupiter is bravely hopeful. These two planets tend to play opposing roles as far as basic action goes. Saturn is contractive and Jupiter is expansive.

The interesting thing to think about is that these two opposing forces are both occupying the signs of Venus. Venus' main motivation is love, connection and relationship. Perhaps there is something to learn from this configuration about how love and relationship makes us contract and expand as we walk our own paths.

Saturn is retrograde and in its sign of exaltation. When a planet occupies the sign of exaltation, it can comfortably express its energy as if its is in the luxury of its own, fine home. Saturn, planet of detachment, serious inquiry, truth and limitation is completely shining in the dry, philosophical sign of Libra. This is a very good position for objective observations unfettered by ego-driven desires. This is a great time for self-inquiry and for checking in with your chosen authorities to make sure you're living your life right. Saturn retrograde and exalted should make a particularly strong impact through July 2013.

Having Rahu in Libra with Saturn is a bit like a rock band having dry ice in their stage show. The smoke makes everything mysterious and dramatic, drawing you into the scene. The trick is to reach for the higher echelons of the Saturn energy and stay above the murky stage. Choosing truth over fear will keep you from being lost in the smoke.

Mars Enters Pisces March 4

After traversing the dry signs of Saturn, Mars moves into Jupiter's water sign, Pisces, on March 4, marching through toward his own sign of Aries where he ends up mid-April.

Mars handles our ability to locate, express and manage power and resources. With Mars, we move forward with determination, purpose and planning. Mars plans, designs and executes with focus.

Pisces is Jupiter's water sign, the last sign of the zodiac, and a place of transition from ending toward beginning. In Pisces we are able to perceive the full realm of possibilities, but often this vastness of choice and opportunity makes it difficult to take decisive action. Since Mars is the planet of decisive action, we can use this period of time between March 4-April 12 as Mars motors his way across the symbolic cosmic ocean, to observe the vastness of possibilities while hatching our plans about how our next set of efforts are going to be focused.

Pisces is actually a nice place for Mars to chill out. He enters Pisces as a leader of the other planets, scouting ahead, assessing the scene; we can take this time to discard the parts of our work life that may be dragging us down into the water, which will create buoyancy as we look toward the horizon and new possibilities. One by one, the planets that were sharing Aquarius will follow behind Mars into the transitional position of Pisces: Sun, Venus and then Mercury.

It is a great idea to take advantage of this transitional time for Mars to make sure that your energy, work, plans and efforts are pointed in the right direction. By mid-April, Mars and the other planets will begin to file into Aries, which puts them into opposition with the Saturn/Rahu combination in Libra. The energies of pressure, churning and action will begin to surface strongly by late April into May, so getting your plans into place in March through integration of Mars energy is highly recommended.

New Moon in Aquarius March 11

The Moon approaches the Sun for the monthly conjunction that we know as "new Moon" on March 11 at 27 degrees of Aquarius and in the lunar mansion called Purvabhadra. The Moon is at its lowest power during the day before this meeting, symbolically draining and revealing itself as an empty vessel preparing to be filled once again with the Sun's light as it begins to wax toward the full point. This day, called amavasya will occur between mid-day March 10 and mid-day March 11. Because the lunar energy is low, it is ideal to limit activity and focus on self-care or spiritual practices if possible.

Purvabhadra nakshatra spans the last part of Aquarius and the beginning part of Pisces. The new Moon this month is in the Aquarius portion, ruled by Saturn, currently exalted and retrograde in Libra and creating a very strong influence on the planets occupying its sign of Aquarius. Purvabhadra is ruled also by the deity Aja Ekapada, the one-footed serpent. The energy of this nakshatra is yajamana udyamana shakti, the power to spiritually uplift beings. There is a fierce and fiery energy associated with this lunar mansion and it is considered good for building, farming and working with water.

We can therefore see that this new moon sets the theme for the upcoming lunar cycle: prepare for transformation, set intentions, build foundation.

Sun Transits Pisces March 14-April 13

The Sun follows Mars into Pisces March 14 and steadily sails through for his month in Jupiter's water sign. With the fiery energy of the Sun and Mars moving through Pisces, and later joined by the airy energy of Mercury and Venus, this brings some energetic stimulation to Jupiter, ruler of Pisces, currently in his final months of transit in Taurus. This is yet another indication that we could gracefully direct our own energy toward understanding and preparing for the upcoming transitions in our own lives.

If we think of Pisces as oceanic in nature, imagine how the immeasurably powerful light of the Sun reveals that which lies beneath the surface of the water. This increases our perception such that we can consider all aspects of our situation, not just what is visible on the surface.

Our soul-searching during this period may be well directed toward exploring what is supporting us beneath the surface of our daily lives, how that manifests in the surface of our lives, and what, if anything, needs to be altered in order to continue floating our boats toward whatever shore we are steering.

Venus Transits Pisces March 16-April 9

Venus, as current lord of both Jupiter and Saturn because they are in occupation of the signs that Venus rules, is in a quietly influential position. Moving from Aquarius where Venus and Saturn exchanged signs, into Pisces, where Venus and Jupiter exchange signs shows the behind-the-scenes influence of Venus upon our planetary configuration during this time.

Interestingly, Venus will be "combust," staying within four degrees of the Sun, from March 11-April 14. Combustion is the state a planet enters when in extreme proximity to the Sun. The Sun's power is so great that when planets are too near, it is difficult to perceive or express their energy. Much like the time of the new Moon, when Moon and Sun are conjunct, this will be a period of "New Venus." Venus will not be visible in the sky due to proximity with the Sun, and is currently in a transitional phase from evening star to morning star.

Again, we continue our theme of transition. Venus is also exalted in the sign of Pisces, which is the best sign for expressing the Venus qualities of love, compassion and relationship. Because of the combustion, it may be hard to contact that juicy expression of oneness that Venus represents. But not impossible! The trick is to unify the Self (represented by the Sun) and the Other (represented by Venus) consciously, reflecting the state of Sun and Venus as they move through Pisces.

The message that I'm getting is that an important factor in this transitional time is to include others (partners, the earth itself, all beings, friends, family, the environment) in your plans for the future. While Mars is very good at working things out for the Self, Venus is very good at including Others. The trick is to discover what will support the Self while also supporting Others in the new paradigm that you are creating.

Because of the combustion, it may be a good idea to put extra energy into expressing Venus during this time. Carve out time and space for relationships, socializing, creating art, music and poetry; beautify and clear your space.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion March 17

By the time Venus enters Pisces, Mercury will be the only planet remaining in Aquarius. The retrograde period of Mercury that started February 22 will complete on March 17, leaving Mercury to regroup and begin forward motion again.

Because Mercury retrograde times are better for review and editing, the first half of March can be spent putting Mercury's great talent of analysis and organization toward identifying what is and is not working for you. Identifying these things will be productive in light of trying to plan and create new situations that will come to bear as the spring develops.

Saturn, as ruler of Aquarius, is also currently in retrograde motion, and with Rahu. This is a combination of stirring and steady pressure that can influence Mercury, as long as Mercury stays in Aquarius, which is until April 10. Essentially, the beginning of March can be perceived as a collective coming-to-Jesus-meeting that can not only reveal the truth of the conditions of our lives but also inspire us to identify the changes that need to be made to correct our course.

As Mercury regains direct motion, we may feel like its time to put one foot in front of the other and walk toward that horizon. While we may not be able to see what is around the next bend yet, we should be able to see our immediate next steps.

Full Moon in Virgo March 27

The Moon moves through the first half of the zodiac as it waxes, reaching fullness, purnimaa, in the early morning of Wednesday, March 27, in Mercury's earth sign, Virgo. The Moon will be in the lunar mansion called Hasta, which translates as "hand" and is ruled by the Moon and by Savitar, a form of the Sun god.

The Moon will be near the fixed star Spica, which appears as a bright star in the constellation of Virgo. Hasta's energy is quick and when the Moon occupies Hasta, it is a good day to plant seeds, begin or continue studies, travel, wear new clothing, move, get married and use the hands to build or create.

This is a great crowning to the rather slow and steady movement toward unraveling and transition that will be our month of March 2013. We begin our Spring season (in the northern hemisphere) on March 20 and will begin to witness the strength of the Sun increasing and energizing our actions. This is a great month for quiet observation and joyfully assessing possibilities. By the end of the month, we may feel like we've gained information from both within and without that will inspire us to create new paradigms and to walk confidently toward new destinations.

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