Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2013

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars in Taurus all of June

Mars entered Venus' sign, Taurus, on May 22, joining Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Mercury at the time. One by one, those planets exit Taurus, finally leaving Mars totally alone to do his work by June 15 when the Sun moves to Gemini.

Taurus is Venus' earth sign. It is the expression of contentment, beauty, comfort, creativity, quality materials. It shows the earthy, solid side of Venus. Taurus is "fixed" in nature, creating energetically an environment of stability and presence. There is no thought of moving onto the next thing in Taurus, just a contentment to experience who and what is present in the moment.

Any interaction of Venus and Mars energy is generally appealing to most people in the sense that passion for life is born with the combination of these planets. Mars is about power, drive, forward movement, building, planning and is reflected in people in the way that they manage their own power, energy and resources. Mars rules Aries, the first sign in the sequence of the zodiac, showing the initiatory nature of Mars.

Venus rules Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, the numbers one and two being significant in representing self (1) and couple (2). Venus rules relationships and desires to dissolve the boundary between self and other, therefore enjoying the act of being with another or others.

All of that said, Mars loves to work and Taurus is great for getting one's hands in the dirt and creating something beautiful. Whatever it is that you are passionate about creating in this world, whether it be artwork, relationships, children or communities, etc., June is a great month to put energy into that vision, and make practical, visible steps toward whatever needs to be built. There will be passion to make progress, but also the compassion to create beautiful forms while doing no harm.

Jupiter Launches into Gemini

Jupiter moved to Gemini on May 30, beginning the approximately one-year transit that Jupiter makes through each sign. Its a good idea to know the positions of the outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu and how they relate to one another because these slower-moving planets can create influences that extend over longer periods of time. Jupiter remains in a sign for one year, Saturn for 2.5 years and Rahu/Ketu for about 1.5 years.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, joy and wisdom. Through Jupiter we are inspired to learn and to follow an evolutionary path, realizing that we are more than the physical body in which we live. We call Jupiter "Guru," as he is the teacher of the gods, abundently bestowing beneficent wisdom to those who are open to receive it. The past year of Jupiter's occupation in the earthy, stable sign of Taurus may have brought expansion and growth in some way into the house that Taurus occupies in your birth chart.

Jupiter in Gemini will bring some lightness and mutability to the way in which Jupiter functions. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is responsible for exchange between entities. This includes words, goods, information, ideas and makes Mercury an important planet for education and learning. Jupiter, as Guru, rules higher education and spiritual teachings. With Guru in the airy sign of Gemini, it will be a great time to engage oneself in the teaching or learning process.

Jupiter aspects the sign he occupies and the signs 5th and 9th from him, as well as the sign directly across the zodiac in the 7th position. From Gemini, that means that Jupiter's influence will also bounce to Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius for the next year. In general, Jupiter's aspect is auspicious and postive.

For the entire period of transit through Gemini, Jupiter will influence the Saturn and Rahu combination in Libra, due to Jupiter's 5th aspect. This should bring an expansive and positive mood to the very powerful Saturn/Rahu pairing in Libra. For all of us, in some way, this Saturn/Rahu combination could be causing some pressure and churning in our lives. Falling prey to these energies opens us to the potential of confusing our purpose and hesitating to move. Surmounting them requires the skill to identify positive urges and the courage to address those urges with truth and detachment.

Adding Jupiter's influence to this combination should bring some positivity to our difficult situations. The contractive tendency of Saturn will be nicely balanced by the expansion of Jupiter; the worldly and chaotic nature of Rahu will be nicely outlined by the golden glow of wisdom supplied by Jupiter.

Saturn-Rahu in Libra

As stated above, we are experiencing a Saturn-Rahu combination in Libra that remains in effect through July 2014. The Jupiter influence on it may reveal the learning opportunities that come through our challenges. Silver linings may come into focus as we work through situations that bring pressure to our lives (Saturn) or seem to be foisted upon us by outside forces (Rahu.)

In order to be realistic and fair as we celebrate Jupiter's movement to Gemini and resulting aspect on Saturn-Rahu, we must also be aware that Rahu also aspects in a 1-5-9 formation, so that means that if Jupiter aspects Rahu, then Rahu aspects Jupiter in return. This throws another layer of intrigue into the landscape of the next twelve months.

Here is a list of Jupiter-Rahu aspects from the past twelve years:

  • June 2001-February 2002: Jupiter and Rahu conjunct in Gemini
  • September 2003-August 2004: Jupiter in Leo, Rahu in Aries
  • April 2005-September 2005: Jupiter in Virgo, Rahu in Pisces
  • October 12-26, 2006: Jupiter in Libra, Rahu in Aquarius
  • December 2008-April 2009, July-November 2009: Jupiter and Rahu conjunct in Capricorn
  • May 2011: Jupiter in Aries, Rahu in Sagittarius

The most similar period to the upcoming one would probably be when Jupiter and Rahu conjuncted in Gemini from June 2001-February 2002. In world events, we saw the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as well as the rash of anthrax scares. Important topics in the news included airport security, germ warfare and anti-terrorism legislation. At that time, Saturn was in Taurus, Venus' earth sign. This time, Saturn is in Libra, Venus' air sign, showing that we may be facing similar issues but with a more philosophically creative approach to addressing them.

Terrorist attacks, biological warfare, plagues, disasters, these are all types of Rahu actions. With Rahu aspecting Jupiter during the next year, we may again see this theme arising. The opportunity is to meet these Rahu forces that are related to situations that affect the masses or on a global level, or that seem to come from beyond the result of your personal actions, with the Jupitertarian qualities of wisdom and positivity.

It's easy to feel inspired and holy at a church or temple, or in the presence of a wise, realized person. This is what we experience with Jupiter in his own or friendly signs, unaffected by difficult aspects. The challenge of Jupiter in Mercury's sign under the aspect of Rahu is to perceive the holiness in the marketplace, in the airports, in the suffering of the masses.

New Moon in Taurus June 8

The moment of the new Moon of June happens on the morning of Saturday, June 8 at about 24 degrees of Taurus. That means that the day preceding this moment is our monthly day of amavasya, the new Moon day. It is best to limit activity during this day, if possible, because the lunar energy is very low, causing vulnerability to our minds.

The Moon and Sun join in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) called Mrigashira, a 13º20' portion of the zodiac that straddles the signs of Taurus and Gemini. Mrigashira has Mars as a planetary ruler and is referred to as "the searching star." It is a place of activity and movement, implying the act of moving about in search of something. It bridges the fixed sign of Taurus and the mutable sign of Gemini, showing the progression from stability to transition.

The chart of this new Moon is ultimately ruled by Mercury, strongly positioned in his own sign of Gemini with Venus, who is the lord of all other planets in the chart due to Venus' rulership of Taurus (hosting Sun/Moon/Mars) and Libra (hosting Rahu/Saturn.) This implies this new Moon as a time to prepare for movement in new directions.

The last new Moon occurred in Aries and was associated with the eclipse energy of Rahu and Ketu. This may have catalyzied a need for new beginnings in some regards, which also can stir things up and leave things in disarray. The energy of Taurus allowed us to settle and reorganize within our new orientation. The new Moon in the last part of Taurus under the influence of Mrigashira will ready us to set forth and travel about seeking new horizons.

I have been mentioning throughout the forecasts that I believe that the energy of Jupiter in Gemini during the next year will be very supportive of the teaching and learning process. Now would be a good time to decide where to put some of that expansive energy and take a few steps in that direction, if you haven't already.

Sun Transits Gemini June 15-July 15

The Sun moves into Gemini, joining Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, on June 15. This adds fire to the theme of travel, movement, transition, seeking, learning and exchange that is brought about by all of the planets in Gemini.

Remember that Rahu's aspect on the sign of Gemini includes all planets transiting there, not just Jupiter. This could indicate a strong hint of movement, activity and perhaps even drama as we make our way into the summer season (in the northern hemisphere.)

This may feel like a desire to do and try it all; there may be too many attractive people, events and activities that beckon, leaving you undecided as to which way to go. Knowing this in advance could help us to maintain the roots and stability we gained with the planets in Taurus and not become unseated, scattered or frantic in our actions.

While Gemini is a stimulating sign, too much of Mercury's airy influence can cause disturbance and exhaustion. Calm your mind and try to focus on the activities that are truly supportive to your path, without falling prey to many desires at once. Trying to do too much at once or too fast creates an environment where nothing of quality can be established.

Spending time in nature and pursuing wholesome, healthful activities is a good remedy for Mercury-style exhaustion. Pulling away from too much media influence could also help to create a calm environment during this time.

We should also pay attention to the Sun's ability to drown out the energy of other planets in proximity, known in astrology as "combustion." Starting June 10, Jupiter will be combusted by the Sun until July 2, so we may not get the sense of what Jupiter will grant us in Gemini until July, because of the strong influence of the Sun.

Venus Moves to Cancer June 22

Moving from Gemini to Cancer, Venus moves from receiving the aspect of Rahu in Libra to receiving the aspect of Saturn in Libra (as those two planets have different ways of projecting their energy, which is really what an "aspect" is.) Venus moves through the Moon's sign, Cancer, from June 22 – July 16.

The sensitive, empathic and compassionate Venus loves pleasure, contentment and feeling good. Cancer is not a classically comfortable environment for Venus because the Moon, lord of Cancer, has enmity toward Venus. However, it's not the worst of situations. This would be a great time for beautifying the home, socializing, reuniting with friends and family or deepening devotional practices.

The aspect of Saturn brings pressure to this home and family environment of Cancer for as long as Saturn occupies Libra. With Venus there, situations may arise in relationships, which are in the domain of Venus; the tendency of Venus is attachment while the tendency of Saturn is detachment. The balance lies in determining what is worth holding and what is worth letting go and proceeding from there.

The general choice about how to approach conflict is fight or flight. Neither Venus nor Saturn are fighters, therefore the natural tendency may be avoidance of any obstacles that arise during this time. Venus grants us the sensitivity and creativity to meet difficult situations with compassion and understanding. Through this, we can create a third choice to how we meet conflict: compassionate confrontation.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 23

After passing through the Rahu-Saturn combination in Libra during the summer solstice (June 19-20-21), the Moon grows into full expression in the early morning hours of June 23 at 8º Sagittarius, in the lunar mansion called Mula. The Moon moves into that position receiving aspects from Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury, as well as of course, the Sun, which is always true during the full Moon.

The aspect of Jupiter is weakened due to the combustion of Jupiter by the Sun, but still auspicious because it is Jupiter and Jupiter is aspecting his own sign of Sagittarius. This brings a positive influence to how we are completing things at this time.

The aspect of Saturn on the Moon is somewhat compounded due to Saturn also aspecting the Moon's sign, Cancer. This could stir up feelings of sadness or emotional sensitivity, but at the same time be a great period for healing and transforming, moving through difficulties while remaining positive and open. Mars from his position in Taurus can be aggressive toward the Moon, but it also provides the power and strength needed to creatively face and solve problems.

Overall, we are looking at a very high-energy month filled with activity and movement. Enjoy it for what it is, but remember to compensate by carving out time to recover and rest.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini June 26 – July 20

On the morning of Wednesday, June 26, Mercury does what he does and begins another retrograde cycle, this time entirely within his own air sign, Gemini.

As stated earlier, Rahu is rearing his head in the direction of Gemini, and Mercury will pass by the exact degree of Rahu two times: June 10th while in forward motion and July 20th when Mercury ends the retrograde cycle and resumes direct motion. This aspect of Mercury can have an unsettling effect on the mind, causing confusion and doubt.

Mercury rules our capacity for communication, mental acuity, analysis and exchange. It is a versatile and flexible energy that can flow into many situations with ease. The downside of that is that Mercury can be easily influenced, and with Sun and Jupiter in occupation of Gemini, and aspect coming from Rahu, it can be easy to be swept away in the agendas of others. On July 5, Mars also joins the group of planets in Gemini, to add to the excitement.

Add to this the phenomena of retrograde motion, and we are in danger of falling prey to miscommunication, misunderstanding, confusion of schedules and mental exhaustion. Remember that retrograde motion of the planets is only a phenomenon of perspective; the planet itself isn't changing course, it is only an illusion created by the relative positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets moving through their course along the zodiac band.

Some illusions are so strong that we believe they are real. A good remedy to this Mercury retrograde energy is to keep things simple, and as earlier suggested, favor spending time in nature and in activities that are nourishing and grounding in lieu of becoming too embroiled in media or Internet influences that can unsettle Mercury. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Calm the Mercury energy by keeping schedules light, humor at the ready, and bodies relaxed. There is no way to "do it all." Be content with your choices, slow in your movement and joyful in your approach.

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