Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2012

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter and Saturn Occupy Venus' Signs September 1 - September 30

Throughout September we have the opposing forces of Jupiter and Saturn both in occupation of Venus' signs, and in fact, this condition will continue through May 2013. Venus rules an earth sign, Taurus, and an air sign, Libra. Taurus is stable, grounded and promotes the material, artistic and devoted aspect of Venus. Libra is moveable, idealistic and provides ground for the social and creative aspect of Venus.

Jupiter leads us toward growth, expansion, joy and abundance. An auspicious planet in the earth sign of another benefic planet can produce good results as far as material growth and prosperity. Jupiter's position and energy is amplified further by Ketu's position in Taurus, which will be in effect through January 2013.

Keep in mind that a conjunction with one of the nodes of the Moon implies an aspect coming from the other node, in this case, Rahu from Scorpio. Rahu can cause desire and cloudy judgement, so exercise wisdom as you expand in the earthly realms of Taurus. Think long term as you make decisions about where and how to cultivate your growth; in other words, try to avoid falling prey to momentary desires.

Saturn has an opposite action to expansive Jupiter. Saturn helps us to learn about limitation, restraint, boundaries and responsibility. Libra is Saturn's sign of exaltation, so we should enjoy a bit of ease in that regard during the next couple of years while Saturn transits through Venus' air sign. The focus here is applying Saturn's energy to Libra's environment of social connection, relationship and creative ideas.

As we expand our love and devotion through artistic and creative pursuits, we should also be approaching our relationships with others and our environment with respect, humanitarian concern and responsibility. What an outstanding opportunity to practice the balance of expansion and contraction in regards to love and connection.

Venus Transits Cancer September 1 - September 27

With our two slowest moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, in occupation of Venus' signs, this gives Venus herself a great deal of influence on the results that these planets will give during this time. Venus will move through the Moon's sign, Cancer, during the course of this month. Because the Moon has a changeable nature due to its waxing and waning, we may feel the waves of the cosmic ocean rolling under us as we travel through our daily lives this month.

Moving into Cancer from Gemini, Venus assumes a position to receive an aspect from Saturn via the 10th aspect that is special to Saturn. Saturn has a slow, heavy quality that could act as a good source of ballast as we make our way through September. With the planet of love and relationship in the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer, we could experience some very deep feelings that arise as a result of relationships with loved ones, especially family members.

Venus as the agent of art, beauty and creativity could be extremely inspired by the emotional waves that come our way this month. It would b a great time to beautify and decorate the home or office.

Kala Sarpa Yoga in Effect September 6 - September 20

We have our third and final round of Kala Sarpa Yoga from September 6 – 20. Kala Sarpa occurs when all of the planets fall on one side of the nodal axis formed by Rahu and Ketu. The two prior instances of this yoga occurred between July 14-28 and between August 10-24.

The Moon comes into conjunction with Ketu at 4° Taurus in the evening of Thursday, September 6 as it is waning and moving toward the new Moon on September 15. Our Moon will move past Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Mars, finally entering Scorpio and squeezing past Rahu during the late morning of Thursday, September 20.

What can we expect for this period of time? The nodal axis created by Rahu and Ketu generally brings events and situations over which we have little control. We can attempt to avoid unpleasant experiences, but it is difficult to remedy even minor complications that arise when all of the planets are bound on one side of the nodal axis.

Anecdotal reports coming in from the Kala Sarpa period in August included health crises, accidents and loss of employment. What we are faced with in these types of situations can include pain, disappointment, extreme worry and fear. While these are unpleasant words that imply unpleasant experiences, being in the midst of crisis brings us the gift of a unique perspective. When things are forced upon us or ripped from our hands, we can truly perceive our lives from a fresh perspective. What is important and unimportant suddenly becomes more clear. We are pushed to institute changes and regimes that can ultimately lead us toward a more balanced life that is in line with our life's purpose.

Therefore, be relaxed, ready and alert for the changes that life is offering you during this time. Surrender is required, positive attitudes are recommended, patience is helpful and humility is essential.

Mercury Transits Virgo September 14 - September 30

Mercury has regained full speed after the retrograde cycle that ended on August 7. The planet of communication and exchange moves through his own earth sign, Virgo, in just over two weeks time.

Starting September 9, Mercury moves into conjunction with the Sun in the late degrees of Leo; this state of closeness to the Sun is referred to as “combustion.” Planets in proximity to the Sun often lose their ability to function in light of the immense power and brightness of the Sun. These two planets will travel in tandem through the last degrees of Leo and into the early degrees of Virgo between September 9 and September 17, after which time Mercury pulls ahead far enough to make himself heard once again.

In light of this, combined with the Kala Sarpa Yoga in effect, we may feel strongly that we are either not able to express ourselves clearly or that others are not hearing the essence of what we are attempting to convey. This occurs as the Moon is also waning and becoming new. This may be a good week to keep our heads down, fill our time with activities that nourish us and work on projects that don't require too much collaboration.

Once Mercury enters Virgo, the Moon will be waxing, Kala Sarpa Yoga will soon be broken and things may feel a bit more easy and productive. Virgo is Mercury's earth sign, changeable in nature and very supportive of work with the hands, bringing crops to fruition through harvest and food processing and work having to do with health and medicine. The last ten days of September may feel somewhat like a time to reorient, reorganize and get back into work that moves us forward.

Just a heads up for those of you who make travel plans ahead of time: the next Mercury retrograde cycle occurs November 6 – 26. It will start out in Scorpio and move back into Libra. Jupiter will also be retrograde and opposite Mercury, and these two planets will also be conjoined with the Rahu-Ketu axis. Mercury assumes retrograde motion just as the polls will be closing for the election day in the US. Let's watch for reversals that occur in vote counts and the polling process. The retrograde motion continues through the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, which should make for interesting travel.

New Moon in Leo September 15

The Moon wanes to a sliver and joins the Sun just before sunset on the evening of Saturday, September 15 in the last degree of Leo. This makes the second new Moon that occurs in the Sun's sign, the prior one being on August 17 in the lunar mansion called Magha.

This new Moon falls in the lunar mansion called Uttaraphalguni, spanning from 26°40' Leo to 10°00 Virgo. This nakshatra is ruled by the Sun and carries the power of abundance and purification. Uttaraphalguni translates as the concept of the late stages of blossoming; it is here that the fruits of labor are available for enjoyment and harvest. This would be a good time to enjoy the final fruits of the summer season and begin preparation for the turning inward that the coming of winter invites.

The day leading up to the moment of the new Moon is called Amavasya, the final day of the dark half of the Moon. This would be roughly from the evening of Friday, September 14 to the evening of Saturday, September 15. It is highly recommended to limit activity and hold off on beginning new things on this day. We would all benefit from observing the Sabbath on this day, since it exactly coincides with the traditional weekly observation of Sabbath by many cultures in the world.

Sun Transits Virgo September 16 - October 16

The Sun follows Mercury from Leo to Virgo, entering Mercury's earth sign on the morning of Sunday, September 16, the day ruled by the Sun. The Moon, Mercury and the Sun will all occupy Virgo on this day, like horses waiting at the gates of a race. The confinement of the planetary energy will be supplied by the remaining days of Kala Sarpa, which will break when the Moon moves past Rahu on September 20.

The remaining few weeks of Sun in Virgo should be a good time to put your soul into your work, including health regimes and hands-on projects. Mercury and the Sun will be far enough apart to operate cleanly and clearly. Enjoy this period of time as the Sun also begins to “wane” toward the winter solstice and we find our paths turning inward for the coming of the winter.

The Sun and Mercury in Virgo will be receiving the amplified auspicious aspect of the Jupiter-Ketu combination in Taurus. This will benefit the work and actions done during this time in a positive, expansive way.

Looking further ahead, we may find things both speeding up and slowing down at the same time when the Sun joins Mars and Saturn in his sign of debilitation, Libra, which spans mid-October to mid-November.

Mars Enters Scorpio September 28

Friday, September 28 sees Mars moving away from Saturn and into his own sign of Scorpio. Occupation of a sign that a planet rules gives that planet a good chance of operating at optimal levels. By the time Mars reaches Scorpio, he will be coming off a couple of difficult months in which his full expression of power, the keyword for Mars, has been limited. Limited by occupation of signs where he isn't at home, limited by association with Saturn and limited by three rounds of Kala Sarpa yoga.

Before we get to feeling too bad for Mars, let's remember his eight month occupation of Leo, which by the end was becoming a bit too fiery for even the most power-hungry. As we see Mars enter Scorpio, we should prepare ourselves to reset our power switches. For the period of time between September 28 and October 2, Mars will be approaching and moving past Rahu (and of course strongly receiving the aspect of Ketu.) I recommend using caution at this time. Mars as the agent for aggression and accidents coming into proximity with the fate-bringing nodal axis could be a recipe for minor disasters especially due to the perception that the road is wide open after the end of Kala Sarpa and Mars' escape from the influence of Saturn, who greatly impedes the desire of Mars to lunge forward.

On October 2, Mars moves past Rahu and eliminates the possibility for further Kala Sarpa Yoga until May 2013 when Mars moves past Ketu and enables four new rounds of this interesting planetary combination next summer.

Mars in Scorpio is a great time for exploring and working with that which lies below the surface. In a literal sense this could mean plowing over old crops in preparation for the next growing season or working with the subconscious through dreams, shamanic work or therapy. In a metaphorical sense, Mars in Scorpio brings courage and drive to dig deeply into the dark places that we may fear. Mars will move through Scorpio between September 28 – November 8, 2012.

Full Moon in Pisces September 29

The full Moon of late September occurs at 13° of Jupiter's water sign, Pisces, in the lunar mansion called Uttarabhadra on Saturday, September 29. The theme of water, growth and abundance comes to us through this full Moon.

Uttarabhadra expresses the power to bring rain; the bringing of refreshment above by the falling of rain and the nourishment of the plants below. This nakshatra supports growth and prosperity. The Moon is powerful here, aspected by the Sun and Mercury from Virgo and by Rahu from Scorpio. We indirectly feel the influence of Venus on this full Moon because Jupiter, lord of Pisces, currently occupies Taurus, Venus' earth sign, which is also in a position that supports abundance and prosperity.

In the turbulence that life sometimes brings, this could be a shining moment where it is easy to see the purpose of the divine plan and fall to our knees in deep gratitude for the gifts that the earth brings and for the interesting paths laid before us as the planets dance.

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