Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2012

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Conjunct Rahu October 1

Before we get into the specifics of the planetary motion this month, I want to talk a bit about the festivals that are currently being celebrated through the Hindu culture at this time.

Starting on September 19, the celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi began. This is a 10-day celebration that begins on the 4th day after the new Moon (shukla chaturthi) and extends to the 14th day after the new Moon (shukla chaturdashi.) This is essentially a celebration of Ganesh's birth. Ganesh is the patron deity of Vedic Astrology, the son of the great god Shiva and his consort, Parvati. Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles and is generally invoked at the beginning of any venture. The celebration this year ends the day before the full Moon, September 28.

Starting on the day of the full Moon (purnima), September 29, the observance of Pitru Paksha begins, continuing through the fortnight of the waning Moon and ending at the new Moon on October 15. Pitru Paksha means “fortnight of the ancestors” and the general idea is to honor the generations that have preceded you and departed from this world. The rituals and customs surrounding this giving of honor to the ancestors are quite complex and specific, but we can perhaps observe the idea in a simple way by remembering our ancestors and grandparents, especially by offering them a small portion of your food on a separate plate before you eat during this time. Feeding the hungry is another way of observing Pitru Paksha. Donations to food banks or offering a meal to a person in need are other options, especially on the final day of the observation, which is October 14, amavasya, the day leading up to the moment of the new Moon.

That said, let's talk about our hero, Mars. On the final day of Ganesha Chaturthi (September 28), Mars, the planet of drive and power, moves from Venus' sign Libra into his own water sign, Scorpio. He immediately confronts Rahu, the head of the dragon, making an exact conjunction at 2° Scorpio on October 1. For some reason, the story of Saint George and the Dragon comes to mind.

Mars fighting his way past Rahu breaks the possibility for further instances of Kala Sarpa Yoga (until May 2013, that is.) Since July, we have gone through 3 fortnights of this condition in which all of the planets are hemmed between the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. In general, these periods of Kala Sarpa have brought somewhat difficult situations that we cannot escape or prevent. We, like the planets, have been hemmed between the fateful axis that is created by Rahu and Ketu. With Mars as the agent for breaking this cycle, we can celebrate a renewed sense of free will and decisive action.

Mars makes his way through Scorpio, a sign that he rules, until November 8. His initial confrontation with Rahu could bring about dramatic but cathartic events that clear our paths so that we can ford deeper into the stream of consciousness. This conjunction occurs in the lunar mansion called Vishaka, symbolized by an archway, a symbol that invites us to step through to another dimension and to cross a threshold. Vishaka is ruled by Indra and Agni. There's also a story about Indra slaying the dragon known as Vritra, the Enveloper...

Mars in Scorpio supports explorations into the subconscious and to the hidden places of our hearts, minds and spirits. This whole month would be good for research, poetry, shamanic work and other actions that require reaching to the depths for resources that fuel our progress.

Mercury Transits Libra October 1 - October 23

As Mars draws his sword, Mercury moves from his own sign of Virgo into Venus' air sign, Libra, prancing his way toward a conjunction with Saturn on October 4. With a Mars-Rahu conjunction in the early degrees of Scorpio seeming like a dragon slaying event, Mercury-Saturn conjunction in the early degrees of Libra is more like a meeting over tea about the expression of truth through righteous action.

Libra is the realm of love through social idealism. Saturn is the bastion of truth, karma and accountability and Mercury is the agent of communication and diplomacy.

This combination in Venus' sign recalls our Jupiter retrograde in Venus' other sign. We are really getting the chance to make sure our moral ducks are in a row during this month. Venus rules love, beauty, devotion and relationship. Through Venus we gaze into the eyes of another being and see ourselves reflected, ultimately bestowing upon us the message that there is no separation between self and other.

Mercury has the tendency to mimic the energy of the planets with whom he is in close contact, much in the same way that certain people of the Mercurial persuasion are happy enough doing whatever their friends are doing. Mercury in association with Saturn makes him the mouthpiece for Saturn, whose messages more often come through silence and a slowly, rhythmically nodding head.

We may see many truths uncovered, revealed and broadcast during this month. Mars is digging deep, Jupiter is retracing his steps and Mercury will be talking freely about the karmic truth that Saturn upholds. This should be an interesting facet during the US presidential campaign.

On a personal front, this could be a great time for creative endeavors that express personal truth or for reorganizing relationships on a fundamental level.

Venus Transits Leo October 1 - October 23

It seems as if all of the planets are making serious moves at the beginning of October. Venus, host of the planets previously discussed, moves from the Moon's sign of Cancer to the Sun's sign of Leo on October 1. Venus, ever concerned with the "other" will move quickly through the sign ever concerned with the unbounded expression of the "self."

On one level, this could be a great stretch for creative efforts, especially those having to do with performance, public speaking, music and directorial work.

On another level, through the deeper review of our growth in relationship and love, through the regard of the truth that our actions reveal, this transit can really bring to light what our real needs and motivations are as an individual stepping into the realm of another or others. We get to practice the dance of self expression that celebrates both the self and others while keeping the integrity of all parties intact.

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus October 3 - January 30

In the sign opposite to Scorpio, we have Jupiter in Venus' earth sign, Taurus. Jupiter begins a retrograde cycle on October 3 that runs through the end of January 2013. During this time, we will see Jupiter retrace his steps from 22° – 12° of Taurus, entirely within the nakshatra called Rohini. The power of Rohini is growth, rohana shakti. It is ruled by Prajapati, the Creator and can elevate our level of desire and the abundance that we enjoy.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth and has been moving in forward motion through Rohini since the beginning of July. So, in whatever way you have been directing your energy toward positive growth and expansion during the past three months, you will get the chance in the next four months to refine those efforts. We have the opportunity to make sure that our intentions and desires are positive, clean and appropriate. Investigate your motivations and put them up to the mirror. Are your desires based on jealousy or envy of another person's abundance? What is your intention for cultivation of growth in your life?

Retrograde motion often retards the actions and results of planets. We may feel a gradual sense of things slowing down; rather than allowing indulgence in disappointment at things not going at the pace you'd like, perhaps convert those feelings into appreciation for the opportunity for review and the stability that comes through slow, careful growth and wise choices.

New Moon in Virgo October 15

The moment of the new Moon in October occurs in the wee hours of the morning of Monday, October 15, the Moon's day. We therefore see the day leading up to this moment asamavasya, from the morning of October 14 to the morning of October 15. It is recommended to reduce activity on this day and not to start important actions.

This month's conjunction of Sun and Moon occurs at 28° Virgo, in the lunar mansion Chitra. The power of Chitra is the accumulation of merit, punya chayani shakti. Chitra nakshatra spans the last part of Virgo and the first part of Libra, and is actually the place where the conjunction of Saturn-Mercury occurs earlier in the month (on the Libra side.)

So again, we are being called to review the intentions behind our actions. Chitra's basis above is law and its basis below is truth; its ruler is the Cosmic Craftsman, Twashtar. As we meditate on this concept during amavasya, let us be inspired toward creation through right action. Let us create strong enduring forms that are based in truth and righteousness such that we accumulate karmic merit through our actions.

In other words, Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice. He will find out who is naughty and who is nice. Think about that as you're driving a car.

Sun Transits Libra October 17 - November 15

Sliding under the umbrella of Venus' air sign along with Saturn and Mercury, the Sun makes his annual transit through his sign of debilitation from October 17 to November 15. Why is the Sun debilitated in Libra? The Sun represents the self and expresses that centralized power through the sign of Leo. Venus represents concern for the other through relationship and love and expresses this inherent social nature through the sign of Libra. This makes the Sun's inherent self-expression difficult in Libra, thereby putting the Sun's expression into debility as he transits through Venus' air sign. It's like the uncomfortable social problem of someone who needs to be at the center of things at a party.

During the first five days of this transit, October 17-22, the Sun and Venus will be in exchange of signs, with Venus in Leo and Saturn in Libra. This time period may be a bit humbling to the Sun, especially as he is approaching an exact conjunction with Saturn, which becomes exact October 24-25. Saturn is an enemy to the Sun and is at his place of exaltation and therefore quite strong. The message: check your ego at the door if your goal is to avoid public shame and uncomfortable social interactions.

The exact degree of debilitation for the Sun is 10° Libra, so once the Sun moves past that point on October 26 things should improve a bit for our self-expression through solar channels. A good mantra for this time period, in the form of self-inquiry, is, "Who do I think I am?"

Mars-Jupiter Opposition October 27

During this entire month of October, retrograde Jupiter and Mars will be in opposition, coming into exact opposition on October 27. Mars is the loose cannon in all this talk about humility. Mars has the power and desire to plow ahead no matter what, so we can see this aspect from Jupiter as positive.

If you find yourself squirming with impatience during these final days of October, surrender to the delays and obstructions. They are there for a reason: to draw out your wisdom and your true strength. What a blessing.

Full Moon in Aries October 29

In the early afternoon of Monday, October 29, the Moon reaches fullness at 12° Aries, in the lunar mansion Ashwini. The Moon's entrance into Aries gives some further authority to Mars, who becomes lord of the Moon, Mercury and Rahu while himself occupying his own sign. This makes four planets in Mars' signs and four planets in Venus' signs, with Venus debilitated in Mercury's sign, giving the upper hand to Mars on this day.

Ashwini is the first nakshatra, ruled by the Ashwin Kumars, the twin horseman, forces of Prana and the celestial healers. The power of Ashwini is shidhra vyapani shakti, the power to quickly reach things. Through Ashwini, the entire world becomes free of disease. This will be a powerful full Moon, bringing the culmination of some serious soul searching and the humbling energies that come through the latter part of the month as the Moon is waxing.

With so many planets in the signs of Venus and Mars, and with so much humility going around, the words that are coming to me for the end of October are “subdued passion” and “creative wisdom.”

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

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