Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2012

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Transits Virgo October 23 – November 16

Venus entered Mercury's earth sign during the last week of October, moving away from Leo. Mercury and Venus are natural friends, which usually means comfort for these planets occupying the others' signs. However, Virgo is actually Venus' sign of debilitation, indicating that the expression of Venus through this sign can be difficult.

For the final 10 days of Venus' transit through Mercury-ruled Virgo, Mercury will be in retrograde motion, further confusing the expression of Venus.

Venus is our capacity for love, connection and recognition of oneness with all beings. Through Venus we exercise compassion and celebrate beauty. It is Venus that urges us to seek happiness, love and comfort.

Virgo is Mercury's earth sign, mutable in nature. In Virgo, we see the practical expression of communication through analysis. Virgo is where we process the fruits of our labor, store the harvest and also find the correct ways to take care of our physical bodies. It is the sign of health and disease, and through studying the processes of health, diet and activity, Mercury gives us the data to make right decisions for health or the indifference to ignore it.

Venus moving through Virgo can be difficult for happiness and satisfaction within relationship because the neutral, analytical nature of Virgo can cause us to be fault-finding or critical. Add to that the retrograde motion of Mercury, the host of Virgo, in the depths of Scorpio with Rahu, and we could be taking out our microscopes to identify all that is wrong with the people we claim to love.

The remedy for this is to remove the microscope and be gentle with oneself, one's body and one's partner. When the faults seem to jump out and come into super focus, its time to breathe deep and remember all the commonalities. Venus would be well expressed during this time through creative projects that involve work with the hands, including lovingly preparing healthy food.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio November 6 – 26

Mercury begins a retrograde cycle at about 6 pm EST on November 6, election day in the United States. This means 5pm in CST, 4pm in MST and 3pm in PST. This means that the polls will still be open for voting all across the United States when this change takes place. The voting and election process is very Mercurial by nature; the introduction of retrograde motion at this crucial moment could cause some reversals or possibly introduce some mischief into the tally of votes in the election.

This retrograde cycle begins with Mercury at 10° of Mars' water sign, Scorpio. Mercury rules communication, analysis, commerce and exchange; it rules the part of our mind that enjoys education, quick thought and practical knowledge. Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac associated with hidden realms and in Scorpio we delve beneath the surface of things to dig for that which is not apparent in everyday life.

The general themes for Mercury retrograde cycles are predictable and include difficult or confusing communication, misunderstandings, rapid changes in plans that can cause disturbances, difficulty with vehicles and all mechanical devices, especially those related to communication like phones and computers. Prepare for these eventualities by backing up important data and getting your vehicles tuned up.

Putting this action into the environment of Scorpio adds another level of intensity. For the first few days, Mars will also be in Scorpio, transiting the final degrees. Additionally, Rahu, the north node and our friendly neighborhood head of the dragon, is occupying the very early degrees of Scorpio, moving in retrograde motion as always. Mercury made a conjunction with Rahu on October 26 and will make two more in the near future. First as he retrogrades on November 17 and again after he resumes direct motion and then re-enters Scorpio on December 12.

This dance of Mercury and Rahu in Scorpio as we move through the autumn extends the theme of analytical depth that will be initiated by this retrograde cycle. Retrograde motion of planets generally slows down progress; Rahu is always retrograde, Mercury spends a few weeks of November in retrograde and this is under the aspect of Jupiter in Taurus, also retrograde.

This is a serious call to travel into the deep, dark places of our minds and attempt to make sense of what we find there. Scorpio is an intense environment for swift Mercury, and we may find resistance in ourselves toward facing the deep emotional environment that Scorpio presents. We may feel mired in stormy feelings. It could feel like we'll never get out and that we are powerless to change things. Be prepared for these irrational perceptions and plan ahead to surrender to that deep, dark and damp environment. It will end, the sun will eventually come out, and you will eventually be able to move forward. Rather than squirming to escape the discomfort that may ensue, make sitting still and absorbing the lessons of the subconscious your game plan.

By the time Mercury resumes direct motion on November 26, he will have dropped back into Libra, where Venus and Saturn will be in occupation also, exactly conjunct with one another on that day. Mercury moves back into Scorpio and directly into the arms of Rahu on December 12. This shows a great potential for movement, desire and reversals. Under the watch of retrograde Jupiter and also interaction with Saturn, we could see the potential for frustration due to obstacles and restriction.

Mercury retrograde periods are not the best times to start important new actions or projects. It is not a great time to make large purchases, sign contracts or open businesses. Travel during this time could be peppered with obstacles, cancellations or delays. Good options are to refine current work and to do things like editing, reviewing or research. With the Scorpio element and the Rahu proximity, it would be highly advisable to carve out time each day for physical or spiritual practices that promote meditation and reflection.

Mars Transits Sagittarius November 9 – December 17

It will be perhaps a blessing that Mars is moving out of range of both his own sign, Scorpio, retrograde Jupiter, Rahu and retrograde Mercury by November 9. From his transit of Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius, Mars will be unable to cast aspect on any other planet.

Mars is our capacity to act, drive and exercise power. This is a very fiery, pitta energy that helps us to get things done in life. When Mars interacts or aspects other planets, this can be difficult for that other planet, depending on its nature. The gaze of Mars can result in impatience or aggression in the less evolved Mars energy or in discipline and ability for the more evolved Mars energy.

At any rate, Mars wants to drive forward and can sometimes push us to act for good or ill. With the retrograde motion of Jupiter and Mercury combined with the always retrograde nodes Rahu and Ketu, we are being strongly urged to proceed with caution or not at all. This is frustrating to Mars. Having him out of the way of these energies should help to prevent conflict.

Another set of brakes applies to Mars as he moves into Sagittarius in that Saturn from Libra will cast his gaze on Mars via his 3rd aspect. While the main set up of the planets is gearing us toward consideration of the depths and slow, wisdom-driven progress, we can't deny that Mars will still want to move. Out of the way in Sagittarius, Mars can spin his wheels in the sand without doing too much harm.

A good plan for directing this energy is to plan outdoor adventures that allow for both the spending of physical energy and a peaceful environment that promotes reflection and meditation.

New Moon in Libra (Total Solar Eclipse) November 13

The Moon wanes during the first part of November after the Full Moon of October 29. After the Moon squeaks past Saturn, it moves into its monthly merging with the Sun at 27º Libra, just under 5º from Rahu, the north node of the Moon, which results in a total solar eclipse.

Every new Moon is the time of the monthly cycle when lunar energy is at its weakest. The day leading up to the moment of the new Moon, amavasya, should be reserved for light activity and meditation, if possible. This month, that would be from the afternoon of Monday, November 12 to the afternoon of Tuesday, November 13. The moment of the New Moon occurs at about 3:15 pm, MST.

Rahu, the head of the serpent, has the power to swallow the light and power of the Sun and Moon. This can create the potential for "fateful" events and actions that are driven by the worldly desire of Rahu. Again, feelings of despair or powerlessness may prevail during this time when we add up all of the planetary factors. Prepare for this and make a strategy for dealing with it before it becomes oppressive. This too shall pass. Do not make crucial decisions during this period of time.

This eclipse energy will remain active at this degree of Libra. Retrograde Mercury will be the first to move past it on November 20. Venus will pass it on December 8 and Rahu will reach the exact degree on January 29, 2013. This point lies in the lunar mansion called Vishaka. The planetary ruler of Vishaka is Jupiter, its deity is Indra-Agni, and its energy is that of harvesting fruits, vyapana shakti. This is an energetic nakshatra that encourages transformation and expansion in a spiritual way.

Since we often feel somewhat powerless in the face of eclipse energy, it may be best to assume a comfortable position and prepare to receive the energy of transformation that the darkness is offering.

Sun Transits Scorpio November 15 – December 14

As Venus is moving out of debilitation from Virgo to her own sign of Libra, the Sun also moves out of debilitation, from Libra to Scorpio. Before we get too excited, lets remember that the Sun just participated in a Rahu-caused solar eclipse and will be exactly conjuncting with Rahu as he moves into Scorpio.

In fact, on November 17, the Sun, Rahu and retrograde Mercury will all be in exact conjunction at 1º Scorpio. While combustion with the Sun generally weakens other planets, for example, Mercury, the Sun will be on shaky ground due to the Rahu interaction. Feelings of powerlessness and lack of motivation may prevail.

This could result in a heap of self-doubt. The Sun represents our soul, our ego and our source of self-esteem. Rahu causes strong desire to act, as well as confusion. The combination can be difficult for establishing a clear view of our purpose and carving a path to right action. Added to this, Jupiter, the planet of judgment, expansiveness and joy is retrograde and aspecting the Sun-Rahu-Mercury combination.

To make big moves and take action or not? Not right now. Not yet. This first few weeks of November could be rather stormy and it would be advisable to batten down the hatches, lay up stores and prepare to quietly contemplate. If you must act, travel and decide, please do so with a good dose of caution, humility and surrender.

As the Sun moves past Rahu and deeper into Scorpio, its moving into tighter aspect with retrograde Jupiter and also approaching another eclipse with the full Moon of November 28.

Venus Transits Libra November 16 – December 10

So, this month we have Mercury retrograde, Venus in debilitation for awhile and a couple of eclipses. The last set of eclipses occurred in May and June of 2012, and if we can recall, Venus was making a big move at that time, too, beginning her new cycle. Perhaps a re-read of the May 2012 forecast would be interesting. And while you're at it, maybe June 2012, too.

Venus is that beautiful bright object in the eastern sky that you may have been seeing in the morning before sunrise. Venus will continue to be that morning beauty, following about one sign behind the Sun, until she catches up with the Sun on February 16, 2013, when she will disappear from the morning sky. Since the heliacal rising of Venus on June 5, 2012, the beginning of the current Venus cycle, she has been traversing her 260 day period as morning star. We could also see this period as her next approach to the underworld, where she is heading for yet another transformation.

In the meantime, we have seen Venus move through some difficult territory. Cancer and Leo, the signs of the Moon and the Sun, aren't Venus' ideal spots, and certainly as stated early, Virgo can be difficult for Venus. The consolation is Venus' transit through Libra, her own air sign, from mid-November to December 10.

The only pressure Venus may feel during this time is that of Saturn, also in occupation of Libra. Their conjunction is exact from November 24-28. This is an interesting state of affairs in that although the presence and influence of Saturn is generally looked upon with a slight measure of dread, there are a few factors that ameliorate the situation.

Venus is strong in occupation of her own sign. Saturn in Libra is exalted, enabling Saturn to function in his highest capacity of truth, detachment and humanitarian concern. None of the other natural malefics, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, are directly affecting Libra during this time. So as we tread water in most realms of our daily life through November, what can we do with Venus and Saturn in the meantime?

From November 19 to December 5, Mercury will be joining his friends Venus and Saturn in Libra. Granted, part of that time (November 19-26) will be Mercury finishing the retrograde cycle. So, let's make the target period here from about November 30-December 5, giving the full moon eclipse and the direct motion of Mercury a couple days to sink in.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all natural friends and all function well in Libra. Through this lens, we will be refreshed in the sense that our fault-finding, general malaise could lift in favor of general appreciation and acceptance of our fellow humans. A good start to the holiday season, surely.

Venus in Libra period should prove to be a bit easier on our relationships. Due to other astrological factors, it may not be advisable to make huge decisions about the beginning and ending of serious relationships at all this month. Know that the tensions that arise are temporary and rather than indulging in fault-finding choose instead to quietly contemplate your own role in how things are going. Mercury is a champion at fact-finding and neutrality, Saturn is a champion of truth and reality and Venus is a champion of compassion and love.

Seek solace in friendship, social activities, enjoyment of music and the expression of gratitude. This is not the month for serious activity or life-changing decision making.

Full Moon in Taurus (Partial Lunar Eclipse) November 28

To top it all off for the month of November, we have the second eclipse in our second set of eclipses for 2012 on Wednesday, November 28. This page at NASA shows more detail about the eclipse. Those in Hawaii, Alaska, Australia and East Asia will have the opportunity to view the eclipse.

The moment of the Full Moon occurs at about 7am, PST. The Moon and Sun will be at 12° of Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. Moon will be flanked on either side by Ketu and retrograde Jupiter. The Sun will be near Rahu. The Moon will be in the nakshatra Rohini, the place of exaltation for the Moon. Rohini is a creative nakshatra whose power is that of growth, rohana shakti.

While the full Moon is usually the strongest expression of lunar energy, the penumbral eclipse state somewhat robs the Moon of that power and bringing a literal shadow to the brightness of the Moon. We may feel that ability and desire for growth that Rohini fosters, yet frustrated and disappointed by the eclipse of that energy. The energy of Ketu insists that we surrender our desire for growth and expansion at this time to a period of further ripening.

Our solace in this shadowy moment can come from Venus. Venus is the ultimate dispositer of this full moon eclipse chart. Venus as lord of Libra and Taurus disposits all of the planets located in those signs: Ketu, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Mercury. Additionally, Venus is located in her own sign. So through any doubt, despair, weakness, separation or loss that comes up at this time, Venus and her lessons are who we should turn toward. Venus gives us the desire to connect with others and to express our love through devotion, art and celebration of the gifts of the earth and of life itself. Through Venus we celebrate our oneness with others and with the great expanse of the universal force.

Through this set of eclipses where we are forced to contemplate life without the comfort of the light of our luminaries, through the activation of the dark places of Scorpio, through the confusion and doubt caused by the instability of Mercury retrograde, we are faced with obscurity. Rather than reacting with fear to the truths that creep from the darkness, try instead to generate your own source of light and inspiration and to face those inevitable truths with courage from within. The lesson is that everything that we need is already found within us, that seeking beyond ourselves for resources or comfort creates disappointment . When we adjust ourselves to that truth, the beauty is revealed as even the boundaries of within and without dissolve and we can then perceive all as one.

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