Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2012

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter's Final Month in Aries April 1 - April 30

The stunning display of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction during March wanes as April arrives. Jupiter spends April moving through the late degrees of Mars' fire sign, Aries, continuing to cast a beneficial aspect on Mars himself, currently in occupation of Leo, as well as on retrograde Saturn occupying Libra.

With two major malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) both retrograde and in strong positions, the auspicious aspect of Jupiter brings balance and positivity to our current planetary influences.

Jupiter and Venus, both very spiritual planets, during their conjunction in Bharani nakshatra extended a strong invitation to birth something new, positive and creative. Positive and expansive Jupiter in Aries during the past year has encouraged initiation of projects and building of new things. During the remainder of time that Jupiter is in Aries, until May 17, we should be putting the final efforts into expanding in new directions and laying groundwork for our forward progress.

Jupiter occupying a fire sign also aspects the other fire signs, so anyone with significant placements in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have benefited from Jupiter's position in Aries. This has bestowed a positive explosion of energy; reflect on what has expanded and grown for you during this past year and use the next six weeks to refine and channel that energy for the creative expansion that will come when Jupiter moves into Taurus.

Venus Transits Taurus April 1 - April 30

Venus, after her participation in acting as cosmic doorkeeper with Jupiter moves on in style and grace to her own sign of Taurus, which she will transit from March 28 – July 30, a full four-month long transit. This lengthy occupation of her own sign is due to Venus' retrograde cycle which runs from May 15-June 27.

Venus retrograde cycles are the time when Venus transforms from the evening star to the morning star. She slips from view in the western evening sky and re-emerges in the eastern morning sky. This also means that Jupiter and Venus, the two brightest lights in the night sky aside from the Moon, will reunite and give us another spectacular display in the morning sky during July 2012.

Taurus is Venus' earth sign, so Venus in occupation of Taurus allows a very strong and graceful expression of Venus energy, which promotes love, compassion, relationship and creativity. The theme of this four month transit is likely to involve the strong expression of the divine feminine energy, and with the support of Jupiter also in occupation of Taurus, we will have a basis for strong expansion in this direction.

Venus in Taurus strongly encourages exploration of relationship and creative expression through art and music. Again, this is a position of strong feminine energy and Venus will not suffer aspect from any malefic or male influences from Sun, Mars or Saturn during April, so go for it! Be creative, express love and beauty and feel the connection that is present between all beings and the earth itself.

Saturn Continues Retrograde Through Libra April 1 - April 30

Though Saturn does not aspect Venus, he still occupies Libra, Venus' air sign, and continues retrograde motion, eventually dipping back into Virgo for a spell starting in mid-May.

While Saturn is considered difficult in many cases, Saturn in Libra is exalted, which bestows a deliberate and humanitarian influence on Venus' air sign, and indirectly on Venus. So, while Venus begins to blossom in Taurus, we have Saturn silently and slowly encouraging responsibility and restraint as we express our creative urges.

Saturn, already a slow-moving planet, when in retrograde motion really drags certain things almost to a halt. While this may create a sense of frustration when we are eager to blast forward, it also gives us the basis for slow, controlled and thoughtful growth and action.

Saturn creates foundations and boundaries that foster stability and structure. This is a splendid underlying influence for our actions and projects during this time. Rather than fighting the tide of slow movement, dive in, sit quietly and allow that which filters slowly up from the mind and the ground to inspire and direct creative pursuits and relationships.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion April 3

By the time Mercury is ready to switch back to "normal,” he will have dipped back into the final degree of Aquarius. Saturn's influence as ruler of Aquarius should give us a feeling of things settling and coming to a halt for a few days between April 2-5.

Mercury will then re-enter Pisces and travel in direct motion through Jupiter's water sign during the remainder of April, moving on into Aries on May 4. While Mercury going in direct motion will be somewhat more calm in his energy, we must keep in mind that Mercury is still debilitated while in Pisces. Preparation is in order: a wet suit, a surfboard and goggles.

Since Mercury rules communication and exchange and is posited in such a vast and watery environment, we still may experience difficulty in communication, much like speaking while under water.

Let's imagine that for the four days that Mercury crosses into Aquarius (April 2-5) that its as if he's washing ashore just long enough to breathe without struggling. And then the tide takes him back out. What are you going to do with that pause? Perhaps get any important messages across that need sending, take some deep breaths, grab a mask and then dive back in.

If you can take a deep breath and dive back in, rather than getting dragged out to sea unwillingly, you may find yourself able to perceive some wondrous things that exist beneath the surface of consciousness in the vast and watery realm that Pisces represents.

Because a planet is debilitated is no reason to expect the worse. Knowing that Mercury will be in difficult waters, we prepare in order to prevent disappointing or debilitating situations if possible; and then we make the very best of the environment. Mercury's capacity for observation, analysis and communication can be extremely fruitful in the environment of Pisces, where the range of infinite possibility presents itself.

While Mercury retrograde during March created some turbulence, perhaps kicked up some sediment, maybe even caused some confusion about what to keep and what to give away, the Mercury that passes through the final sign of the zodiac in April may have a more clear view of what needs to move in order for transformation to occur.

Full Moon in Virgo April 6

Mid-day on Friday, April 6, the Moon reaches its point of fullness at 23°20' Virgo, aspected by Virgo's own ruler, Mercury, newly returned to his ocean voyaging. Virgo is the mutable earth sign, so we could see some change come to fruition during this time. With the Sun occupying Pisces, a mutable water sign, we have themes of moving earth and water, and change.

This is backed up by the still strong Jupiter in Aries aspecting retrograde Mars in Leo, giving sufficient fuel and fire to our pursuits. We have a significant showing in the fire, water and earth signs, but the only planet representing in the air realm is Saturn. Air is very mental, windy and ephemeral, so its lack indicates that this is a time for practical action, physical movement and transformation.

Saturn isn't insignificant, but he does represent the wisdom of age which urges us to exercise restraint, patience and detachment as we walk our paths. Saturn's slow and steady nature can also contribute to a calm mind, which is useful during times of change. Saturn is in Venus-ruled Libra, which also encourages creativity in thought and respect in communication.

Back to the Moon, though. The moment of the full Moon occurs at the very end of the lunar mansion called Hasta and at the new point of Chitra. Hasta's symbol is the hand, so we can envision the fruits of this Full Moon as ending up in our hands or as created by our hands.

The hands do many things for us that involve work and play. Use them wisely and with caution because as Mercury rules the hands and arms, these body parts are vulnerable to accident and injury because Mars is still aspecting Mercury. This indirectly affects the Moon because of Mercury's aspect to the full Moon.

The lunar mansion Chitra is associated with art, gems and creation of beauty. We may find that the change we implement, crafted through the efforts of our own hands, becomes like a shining gem, inspirational and beautiful.

Sun Transits Aries April 13 - May 14

The Sun moves from Pisces to Aries on Friday, April 13. The Sun is exalted while in Aries, and additionally strengthening to both the Sun and Mars will be their exchange of signs throughout the Sun's entire transit.

The Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo create a great deal of fiery energy. The element of fire is akin to will, spirit and desire. We should feel very “fired up” about things during this time, and depending on where these transits fall in one's chart, this could be a great time to accomplish, build, explore and transform.

This could also mean danger from fire, on a literal level. This position is so strong that it may affect weather patterns in the form of creating drought conditions. Jupiter is also in occupation of Aries, and the expansive nature of Jupiter can be somewhat explosive in a fiery environment.

A great deal of fire energy can be aggravating. Use the anchor of Saturn in Libra to keep perspective and the blossom of Venus in Taurus to see the beauty when things don't go exactly as planned. Make sure to inject enough water into your daily routine to keep things cool, either by ingesting, bathing, swimming or visiting bodies of water.

Mars Resumes Direct Motion in Leo April 14

Mars has been a brilliant red gem in the morning sky due to his retrograde cycle, which brings planets a bit closer to the earth, making them appear brighter. April will be the fifth month that Mars occupies Leo. Please refer to the forecasts starting in November 2011 for more information about Mars in Leo. Mars retrograde cycle began on January 23 and will have lasted nearly three months when it stations into direct motion on April 14. With Mercury and Mars both returning to direct motion, we should feel a bit of relief when it comes to working with technology, keeping schedules and communication. Saturn will remain in retrograde motion through late June, which should keep our rhythm slow and steady.

Mars in Leo evokes the symbology of the military occupying the capital city, or of the young revolutionary challenging the establishment. Leo is a fixed fire sign, so is a better environment for stability and tradition. Mars, with his ability to pioneer, build and forge ahead, is in a position to initiate change. With resumed forward motion, we can aim for positive movement.

Retrograde times can be better for review and reform; with Mars strongly in forward motion in Leo, we have the next couple of months to channel the power of Mars in very bright ways. The capacity for courage, leadership and action should be strong.

New Moon in Aries April 20

The new Moon of April occurs just after midnight at 7° Aries on Saturday, April 21. The Sun and Moon join in Mars' fire sign, Aries, Mars occupies the Sun's fire sign, Leo and Jupiter also occupies Aries and aspects Leo. Fire, expansion, fire, new beginnings, fire, transformation and fire. This Sun-Moon combination will occur in the lunar mansion of Ashwini, which is associated with horses, vehicles of great power and majesty. Seeds planted during this time can be imbued with the power of the Sun.

This new Moon gives even more energy to Mars, who is in a position to exactly aspect Mercury in Pisces on the day of the new Moon. Smoke on the water and fire in the sky! Mercury is holding down the water tank, taking our communicative faculties through an undersea transformation. Saturn is holding down the air traffic control tower, keeping our thoughts organized. Venus is holding down the flowering pasture, inviting us to take all of that fire and initiation and focus it on creativity and the divine feminine principle.

Remember that the Moon is at its weakest and most vulnerable during the new Moon which makes for a great deal of mental and emotional sensitivity. With all of the fire power in the environment, it would be advised to create a calm, nurturing environment in which to gestate for the day of the new Moon, which falls on a Saturday. Saturday, being ruled by Saturn, is already a good day for restricted actions, so take it easy.

Jump back into action on Sunday, the Sun's day, and begin your journey through the new lunar cycle. And remember, only you can prevent wildfires.

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