Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Leo September 5 - September 22

After the Mercury retrograde cycle from August 3-26, Mercury begins to move forward through the late degrees of Cancer, gaining speed and returning to Leo, the Sun's sign, on September 5.

By September 17 and through October 15, Mercury will be within 10° of the Sun in the zodiac, putting our easily influenced planet into a state of combustion with the Sun. Mercury joins his natural friend, Venus, in this condition, but the overlap of both Venus and Mercury combust is only between September 17-25. Combust planets have trouble expressing their natural power and influence, due to the strong nature of the Sun's expression.

With Mercury combust Sun, we have a situation where our capacity for communication and exchange between equals (Mercury) can be drowned out by the capacity for unbridled self-expression (Sun). There is a time and a place for everything, and sometimes we just need to be who we are. When we can do this without impinging on the sovereignty of others, that's what we call healthy self-expression.

This condition is further amplified by the Sun's position in his own sign of Leo; the king is on the throne, in the center of things, surrounded by adoring admirers and needy subjects. In practical terms, since the Sun rules the ego, this is a fantastic time to work with Ego.

Ego is a tricky ally. We need to develop a strong, healthy ego in order to maneuver through the world and to fulfill our life purpose. This is where the razor's edge comes into play. When Ego tips over to either side, either too much or too little, we are at risk of slipping from the knife's edge that we walk through this world as individuals with unique combinations of ability, desire and purpose.

During Mercury's transit through Leo, September 5-22, is a good time to surrender Mercury's abilities for perception, communication and analysis to the purpose of listening to the overwhelming message of the Sun, which represents our individual purpose and will as we move through life.

Venus Enters Virgo September 9

Venus remains combust with the Sun through September 21, which weakens the power of connection between all beings. Venus is furthered weakened by her debilitation in Virgo. In a sense, we may feel like our ability to connect and sympathize with others is debilitated.

This condition is largely due to the part of the Venus cycle after the event known as Superior Conjunction, discussed in the August 2011 forecast. This part of the Venus cycle is similar to the waning of the Lunar Cycle. The tendency is to withdraw from connection in order to set things to right within.

Venus will transit Virgo September 9-October 3. As mentioned, Venus is debilitated while transiting Virgo; this means that it is difficult for Venus to function in her natural way. Venus' natural function is to create connection between people and connection between people and their environment. Venus promotes empathy, love, compassion and understanding, and is expressed through relationships, art, music and all creative endeavors. Venus also rules our capacity for socializing and finding common ground on which to create in a collective way.

This period could be more supportive of individual rather than collective efforts. The tendency to look to the other will be present and could inspire either criticism or disappointment, but the true solution to perceived problems may actually found within the self. Remember this if fingers are pointed during this period, either at or from yourself.

Mars Enters Cancer September 9

Mars enjoyed the fast-paced environment of Gemini through the month of August, and moves into the Moon's sign, Cancer, on September 9. Mars occupies his sign of debility through October 29, 2011.

When Mars transits Cancer, we are experiencing the planet most concerned with power, drive and action in an environment that is most supportive of growth, reflection and nurturance. The nature of this debility is therefore one that suggests incompatibility: Mars is like an army tank and Cancer is like a home. This is an incongruous combination.

September 9 is a Friday, Venus' day, and we'll see the two planets that represent the male and female aspects of our human nature both move into their signs of debility. In a sense, having both Mars and Venus in a state of difficulty at least evens the playing field.

Mars in Cancer can sometimes create a sense of frustration, especially when we are attempting to direct power or energy toward a goal. This is a good practice time for channeling energy in a controlled manner, paying special attention to the feelings and well-being of others.

Full Moon in Aquarius September 11

The Sun and Moon face off for the Full Moon late in the evening of September 11, with the Sun at 24° Leo and the Moon at 24° Aquarius. Leo is the Sun's own sign, and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. The Moon, more specifically, waxes to fullness in the lunar mansion (nakshatra) called Purva Bhadrapada, which translates literally as "front beautiful feet" and which is symbolized as the front feet of a couch or funeral pyre.

Purva Bhadrapada is associated with the end of things and makes a pair with the next adjacent nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada, together known as "the scorching pair." The nature of Purva Bhadrapada is fiery and uplifting.

The Moon and Sun will make a grand cross with the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, located at 24° Scorpio and 24° Taurus, respectively. This is significant in that the nodal axis and the Sun/Moon will be occupying the four signs that are fixed in nature. This could yield a sense of inertia, or the desire to hold on to a moment forever.

With Mercury and Venus combust, and Mars and Venus debilitated, and none of the other planets directly influencing the Moon, the Moon has an interesting opportunity to shine, and dispense the wise yet revolutionary energy that Aquarius fosters.

We also get some auspicious fiery energy from Jupiter, currently located in Mars' fire sign, Aries. Jupiter's occupation of Aries actually benefits Mars, currently debilitated in the Moon's sign, Cancer. The positive energy in Mars' direction makes the Moon a bit more free to express and reflect the infinite divine love symbolized by the generous light of the Sun that makes the Moon shine.

The Sun's strong self-centered position in Leo is particularly contrasted by the feminine moon's occupation of a sign associated with selflessness and brotherly love. Creating room for both of these phenomena could be a good trick for any of us to learn.

Sun in Virgo September 17 - October 17

The Sun departs his own domain of Leo and moves into Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, on September 17, joining debilitated Venus and Saturn.

Virgo doesn't debilitate the Sun, but Mercury is not a natural friend of the Sun, nor is Saturn. It's almost as if the Sun, totally enjoying his "me" time and shining bright and strong, suddenly plunges into a work camp where everyone is focused on selfless service and cares little for individual expression. We really may feel a shift this year as the Sun traverses Virgo, from September 17-October 16.

With Saturn ready to move out of Virgo, we have the chance this month to take the lessons of service, surrender and responsibility that he has offered us in the context Virgo and really make them a part of ourselves and connect to the wisdom of that teaching with our hearts (Sun.)

Mercury Enters Virgo September 22

Mercury moves quickly through Leo, entering his own earth sign of Virgo on September 22, on the coattails of the Sun; by October 8, Mercury moves to Libra. This improves Mercury's condition somewhat, giving him power by occupation of his own domain, however he remains in the halo of the Sun through mid-October. This may make communication a bit more productive and movement easier, although slow and deliberate due to the influence of Saturn.

New Moon in Virgo September 27

Early in the morning of Tuesday, September 27, the Moon and the Sun meet again, this time at 10º of Mercury's earth sign, Virgo. Within one degree of the Sun/Moon is Mercury himself, still in a state of combustion with the Sun.

Also occupying Virgo, but not being completely overpowered by the Sun as they are more than 10 degrees away, are natural friends Venus and Saturn, also friends of Mercury. This lends Venus some strength, although Virgo is Venus' place of debilitation. After recently emerging from combustion with the Sun, and on the brink of getting far enough away to be seen in the evening sky just after sunset, our planet of connection, love and compassion will be slowly gaining strength as the Moon waxes. Venus enters her own sign of Libra on October 4.

This new Moon occurs just before 10° Virgo, which is the juncture between in the lunar mansions called Uttara Phalguni, ruled by the Sun, and Hasta, ruled by the Moon. Uttara Phalguni carries the energy of fullness, abundance and ripeness and inspires friendly assistance and communion. Hasta carries the energy of skill with the hands, including craftsmanship and healing, and inspires pitching in for collective efforts and helping others. Both of these nakshatras seem to point us toward a refocus on connection and communication with others, after a period of time where we've experienced a very Sun-dominated planetary landscape where the focus may have been mainly on the self.

Virgo is a sign associated with harvest, preparation of food and medicine, health and dynamic physical movement. The new Moon is associated with the beginning of things, as it is the starting point of the lunar cycle. The Moon's energy is weak at the time of the new Moon, having drained from fullness. The actual day of the new Moon is best spent in meditative preparation, while the day following the new Moon is better to initiate action.

While Virgo gives a sense of alacrity and readiness to work, the influence of Saturn encourages slow, deliberate movement. Saturn, occupying the final degrees of Virgo, and readying to move into Libra in mid-November, stands like a guard at the exit of Mercury's earth sign. From this point in time, the four other planets occupying Virgo will file past Saturn by mid-October, in this order: Moon, Venus, Mercury and finally Sun. As these planetary energies flow through this passage, looking at stern and wise Saturn in the eye, we may consider our status deeply. Do we do what we say we'll do? Do we walk our talk? Do we really act in caring for others? Are we compassionate toward others and toward the self? Do we have the strength to meet the gaze of Saturn, champion of responsibility and destroyer of illusion?

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