Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

October 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Saturn Spends Last Full Month in Virgo October 1 - October 31

As Saturn prepares to proceed into Libra this November, he occupies the last degrees of Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, a sign that is hospitable to Saturn. For the past two years, Saturn's presence in Virgo has demanded analysis and reform in the fields of health, food and medicine.

Saturn requires us to come into a state of responsibility for actions that affect the balance of our health on personal, community and planetary levels. Saturn teaches the value of exercising restraint and detachment from desires that can lead toward states of disease and imbalance.

Apprehension and willing practice of Saturn's lessons can transform the harshness of Saturn's effects into a welcome challenge that provides a slow, rhythmic stability to life. Before Saturn moves into his new station in Libra, his sign of exaltation, take the month of October to check-in with your doctor, either literally or figuratively.

Make sure that you are happy with the level of responsibility you take for health; of body, mind, spirit, family or environment. This is a time of reckoning in that regard. Make changes that need to be made regarding health, fitness or diet this month. Give up the habits you recognize as detrimental to health.

Jupiter Retrogrades Through Aries October 1 - October 31

Jupiter, expansive in nature and occupying the sign of his friend, Mars, began a retrograde cycle on August 29. This could cause a sense of slowing or reversal in forward moving growth. We may see a bit of hesitation followed by a return to the drawing board, even for projects that are already well under way. This could slow down projects that are in the process of expansion.

Jupiter is also in charge of things like religion and law. This retrograde period, which lasts through December 25, 2011, could be disruptive to these types of well established systems. The forward-thinking, action-oriented nature of Aries as the backdrop for retrograde Jupiter inspires stepping back and looking at what success and progress mean in the bigger picture.

In order for expansion to occur, a healthy and correctly oriented foundation are needed. This placement of Jupiter could help us to root out corruption or weakness in our systems which prevent healthy growth. Jupiter promotes truth and right action; his retrograde status encourages review, reformatting and renegotiation in order to establish a solid foundation for building.

Mars Occupies Cancer October 1 - October 30

While the conditions of Venus and Mercury improve and strengthen, Mars remains in debilitation in Cancer throughout the month, finally moving into a friendly sign, Leo, on October 31.

How to work with this? Mars rules forward movement, drive, power, building and work. Mars in Cancer is like too much energy confined, which can cause discomfort, frustration and explosiveness. In addition, Mars' fire sign, Aries, is occupied by retrograde Jupiter, which is another brake on the power and energy of Mars.

Frustrated Mars can be stormy, temperamental and destructive, so a two-pronged strategy could be enacted this month in order to maximize the useful and minimize the unpleasant consequences of Mars' current condition.

Prong 1: Placate Mars. Mars is a powerful force, but let us remember that Mars is a youthful force, as well. Since Cancer is the sign of home and mother, unleash the nurturing energy in a way that Mars will enjoy. For example, Mars is focused on work and building and projects, which could be hampered at this time. So, find another channel for Mars this month that is more appropriate for his current position at “home.” Remind Mars that energy and power can be focused on fun; find outlets for energy that are youthful and vigorous and exercise the kid within.

Prong 2: Exercise restraint. So you can't accomplish what you want right now. Deal with it. Don't succumb to the frustration and petulant brooding of a frustrated Mars. Harness the passion, hold your tongue, and focus your attention on sitting quietly and being patient. Pay attention to the exciting and innovative ideas that Venus and Mercury inspire and allow them to permeate as you wait.

Venus Transits Libra October 4 - October 28

Emerging from her sign of debilitation, Venus enters her own sign, Libra, on October 4, spending most of the remainder of October in that sign. Venus not only was debilitated by occupation of Virgo, but was also combust with the Sun for over two months, greatly weakening Venus' influence. Venus has returned.

Throughout the month, Venus will be visible in the evening sky in the west, just after sunset. Venus gains strength as she transits Libra, receiving the aspect of retrograde Jupiter from Aries. While the aspect of Jupiter is generally positive, the retrograde status of Jupiter may grant boons, but slowly or in a delayed fashion.

Since Venus rules connection, love and creative endeavors, we are fortunate this month in regard to these pursuits. Venus in Libra should be like a fresh breath of creative wind. Artistic vision and rich connection with others may rush into our space as this month progresses. Make sure to note and bookmark the inspiration that arrives on your doorstep if it may feels difficult to actually get started.

This difficulty in initiating creative projects could come from the aspect of debilitated Mars in Cancer, which affects Venus in Libra by Mars' 4th aspect. Mars in Cancer desires initiation of work and progress, but is hampered by the receptive, emotional environment of Cancer.

Rather than waiting to actually push through with initiating these creative projects until Venus is free from Mars' aspect, find a creative way to make things happen, because passion will be present and should be harnessed. The reason for this is that when Mars moves from Cancer to a more powerful position in Leo, Venus moves from a strong position in Libra to a weaker position in Scorpio and will still be under the influence of Mars.

Better to initiate creative projects and new relationships under the strong influence of Venus during this month and continue to put the serious, deeper work in when Venus and Mars shift to Scorpio/Leo in November. Allow Venus to lead into new territory at this time, as Mars simmers on the back burner. That means coming at things with finesse rather than power.

Mercury Transits Libra October 9 - October 28

Joining Venus in Libra for a short tour is quickly moving Mercury. Mercury and Venus are natural friends, so Mercury does well in a Venus-ruled sign like Libra. Mercury also has the tendency to mimic planets in his vicinity, so its as if we have twin Venus effects through the latter portion of the month.

By mid-October, Mercury finally escapes the strong halo of the Sun, ending his state of combustion. This gives Mercury fuller expression and should boost the creative and connective efforts of Venus, as well. Pay attention to inspirational thoughts; some of them may be messages about how to proceed in important love and beauty matters. Inspirational thoughts may also emerge as messages for loved ones that you can pass along. Keep the communication channels clear and open. After a period of self-attention, we are finally being drawn back into relationship and collaboration with others.

On the physical plane, by mid-October, Mercury will be visible near Venus in the evening sky. Should be quite a pair to behold.

Full Moon in Pisces October 11

As the Sun comes close to a conjunction with Saturn in Mercury's sign, Virgo, the Moon moves into exact opposition to the Sun and forms our Full Moon in Pisces, October 11, just after sunset. This is the culmination of the lunar cycle begun with the new Moon in Virgo on September 27. The theme of that new Moon was the re-emergence from a self-oriented journey into friendly connection with others.

The Moon will be full at 24° Pisces, the water sign of Jupiter, who is currently retrograde in Mars' sign of Aries. Mars is located in the Moon's water sign, Cancer, so there is somewhat of a triangle of influence between Moon-Jupiter-Mars. The Moon's strength in this position brings positive influence to retrograde Jupiter and to debilitated Mars.

This full Moon occurs on a Tuesday, Mars' day, so would be an especially auspicious time to create a playful, adventurous outlet for celebration of the receptive energy of the Moon, the energetic nature of Mars and the positivity of Jupiter. And in honor of the themes of friendship and brotherhood, it may be a good celebration to share with others.

Sun Enters Libra October 21

The Sun passes by Saturn, departs Virgo and enters Venus' sign, Libra, on October 21. Libra, an air sign, is the Sun's sign of debilitation, which means that the Sun and Mars will share a weakened state for the last third of October.

With the two most self-oriented planets in weakened states, the tables have turned within a couple of months, and we may find ourselves much more involved with others, especially in the realms of philosophical discussion, socializing, political activity and creative pursuits. Groups, connection, collaboration, creation and communication will come to the fore as we put our personal agendas on hold. Since our self agendas did have a recent place in the spotlight, it should be productive to share from a place of fulfillment and purpose.

The Sun is supported by a positive, if slightly diminished in power, aspect from retrograde Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter bestows a positive influence on creative matters. The trick while Sun transits Libra from October 21 – November 17 is to step back the ego in order to freely immerse in the creative and connective processes.

The Sun, having recently passed through Virgo and through a conjunction with Saturn, is in a humbled state. Exercise the ability to gracefully allow others to become the center of your world for a time, and see how they amaze and delight.

New Moon in Libra October 26

The Sun and Moon meet again at 9° Libra, in the lunar mansion Swati, just before sunset on Wednesday, October 26. The Sun and Moon share the sign of Libra with Mercury and Venus, but are far enough away so that no crowding occurs.

The Moon is at its weakest when new, so its hollow state allows it to absorb the inspirational energy of strong Venus and Mercury, as well as the positive influence of Jupiter from Aries, and to carry that through the next lunar cycle.

Swati translates as "the sword" and is ruled by the deity Vayu, lord of wind. There are themes of independence and restlessness. There is a desire to move, purify and scatter with Swati. We may feel inspired to stir things up in order to allow things to settle into their natural places.

This new Moon occurs on a Wednesday, Mercury's day, which is generally a good day for short trips, movement and communication. As with any new Moon, due to the weakness of lunar energy, it is best to restrict action and devote time to contemplation and preparation if possible on the actual day of the new Moon. Wait until the 27th to scatter things about.

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