Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars Transits Leo November 1 - November 30

After over six weeks of occupying his sign of debilitation, Cancer, Mars moves into a more friendly environment on October 31. Mars dresses up as a lion for Halloween this year.

Mars represents the male aspect of human being, and takes charge of forward movement and the power sources that help us drive ahead. Without Mars, we'd have ideas and inspiration, but no means to activate. With too much Mars, we have selfish action and irresponsible use of resources. Learning to find just the right balance for planetary energies allows us to move gracefully through life; Mars energy is no exception.

While Mars was in Cancer, one may have experienced frustrating emotional situations that threatened the peace within the home or community. It is tempting to resist the irritation and anger that Mars may have helped to manifest in the emotional realm, but the way through that discomfort may actually come through the exploration of conditions that truly may be in need of reform within the home, family or community. Mars is perceptive and passionate; when Mars is in balance, flare-ups of anger can actually be a good indication that there is a power imbalance that needs to be addressed.

Mars moves to Leo October 31 and transits the Sun's fiery sign through June 21, 2012. That's eight months! Leo is a projection of the Sun's energy; it is a place for exploration of the self as a central power source that radiates energy to the surroundings, a place for exercising the balance between self and other, a place for connecting with the source that fires your personal stardom.

Mars can lead one toward selfish action based on desires, and Leo can be a very glamorously supportive environment for self-promotion. The danger for high levels of self-involvement is certainly present with this combination. The trick is to do the self-exploration without getting wrapped up in only that.

Providing yet another level of trickiness is the fact that Mars from Leo will be aspecting his own sign of Scorpio and also Rahu, the Moon's north node, currently in occupation of Scorpio. This gives energy and activation to Rahu, the mysterious force that has the power to draw us toward worldly things, sometimes as if beyond our control. The thing to watch out for here is the little voice that whispers and urges and justifies actions that may not meet our approval in stronger moments.

During the next eight months, as we explore what makes us tick and how to fuel our fires, it is important that we maintain a strong connection with our faculties of discernment. Recognize desires, but do not allow them to take the wheel. Too much attention or indulgence of the self can be a slippery slope.

Jupiter Maintains Retrograde Motion November 1 - November 30

Jupiter, the planet that brings us hope, positivity and expansion, remains in retrograde motion in Mars' fire sign, Aries, throughout November. Jupiter resumes direct motion on December 25, 2011 and remains in Aries through May 2012.

While not even retrograde motion can obliterate our tendency to positively expand, it may be slowing down the learning and growing process just a bit. While the Mars-like parts of us may be ready to lurch forward, it would perhaps be better to adopt a slow, steady expansion, more like bread rising than corn popping.

Jupiter's positive influence on Mars should assist us in hanging the tapestry of clarity and truth behind the stage we are setting for self-exploration as Mars occupies Leo. Jupiter reminds us that there is always guidance to be had, and there is always objectivity to be used when we become lost in our self-involved situations.

Jupiter's retrograde status could also be helpful if one's goal is to control excessive behavior of any kind. Over-indulgence is a trait of Jupiter out of balance; Jupiter retrograde could be a good chance to restrain the tendency to go too far and to exercise a gentle set of brakes to keep excessive behaviors in check.

Full Moon in Aries November 10

The Moon reaches the apex of the lunar cycle begun October 26 on the afternoon of Thursday, November 10, in the sign of Aries. As the Moon waxes, it gains strength, and when the Moon is strong, our faculties of receptivity, compassion, protection and reflection strengthen.

This fortnight, these faculties are further boosted by Mars vacating the Moon's sign, Cancer, on October 31. With Mars focusing energy now in Leo, we can get back to rebuilding and reorganizing our homes and communities, creating nurturing environments and solving problems that have become evident during the period of unrest which was Mars' transit through Cancer.

The Moon joins retrograde Jupiter in Mars' fire sign, Aries, at the point of fullness. Indeed, Mars does influence this full Moon in more ways than one. First, the Moon is located in Mars' sign. The Moon and Sun are opposite, as during any full Moon, and the Sun occupies Libra, the Sun's sign of debilitation, leaving the Sun in a weakened state. This leads to Second, Mars occupies the Sun's sign, giving the Sun strength, and thereby indirectly adding to the Mars effect on this full Moon. With the celebration of this full Moon, we may also celebrate to a return to action and fruition due to the improvement of Mars' position.

Saturn Enters Libra November 15

Saturn, ever deliberate and patient, completely the master of the forces of time and rhythm, slowly processes from Virgo into Libra, officially entering on November 15. Saturn, who takes 28-30 years to circumambulate the Sun, takes about 2-3 years to traverse each sign of the zodiac.

Because of Saturn's power to create impact on our sometimes frivolous lives, his slow transits of the zodiac and of our individual birth charts can create themes as we attempt to navigate life. In the collective sense, Saturn will be occupying Venus' air sign, Libra, until November 2014, a particularly long stay in one sign for Saturn.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, meaning that his energies perform at their peak while occupying that sign. That's good news. Saturn entering Libra also enters into an opposition with Jupiter, occupying the sign of Aries. This is interesting news.

Overall, the theme of Saturn's transit through Virgo had to do with taking responsibility for health by creating a time of reckoning in the realm of food, medicine and exercise. Saturn is particularly skilled at tearing down walls of illusion and exposing the facts. How then, will these skills be applied while Saturn works his way slowly through Libra?

The importance of balance and responsibility to the cause of health will not be forgotten; the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn requires steady attention to maintain balance. The contractive nature of Saturn on the opposite side of the see-saw to Jupiter's expansive nature requires that we arrive at just the right balance of letting go and holding on as we bring Saturn's lessons to the next level.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet that brings us love, connection and beauty. Saturn's presence in Libra suggests a theme of creating responsibility and discipline in our social, artistic and political environments. Where will Saturn's lessons begin to impact us after this shift? How will the opposition with Jupiter come into play during the first six months of Saturn's occupation of Libra? How will Mars' position in Leo create situations that lead us toward sitting at Saturn's feet, notebook in hand?

Can we all use Saturn's ego-negating magic to finally get along in peace and harmony? Stay tuned...

Venus Enters Sagittarius November 21

The first part of November, Venus will be transiting through Mars' water sign, Scorpio, joined by her companion, Mercury. Scorpio can be a rough ride for Venus; it's dark and scary, and its hard to see enough to appreciate the beauty that Venus seeks.

Venus, as our capacity to connect and combine with others, is somewhat out of place in the cold and dark of Scorpio. And while it is a bummer that her skirt gets torn and the heel breaks off her shoe, Venus' transit through the dark side is necessary and enriching, as it expands our capacity to understand and gain compassion for others.

On November 21, Venus moves from Scorpio to Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius. Either way, the influence of Mars is also involved. Scorpio is a Mars-ruled sign and Venus was aspected by Mars during her transit. Sagittarius' ruler, Jupiter, is currently occupying Mars' sign, Aries.

So, throughout the month, Venus, our beacon of love, beauty and relationship, travels through territory that requires courage and a sense of adventure. Don't be afraid to enter new territory through the creative process, or to visit obscure corners of relationships. Discover passion!

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio November 24 - December 13

Mercury begins the third and final retrograde cycle of 2011, just after midnight on November 24. This should prove to be an interesting Thanksgiving weekend and entry into the holiday season, with the new Moon occurring later on Thanksgiving day.

Another retrograde planet occupying another sign of Mars creates a very tentative mood toward new beginnings. Return to planning, further review of processes and in-depth analysis may be wise choices for this holiday season.

Mercury rules communication, exchange of words, goods and concepts, and short trips. With Mercury in retrograde status, the easy flow that allows for these things to happen can be quickly interrupted and disrupted. Delays, obstacles and mis-communication are generally expected during Mercury retrograde times. Allowing extra time, patience and resources to get people, goods and information from point A to point B is highly recommended.

Fanning the flames of Mercury's discomfort is Rahu, the Moon's north node, also located in Scorpio. Rahu adds intrigue to the new Moon occurring in Scorpio on November 24, as well. Rahu introduces the element of temptation to the mix; in all cases seek to go with, rather than against, your better judgement.

For example, there are plans to attend a dinner at a friend's house. In addition, there is an event overlapping the dinner that is attractive. The temptation is to try to slide out of the dinner as quickly as possible and race across town to catch as much of the other event as possible. Mercury, when functioning well, may be able to pull off such a thing, and that's the argument Rahu will use when trying to convince one to pull off the impossible. The advice is to be realistic and not take risks when it comes to sticking to a schedule during this time. Do leave extra time. Do decline over-activity. Do keep focus on what is most important and prioritize when it comes to deciding which action to take.

Take it easy during this first part of holiday season 2011. Don't make too many plans that require precision timing and communication. Mercury's faculties of communication may be more effective in the exploration of the psyche (Scorpio) than in attempts to maintain a mundane channel of exchange.

New Moon in Scorpio November 24

In keeping with the Mars theme, the Moon wanes into a sliver, reaching the point of a new cycle late in the evening of Thursday, November 24, at 8° Scorpio. The Sun and Moon conjunction joins retrograde Mercury and Rahu in Mars' water sign.

This new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion Anuradha, "the star of success." Anuradha's associated deity is Mitra, lord of friendship and cooperation. The basic impulse of the nakshatra is to honor the self and the other equally. This is especially important in the face of the strong self-oriented energy of Mars located in Leo.

The empty receptivity of this new Moon is important. The Moon when new is weak, and when in Scorpio, debilitated, so practically devoid of power. At this point, the Moon becomes a vessel, ready to be filled with the increasing energy of the Sun.

This conjunction of the Moon and Sun occurs past the point of highest debilitation for the Moon, which is a positive aspect that implies that difficulty has been surmounted and success is within reach.

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