Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Aries May 3

Just after midnight, in the wee hours of Tuesday, May 3, the Sun and Moon conjoin midway through the sign of Aries, in the lunar mansion called Bharani. Thus begins a new lunar cycle that will carry the same themes that have been called forth by the many planets passing through Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac. The first couple of weeks of May will see the planets Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus move into Aries.

Aries is the first zodiac sign, ruled by Mars, and grants special energy to initiation and action. Bharani is ruled by Yama, the god of death, but does not carry a dark, portentous energy. The symbol for Bharani is a yoni, symbolic of a passage or doorway; we have here a realm that is concerned with death, birth and regeneration.

Bharani literally means “she who bears” but its meaning isn't limited to the symbol of a woman with child. Rather, there is a focus on the fecund nature of material existence, an inspiration to create, a desire to explore and the strength and determination to succeed.

With the planetary energies of the past weeks carrying us through endings found in Pisces, we now reach the moment to give birth to new projects, undertakings, studies and cycles. This first week of May will be an ideal time to initiate actions, especially ones with the simple goal of encouraging the life process, such as planting seeds, establishing gardens, conception, or laying the ground work or foundation for buildings or projects.

All that has been shifting will settle; it is time to take raw materials and transform them into their next form. Allow the emotional, intuitive information that may have come through during the Pisces transits to take shape and new life.

The Sun is exalted in its position in Bharani. This gives great energy to the earth at this time.

Mars Enters Aries May 3

Joining the exalted Sun and new Moon is Mars himself, ruler of Aries and planet of energy, power and drive. Mars makes his way through Aries in about six weeks, moving into Taurus on June 12. Mars in Aries grants us all an additional energy boost, so this is a good month to plan actions that require drive and a pioneering spirit.

In addition to the power of Mars being strong for this transit, his occupation of his own sign, Aries, with the exalted Sun, will energize and charge the planets that will be passing through Aries this month.

Keep in mind that the element of fire is symbolic of Mars while in Aries. Creating a channel or safe environment in which to work with the energy of fire is very useful in fully exercising fire-power. Make plans for projects and try to follow through so that the energy of Mars can be harnessed and used for forward movement.

This would also be a good time for implementing or increasing an exercise program. Physical activity is a great outlet for Mars energy. When the fire of Mars is capped or frustrated, explosions can occur in the form of angry outbursts. Prepare for this very Aries month by planning how to spend your energy.

Jupiter Enters Aries May 8

Jupiter, natural friend of both Mars and the Sun, joins them in Aries on Sunday, May 8. Jupiter changes signs about every 12 months, so it would be natural for many of us to feel a shift as we witness Jupiter moving into Aries. By examining the houses that are affected by Jupiter's transit in our individual charts, we can get a better sense of where in our lives that shift will be felt.

Jupiter's expansive nature, while in Pisces, created situations of change and dissolution in general. Aries is a sign concerned with initiation, new beginnings, exploration and the spirit of youthful adventure. Jupiter symbolizes the principles of growth, expansion, learning and evolution.

During this month, as Jupiter establishes his position in Aries, it is a good time to look ahead to the next year and set goals that have to do with personal expansion. Depending on Jupiter's position in the birth chart, this could be a good year to pursue educational goals, to establish relationships with teachers, guides or gurus, to branch off into new directions, or to concentrate on projects that involve building, farming, science or engineering.

Jupiter moving into Aries also takes him out of opposition with Saturn, currently occupying Mercury's Virgo. And while Saturn will move into Libra in November 2011, those two planets will not directly oppose one another again until the year 2030. This opposition that has been in play during the past year has brought many challenges that require that we balance the principles of expansion and contraction that Jupiter and Saturn represent, respectively.

The energy of Saturn in Virgo inspires analysis and restraint, and Jupiter in Pisces inspired expansion into dissolution. We were required to let go and reorganize, and now that Jupiter is moving on, we have the opportunity to travel forward with lighter loads and deeper wisdom.

Mercury Transits Aries May 11 - May 30

Mercury and Venus enter Aries on Wednesday, April 11, traveling in tandem through Mars' fire sign. Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are natural friends and function well while occupying Mars' sign. Mercury and Venus are natural friends with one another, but not with the other group, so they create a united front while moving through the intense terrain of Aries.

Mercury is coming back from a retrograde cycle that was quite interesting based on anecdotal evidence from friends. Many people experienced frustration with communication, there were a high number of plan reversals, and many people were easily upset or felt upset "for no reason."

Mercury rules communication and exchange, and is an essential tool to have around if making connections is important. Even though Mercury may not be in the most comfortable environment in Aries, we still benefit by having Mercury moving in direct motion. While last month we had to adjust our communication in order to be able to exchange words through choppy water, this month we will be called on for precise, clear and pithy communication that will help move our new undertakings along.

Venus Transits Aries May 11 - June 4

Venus plays two main roles this month as she glides through Aries with Mercury in tow. First, she reminds us that beauty, grace and compassion should be essential ingredients in the recipes we are cooking up for our new plans and projects. The expansive, fiery and creative energy supplied by Jupiter, Mars and the Sun is also essential, but we appreciate Venus reminding us to pay heed to aesthetics and our impact on others.

Second, Venus bolsters the communicative ability of Mercury with her presence, directing our exchanges to be compassionate and receptive, which could really make things quite productive, exciting and passionate.

This is a call to make room for love and beauty in that which we regard as work. Another way to look at that is to regard and accept love as an inspiration for action.

Sun Enters Taurus May 15

Again leading the flock of inner planets through the zodiac, the Sun moves into Venus' earth sign, Taurus, on Sunday, May 15. The earthy, creative realm of Taurus invites us to nurture the seeds that we plant this month as the Sun, which represents our will, begins to move through.

Furthering Venus' cause to appreciate the beauty of the earth and to create more beauty at every turn, the Sun's transit through Taurus mid-May to mid-June is extra supportive of creative work: art, music, design, architecture. This is backed by the drive that the planets occupying Aries are providing; there is good initiative and plenty of creative juice, its just a matter of deciding where to direct these gifts.

This is also the planet that has centralist tendencies (Sun) entering into an environment where the line between self and other is colored over by a curvy chain of roses (Venus.) This could be a productive time within relationship, specifically in exploring how devotion to another and individual self-expression can coexist in beautiful ways.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 17

Just before dawn on Tuesday, May 17, the Moon moves into opposition with the Sun at 2° of Mars' water sign, Scorpio. The Sun will be newly entered into Venus' sign of Taurus. The Moon will be strong due to its fullness, but will be almost exactly at its degree of debilitation, meaning that the Moon's energy will be hampered.

There are a few mitigating factors to consider. The ruler of Scorpio, Mars, is in a strong position. This could lend some support to the Moon. But with Mars also the ruler of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus due to their occupation of Aries, Mars' energy is very strong. It may be difficult to express the lunar nature, which is none-the-less strong, so try to pay attention to nurturing the self and others during this time. It is a good time for expression of fierce maternal energy, that which protects and provides.

Another factor is that Saturn aspects the full Moon from his position in Virgo, Mercury's sign. Saturn can shed a negative light, and Mercury, Saturn's ruler, is under Mars' jurisdiction, so it comes again back to Mars, whose influence is paramount among the planets this month.

This condition of Mars strength is a theme throughout the month of May. We have just emerged from a period of transformation, change and instability. With the wisdom gained from past experience and the inspiration from your own desires, collect what has made it through the transition, seek new resources, and carry through with plans. It is a good time to explore unfamiliar terrain and to be open to opportunity.

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