Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

March 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Aquarius March 4

The Moon wanes into conjunction with the Sun mid-day on Friday, March 4. Flanking the Sun and Moon, about 7° on either side, are Mars and Mercury. So, four planets occupy Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, as we move from one lunar cycle to the next.

This new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Shatabishak, or "Hundred Healers." It is ruled by Rahu, so the combined energy of Saturn and Rahu influence this nakshatra. Aquarius expresses the Saturn qualities of humanitarian concern and equality of beings. These combined influences point toward the beginning of a lunar cycle that promotes the universal availability of health and healing through the practice of medicine of any type.

Another auspicious influence on this new Moon is the occupation of the signs adjacent to Aquarius by benefic planets: Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Pisces. This adds creative determination and expansive transformation into the support of this new lunar cycle. The day of the new Moon, amavasya, is best spent in reflection, planning or meditation on the actions to come.

The first part of March could be a great time to collectively develop programs or launch new systems that support equality and health.

Mercury Transits Pisces March 6 - March 27

As the Moon waxes and moves into Pisces, Mercury follows suit, joining Jupiter in Pisces for a quick tour. In Pisces, Mercury is considered debilitated, which means that Mercury's natural expression is hampered.

Mercury's debilitation could manifest as difficulty in communication, due in part to the difficulty in clearly defining the nebulous and vast wisdom of Pisces. Rather than getting caught in a whirlpool of vague expression, harness the expansive nature of Jupiter. This could mean focusing on transformation of communication style or on exploring new methods of communication.

In light of the lunar cycle begun on March 4, we may find our capacity for communication and exchange of energy diving into a watery realm as we seek to establish new routines that support our collective health. This could indicate that letting go of detailed, analytical thought and communication may lead to answers that propel us forward.

Jupiter-Saturn Opposition March 10 - April 13

While Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo have been positioned opposite one another since Jupiter entered Pisces in April 2010, they will oppose within 5° degrees during the month between March 10 and April 13. This opposition is exact on March 25.

With Jupiter as the planet that leads us toward evolution and expansion located in his own sign, Pisces, the final sign in the zodiac cycle, we expect this period of time to support growth, change and transformation. This is a force of positive, forward growth. Jupiter moves out of Pisces in May 2011.

Saturn represents limitation, discipline, detachment and determination. Located in Virgo, the sign that represents health, movement and balance, Saturn calls us to task to take responsibility for our actions vis a vis the health of our bodies and our environment. Saturn remains in Virgo through November 2011.

As mentioned many times about the opposition of these planets in these signs, the theme here is about creating positive change while acknowledging the necessity of careful action and analysis in order to maintain or create balanced systems. This could be a pivotal month for setting real change for health into motion.

Use the discipline of Saturn to commit to creating health within your body and your community. Feel the joy that Jupiter bestows as you enjoy the positive changes!

Sun Enters Pisces March 13

The Sun moves out of Saturn's Aquarius and into Jupiter's Pisces on Sunday, March 13. The Sun's power of expression increases by moving into Pisces. We may feel a shift from focusing on the hows and whys during the first part of the month toward experiencing holistic enjoyment and soulful expression while the Sun moves through Pisces, which continues through mid-April.

This would be a great time for soul searching in a non-analytical way. Allow yourself to dive into something and open up to transformative experiences in non-structured ways. Including heart-opening activities such as music, dance or devotional practices into your routine during this time is recommended. Allow the mystery to gently introduce you to the answers that your heart desires.

Full Moon in Virgo March 19

The Moon reaches the apex of its cycle on Saturday, March 19, joining Saturn in Virgo. This brings positive energy to Saturn, not only from the strength of the waxing Moon, but also from Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces.

Mercury's debilitation is turned around by Jupiter's positive influence, and by the Moon's positive influence on Mercury's sign, Virgo. There is energy for growth, completion and transformation that is founded on the principles of responsibility and unconditional love.

The first few weeks of March, leading up to the vernal equinox on March 20, look to be a very positive time for creativity, hard work, and just the right combination of letting go and taking hold. The very expression of life through the spring season seems to be reflected in the planetary positions this month.

Venus Transits Aquarius March 21 - April 15

Venus moves from Saturn's earth sign to Saturn's air sign on March 21, spending a few weeks before moving into Pisces in April. This puts Venus and Mars together in the same sign for a few days, injecting a shot of juicy passion into Aquarius, which can be somewhat dry.

Venus functions well in Aquarius due to the natural friendship between Venus and Saturn. Venus, representing the capacity for compassion, love and connection brings feeling and grace into the revolutionary, philosophical domain of Aquarius. This three week period after the equinox invites us to bring softness and beauty to places that are normally populated by utilitarian facets.

For example, humanitarian projects can get bogged down in ideals and principles; we can renew our good deeds with an injection of heart/mind connection both within and with others. Remember that the reason to help another rests in the soul that we share and hasn't much to do with subjective ideas about why acting to aid others is useful or correct.

Mars Transits Pisces March 25 - May 2

Mars joins Jupiter in Pisces for five weeks on March 25. This puts Mars in a much better position for him to express his natural penchant for drive and power. The forceful, active nature of Mars, combined with the expansive and transformative influence of Jupiter located in his own sign could make for some movement as the spring matures.

Mars and Jupiter are natural friends and they remain at a comfortable distance from one another through April. These two planets are positive, action and expansion oriented. Pisces, as the last sign, is a place of transition: dissolution that is necessary before reformation.

Pisces gives us a taste of the boundless, nameless state from which we channel universal truth. The very human and earthly nature of Mars allows us to make a human connection with the divine. While Mars transits through Pisces, allow yourself to soak in the nebulous nutrition of Pisces' watery understanding. Mars' focus gives us a rudder as we travel through the expansive realm of endings toward new beginnings.

Mercury Retrograde March 30 - April 22

Mercury begins the first retrograde cycle of 2011 on March 30, just in time for Mercury's favorite holiday: April Fool's Day. This cycle begins on a Wednesday, Mercury's day, at the very beginning of Mars' sign, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the realm of initiative and beginnings.

Rather than boldly going alone where no planet has gone before, so to speak, Mercury ducks back into Pisces, re-joining Mars, Jupiter and the Sun in that watery realm. This indicates a time of review and retreat. As spring quickens in the northern hemisphere, the urge to sprout and grow manifests around us; we may have to check our speed and wallow slowly through what needs to be completed before it is appropriate to initiate bold new undertakings.

We will explore more about Mercury's retrograde cycle through Pisces next month, but in the meantime, prepare for it by getting your ducks in a row this month. Prevention of Mercury mishaps includes checking communication devices and vehicles for safety and function, copying and backing up important work and data and most importantly, pumping up the sense of humor.

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