Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Taurus June 1

Just past mid-day on Wednesday, June 1, the Moon and Sun conjoin at 16º Taurus, Venus' earth sign. Venus, as the planet of love, beauty and creativity manifests her gifts in very material form through the sign of Taurus, which is the solid, fixed manifestation of earth energy through the zodiac.

There will be a partial solar eclipse caused by the proximity of the new Moon to Ketu, visible to locations in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

The nakshatra occupied by the conjuncting Sun and Moon is called Rohini, which spans 10°00'-23°20' Taurus. Rohini is ruled by the Moon, and is a domain that promotes growth, fertility and creativity. Meditate on these themes as the new Moon occurs and feel the inspiration toward creative growth, which can be set into motion June 2.

The next new Moon occurs on July 1, and also gives us a partial solar eclipse. All of June therefore contains one lunar cycle with a theme of fertility, growth and production. Do with it what you will!

Jupiter Transits Ashwini June 1 - June 30

This is Jupiter's first complete calendar month within the sign of Aries, and he moves gracefully through the first 10 degrees of Aries during June, which makes up most of the lunar mansion (nakshatra) called Ashwini. Ashwini is the realm of commencement, pace setting and swift action, so with our planet of expansion located here, this supports new ventures quite nicely. Vision and motivation combine to push forward in positive directions.

Beware of perhaps too much positive speculation, and make sure that the goals you set are attainable and the resources needed are available.

Mercury Transits Taurus June 1 - June 13

Mercury amazes us all this month by transiting through two full signs in one month. The energy of quickness that Mercury brings to us can be utilized in a variety of ways, further reflecting the flexibility of Mercury.

Mercury first moved into Taurus on May 30, joining the Sun, and rapidly overtakes the Sun and moves past the Sun and into Gemini on June 13.

Mercury rules communication and exchange, while Taurus rules the throat and voice, so this could be a great fortnight of effective, compassionate communication. Activities that require the alacrity of Mercury and the creativity of Venus should go well during this time: music, speech, writing, decorating, networking.

Venus Transits Taurus June 4 - June 29

Venus joins her friend Mercury and the Sun in Taurus on June 4, making her way rapidly through her own earth sign, exiting to Gemini on June 29. Venus' occupation of her own sign strengthens both Venus and Taurus, which is the scene of transit for many of the inner planets this month.

Venus in Taurus could bring a focus to creative projects that require an artistic approach, while in general promoting attention toward material objects. This would be a good month to connect with and share your belongings, or to find new solutions for how to best use what you have to create a comfortable and beautiful environment.

Venus will be supported by Mercury during the first half of her transit, and inspired by Mars during the second half, when he enters Taurus June 13. This roughly breaks Venus' Taurus transit (which roughly corresponds to the lunar cycle that begins June 1) into two parts. Part one is Venus-Mercury and has to do with generating ideas, collecting materials, communication and networking. Part two is Venus-Mars and will be more focused on execution and building.

Rahu-Ketu Axis Changes Signs June 6

Rahu-Ketu change signs approximately every 18 months, bringing their mysterious, intense and often unavoidable influences to new arenas of life on a slowly rhythmic basis. Unlike the "true" planets, the nodes of the moon move permanently in retrograde motion, which evokes the churning motion that these shadowy planets promote.

Rahu, a force that draws us into interaction in worldly matters, will move from Sagittarius and into Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars. Ketu, a force that pulls us within as a means of self-examination will move from Gemini into Taurus, ruled by Venus, and the site of much activity this month.

It is useful to be aware of the transit of the slower-moving planets (Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn) in one's own birth chart, as they move at a pace that allows one to perceive trends and effects. For example, since Rahu-Ketu have the reputation of bestowing and removing, their transit in one's 4th -10th house axis may give or take away regarding matters of those houses. Home, mother or real estate for the 4th house and career, father or leadership for the 10th house.

This shift also takes away the 10th aspect of Saturn from Ketu and gives Rahu the 3rd aspect of Saturn. The limiting energy of Saturn on Ketu was likely helpful for introspective and spiritual activities, with its tendency to remove and deny. The limiting energy of Saturn as applied to Rahu in the juicy sign of Scorpio may lead us more into the realm of exploration of desire and more specifically, unfulfilled desire. For the next 18 months, we will have the opportunity to learn the difference between want and need.

Saturn Resumes Direct Motion June 13

Saturn, methodically occupying Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, since September 2009, resumes direct motion on June 13. This, the second of Saturn's retrograde periods since his occupation of Virgo, began January 26, 2011.

The already slow action of Saturn is further solidified when retrograde motion is applied. This created an environment where review, questioning and analysis took precedence over action and new territory. With Saturn turning around and pointing his staff forward, we have the support to move forward in new directions, deliberately and responsibly, that is.

This leaves us about 5 months for Saturn to proceed through the last degrees of Virgo, before Saturn moves into Libra on November 15, 2011. Saturn's transit through Virgo has been beneficial in that we are encouraged to review, analyze and take responsibility for our health and actions, both on individual and collective levels.

This summer will be a great time to put into practice new health measures that will support long-term efforts toward creating a balanced life.

Mars Transits Taurus June 13 - July 24

Mars moves into Venus' sign, Taurus on June 13 for a six week transit. Mars brings drive, motivation and power to the creative, connective and beautiful environment of Taurus. This should be a good period for channeling passionate, imaginative energy and for working on and finishing projects that involve planning, materials and resources.

With the relationship-oriented nature of Venus and her sign Taurus hosting passionate and sometimes ardent Mars during the heat of the summer, we could see potential for new romance or relationships, especially for those with strong placements in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Mars' outgoing energy is further enhanced by Rahu's new occupation of Scorpio, ruled by Mars and positioned opposite Taurus.

Mercury Transits Gemini June 13 - June 28

Mercury's second sign to blaze through this month is his own air sign, Gemini. Mercury enters Gemini a couple days before the Sun, and skips quickly ahead, escaping the combustion of the Sun by the last few days of his time in Gemini.

This speedy tour through Gemini will nonetheless be useful in bringing speed, efficiency, learning and open communication into our pursuits during the latter part of June. Gemini's flexible and fast-traveling nature can be harnessed for bringing things rapidly to fruition. This nature can also be distracting and likely to scatter energy. Conserve effort and resources by focusing and keeping to your well-laid-out plans.

Sun Enters Gemini June 15

The Sun's annual visit to Gemini lasts for a month, this time from June 15 to July 17. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, with the reputation for movement, change, education and networking. This is a good time to move quickly and lightly, like on vacation, for example.

Mercury, as owner of both Gemini and Virgo, will continue to be affected by Saturn in the sense that Saturn occupies Mercury's sign. This puts the brakes on Mercury just a tad, which isn't always a bad thing. Mercury's tendency to just dive in and see what happens is nicely balanced by Saturn's cautious nature.

The Sun and Mercury are also both aspected by Saturn via his 10th aspect while they occupy Gemini and Saturn occupies Virgo. This further encourages us to find a good balance between confidence and caution.

We also have the opportunity to learn new things that enhance that which we've understood for a long time. In other words, the wisdom we've gained needn't be pushed aside in order to open up to new concepts.

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius June 15

As the Sun enters Gemini, the Moon moves into its point of fullness and into the sign of Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon, on their way toward their new signs of occupation, move very close to Ketu-Rahu, who occupy the last degree of Taurus-Scorpio. This brings us a total lunar eclipse, fully visible to Eastern Europe, Africa and western/central Asia.

With both the lunar nodes and the Moon/Sun occupying the transitional degrees between signs that we call "sandhi," this full Moon eclipse could indicate a state of instability that brings doubt, obscurity or confusion. The challenge is to keep and protect one's inner clarity and knowing in the midst of self-doubt or disheartening messages from without. We can have our confidence and surety unseated easily during this time; the best solution would be to carve out quiet time to meditate or practice that which keeps us grounded and in touch with what we truly desire on a soul level.

The moment of the full Moon is in the early afternoon, about 1pm, MST. While the eclipse energy dampens the Moon's power, the Moon also receives a beneficial aspect from Jupiter, as well as Mercury, strongly posited in its own sign of Gemini. Communication may seem difficult, but effort put towards it will be greatly appreciated. Focus on that which is good and positive as we navigate the transition and change this month.

The next new Moon is July 1, 2011, just past midnight, and will also yield a partial solar eclipse. The last part of June will be a continuation and deepening of the planetary positions that we reach during the first half of the month. Remember that the lunar cycle can be viewed roughly this way:

  1. New Moon. Time for beginnings. (Start the day after the new Moon.)
  2. Waxing Moon. Building and activity.
  3. Full Moon. Culmination and fruition.
  4. Waning Moon. Breaking down, finishing, letting go.

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