Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon-Partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini July 1

This is the third and final eclipse in a series that began with the partial solar eclipse new Moon of June 1 and continued with the total lunar eclipse on June 15 . Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon conjunct and/or oppose the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. This eclipse will only be visible to areas in the southern hemisphere.

The action of Rahu and Ketu on planets, especially the Moon and Sun, is to block or impede. The lunar nodes are considered "malefic" forces simply due to the fact that they can dampen the power of our two brightest luminaries. They also have the reputation of leading us toward situations that we must endure despite our efforts to avoid them, in some cases.

On July 1, the Sun and Moon conjoin in the middle degrees of Gemini, in the lunar mansion of Ardra, which is ruled by Rahu. Ardra carries the theme of destruction that is necessary for renewal to take place. My poetic depiction of Ardra is a drop of rain perched on a green leaf after a violent storm. Ardra supports actions that require strength and boldness. This first week of July, the new Moon occurs on the 1st, which is best for planning, preparation and purification. Begin to take action on the 2nd for whatever your project is. Use the inspirational message of Ardra to transform with strength and boldness as the Moon begins to gain strength, in the first two weeks of July. The moist and fresh nature of Ardra is a blessing for new beginnings.

Mercury Transits Cancer and Leo July 1 - July 31

Mercury, the planet that orbits closest to the Sun and moves quickly through the zodiac, will transit through the signs ruled by the Moon and Sun respectively, Cancer and Leo during the course of July. Mercury will then embark upon his second retrograde cycle of 2011, from August 8-26, in which he starts in Leo and regresses into the sign of Cancer.

Mercury rules communication and exchange of goods and data; its motion is swift, it rules travel, speech, diplomacy and flexibility. Mercury is also easily influenced by other planets, and during this month, Mercury is running free and clear, able to express his light, quick and friendly energy with flair.

Except for a brief period when the Sun and Mercury conjunct during Mercury's retrograde in mid-August, Mercury will continue to enjoy this condition of non-combustion with the Sun and freedom from heavy influence by other planets through September. This could be generally a favorable time for travel (be careful and methodical if traveling during the retrograde cycle), writing, networking and work that requires communication, learning, teaching and exchange.

Mercury gets along well in most situations, but is not in naturally harmonious territory in either Cancer or Leo, the signs of Mother and Father. Mercury is youthful yet independent, and may feel challenged in the emotional and traditional environment of family that Cancer and Leo represent. It will be an interesting time to open channels of communication with whatever represents mother, father, home and community to you. Its a good time to share what the world shows you on your daily Mercurial adventures.

Venus Combust July 7 - September 21

During July, Venus moves her way through Gemini and enters Cancer on July 23. Throughout this next three months, Venus will be “combust,” which means that it will be within 10 degrees of the Sun. Because of the overwhelming power of the Sun, planets that are too close lose their power of expression. The Sun rules the self and Venus rules relationship to the other, so themes of self-other-relationship may be prevalent during July, August and September.

This is the part of the Venus cycle known as the Superior Conjunction, which is exact in mid-August. This period is when Venus transitions from her role as morning star to her role as evening star. More on that next month.

Venus is in comfortable territory in Mercury's Gemini, and could aid in both creative self expression as well as in communication or collaboration with others. Then Venus moves to Cancer on July 23, catches up with the Sun and enters Leo on August 17. Cancer, as the domain of home, mother and roots, can be explored via the lens of self-expression with focus on the other as Venus and Sun move through that sign.

Because of this Venus-Sun combination during the next three months, it is advisable to prepare for situations in which self-interest will easily overpower concern for others. This could be useful for those who need to learn how to take care of themselves in a more central way. For those who may indulge too much in self-interest, this could be a good time to get in shape with making an effort to put others before the self.

A good thing to remember, either way, is that while in our human condition we perceive a clear delineation between self and other, the truth behind this illusion is that we are all one, and there is no true separation between one and the other.

Full Moon in Sagittarius July 14

As the Moon waxes during the first two weeks of July, it moves toward a beautiful full position in the late degrees of Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius, on July 14. Jupiter aspects the full Moon, further lending a positive fire to the culmination of this lunar cycle. The Sun will occupy the last degrees of Gemini, giving a theme of transition to this cycle, as Sagittarius and Gemini are both signs of mutable nature. Rather than a sense of finality, this feels more like a cycle that will build into the next.

Sun Enters Cancer July 16

The Sun will transit through Cancer July 16-August 17, closely accompanied by Venus. The Sun represents the self, the father, divine will and central purpose, and Cancer is the sign of home, mother, emotional sensitivity and family growth. So, the chemistry of the Sun moving through Cancer can be very conducive to focus on the home, spending time with family and making strong community connections.

Jupiter Enters Bharani Nakshatra July 17

Jupiter continues to move through Mars' fire sign, Aries, through June 2012. This month, on July 17, Jupiter moves from Ashwini nakshatra (lunar mansion covering 0-13°20' of the sign of Aries) to Bharani nakshatra (lunar mansion covering 13°20'-26°40' of Aries.) The symbol for Bharani is the female reproductive organ, and the themes of Bharani center around union of male and female, creativity and desire. Jupiter represents our capacity for expansion, evolution and positive growth, so during the time that Jupiter transits Bharani (July 17, 2011-May 3, 2012) we have the opportunity to find expansion through exploration of creativity in its many forms (artistic, parental, engineering, spiritual, etc.)

Jupiter can sometimes lead one toward over-indulgence or over-speculation, so be aware of maintaining a healthy balance while creating.

Mars Enters Gemini July 25

The mutable nature of Mercury's Gemini combined with the powerful presence of Mars can give us fuel to move, learn and grow. Mars will occupy Gemini from July 25 -September 8. This could be a good time to explore new places, travel, or put great effort into learning.

Mars will move from Taurus, Venus' earth sign that is fixed and stable in nature. We may feel a shift in how we channel our energy as Mars changes location. Where as we may have been building foundation and fueling projects with tangible materials while Mars occupied Taurus, Mars' transit through Gemini may put our equipment into motion and propel us forward through journeys that move us quickly through learning experiences.

New Moon in Cancer July 30

With the new Moon of July 30, we experience our first new Moon after the eclipse cycle that will be free of direct effect of Rahu and Ketu on the Moon and Sun.

The Moon joins Venus in her close proximity to the Sun in the zodiac from our earthly perspective, and the new Moon occurs at 13° Cancer, in the lunar mansion Pushya, considered to be one of the most auspicious lunar mansions.

Pushya is good for growth of new form, in that it expands efforts done with discipline. Pushya has several symbols: a circle, a flower and an arrow. The flower represents the blossoming energy experienced in this nakshatra. The circle represents the potential state of wholeness that can be attained. The arrow represents the fortitude to focus energy toward a goal.

This new lunar cycle then has the potential to fructify our efforts. As we experience the day of the new Moon, listen quietly for marching orders and gather strength for the efforts you will put forth for your ventures during the first two weeks of August.

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