Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu Maintain Posture February 1 - February 28

The outer planets and the lunar nodes maintain their positions in the four mutable signs throughout the month: Ketu occupies Gemini, retrograde Saturn occupies Virgo, Rahu occupies Sagittarius and Jupiter occupies Pisces. This creates an environment for transition and change.

Gemini and Virgo are Mercury's signs, while Sagittarius and Pisces are Jupiter's signs. Mercury's energy benefits communication, exchange and movement, while Jupiter's positive influence encourages expansion, learning and promotion of truth.

The expansive nature of Jupiter in opposition to the contractive nature of Saturn encourages the practice of balance to maintain health. The lessons we experience during this time directly relate to creating challenges that lead us toward finding balance within evolutionary cycles. Letting go leads to acquisition, macrocosmic expansion leads to individuation, responsibility leads to freedom.

New Moon in Capricor February 2

The moment of the new Moon occurs in the evening of February 2 at 20° Capricorn. Joining the Moon and Sun in Saturn's earth sign are Mars, exactly conjunct the new Moon, and Mercury, occupying the early degrees of Capricorn. This brings several influences to bear on the beginning of this new lunar cycle.

First, there is powerful Mars, exalted in Capricorn. Capricorn is Saturn's earth sign, and expresses Saturn's capacity for boundary and limitation. Capricorn creates a channel for Mars' energy. With the determination and discipline of Saturn, the power of Mars can be maximized.

The positive momentum of Mars adds energy to projects and efforts undertaken during this time. The new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Shravana, which is associated with learning, especially with knowledge that helps one to transcend the material realm. The day and evening of the new Moon would be well honored by a meditative focus on listening and perception of subtle communication.

As the Moon waxes, Mars moves through the last half of Capricorn. Maximize the potential of the first part of February for projects that require discipline, focus and fortitude.

Venus-Rahu Conjunction February 3

Venus moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius on January 29, approaching Rahu for an exact conjunction on February 3. Recall the set of recent eclipses, caused by the lunar nodes conjuncting and/or opposing the Sun and Moon. The area around the nodes is a bit charged by these recent interactions, and Venus will be the next in line to move through this area.

The transformative nature of eclipse points is often disruptive, but encourages movement that is necessary for evolution. With the planet that rules love, relationship and beauty passing by this point, we may feel some sensitivity in this arena.

This meeting of Venus and Rahu occurs in Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius, a realm of expansion, adventure and evolution. Jupiter himself is currently transiting through his other sign, watery Pisces, and during that transit brings to mind the nature of evolution as cyclical. Pisces is the last sign, and signals endings and the natural progression to beginnings. Jupiter's presence in Pisces through the end of April 2011 amplifies this truth; this evolutionary theme is carried over into Jupiter's other realm, Sagittarius.

Venus moves through this realm as the month progresses, moving out into Capricorn on February 24. This could be a time when relationship and connection with others goes through a necessary period of adjustment. The adjustment could seem unexpected, radical or especially charged. If difficulties arise, align with the truth of the situation that will remain beyond any temporary circumstances.

Sun Enters Aquarius February 12

The influence of Saturn remains active on many of the planets during the next couple of months, as they begin to move through his air sign, Aquarius. While Capricorn manifests Saturn's principles in a practical, material way, Aquarius shows the side of Saturn that is concerned with more abstract principles like karmic responsibility and ego surrender.

The Sun will lead the way into Aquarius, shifting the environment of our collective soul into the realm where true humility and humanity can be explored. Aquarius is where themes of ego surrender, sacrifice for others and service to humanity abound.

The truth that personal actions have effects on the collective become apparent in the philosophical environment of Aquarius, as does the the truth that the personal and the collective are one. The season for experiencing what comes around and what goes around has arrived.

Mars Enters Aquarius February 15

Mars joins the Sun a few days later, clipping along at a healthy pace after his productive time in Capricorn. Mars slows down a bit in Aquarius, exiting Saturn's air sign in late March. The projects and work begun under the auspices of Mars in Capricorn will not suffer as Mars moves into Aquarius, although new perspectives on the goals and purposes of the work may come into being. The fixed nature of Aquarius will actually be supportive in finishing projects.

This can also be a good time for exploring when to move forward and push ahead as opposed to when to retire and delay. The urgent nature of Mars in the cautious, sensitive region of Aquarius can create situations that promote the practice of patience and restraint.

Full Moon in Leo February 18

Opposite Aquarius in more than position, Leo is the location for February's full Moon that culminates very early in the morning on Friday, February 18. The Moon will be opposite the Sun in Aquarius, as well as opposite Mars, also occupying the early degrees of Saturn's air sign.

The central, solar nature of Leo encourages self-expression as the Moon reaches full strength this month. The urge to express and share generously may be felt during this time, especially inspired by Mars and Sun, two planets with very self-oriented tendencies, traveling through territory that encourages selflessness.

Mercury Transits Aquarius February 18 - March 6

Hours after the moment of the full Moon, Mercury joins Mars and Sun in Aquarius and rapidly makes his way through that sign in only two weeks. The planet that represents our capacity for communication and exchange brings quickness and alacrity to Aquarius, facilitating understanding and injecting mutability into an environment with a fixed nature.

Venus Enters Capricorn February 24

Venus enters the scene of all of the Mars-Saturn hard work, Capricorn, toward month's end. Venus comes out of the transformative environment of Sagittarius after the conjunction with Rahu. Capricorn is a friendly sign to Venus, as Saturn and Venus are natural friends. Venus will take about a month to move through Capricorn.

This transit supports determination and hard work in the realm of relationship and creative pursuits. This would be a very good time to work on creative projects that require discipline, patience and expression of beauty and connection. The natural structure of Capricorn creates a practical channel for the creative and compassionate energy of Venus.

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