Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2011

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury in Retrograde Continues April 1 - April 23

This Mercury Retrograde cycle is interesting, in that it begins at 0° of Aries, the first sign in the zodiac cycle. Planets located in the transitional zones between signs can give effects that are unstable, scattered, or temporary. Mercury entered the current retrograde period on the afternoon of March 30, and continues traversing back into Pisces until the early morning of April 23.

Because Mercury in retrograde motion already has the effect of making connections difficult, it is advised to put off initiating important actions until Mercury returns to forward motion. This period may be very challenging to actions that require direct, clear and precise communication. Double check meeting times, plans and schedules. Back up important data and check vehicles for proper functioning. Do not expect things to go as planned. Expect reversals and abrupt changes. Do not forget to pack your sense of humor.

With the beginning of the cycle landing at the beginning of beginnings in the zodiac and then retreating back into the zodiac's last sign, Pisces, where Mercury is debilitated, we have yet another layer of obfuscation for Mercury. There is clearly a call to slow down, review and refine. There is another call to finish what needs to be finished. We must integrate lessons and let go of things that are no longer relevant in order to prepare for a new growth cycle.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and exchange of whatever: words, data, commodities, etc. Our modern world with its networks and global exchange relies heavily on Mercurial energy to keep things moving. Have patience in situations that may arise that slow things down or completely require a change. This is Mercury's way of giving us the opportunity to make sure things are right before we move on.

Mars and Jupiter Spend the Month in Pisces April 1 - April 30

Mars and Jupiter both occupy Pisces during the month of April, and it should be noted that the Sun exits Pisces on April 13. Mars, Jupiter and the Sun are all natural friends, however, things do get crowded in a sign after awhile. They also occupy a friendly sign to all of them, Jupiter-ruled Pisces.

Pisces is the realm of endings and dissolution, and also represents a wisdom that is mature, universal and benevolent. Jupiter's influence injects positivity into the concept of loss: in Pisces we focus on the universal consciousness that transcends form. We see that the new is built on the foundation of what has passed before and we link the past, present and future to our evolutionary path.

Jupiter's presence in Pisces constitutes the last month of his 12-month traverse of Pisces. This is the time to dive into the big picture. See how the past has created the present and realize that the present will evolve. This is really a time of assessment, to fully perceive current situations and to understand them in a way that will create positive choices for the future. Focus on what is essential to the purpose and imagine how to expand further.

Mars also moves through Pisces during this month, which introduces another layer of complexity to the dance. Where Jupiter is expansive, Mars is driving. With Mars, we learn to channel, express and manage power. Mars has an impatient energy, and as we swirl around in Pisces, realizing the infinite possibilities, there may be a voice that arises and declares that we need to get moving already. Jumping the gun is not advised this month. Bite the bullet and be patient. Focus that drive on fully assimilating lessons in order to make wise choices for how to proceed.

Mars gets right in Mercury's face starting on April 15 and continuing until April 25. Mars can be aggressive and controlling, while Mercury can be easily influenced and flexible. I can see this creating volatile (yet underwater) situations around communication. Be aware of the possibility of frustrating communication and prepare as needed. Also, be protective of the hands and arms during this time.

New Moon in Pisces April 3

Adding more Piscean influence into the mix, this month's lunar cycle begins with the new Moon in Pisces on Sunday morning, April 3. This occurs in the lunar mansion of Revati, the final lunar mansion in the cycle of 27. Does anyone else detect a theme here?

This is also a good time to put out the reminder that during all of this Pisces activity, retrograde Saturn occupies Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces. This creates a situation where Saturn influences that which happens in Pisces and that which happens in Pisces influences Saturn.

Saturn's current position urges responsible analysis, patient review and an air of objective detachment. All that goes on in Pisces urges us on to re-cap, review and reassess before an inevitable new beginning. Now is the time to identify and learn from past mistakes. Now is the time to detach from that which no longer serves. Now is the time to expand the mind toward all possibilities in the spirit of forging something new.

The day of the new Moon is generally best for meditative activities. This could be a great day to spend quiet time near water, in order to connect in a physical way with the cosmic ocean that Pisces represents. Initiating new actions just after the new moon, as is usually recommended, could be foregone in this case. If possible to wait on big moves, wait until May, when we will be more supported in moving forward and starting new things.

Sun Enters Aries April 14

Of all the planets swirling around in Pisces, it is so classy that the Sun moves into Aries first. The Sun represents our soul and soul purpose, so it is appropriate to lead with that aspect as we begin to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, meaning that it functions to the best of its ability. Aries, as the first sign, encourages initiative and action. A youthful spirit exudes from Aries, with hope for the future, plans to build new structure and confidence in abilities. While the Sun literally becomes more powerful for the northern hemisphere during this month, we feel the generosity of our day star feed and energize our plans and desires.

Venus Transits Pisces April 15 - May 10

It was getting really crowded in Pisces, so with one out, we get one in. Venus, planet of beauty, love and relationship, enters Pisces on April 15. This provides a nice counterbalance to Mars' energy, although not necessarily by canceling it out.

While Mars is aggressive, Venus is compassionate, so if you feel your communication (Mercury) getting squeezed into elevated situations, remember that Venus is there to help you identify with and understand others while you skillfully express what you want.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, so like the Sun in Aries, will be functioning at her highest potential. The world could use an infusion of universal compassion right about now. This would be a good time to interject some art therapy into the mix. As we review and finish that which lingers, accessing our creative channel may help as we dream about what is to come, as we dream about how to evolve our lives.

Full Moon in Libra April 17

The Moon reaches fullness late in the evening on April 17 in Venus' air sign, Libra. This mutually strengthens both the Moon and Venus because Venus is exalted and the strong Moon is located in Venus' sign. This would be a great night for celebration of the feminine spirit. Call your mother, your grandmother, your sister and ask about how they are moving through what's old and what's new.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion April 23

Mercury stops and does the about-face early in the morning of Saturday, April 23 at 18° degrees of Pisces. Slowly gaining momentum, he follows Mars out of Pisces and finally moves into Aries on May 10. Mercury and Venus will be traveling in tandem, moving through Pisces as April winds down.

Venus' exaltation may ease the debility of Mercury some, while Mercury's debilitation may hinder Venus some. It may be a case of feeling deeply and widely while being unable to express in words. As April comes to a close, we can enjoy our last days in the wide seas of Pisces as we look toward the horizon for what is to come. As May dawns, and our group of planets moves to Aries, we may feel a sudden shift into drive.

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