Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus and Mars Enter Libra September 1 - September 6

Venus exits Virgo, her sign of debilitation, and enters Libra, her own sign, on September 1. Mars follows closely behind Venus and enters Libra on September 6. In the past few months, Venus has pursued Mars, caught up, and passed by him in the zodiac as of late August. They will remain in conjunction with one another through September, which gives us the opportunity to work with the energies of these two planets that represent the feminine and masculine aspects of human being.

There are two groups of friends among the planets. One is Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter and the other is Mercury, Venus and Saturn, putting Mars and Venus into separate groups. While not friendly in the natural sense that they have different energetic signatures, Mars and Venus share the quality of passion, and because of this they also share a mutual attraction, although they have different means of expressing that passion. In short, when Venus and Mars interact, the potential for expression of human passion in its varied forms increases.

The power of Venus as she transits through Libra increases and brings out the philosophical creativity and loving connection that Venus represents. This is a great time for conceiving new creative projects or relationships, and this environment sustains through the end of 2010, due to Venus going into retrograde motion in October and remaining in Libra for an extended period. Expression of love, beauty and devotion is supported during this time. This mood can be intoxicating, so be aware that Venus also holds the power of glamour and illusion, so keep at least on foot firmly on the ground to create a realistic anchor as you create a beautiful new expression of love.

While Venus has a passion for other, Mars has a passion for self, and the combination of the two can give the opportunity for creating a sense of balance with that passion. All the while, the opposition between Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo is still in effect, which is creating a big call for all to create balance between expansion into the big picture and contraction into the relevant details. During the first half of September, we see Venus and Mars on one side of Saturn, while Sun and Mercury flank Saturn from the other side. Looking at this configuration in the chart, the effect of an arrow is created, giving the sense of forward movement with perfect balance and support. Make it happen this month!

New Moon in Leo September 8

The new Moon occurs early in the morning of Wednesday, September 8, at 21° Leo, in the lunar mansion Purva Phalguni, which translates as "fruit of the tree." This nakshatra is ruled by the diety Bhaga, the ruler of good fortune and happiness. Purva Phalguni is associated with enjoyment and healthy pleasures. This would be a good point at which to begin projects that support healing and revitalization.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion September 13

Mercury goes direct at 11° Leo on Monday September 13. Wait for about a week to make forward movement on any "big" actions like contract signing, opening businesses or other commitments that require stability. Until then, maintain a steady stance and deliberate approach regarding travel, communication and business.

Sun Enters Virgo September 16

The Sun leaves Mercury to turn things around as he moves from his own sign of Leo into Mercury's sign, Virgo on September 16. This puts the two planets in a nice exchange of signs until the end of the month. That exchange will be a good environment for clear self-expression, so combined with the passionate creativity endowed by Venus and Mars in Libra, it should be a nice fortnight for communication, relationships and creative projects.

While the Sun has his month in Virgo, he will joining Saturn. This leaves the planet of ego expression (Sun) and the planet of ego negation (Saturn) sharing an apartment for a month. Again, we are blessed with another opportunity to create balance between opposing forces that act to shape humans into beautifully evolving creatures. These two ego champions working together in Virgo may create situations that put us on stage only to humble us quickly. The dual nature of Mercury, and therefore Virgo, could encourage an interesting inner dialogue in which we genuinely explore how to humbly express the deep soul urges that define us as individuals. Jupiter is still opposite Virgo, occupying his own sign of Pisces, casting a positive, expansive influence on Saturn and Sun as they cohabitate.

Full Moon in Pisces September 23

The Moon reaches full strength early in the morning of Thursday, September 23, at 6° Pisces, opposing the Sun and Saturn in Virgo while conjuncting retrograde Jupiter. The configuration for this full Moon is particularly auspicious: the Moon is strong and creates even more positive, expansive energy by joining with Jupiter; the Sun and Saturn are surrounded on either side by the positive influences of Mercury on one side and the Venus/Mars conjunction in Libra on the other side; and the nodal axis created by Rahu and Ketu in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis acts as a harmless base for all the planets. The strong placements on the Virgo/Pisces and Sagittarius/Gemini axis creates what is called a "Grand Cross" in western astrology, and although not officially recognized by jyotish, creates an environment of stability and power. The final week of September therefore is a good time to achieve that balance that you've been working toward and to enjoy a sense of positive expansion and creative growth.

Mecury Enters Virgo September 30

Moving surely in direct motion, Mercury enters his own earth sign, Virgo, on September 30, joining Saturn and Sun. Dancing double time through Virgo, Mercury passes the Sun and Saturn, moving into Libra on October 16. Mercury's fast movement signals a shifting time that will manifest during early October, as we harvest and prepare for the dormancy of winter. Enjoy the golden days during the end of September and at the beginning of October, and be sure to maximize that opportunity for bringing balance to your many pursuits.

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