Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

New Moon in Libra November 5

As November dawns, most of the visible planets are grouped in the signs of Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. This brings forth the autumnal themes of harvest, bringing resources into balance and preparation for the cold and dark season. The moment of the new Moon occurs late in the evening of Friday, November 5 in Venus' air sign, Libra. This brings a very Venus-inspired theme to the new Moon, and to the month of November.

Venus is currently retrograde and will also occupy Libra along with the Sun and Moon. The new Moon also occurs on Friday, which is known as Venus' day of the week. Retrograde planets are relatively closer to earth, so they shine brighter in the sky and exercise more of their power, astrologically speaking. Venus lends strength to the Moon, whose influence weakens during the new Moon. Venus also bolsters the Sun, whose power is debilitated in the sign of Libra.

The day of the new Moon Is good for conception and planning, with action beginning the next day. Certain actions are well supported by the Venus-driven planetary positions. Venus rules relationships and love because of the human capacity to connect that Venus represents. Explore your relationships, how you love and how that reflects your need to connect with others. Explore new ways of expressing love, such as through art, music or poetry.

As we enter into the dark time of winter in the northern hemisphere, join Venus and locate the flame of passion within; use it as a guide and as a medium.

Mercury Transits Scorpio November 5 - November 25

Mercury moves at breakneck speed from the familiar and friendly territory of Libra into the dark waters of Scorpio on the day of the new Moon. He tags Mars on November 20 and moves on into Jupiter's Sagittarius on November 25. Mercury's quick movement through the signs makes him the messenger: carrying the harvest energy of Virgo and creative connection of Libra with him.

Mercury represents our human capacity to exchange energy, which supports the Venus capacity as humans to connect. Mercury rules communication, exchange of commodities, and the capacity to quickly understand and apply data. Because Mercury and Mars will interact during the heart of this month, we could take advantage of Mercury's quickness and alacrity by applying those qualities to projects that require deep research.

While Mars has inherent drive to work and produce, Mercury's influence would be good for keeping our work relevant and current during this month. Mars in Scorpio tends to plunge deep into the dark places, which is necessary to get the job done sometimes. Mercury reminds us of the bigger picture and provides a channel to the surface so that we don't stuck deep in the mine with Mars this month.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius November 25, followed closely by Mars. The next Mercury retrograde period occurs during holiday season 2010, December 10-30.

Sun Moves From Libra to Scorpio November 16

As Mercury prepares to move on from Mars' water sign, the Sun enters, bringing some light into dark places. The Sun gains power by moving to Scorpio, as it is a friendly sign for the Sun and because it will no longer occupy its sign of debilitation.

The Sun represents the human capacity for individual purpose and will. In Libra, where the focus is on connection with others, the Sun doesn't function well. In Scorpio, where the focus is on deep exploration and expression of power, the Sun has a better environment to exercise his will.

The sign of Scorpio has a cold, dark and lonely mood, which parallels the mood created by the Sun on its autumnal journey south. In the still quiet created by the season, we have the opportunity to explore how we generate our own light and power. Discover the reality of individual power as a valuable resource.

Jupiter Resumes Direct Motion November 18

The outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, slip out of the state of opposition to one another for about a month starting November 1, when retrograde Jupiter moves back into Aquarius. Jupiter has been moving in retrograde motion since July, which has kept in check the quality of expansion and growth that Jupiter exemplifies.

Jupiter's path through Capricorn and Aquarius from November 2008-April 2010 coincided with what proved to be very rough economic times for many in the world. His entrance into his own sign of Pisces in May 2010 provided a surge of hope and positivity. That surge was retarded by Jupiter's retrograde cycle, which lasted throughout the summer months and into this autumn season.

This period of retrograde did not completely extinguish Jupiter's ability to express the qualities of positive expansion and evolution, but severely slowed things down. With Saturn's position in Virgo creating direct influence on Jupiter, this only increased the the sense that we're moving so slowly that we're actually retreating. This creates a frustrating situation where we see what needs to change and we have ideas about how to proceed, but we are forced into the back seat to wait until the brakes release.

This sense may be further intensified during November, when Jupiter further retreats into recently covered territory. Although Jupiter begins direct motion again on November 18, he must first work his way through the last degrees of Aquarius, emerging again into Pisces on December 6. This will give Jupiter five months to make his way through Pisces in forward motion, which gives us the chance to express our own Jupiter capacity of expansion.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on one's desire to rapidly expand, Jupiter and Saturn will remain in opposition through the remainder of Jupiter's transit through Pisces. Additionally, Saturn begins a retrograde cycle in Virgo at the end of January 2011. So, our wise teachers, the outer planets, require that we continue move with deliberation, patience, humility and care. Address feelings of frustration with compassion and understanding.

Pisces, Jupiter's own water sign, is the last sign of the zodiac and provides an environment that supports dissolution. In Pisces, we focus on the letting go that endings require in order to recreate and begin anew. The next six months, while Jupiter and our collective sense of expansion and growth make way toward a new beginning, is a good time for a spiritual review. Step away from the current situation and view your life as a set of cycles. Look particularly at the last cycle and try to understand it from an evolutionary perspective. Assimilate the wisdom gleaned from your lessons, let go of what no longer serves the situation and formulate intention for the upcoming cycle. Create space so that expansion may occur.

Venus Resumes Direct Motion November 19

One day after Jupiter turns direct, so does Venus. They have a further connection, in that Jupiter will now occupy Aquarius for a few weeks, which puts Venus under Jupiter's auspicious aspect.

Aspects can be understood as a measure of influence, and the way Jupiter is built, he influences the other signs of the same element that he occupies. For example, when Jupiter is in the air sign Aquarius, he influences any planets occupying the other air signs, Gemini and Libra. Jupiter's aspect is usually considered beneficial. So, Jupiter will help support Venus between November 1-December 6.

During mid-November, as Venus resumes direct motion, her power will increase. She occupies her own sign of Libra, which gives strength to Venus. No malefic influences affect her due to aspect from other planets. As mentioned, Jupiter gives strength to Venus also. Venus has just begun a new cycle and now appears to us as the morning star.

In support of the shift Jupiter will make next year, allow Venus and the qualities of creativity and love to function as a crucible for dream and vision. Become friends with a sketch pad or journal in which you allow yourself to connect with the creatively intuitive aspect of yourself that knows the truth. Allow it to speak, write, sing, dance and express. This will be a valuable tool that can be applied both to the current Sun-Mars-Mercury deep exploration venture in Scorpio and to the long term Jupiter-Saturn balancing act in Pisces-Virgo.

Venus remains in Libra through the end of 2010.

Full Moon in Taurus November 21

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and also ruler of the earth sign Taurus. The Moon reaches the apex of her strength this month as she enters Taurus on November 21 and meets the glance of the Sun head-on. The Moon is also exalted in this position, which further gives a jolt of sweet feminine power to Venus.

This is the culmination of the cycle begun during the new Moon on November 5. Interestingly, that occurred in Venus' air sign, Libra. November is the time for conception of creative efforts. Get your art on, people! Alone with others, it doesn't matter. Since Jupiter and Saturn aren't ready for us to lurch ahead into uncharted and virgin territory, let's bring out the beauty in our slow growth.

Mars Moves From Scorpio to Sagittarius November 29

Ever since September 11, 2001, I get nervous when Mars moves into the first section of Sagittarius, the lunar mansion called Mula. On that day, there was a conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Mula. This month, we have Ketu's counterpart Rahu located in Mula, so perhaps the opposite of September 11, 2001 will occur this month.

Seriously, though. Ketu and Mars will oppose one another, and any connection between these two forces has the reputation for explosiveness and intensity. Combined with the somewhat dry conditions of the current planetary configuration, this could cause some unwanted drama during the onset of winter. Watch out for ego flareups that quickly escalate.

Mercury also occupies Sagittarius during this time, so use the power of communication and quick wits to diffuse incendiary scenarios. Mars and Mercury in the same sign, courageous Sagittarius, is actually a great source of energy for work on projects that require engineering and communication. Please channel that fire toward the most beneficial ends.

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