Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

May 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Jupiter Enters Pisces May 1

As it turns out, May promises several major planetary shifts, the first of which is the entrance of Jupiter into his own water sign, Pisces, on May 1. The financial crisis that began in 2008 coincided with Jupiter's transit through Capricorn, his sign of debility, and we've seen a bit of stabilization during Jupiter's pass through Aquarius. Jupiter's natural tendencies toward faith, hope and expansion may encourage us to mirror those aspects of positive growth as he transits through the zodiac's final sign for the next year. Jupiter spends roughly one year in a sign, and by moving into Pisces, Jupiter also moves into a one-year opposition to Saturn, who will occupy Virgo through November 2011.

Jupiter and Saturn represent the opposite forces of expansion and contraction, so by opposing one another in the zodiac for the next year, they offer us the opportunity to create a healthy balance of those two forces within our own lives and evolutionary path. Jupiter in Pisces gives us the gift of completely immersing ourselves in the perception of universal truth, which can give us the relaxed and peaceful acceptance of all eventualities, as well as the confidence to move forward into unknown territory with a inquisitive sense of adventure. Counterbalance this with Saturn's cautious and realistic approach, flavored by his position in Virgo, which gives Saturn an analytical lens through which to view our collective approach toward health, food and physical movement (Virgo). This opposition is an excellent environment for creating a slowly growing but healthy and tenable approach toward reform as we recover from our collective slump.

Jupiter in Pisces is an excellent position for accessing and connecting with universal truth and spiritual teachers, and for expressing these experiences in a reverent and ceremonial way. Saturn's opposition may be useful in helping us channel the expansive truth with which we connect into practical means.

Mercury Resumes Direct Motion May 12

Mercury's retrograde cycle has provided a suitably exciting and bumpy ride this time around: missed connections, communication mishaps and plans gone haywire have all been in evidence. Direct motion of Mercury resumes on Wednesday, May 12, but the frenetic effects of Mercury gone topsy-turvy could be felt for up to one week after that. Hold off until about May 20 to sign important contracts, to break ground on building projects or to open the doors of a new business or office, if possible. With Saturn also retrograde in Mercury's sign of Virgo, that only further punctuates the message to go slowly or wait.

New Moon in Aries May 13

The new Moon of May occurs at 29° Aries, right around sunset on Thursday, May 13. This is a slight improvement over the past six months' new moons, which have all occurred at 0° of the various signs behind Aries in the rotation. The last degree of a sign is still considered sandhi, which is the transitional zone between signs, and is not fully the best influence for new beginnings, which is usually what we associate with the beginning of a lunar cycle. This will be the second new Moon in a row that occurs in Mars' fire sign, Aries: one at the beginning and one at the end. This time, the new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Krittika, which spans the last degrees of Aries and the first part of Taurus, and is located in the constellation known as the Pleiades. Krittika is ruled by the Sun and is associated with Agni, the god of fire. Literally, Krittika translates as "the cutters" and is associated with edged weapons, which symbolically give one the power to cut through negativity. So, let this lunar cycle be a time for clearing, purifying and preparing your ground for new growth. And please watch where you swing that sword.

Sun in Taurus May 15 - June 14

The Sun, with the Moon in tow, enters Venus' earth sign just as Venus prepares to move on to her next encounter. The Sun remains free of aspects from any of the other planets during his whole month in Taurus. This gives us the opportunity to allow our souls (Sun) to connect with fertile ground of the earth (Taurus), unimpeded. Spend as much time as possible this month in nature, allowing the earth and its natural beauty to inspire your own creativity. Feel the connection with the planet we call home, including its creatures, the weather, and the burgeoning life of spring. This would be a great month for creative pursuits including all forms of art, music and writing. Allow yourself to sink into the earth and feel the rhythm of life, literally or figuratively as we move toward the summer solstice.

Venus Enters Gemini May 15

Venus transits through Mercury's air sign, Gemini, from May 15-June 8, making a conjunction with Ketu, the south node of the Moon, on May 30. Venus represents the human capacity for love, devotion and connection with others, and enjoys the light and moveable environment of Gemini. This will be a good period for creative communication and lighthearted but meaningful social interaction. The combination of Venus in Gemini with the Sun in Taurus will be extremely supportive of creative expression, especially through writing, speech and voice. Venus' proximity to Ketu, may inspire a desire to connect with the Self, and to turn within for direction and guidance in our creative endeavors. The only aspect Venus received during her time in Gemini will be from Saturn, who occupies Mercury's other sign, Virgo. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are considered "natural" friends, so this triad of energies should allow us to successfully harmonize our creativity and relationships (Venus), our communication and exchange (Mercury) and our discipline and detachment (Saturn.)

Mars Enters Leo May 27

Thursday, May 27, would be a great day for a humble celebration in honor of Mars, who finally moves out from his sign of debilitation and into territory where he can exercise his immense capacity for drive and power in an unimpeded fashion. Mars makes his way through the Sun's sign, Leo, as the summer ripens, moving to join Saturn in Virgo in mid-July. As June comes on, we may feel a renewed sense of vitality relating to forward movement in regards to our own exercise of personal power and resources. Projects that have languished may receive a new boost. Mars in Leo is a fiery combination, so don't get carried away with the sudden access to a large cache of fire power. A great energetic companion to this feeling to freely move ahead would be the axis of balance created by expansive Jupiter and cautious Saturn. This word of caution is an echo of that inspired by the new Moon in Krittika earlier in the month. Learning to wield power requires courage, humility and respect for the self and for others.

Full Moon in Scorpio May 27

The Moon is completely on board with the celebration for Mars, reaching its point of fullness during the afternoon of May 27, in Mars' water sign, Scorpio. The full Moon occurs at 12° Scorpio, in the lunar mansion Anuradha, which promotes friendship, right action and cooperation. The Moon, who has been the landlady of Mars for the past six months, may further enjoy a lightness to her own expression due to the new absence of frustrated power in her own domain. The Scorpio aspect of Mars represents power that is hidden or below the surface, so the full Moon's presence there can often bring light to situations that may have been bubbling below the visible surface of things. This will be a great week for introspection, and for renewing the conscious approach to issues that may have been buried for a time.

Saturn Resumes Direct Motion May 30

Saturn ends his 4.5 month retrograde cycle on May 30, creating a situation where all of the visible planets are once again moving in forward motion. When asked over the last six months when things are going to start improving, in general, for all of us, the answer from my lips has been, "Starting in June." With Mars out of Cancer, with Jupiter moving to Pisces and with Saturn resuming forward motion, we could be on the brink of times that may not feel so challenging and rife with negative situations. Saturn in Virgo represents our collective task of health reform on personal, national and global levels. The first part of this year has been marked by review and reconciliation of the health imbalance that we experience as individuals and as a culture. As Saturn resumes forward motion through Virgo, we are invited to analyze and find a healing balance for all aspects of that which creates health in the body, including food, medicine and physical activity. While Saturn travels slowly through Virgo for the next 1.5 years, apply Saturn's gifts of restraint, fortitude and detachment in attempting to create health for your body, mind and spirit. Use the methodical wisdom of Saturn to develop a tenable program that supports health for yourself, your family and for your community.

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