Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

March 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Transits Pisces March 2 - March 27

While Mars continues his struggle through his sign of debilitation, Venus glides into her sign of exaltation, passing through Pisces swiftly from March 2-27. It is not unusual for Venus to pass through Jupiter's water sign, the final sign of the zodiac, during the advent of spring (in the northern hemisphere.) Spring, like Pisces, explores the theme of the transition from death to life, of coming back from the nebulous underworld while holding the flame of life and intention. The dark and cold concept of death, or nothingness, is what frightens and intimidates most humans more than anything, we as holders of the flame, semi-conscious that we exist and terrified of losing that gift. Winter is when we get to witness the earth itself turning inward and hardening, the plants withering and retracting, and the animal kingdom hibernating and building protection from the cold which equals death. As the earth moves toward the vernal equinox, we feel the stir of life again: Venus, as the planet of love and beauty encourages us (the earth, the plants, the animals) to create anew this month. Bring art, beauty, music and connection into a state of revival. This is a balm in the midst of difficult and barren environments. Make beauty of struggle. Glide through problems leaving them astonishingly more beautiful than imaginable.

Mars Resumes Direct Motion March 10

Retrograde Mars slows down and comes about during the second week of March. Recently, Mars debilitated in Cancer is a major topic in the forecast. This agent of drive and power that makes up a part of each of us is going through a difficult, frustrating and seemingly unproductive phase as he cycles through the zodiac. Mars doesn't always spend six months in his sign of debilitation; generally Mars' speed gives him about 2.5 months to get through a sign, but as fate would have it, this time Mars gets stuck in Cancer for six months, due to this retrograde cycle. What a grand opportunity to work with the energy of frustrated power. The hopes of boldly going forward and making it happen have been languishing in the tide pools of Cancer, the Moon's sign, which brings us right back home. While it will take Mars until the end of May to move out of Cancer and into Leo, at least his rudder will be functioning after direct motion of the planet returns. So, while the period of review may give way to the period of planning, please know that major action may not be supported until June. Please find a way to manage power at home during the next couple of months, that being said in a very general way that can be applied on many levels and in various manifestations.

Mercury Transits Pisces March 14 - March 29

Mercury joins his friend Venus in Pisces for a quick skip through the expanded universal energy March 14-29. Unlike Venus, Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, as Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Mercury's main function is exchange, which can be applied to words, ideas, products, data (for example) and his main challenge is balance. His flexibility and alacrity, which support his functioning, also cause him to be easily influenced. He's the guy that spends a week in a foreign country and picks up the accent after day 2. Luckily for us, Mercury will fall under the influence, and in this case, guidance, of Venus as she gracefully does the breast stroke through Pisces. So, we may find it difficult to communicate clearly and to make our exchanges clean and quick during this two week period. Rather than struggling against this difficulty, please consider turning toward Venus' energy for support. The most productive forms of communication will probably involve an artistic or devotional flair: sing the blues, paint your feelings, make a collage, buy someone flowers, etc.

The next Mercury retrograde cycle will be April 19-May 12 in the sign of Aries.

Sun Enters Pisces March 14

Mercury is not alone (more influences!) as he plunges into Pisces. Joining him are the Sun and following quickly behind, the waning Moon. In a more predictable way than Venus, the Sun traverses Pisces each year as we reach the Vernal equinox, reminding us of our own part in the cycle of death and re-birth. As all of these planets move from Aquarius into Pisces, they carry with them the positive energy of Jupiter who they have all recently passed by in order to get through Aquarius. As we transition into Spring and a new solar cycle this year, we have a sense of hope, armed with revolutionary ideas (Jupiter in Aquarius), while at the same time experiencing the need for patience while we prepare the ground for what is ahead (Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Virgo.) The whole world needs a beach vacation.

New Moon in Pisces March 15

March's New Moon occurs at 1° Pisces on March 15, in the lunar mansion called Purva Bhadrapada. This nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter and focuses on ideals and visions for the future. There is a fiery and energetic quality to Purva Bhadrapada that encourages intense purification, self-reliance and spiritual preparation. Because the actual day of the new moon is not the time for initiation of action, sink into your own vision of the future on this day with the intention of meditative preparation, and begin your movement on the 16th, as the Moon begins to wax and steer clear of the Sun. Let your mind and soul (Moon/Mercury and Sun) follow your heart (Venus) as we make our way through the expansive and transformational milieu of Pisces and into the verdant Springtime of change and growth.

Full Moon in Virgo March 29

Let's not forget during the Pisces party in March that retrograde Saturn occupies Virgo and will aspect all that goes on in the opposite sign. Saturn's aspect generally involves the bringing to the collective attention the realities of responsibility, limitation and finitude. Saturn's position in Virgo for the next couple of years demands that we come to realistic terms with the balance that creates and destroys health (Health Care Reform.) Turn this lens toward the planets that are moving through the territory of renewal in Pisces, and we have a situation where it is our duty to include balance and responsibility into our visions for the future.

The Moon passes Saturn and moves into exact opposition with the Sun as she rises on the evening of Monday (The Moon's Day), March 29. By that moment, the Sun will be the only remaining planet in Pisces, marking the culmination of the lunar cycle beginning on the 15th. To summarize, March is about endings and beginnings. Use the last couple of weeks of March as you create visions for the future that include balance and the responsible use of power. The watery, womblike environment of March will yield to a more active, Aries-themed April.

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