Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Enters Leo July 5

Venus holds her station as the evening star, moving into Leo and nearer to Mars, who also occupies the Sun's fire sign. Venus is not a natural friend of either the Sun or the Moon, so her movement through the signs of Cancer and Leo are a bit challenging to her delicate sensibilities. With Venus representing the capacity for love and connection, the celebration of beauty and relationship, we are provided with a passionate environment for that expression as she transits Cancer and Leo this summer. The primordial mother/father energy represented by the signs of the Moon and the Sun (Cancer and Leo) is great fodder for Venus' work. While Leo may not be the easiest place for Venus to do her thing, it does set the stage for Venus' artistic expression. This would be a good time to work on creative projects that involve presentation, such as performance of music, dance, art or drama. While Cancer/Leo are the signs representing female/male in the mother/father aspect, Venus and Mars are the planets representing female/male in the pure human aspect. Venus pursues Mars through Leo, finally catching up to him mid-August in Virgo. The proximity of Venus and Mars generally creates an environment of passion and sexual tension, and in this case, would be a great outlet for creative endeavors. The soft, receptive energy of Venus complements and contrasts the focused, powerful energy of Mars. The trick this month is to create an environment for yourself where these forces can combine and coexist.

Mercury Transits Cancer July 7 - July 23

Mercury and Venus are friends, and share the common quality of being somewhat out of place in the signs of the Moon and Sun. As Venus vacates Cancer, Mercury moves in for a short transit through the Moon's sign. Mercury, as our capacity for communication and the exchange of data, ideas and commodities, prefers air and earth signs for his work. This two week plunge for Mercury will fully douse our fleet friend in the waters of emotion and universal understanding due to his occupation of Cancer and due to the aspect received from Jupiter who currently occupies Pisces. Here we have the chance to integrate the rational and emotional aspects of the mind. It would be a great period to visit with family and to communicate about emotional issues. Mercury's capacity for detachment from emotional issues for the sake of diplomacy should be leveraged during this time to work out problems surrounding family, property or home.

New Moon in Gemini, Total Solar Eclipse July 11

The total lunar eclipse of June 26 was a herald for the total solar eclipse that will occur during the nadir of this month's lunar cycle on July 11. This solar eclipse is caused by the Moon moving exactly between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily obscuring our view of the Sun. This eclipse will be visible in the South Pacific, but is felt as an astrological event across the globe. Eclipses are a result of the Sun and Moon positions conjuncting and/or opposing the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu. The nodes of the Moon are simply abstract points along the ecliptic that mark the places where eclipses will occur when the Sun/Moon move into that axis. In this case, the Sun and Moon (new Moon) come together in the late degrees of Gemini, very near Ketu, the south node of the Moon, causing this eclipse. Rahu is always located exactly opposite Ketu, in this case in Jupiter's fire sign, Sagittarius. So, this eclipse creates a trigger point that would especially affect people, places and things with strong chart placements on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The passionate, creative energy of Mars, Venus and Mercury as they occupy Cancer and Leo should perhaps be set aside for the few days surrounding this eclipse. This eclipse especially encourages an inward-turning that would be best spent doing activities that promote ego-negation and self-examination. The Sun, as the representative of the ego and the essential life-force, is thrown into a weakened and suppressed state by this eclipse, on his own day (Sunday), no less. New ventures or important actions should be avoided July 10-11.

Mars Enters Virgo July 20

Mars moves from the Sun's sign, Leo, into Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, on July 20. Mars' transit through Virgo will take about seven weeks, during which time we will get the opportunity to experience the combination of Mars and Saturn. Saturn is currently stationed in the early degrees of Virgo, and by nature is slow, conservative and creates obstruction. While Mars is all about forging ahead, Saturn stubbornly demands caution, practicality and responsibility, which frustrates the dynamic expression of power that Mars represents. Given the current environmental situation on the planet, this could be a very good thing for the health of the planet. This Mars-Saturn combination should create a situation where we are forced to consider the implications of our human quest for power and resources. Collectively and individually we may be held to task regarding our use of energy, our desire to build and our expression of power. We must learn to understand the connection between use of power and resources and health. This could be on the level of how what we eat affects the balance of our bodies or it could be on the level of how our manipulation of resources affects the balance of the environment. Mars' transit through Virgo is another act in the play called "Health Reform," starring Saturn in Virgo and running through summer 2012. Often the combination of Saturn and Mars energy creates a feeling of push-pull or stop-go, like driving with the brakes on. This can certainly be frustrating to forward movement, but rather than fighting it, try to slow down and really consider each aspect of your current agenda or project. The long-term implications of your actions will show up and pose questions. Sit and think about these questions and choose your actions wisely. Every thought, word and deed contributes to the overall health and longevity of your life and the life of the collective organism we call Earth. A positive aspect to this combination literally comes from Jupiter, currently opposite Saturn in Pisces. Call on this positive force that is the champion of growth and evolution as you work slowly through those frustrating moments. Do it for the good of all.

Jupiter Begins Retrograde Cycle July 23

Jupiter, the planet that represents expansion, evolution and positive action, is firmly seated in his own water sign of Pisces, which gives the big picture a bit more positivity. On July 23, Jupiter begins a retrograde cycle that will continue through mid-November of 2010. This places Jupiter and Saturn in a very tight arc of opposition through the summer months. This emphasizes the need for balance and for some karmic accounting that will be stressed for the next couple months. It's easy to call upon some current global situations to illustrate how we as a collective have the opportunity to create balance and health for the life of our planet and its inhabitants. The catastrophic environmental damage that is occurring each day in the Gulf of Mexico, when seen in a positive Jupiterian light, can be looked upon as a wake-up call to humanity. The quality of truth that Jupiter represents, combined with the responsibility that Saturn demands, should act as the loudest herald the world can imagine, with the message simply being: Take responsibility for your actions as an individual in order to contribute to the positive evolution of humanity. Jupiter's backward motion for the next four months will aid us in holding the lens right up to subject in question. The universal truths revealed by Jupiter and specifically from the ocean-like environment of Pisces are direct reflections of the actions that we commit each day. Use the two-way mirror created by Jupiter and Saturn to reflect upon your own situation; review the path that lies both ahead of and behind you as you choose your actions in the present moment.

Mercury Enters Leo July 24

Mercury moves into the Sun's sign on July 24, slowing his roll considerably as he prepares for his next retrograde cycle which runs from August 21-September 13. Mercury will be far enough from the Sun in order to function freely. His slower motion through Leo will help promote the creativity of Venus, in Leo through August 1. Other than that, the only other influence on Mercury will be an aspect from the north node, Rahu. This could create an environment that creates a spotlight on the necessity for public communication about issues that affect the masses. Let's remember that Mercury is the host of the planets in Virgo, and will be an agent in the dynamic created by the Jupiter-Saturn opposition. Mercury is our capacity for communication, and located in Leo, provides good energy for public speaking and for broadcasting ideas to a large audience. Take up the cosmic megaphone with care.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 25

July's full Moon occurs in the early evening of Sunday, July 25, in the sign of Capricorn, in the lunar mansion called Uttarashada, which translates as "latter victory," which may be clarified by thinking of "latter" in the sense of "mature." Uttarashada is ruled by the Sun, and also carries influences of Jupiter and Saturn due to the fact that this nakshatra spans the signs of Sagittarius (Jupiter) and Capricorn (Saturn.) The qualities of stability, leadership and power are associated with this lunar mansion. Additionally, the portion of the zodiac between 5-10° Capricorn is known as "Abhijit," the 28th lunar mansion. This auspicious placement is favorable for travel, beginning business ventures and for healing. The Sun transits through the Moon's sign, Cancer, July 17-August 16, which gives the Moon strength that culminates with this full Moon, when the strong Moon aspects the Sun in her own sign. This is a favorable time for beginning, and with the influences of Sun, Jupiter and Saturn on this full Moon, it calls to mind the task that the Jupiter-Saturn opposition has set before us. May we glean wisdom from our experience and make choices that support our evolution.

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