Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

February 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Capricorn February 6 - February 25

Mercury moves quickly through Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, during the heart of February. Mercury takes over the job of opposing debilitated Mars in Cancer from Venus and the Sun, who move on to Aquarius shortly. Mercury does well in Capricorn, due to his natural friendship with the lord of Capricorn, Saturn. During Mercury's transit through Capricorn and Aquarius, both Saturn's signs, Mercury and Saturn will be in the condition of mutual reception, where each occupies the sign of the other. This strengthens the condition of both Saturn and Mercury, which could be useful as we continue to navigate the torrid waters of Mars in Cancer, which will continue through May. Mercury in Capricorn allows for efficient and practical communication, especially the receptive side of communication, listening.

Mars and Mercury will be in exact opposition on February 13. Mars, in a difficult position, could be responsible for feelings of frustration within the home and family and tends to drag the plow right through the house, which can disturb the peace of nurturing environments, although there's nothing inherently wrong with plows. The relatively grounded position of Mercury from Capricorn may be advantageous in confronting disruption and frustration with diplomatic calm. While the downside of Mars in Cancer may be discomfort, the upside is the opportunity to address issues that are causing that discomfort. Mercury allows us to see multiple angles and to make connections between cause and effect.

Venus in Aquarius February 7 - March 2

Venus makes her way quickly through Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, during the last three weeks of February, exactly conjuncting with Jupiter on February 16. Venus is friendly with Saturn, so her transit through Capricorn and Aquarius allows us to gracefully express the beauty of life with discipline and practicality. Venus' capacity for connection and compassion, expressed through Aquarius, can be applied in selfless and humanitarian ways. Use the creative energy of Venus to create an inspirational vision of a better world where all are counted as equally viable contributors to the flow of life. The creative force of Venus combined with the expansive positivity of Jupiter can be engaged as we attempt to solve problems and distribute personal and collective resources such that we can gracefully maintain and encourage a healthy, balanced life.

Sun Enters Aquarius February 13

The Sun narrowly preceeds the Moon as it enters Aquarius, joining Venus and Jupiter. The Sun is friendly with Jupiter, but is uncomfortable in Saturn's territory, as the Sun represents the self and the ego and Saturn represents selflessness and detachment from ego. The Sun's month in Aquarius, from mid-February to mid-March, would be a great time to willingly explore the austere halls of humility. During a time when so many are suffering in so many ways, it is sometimes difficult to look up from one's own challenges and realize that there are many that are struggling against challenges even greater. It is perhaps even more difficult to look up and to realize that there are many whose challenges seem small or non-existent, and to not feel envy at another's seemingly easy path. The self-negating qualities that can manifest from Aquarius can sometimes push too far and create "negative ego" problems, which are as troublesome as too much ego. Jupiter's positive presence in Aquarius will be helpful in keeping a balance as we learn to take care of ourselves and others, and ultimately to discard the dualistic concept that there is any separation between self and other at all.

New Moon in Aquarius February 13

The new lunar cycle begins at 1° Aquarius on the evening of Saturday, February 13 in the lunar mansion called Dhanishta. This will be the 5th month in a row that the new moon occurs in a condition of sandhi, which is the small transitional zone between signs; this pattern will continue for the new moons of March and April. This may be creating a feeling of desire for change, movement or improvement that is accompanied by tentativeness about making solid moves in any new direction. This new Moon in particular creates an interesting pattern: Dhanishta is ruled by Mars, who is in a difficult, frustrated position. The power of Mars is difficult to channel in the watery depths of Cancer. Keep in mind that Mercury and Mars reach exact opposition on February 13 as well. So, there is diplomatic Mercury, in a strong position, acting as an agent for balance in the face of Mars' difficult mood. There is the new Moon in a tentative position, under the influence of Mars, ruler of Dhanishta, and Saturn, ruler of Aquarius. Never a smooth ride when the gas and brakes are applied simultaneously, so the suggestion is to overcome this dynamic by complete sidestepping. Let go of plans, agendas and any frustration surrounding use of power in favor of looking up from the pile in front of you and using the creative, positive visioning of Venus and Jupiter, also occupying Aquarius. Saturn, ruler of Aquarius, will be rising on the eastern horizon as the new Moon occurs; Saturn is currently in Virgo, and grants us the opportunity to exercise discipline, restraint and the wisdom of experience in finding a healthy balance at this time. Dhanishta is also famous for its association with rhythm and music; rather than forging boldly ahead at this time, it seems more productive to stick with the simple things such as finding a comfortable rhythm that acts as a grounding force and sustained reminder of both the emptiness and fullness that life offers.

Mercury Enters Aquarius February 26

Mercury continues his swift progress through Saturn's territory as he moves from Capricorn into Aquarius on February 26 and out the other side by March 14. After moving out of direct opposition with Mars while Mercury was in Capricorn, Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius. One interesting aspect of Mars in Cancer is that Mars also affects Aquarius by his specialized 8th aspect (meaning he aspects the 8th house from his position, in addition to the 4th and 7th house from his position. That means that Mars in Cancer is influencing the signs Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius until the end of May.) So, that essentially means that Mars is influencing the four planets in Aquarius, which poses a challenge, and none of the planets are influencing Mars in return. Mercury's inherent ability for analysis, exchange, communication and diplomatic vision could prove essential for working with the surly, egocentric energy of Mars that tempts us into spiraling inward toward a lonely, barren place. Use Mercury's lightness to bring humor to situations that involve inappropriate shows of temper or unwarranted anger that create tension in social situations, while keeping the compassion of Venus and the positivity of Jupiter in either holster in an effort to help Mars channel his great power in a useful, mature way.

Full Moon in Leo February 28

The Full Moon occurs on Sunday, February 28, in the lunar mansion called "Purvaphalguni" which is associated with comfort, rejuvenation and relaxation. Perhaps this is a call for us to get comfortable in the rhythm that we are encouraged to find by the new Moon in Dhanishta. We will be blessed to find enjoyment in what we are doing and to celebrate the abundance that surrounds us by seeing through the illusion of lack. This will be a good time for appreciating both the self and others through physical acts of love, for confronting uncomfortable situations in a gentle way, for resting and rejuvenation and for enjoyment in general.

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