Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

December 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus Occupies Libra all month December 1 - December 31

Venus entered Libra September 1 and will remain in her own air sign through December. During this time, she has completed a retrograde cycle and shifted positions from "evening star" to "morning star." This is a great position for actions covered under Venus' domain: relationships, love, connection, creativity, art, poetry, socializing, beauty.

Venus reflects the human capacity for compassion and for recognizing the self in the other; we express this through finding joy in relating with other beings and with our environment. The evolved expression of Venus results in the human celebration of love. A simple concept toward which to focus your attention, but be aware of the pitfalls that come with Venus: glamor, illusion and attachment. As we come into the thick of our holiday season, enjoy the lights and glitter, but allow yourself to connect more deeply with loved ones as a preferred activity.

Stepping into the channel of love will be a prove a good place to be as the month progresses, with several intense planetary influences.

New Moon in Scorpio December 5

The Moon reaches the nadir of its cycle in its sign of debilitation, Scorpio. This marks the Moon at a very weak point: weak due to being new, weak due to debilitation, and aspected by Saturn.

Scorpio is a sign that is ruled by Mars, and is the territory of deep, hidden resources, including subconscious tendencies. This could be a moment of darkness for some, a time of facing the unknown, feeling lost, isolated or depressed.

Rather than struggling blindly or acting out of panic, prepare for this moment by welcoming the state of unknowing, by opening to vulnerability, by practicing receptivity. Sitting quietly alone in the dark, face the void for a moment and see it as your reflection. Use this moment to become comfortable with that which frightens.

There may be resources hidden within that darkness, within arm's reach.

Jupiter Enters Pisces December 6

Jupiter regained direct motion in November, and has been moving forward through the late degrees of Aquarius. On December 6, Jupiter re-enters his own water sign, Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Jupiter will transit Pisces through April 2011, moving into a state of opposition with Saturn, who occupies the opposite sign, Virgo, through November 2011.

This creates a dynamic where keeping balance through change and transformation become the theme. Jupiter represents the principle of evolution through expansion, and this energy expressed through the water sign Pisces brings us the added quality of dissolution. Jupiter moving through Pisces will bring to our attention this truth: letting go and moving on sometimes require a level of emptiness in order to bring forth a new cycle of abundance.

Saturn, positioned opposite Jupiter, will continue to unflinchingly expose the pain and suffering associated with irresponsible health practices, both to individuals and to the collective. Saturn teaches us about worldly illusion that creates unhealthy ego and how to detach from that illusion. His position in Virgo, a sign associated with the body, health and medicine, focuses that power toward that end.

Virgo and Pisces are both “mutable” signs, in which change is caused or experienced. This opposition between Saturn and Jupiter, the like of which will not occur again until 2027-28, marks a time that calls for transformation and movement with just the right balance of detachment and dissolution.

Mars-Mercury-Rahu Conjunction December 9 - December 16

Between December 9-16, Mars, Mercury and Rahu will be conjunct in the first part of Sagittarius, specifically in the lunar mansion called Mula. There are some interesting things about Mula: First, the rising sign of the United States is here. Second, during the 9-11-2001 attacks on the United States, the nodal axis (Rahu and Ketu) were in the same position, but switched, and Mars was conjunct Ketu in Mula. This is a very explosive position.

So, during this month, we have a Mars-Mercury-Rahu conjunction that occurs right on the ascendant of the United States which recalls the events of September 2001. Mula is associated with Nirriti, the goddess of death, who brings destruction in order to facilitate the dissolution that is necessary for the creation of new life. Often, this destruction comes as calamity. This is the environment that these three planets will occupy this month.

Mars, as the planet most concerned with acquisition and use of power, combined with Mercury, the planet concerned with information, communication and exchange, combined with Rahu, the agent of fate that exists within mass consciousness are all in the correct place to be used as agents of catastrophic dissolution at this time. Please be aware of this energy through the middle of the month.

Mercury Retrograde December 10 - December 29

As an added challenge, Mercury will begin a retrograde cycle that begins December 10. This happens in the midst of the conjunction with Mars and Rahu, who will strongly influence Mercury, a planet that easily adopts the energy of planets that share his sector of the zodiac.

Mercury rules communication and exchange of information. We may find ourselves easily elevated into frustration or anger as we attempt to communicate about important issues. Mercury entering a retrograde cycle during this conjunction adds an element of chaos to the potential for a state of highly charged sensitivity.

As this conjunction gets closer, and as Mercury prepares for retrograde, it is strongly advised to check devices of communication and transportation for function and safety. Please take the time to backup important information, copy and place extra keys, and generally batten down the hatches.

The seas may become choppy during this holiday season. It may be advisable to shelve projects and set aside non-crucial activity until the new year, in favor of being prepared for the expected unexpected to arise. Communication could be challenging, delays and obstacles could be many, compulsions could be strong and passions could run high. Create a calm space in advance by clearing the calendar as much as possible and reducing commitments that create pressure.

Sun Enters Sagittarius December 15

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on December 15, joining Mercury, Rahu and Mars. The pack will be dispersing, but Mercury's retrograde motion brings him face to face with the Sun as the month matures. When Mercury is close to the Sun in the zodiac, it is considered "combust" and the expression of Mercury's energy is overpowered.

Since the Sun represents will and ego, and Mercury represents communication and sharing, this combination could further jeopardize the chance for humble, open exchange. December could be a great month for impatience, selfishness, willful outbursts and collateral damage.

The slowest moving player in this section of Sagittarius is Rahu, the north node of the Moon, which always moves in retrograde motion through the zodiac. Rahu has occupied Sagittarius since November 2009. This will be the Sun's second meeting with Rahu while in this sign. When that occurs exactly in January 2011, we will experience another partial solar eclipse.

The host of inner planets traverses the region of Rahu during a period of a few months. The first to encounter Rahu this round was Mars, which throws confusion on top of desire. Next, Mercury passes Rahu and doubles back again during retrograde (implying that he'll be making a third pass after a short time.) This throws confusion on top of the confusion. As the glorious Sun approaches Rahu, this throws an angled glare on top of the confusion.

The planetary environment of our last western calendar month of 2010 is layered with challenges. Stop, look and listen.

Our expansion, growth and evolution is imminent. There may be growing pains. Prepare and mitigate before crisis occurs. Change is occurring and reorganization is required. This is true on both collective and personal levels. Remember that the constant beneficial energy for this month is Venus, holding her own in her air sign, Libra. Meet challenges, ghosts and fears with Venus' greatest gifts: love and compassion.

Additionally, know that Mula is a fierce lunar mansion, but the sign of Sagittarius is a positive, expansive sign. This signals that the background for any disruptive occurrences is in the interest of evolution. The balm for the pain of separation lies in the perception of the potential in change.

Full Moon in Gemini December 21

A few things should be mentioned about this full Moon that occurs so near to our winter solstice.

The center of our galaxy lies in the direction marked by about 6° Sagittarius. As the dictates of time would have it, in our lifetime, the point of the winter solstice coincides with the direction of the galactic center. This gives us exposure to the light energy of the galactic sun during the darkest time of year (in the northern hemisphere.)

This winter solstice, the nodal axis (Rahu and Ketu), is at 8° Sagittarius-Gemini, rather close to the degree of the Galactic Center. This year, as the Sun reaches toward that degree, the Moon reaches its full point at the same degree of the opposite sign, Gemini, where Rahu's opposite node, Ketu, is currently positioned. The United States rising sign is also at 8° Sagittarius.

The full Moon will be eclipsed fully by the shadow of the Earth in the early hours of December 21, which will be visible to North America and the west part of South America. This is the culmination of what could be a very turbulent period for the US and its partners and allies, with so many planets activating the already powerful first/seventh house of the US.

For those with strong placements in the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, this could be a challenging time, mostly due to changes that need to occur whether they are desired or not. Gather your forces, assess your attachments and prepare to shift when the time comes. And remember to let that Venus shine.

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