Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Venus in Virgo August 2 - August 31

Venus, the planet that represents the forces of beauty, love and compassion, will transit through Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, during the course of August. Each planet has a sign where it excels, which we call "exaltation," and a sign where it is encumbered, which we call "debilitation." To me, most of the planets' places of exaltation and debilitation make sense, except for Venus' debilitation in Virgo. This is one of those rules in Vedic astrology that I want to break every time Venus transits Virgo. Virgo is a friendly sign to Venus, as its ruler, Mercury, and Venus are natural friends. So, perhaps this is a case of debilitation that can be exploited, so to speak. I can understand that the practical and analytical nature of Virgo may seem stifling to the passionate creativity of Venus, but this combination is great for certain activities, especially those that require passionate practicality and creative analysis: music, hand crafts, event planning, writing, design, etc. This is a good month to get your hands busy in a creative way. Also supported would be relationship-related work that requires energy, planning or analysis. The keywords for this combination that come to mind are: Creative Health, Energetic Love and Practical Beauty.

Jupiter-Saturn Opposition August 2 - August 30

It should be mentioned now that Venus joins Saturn during her transit of Virgo, so this may lend an air of deliberation and cautiousness to the exploitation of our creative practicality throughout the month. Venus and Saturn exactly conjunct on August 8; slow and steady as she goes, so to speak. During Venus' entire tour through Virgo, Saturn and Jupiter will be opposite one another within two degrees, the crux of this year's overarching condition of Saturn and Jupiter occupying opposite signs. To summarize what this means: Saturn is contractive while Jupiter is expansive. Jupiter currently occupies his own sign, the oceanic Pisces, which amplifies the spiritually endowed but sometimes unrestrained growth that Jupiter encourages. This is reflected in the current desire for collective growth and prosperity after a couple of years of economic crisis. On the other side, we have Saturn occupying Virgo: our realistic grandfather conducts an in-depth and exhaustive investigation and analysis of our health and work systems. Saturn's method of illustrating to the ever-hungry human minds and bodies that restraint and responsibility are essential to the health of the planet and its inhabitants often comes in these forms: death, disease, disaster. Saturn uses harsh methods to teach us about the necessity of taming our egos and of detachment from greed. This is a great month to bring the balance of expansion and contraction into your life, to apply that balance with creativity and love, and to witness the results of the right combination of generosity and letting go.

New Moon in Cancer August 9

The new Moon of August occurs at about 23° Cancer, the Moon's own sign. During this monthly conjunction of the Sun and Moon, the Moon is at its weakest point, the nadir of the cycle. It is best to finish and withdraw as the Moon wanes and to initiate and engage as the Moon waxes. This new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called "Ashlesha" which means "The Entwiner: and carries a strong serpent-like energy. Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this nakshatra is very centered on mental and emotional energy. Be aware of the possibility of nervous exhaustion or mental instability during this time. Conserving energy through the choice to withdraw and rest could be the best recommendation for this day. Plans can be made for upcoming action, but action should be held until the day after the new Moon.

Venus-Mars Conjunction August 9 - October 11

Into the mix of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter comes Mars, who entered Virgo in late July. As we attempt to get our balance going as mentioned earlier, Mars offers us the challenge of introducing a very strong energy of self-centeredness into the mix. Balance that! Even more fun is the fact that Mars and Venus will be conjunct within 5° of one another for two months solid.

Mars and Venus represent male and female, yin and yang, respectively. While Mars is the forward moving pioneer who protects the boundaries of Number One, Venus is the inclusive agent of sharing and connecting who is much more into Two or More as One. The ironic thing is that with such seemingly different functions and goals, Mars and Venus are passionately attracted to one another. With this two-month-long conjunction, we will have the opportunity to introduce this attraction of opposites into the party that we're all attending on the cosmic seesaw. How does the male-female polarity interact with the expansion-contraction axis? How do the desires to be an individual and to be in relationship combine in a healthy way that doesn't upset the balance? How much passion is necessary to keep things interesting without provoking excess? These are themes that we can work with during the next couple of months, especially during August, when Venus and Mars will be transiting Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde August 21 - September 13

Mercury begins the 3rd of four retrograde cycles that we'll experience in 2010 on August 21. Mercury retrogrades from about 25° Leo to 11° Leo, staying clear of all of the business going on in the Pisces-Virgo axis, almost as if he doesn't want any part in that whole seesaw game. However, since Mars, Venus and Saturn will all occupy Mercury's sign, Virgo, during the course of Mercury's retrograde cycle, we will still need to pay attention to our Mercury-related domains during this time, due to all of the business going on in Mercury's territory. This includes our vehicles, our communication devices (including organs of speech and hands), and our mental faculties. Avoid potentially painful loss of data by backing up computers and communication devices. Avoid potential frustration by double-checking plans and reservations. Try to ensure that communication is successful by speaking (or typing) slowly and deliberately. Focus on preventive measures, focus on listening and focus on those around you. Please and thank you.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 24

The Moon reaches full strength on Tuesday, August 24, in Saturn's air sign, Aquarius. This puts the Moon in opposition to the Sun and to retrograde Mercury while occupying the first degree of the lunar mansion called Shatabishak, which translates as “The Hundred Healers.” Given the nature of the current planetary configuration and the opportunities we are offered regarding finding healthy balance, this should be an auspicious full Moon. The primary motivation of Shatabishak is right action, so use the force of this strong lunar energy to choose actions that will benefit health and contribute to maintaining balance.

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