Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2010

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars in Cancer, Mercury & Venus in Aries, Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo:
April 1 - March 20

April comes in with Mars at 8° Cancer, Mercury and Venus in the early degrees of Mars' fire sign (Aries), Jupiter at 22° of Saturn's air sign (Aquarius) and Saturn in retrograde motion at 6° of Mercury's earth sign (Virgo). This pattern holds until the beginning of April's third week, when Venus moves into Taurus. Of these five planets, only one of them is situated in a naturally friendly sign, that one being Saturn in Virgo, as Saturn and Mercury are considered "friends." So, most of these planets are faced with functioning in an environment that offers a challenge. Another notable condition is that they are relatively spread out (except Mercury and Venus) and only one of them aspects any of the others, and that is Mars aspecting Jupiter. When a planet is not crowded together with other planets, it can more distinctly express its energy. It would be interesting to explore and work with the basic energies of these planets during April's unfolding. Here are a list of keywords that reflect the essential energies of these planets and the signs they occupy.

  • Mars – Drive, power/Cancer – home, nurture
  • Mercury – communication, exchange/Aries – initiative, building
  • Venus – connection, love/Aries – initiative, building
  • Jupiter – expansion, growth/Aquarius – service, ideals
  • Saturn – contraction, detachment/Virgo – health, friendship

For example, for Saturn, observe how the natural principles of contraction and detachment show up and behave in daily life, especially in the realms of health and in the web created by friendship and acquaintance. Explore the idea that the exercise of detachment could benefit the healing process. What does that look like? How do you relate to that?

While this pattern holds for the larger part of April, we traverse the territory between ending and beginning, where doors close and are opened, where we look forward while reckoning with what we leave behind. The compost pile is turned in order to prepare for a new season of growth. Celebrate this by breathing deeply in the now.

Sun Enters Aries April 14

On the evening of Tuesday, April 13, the Sun will go down while occupying the final degree of Pisces, and just before sunrise on April 14, the Moon passes the Sun, giving us a new Moon at 0° Aries, in the lunar mansion called Ashwini. While it may appear to be just any other Wednesday morning, it will be 12:00 straight up on the cosmic clock. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is associated with initiation and beginning; Mars' fire sign is also associated with the head, vision, strategic planning and forward movement. The Sun loves being in Aries. In the northern hemisphere, we feel the Sun's power increase almost exponentially during the transition from April to May, when the Sun traverses the sign of Aries, its sign of exaltation. While we bask in the life-giving rays of the Day Star and marvel at the ease in which we can make a plan and execute that which we will during this time, we are celebrating the focus that Aries brings to the almost boundless glow of energy that is Solar power. It may feel really good after many months of retrograde-style review, sponsored largely by Mars in Cancer. Mars should himself be reinvigorated by the Sun's occupation of his sign this spring. Some side effects of the combination of Sun and Mars energy can be self-centeredness and ego inflation, so that said, remember that too much Sun can be life-destroying; choose where to point your flame wisely.

New Moon in Aries April 14

This will be the seventh month in a row that the new Moon coincides with the Sun changing signs, as well as the last time for awhile. This, combined with Mars' six-month-long retrograde cycle, may somewhat account for any situations of stagnation or for a proliferation of obstacles that delay progress. The new Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, when the Sun and Moon conjunct. It is a time each month marked by both fertility and fragility, as the Moon's light wanes to its darkest. The crescent shape of the new Moon evokes an emptiness, a readiness to be filled, a vessel for conception. The lunar energy that makes up a part of each of us can respond to this monthly rhythm; using the symbolism of the new Moon, it is a time for beginnings and initiation, much like the sign of Aries was described above. As fortune would have it, this New Moon occurs at 0º Aries, doubly signifying this time as a time for new work and growth to come into play. (It is recommended to wait until the day after the new Moon to take actions; meditation, observation and contemplation would better serve during the actual day of the new Moon. This is applicable to every new Moon.)

The lunar mansion for this new Moon is Ashwini, which occupies 0°-13°20' Aries. The symbol for Ashwini is a horse's head, the horse being a powerful, graceful and willful being. The Ashwins are twin sons of the Sun, fleet horsemen with healing and rejuvenatory powers. The Sun is exalted in Ashwini, so despite the tenuous position of the new Moon's occurrence at the juncture between signs, this seems to be a time for new beginnings in the field of health and healing, harnessing the power of the Ashwins as we find a way to bolster the health of our bodies, minds and spirits. Let the new Moon's chalice be filled throughout this month with the healing rays of the Sun as we contribute to the new growth of spring.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries April 18 - May 12

With all of this talk of forward movement and beginnings must come some type of challenge, or else this wouldn't be earthly life. Mercury, in the latter part of Aries, begins a three week retrograde cycle that takes him ten degrees back into Mars' fire sign, passing by the recently exalted Sun on the way. Mercury and Saturn will be working together to slow down our efforts to blaze new trail and get things off the ground. Do not be disheartened, however, as the gift to be had from this situation is that retrograde Mercury, current lord of retrograde Saturn, will slow things down in order to glean a thorough analysis of project plans. Take each step with deliberation and awareness rather than blindly riding a wave of passionate enthusiasm. As always, Mercury retrograde periods are better for review and reconnoitering, but in this case, the focus would be better on present and future concerns, rather than past. The time for rehashing and integrating past experiences has passed for now, in favor current circumstances. So, use Mercury's slowed state to pay close attention to the details that will affect what you are building at this time. Review current itineraries rather than focusing on water under the bridge. Because of Mercury-Mars connections (Mercury in Aries) and their relationship to our modern communication networks, I would strongly recommend cross-checking all communication devices before the retrograde cycle begins, as well as exercising extremely thorough communication during the retrograde period, in order to avoid missed messages.

Venus Transits Taurus April 20 - May 15

Venus' traverse of Taurus each spring is so beautiful. Our planet of love and beauty enters the pastoral glamor of Taurus April 20 and exits into Gemini May 15. This is the time to celebrate nature's re-emergence as the hills green and flower. Venus in Taurus offers us creative inspiration, so take up your instruments of creation and let your heart sing. Venus will be under the aspect of NO other planet for this transit, so feel free to express and connect. Discard inhibitions that keep you from doing these things. Love is in the air, and in the earth. "Let the beauty we love be what we do." -Rumi.

Full Moon in Libra April 28

The Moon, although never passing by Venus while Venus is in Taurus, will make a spectacular homage to Venus with the full Moon in Libra on April 28. Libra is Venus' air sign, and the Moon's fullest point this month comes in the lunar mansion called Swati, which is associated with movement, purification and learning. The full Moon also receives a positive aspect from Jupiter, who is in the final degree of Aquarius. This will the be the culmination of the lunar cycle begun when the Moon was in Ashwini on April 14. I believe the theme of it is restoration of balance as a means to creating a reliable vehicle for vibrant life. Touching on this theme in any way during the period from mid-April to mid-May is encouraged as a way to live in harmony with the planetary game plan.

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