Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

November 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Rahu/Ketu Enter Sagittarius/Gemini November 2

The nodal axis changes signs approximately every eighteen months, moving in retrograde motion through the zodiac. So on November 2, Rahu moves from Capricorn to Sagittarius and Ketu moves from Cancer to Gemini. This should shift our collective karmic focus a bit, providing some relief due to Rahu/Ketu's influence on debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn during the past year and on debilitated Mars in Cancer during the past month. Rahu and Ketu our "shadow planets" are not true planets, but rather are the Moon's nodes. The nodes of the moon mark the places in the zodiac where eclipses can occur. When the Sun or Moon conjuncts with Rahu or Ketu during a full or new Moon, an eclipse occurs. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu represent a force that has the power to dampen the light of our two main luminaries. In an astrological sense, they mark areas where we as humans face forces beyond our control that can affect our personal journeys. Rahu represents mass consciousness and that which pulls us into the world, while Ketu stands for personal connection with the source and that which pushes us inward, toward a spiritual path.

Rahu/Ketu in Capricorn/Cancer held the nodal axis in signs that are earth and water, respectively. Matters of the heart (water) as well as the issues surrounding material stability (earth) have been the focus for many during the past eighteen months. With the nodal axis moving into Sagittarius (fire) and Gemini (air), we may feel a shift toward matters of the spirit (fire) and mind (air), which could feel refreshingly free and light to some. Sagittarius and Gemini are also considered mutable signs, so we may feel many shifts occurring during the next eighteen months. Many may feel drawn toward travel, spiritual expansion, education and communications. Another interesting aspect of this nodal transit is that the slow moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will remain relatively clear of Rahu and Ketu's influence, so it may feel like what's going on in the world doesn't affect our personal journeys quite so intimately. We need all of the free will we can get!

Full Moon in Aries November 2

The Sun and Moon reach exact opposition mid-day on Monday, November 2 at 16° Libra/Aries, respectively. With the Sun debilitated in Libra and Mars, the Lord of Aries, debilitated in Cancer, we may feel like this full Moon is slightly less bright than most. The Sun and Moon form a square with Jupiter and Rahu in Capricorn and Mars and Ketu in Cancer. This could be a day where we find ourselves in situations resembling a standoff or catch-22, where it is difficult to move forward and set anything into motion, which could be frustrating. This may be a good time to take stock of our personal situations, especially in matters of the heart and pocket and begin to build a new vision of what we want to create in the near future. Observation and brainstorming may be the best choices for this full Moon, as we open ourselves to the new paradigm that Rahu and Ketu promise for us during the 18 months.

Venus Transits Libra November 3 - November 26

Lovely and graceful Venus gets even more radiant as she transits through her own air sign, Libra, November 3-26. Venus, as artist and lover of the planetary brigade is in a position this month to aid us in our creative expression and connection with others, as she treads through Libra. Enjoy the inspiration of Venus by immersing in the creative arts, especially music, fashion and poetry or by organizing events that encourage the social sharing of ideas and vision. Venus has been visible in the morning twilight, but will slip down behind the Sun during this month, so enjoy the last few days of seeing Venus until she re-appears as the evening star in February 2010.

Mercury Enters Scorpio November 12

Mercury dashes through Mars' water sign, Scorpio, in a few short weeks, starting on November 12. Our friendly, diplomatic, speedy and hard-to-pin-down planet that rules our communications, exchanges and connections puts on his headlamp and plunges cheerfully into the dark, mysterious territory known as Scorpio mid-month, giving us the cue to talk or write about the things below the surface that we love to avoid. Mercury in Scorpio reminds us that just because we can't see it, doesn't mean that it isn't affecting us. Pull all of those items out of your closet, literally and figuratively, and make sure that ideas, items and attachments that you are harboring are still serving your growth and daily functioning. Mercury likes to travel light and does his job with a grin, especially when he's not dragging the obsolete behind him. Imagine all of the cool found object art Venus could create with what Mercury unearths. Transform what is hidden or buried into a fascinating clean slate.

Sun Enters Scorpio November 16

The Sun transits Mars' water sign from November 16 – December 16, where he recovers from the debility of moving through Libra. Use the Sun's power and purpose to illuminate that which is below the surface and to aid Mercury in his mission to stir things up underground. As we descend into the darkness of winter, we have the opportunity to soul search and adjust our personal foundations for the new growth and return of light promised by the winter solstice, when the Sun begins its ascending journey. Mars, as ruler of Scorpio, is experiencing discomfort due to his position in Cancer, and we may collectively experience a similar discomfort that brings attention to problems in our literal and figurative basements. We need to pay attention to the fact that what is operating below the surface is affecting our sense of home, family and security. Take care of that business now to ensure a smoother take-off toward the light once the solstice rolls around.

New Moon in Scorpio November 16

The Moon and Sun conjoin at 0° Scorpio on November 16, as the Sun transitions into Mars' sign. The transition between signs is called "sandhi" which translates as "juncture." There are several factors that weaken the Moon during this time. The Moon is weak when new, any planet is weak when sandhi, Mars, Lord of Scorpio, is debilitated and the Moon is debilitated while in Scorpio. The nakshatra (lunar mansion) that hosts this new Moon is called Vishaka, known as "the star of purpose." Vishaka is ruled by Jupiter, who is also debilitated. While we may have a handle on what needs to be done, and can even see the path toward our goal, it may feel really difficult to move forward at this time. The Moon, who rules our conscious mind and emotions, will stand at a crossroads this month, feeling uncertain of taking action while at the same time perceiving what needs to be done. In assessing this situation, which overall appears to be somewhat dire, one starts to wonder what the lesson is in it all. The Sun, Moon and Vishaka, in the midst of the larger planetary configuration, with its recent shifts and several planets in weakened states, are urging us to achieve the point of balance that it takes to know what we want and go for it while maintaining a state of humility and openness to alternatives. The image of a crossroads keeps appearing: a place of decision, of possibility, of uncertainty, of promise, of choice. Rather than accelerating quickly into the new this month, we may feel more comfortable pulling over for awhile until we get centered enough to weigh all factors.

Mars Opposite Jupiter November 22 - December 19

While Mars and Jupiter have been occupying opposite signs since Mars' entrance to Cancer last month, they reach exact opposition for a few weeks during the last part of November until just before winter solstice. The winds of change that Rahu and Ketu are stirring up swirl about the feet of these two planets who are actually friendly to one another generally, but their mutual state of debilitation and opposition to one another could create an environment of tension and contention. It could be perhaps create a bit of destruction that is necessary to pave the way for a new paradigm. Could make for an interesting vibe this holiday season. With many feeling the pain of economic lack and without the means to celebrate the season as expected, tensions may run high. A recommended practice for this holiday season is to approach every situation from the standpoint of gratitude for what is and for what is not; both lack and plenty have gifts for each of us.

Venus Enters Scorpio November 27

We've been leaning on Venus quite frequently in recent months to smooth things out and make everything seem better, so let's see how she can help us glide artfully through the holiday season.

Venus moving through Mars' water sign, Scorpio, is generally a challenge in that Venus' normal function is to create beauty and connections and Scorpio is more concerned with purposefully getting to the bottom of things. The terrain of Scorpio is difficult, sometimes dark and often isolated. So, this is the time when our lovely planet of inspiration has got to roll up her designer pants and make beauty out of things that could be classified as dark, unpleasant, embarrassing or downright frightening. Venus reminds us that as humans, we have empathy, which we express in countless ways. By connecting with others, we are artists of life, creating an intricate dance of beauty and mystery. Venus wants us to see the fierce beauty of life this month. Take the plunge with her and assume a stance of ready openness to the changes that life brings. We are all in this together, deeply.

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