Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

June 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Taurus June 6 - May 30

After Mercury resumes direct motion on May 31, he makes his way forward through the last degrees of Aries and moves into Taurus on June 6 for a transit of Venus' earth sign. This period will be good for moving forward in the realm of material acquisitions and projects involving art and creativity, especially those that require the communication skills and quick action of Mercury. The brakes are safe to let up on as Mercury moves out of the retrograde cycle and forward into Venus' sign. Venus moved out of Pisces on May 31 as well and will be supportive of Mercury by occupation of an adjacent sign. Mercury in Taurus will receive the aspect of Saturn from Leo, so do not take the clue to go forward as license to blunder ahead. Use Saturn's gifts of caution and slowness to avoid pitfalls and to maintain good perspective of the long term, while at the same time utilizing the passion of Venus in Aries to inspire new connections and creative pursuits as Mercury runs through Taurus during the last three weeks of June.

Full Moon in Scorpio June 7

The Moon reaches the full point of its cycle on Sunday, June 7 at about 23° of Mars' water sign, Scorpio. This is the culmination of the lunar cycle begun in Taurus on May 24, and which was suggested would be a good time for purification and burning up of negativity. This full Moon occurs in the lunar mansion (nakshatra) known as Jyestha, which translates as "the eldest" and is associated with wisdom and material prosperity. The only main influence on this full Moon is that of Ketu, the Moon's south node, aspecting from his position in the Moon's sign, Cancer. The lesson of this lunar cycle has a lot to do with realizing the richness associated with purification and purging. As the Moon reaches fullness and then begins to wane, allow yourself to notice how easy it is to let go of material, emotional and mental excess and how that actually creates a feeling of abundance and prosperity in the realm of personal space.

Sun Enters Gemini June 15

The Sun enters Mercury's air sign on June 15 for his annual one-month transit of Gemini. Mercury's own position in Taurus and move into Gemini on June 30 are both supportive of the Sun's natural penchant for self-expression during this transit. Additionally, the Sun will be aspected by Jupiter from Aquarius, encouraging expansion in communication, education, writing and travel. This will be a good month for making trips and fulfilling desires of a personal nature that involve communication, movement and mental acuity.

Jupiter Retrograde June 16 - October 13

Jupiter, recent occupant of Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, is going into a four-month long retrograde cycle starting June 16. His apparent backward motion will see him reverse traversing through the early degrees of Aquarius and then re-enter Capricorn on July 30. From there, he continues backward through Capricorn until he resumes direct motion at 23° of Saturn's earth sign. Jupiter is in a much better position in Aquarius than Capricorn, despite his receiving an aspect from Saturn from Leo while he occupies Aquarius. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn, meaning that the normally expansive and prosperous nature of Jupiter is enhanced while Jupiter transits Cancer and stunted while in Capricorn. The conservative and practical environment of Capricorn, reflection of Saturn, who rules Capricorn, is not fertile ground for Jupiter's tendency to explore, prospect and expand. So, use these summer months to make steps forward while the pressure is somewhat off, and the sense of hope for the future is growing again, for a time. Jupiter's retrograde motion isn't going to be great for utter growth, even though Jupiter will be clear of Capricorn for a time. This is a good time for long term planning, for analyzing the past with a view toward the future, and for exploring growth through thought, idea and philosophy. Review history, both personal and collective; learning from what has gone past is valuable wisdom.

Mars-Venus Conjunction June 18 - June 25

As we move through summer solstice and new Moon, Venus catches up to and passes by Mars, exactly conjuncting at 22° Aries on June 22, the same day as the new Moon. This adds a very passionate tidbit into the mix of this time. This conjunction happens in the lunar mansion called Bharani which translates as "she who bears." Bharani is ruled by Venus, and its location fully inside of Mars' fire sign Aries gives Bharani a Mars/Venus influence; so, Mars and Venus conjuncting in this nakshatra could be especially juicy. It could add an element of heat into the otherwise dry astrological environment of late June. Bharani reminds us of the need for discipline and forbearance as we give birth to our creative works, and continues the work of purification begun during the Krittika New Moon of May 24. The whole week of June 18-25 will foster this energy, which will continue and transform as the pair of planets move into Taurus during the last days of June and into the first week of July.

New Moon in Gemini June 22

The New Moon of June will be in Mercury's air sign, at 7° Gemini in the lunar mansion called Ardra, which translates as "The Moist One," as in the calm shining of a raindrop after a fierce spring storm. Themes of loss and destruction followed by growth and healing are common with this asterism, as well as the tendency toward thought as a tool. Ardra is good for activities that require force, courage, effort and boldness. The only significant aspect to this new Moon comes from retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius, which Is positive, especially in regards to the mental nature of Ardra being encouraged by Jupiter who currently passes through the idealistic realm of Aquarius. So, this could be a good time to initiate tasks that require a burst of personal energy, such as separating from people, places or things that are in the way of your personal growth or even mentally confronting issues that may block your path. This new Moon falls very near the summer solstice, which is the beginning of a new season, so use this moment to turn with the times.

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