Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

July 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Gemini July 1 - July 15

Mercury moves and shakes himself through two entire signs during the course of July. First, he transits his own air sign, Gemini, during the first part of the month. This will be a great time for traveling, communication, and projects involving writing, speech or exchange of ideas. Harness this quick, direct energy at the beginning of the month, before Mercury comes too close to the Sun to fully express himself, July 12-16. Mercury receives the aspect of Jupiter from Aquarius during his transit of Gemini, so we can expect some positive movement, ideas, and communication during this time.

Venus Transits Taurus July 1 - July 26

Still very close with her love/hate partner, Mars, Venus moves from fiery Aries (Mars' domain) into earthy Taurus (her own domain) on July 1 and glides through quickly as we enjoy the summer days of July. Venus in Taurus is great for artistic, musical and creative projects, entertaining and spending time with loved ones, enjoying nature and beautiful places and getting grounded within relationships. Mars' proximity to Venus injects the energy of passion and could be inspirational for creativity, as well as giving initiative and power to projects. The combination of Venus and Mercury both transiting their own signs during the first part of July really sets the stage nicely for creativity, writing, relationship and communication.

Mars Enters Taurus July 4

Close on the lovely heels of Venus, Mars makes way into Taurus, where he will stay until mid-August, losing direct influence on Venus toward month's end, when Venus moves to Gemini. Although not technically in a friendly sign while in Taurus, the chemistry between Venus and Mars could make for some steamy scenes this month. Use the power, drive and talent for building that Mars represents and direct it toward the creative pursuits and relationship with others that Venus represents. This is a great month for building beautiful things, for decisiveness in relationship, and for directness in communication. Saturn from Leo aspects both Venus and Mars in Taurus, lending that sense of wisdom that helps us to know when to moderate our passion in order to build something lasting.

Full Moon in Sagittarius July 6

We'll see the beautiful Moon in the culmination of her cycle on the night between July 6-7, at about 21° Sagittarius. This full Moon is very auspicious, with little negative influence on either the Sun, Moon or Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius. The full Moon occurs in the lunar mansion called Purvashada, ruled by Venus, so we get a little extra harmony between the Sun, Moon and Venus. This could be a very high-profile full moon, where passions run high, and without an overwhelming amount of the negative lunacy that sometimes comes up during the full Moon.

Mercury Transits Cancer July 15 - July 30

Mercury bursts into Cancer, joining Ketu and preceding the Sun, who will enter the Moon's sign on July 17. Mercury's sudden meeting with Ketu could cause a noticeable change in our orientation toward others, as Ketu's inward, spiritual tendencies could inspire a shift from a very outward, communicative mood (inspired by Mercury transiting Gemini) to a quieter, contemplative stance. While it may feel a bit odd to swing so quickly in this way, use the latter half of the month to create an inner dialogue to which you can retreat as the lazy days of summer come and go. As life goes on, vacations come and go, and Mars and Venus continue their tango, use the energy of Mercury and Ketu to create a quiet internal space where you can retreat and evaluate what's going on in the world around you as you make your decisions, both big and small.

New Moon in Cancer July 21

The new Moon of July occurs at about 5° Cancer, putting the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Ketu. We will experience a total solar eclipse that will be visible across parts of Asia and the South Pacific. Eclipses are perceived as malefic in nature, as the light of the great luminaries are temporarily squelched. Special attention should be paid at this time to new undertakings to ensure positive outcomes. Be aware of hidden obstacles and other obscurities.

This new Moon eclipse occurs in the lunar mansion called "Pushya" which translates as "providing nourishment," and whose power is the creation of spiritual energy. It is a good nakshatra to support the opening of a business/office or any undertaking which involves the blossoming of projects that have already been given some attention or cultivation. While actions toward this end should be avoided on the actual day of the new Moon, one can make plans and prepare to initiate action as soon as July 22. The energy of Pushya is about the creation of good karma through hard work and discipline; projects and activities that require this type of auspicious outcome are well conceived during this time.

Venus Enters Gemini July 27

Venus moves from her own sign into Mercury's air sign, Gemini, on July 27 and makes her way through friendly territory, exiting into Cancer on August 22. We may feel an easing of intensity where it comes to relationships or creative pursuits, and a shift toward ease in communication with an empathic flavor. Creative projects involving writing, the Internet, speech or exchange of ideas should benefit from this transit. The space between Venus and Mars actually gives both planets the opportunity to operate freely in their own capacity, and their occupation of adjacent signs allows their passionate energies to complement one another, rather than to vie for space to express.

Jupiter Retreats To Capricorn July 30

Jupiter's retrograde cycle continues and takes him back into his sign of debility, Capricorn, on July 30. The retrograde cycle ends during the first week of October 2009, and it will be another couple of months until Jupiter re-emerges into Aquarius in late December 2009. Jupiter's occupation of Capricorn includes a conjunction with Rahu, the north node, which brings the debility of Jupiter into mass consciousness. Jupiter is considered the most auspicious of the planets and represents expansion, spiritual growth, hope and prosperity. In a position of debility, a planet's normal functioning is repressed. Jupiter's occupation of Capricorn, along with its conjunction with Rahu, has manifested as an economic recession that has left many people out of work and lost for hope. We may not see marked improvement in the economy until the new year, which leaves many people on the edge of financial comfort for another six months. When Jupiter resumes direct motion as of early October, we may feel a bit of relief, with perhaps a new sense of hope and faith for the future.

One of the beauties of the Jyotish system is its employment of remedial measures for the planets. When a planet is weak due to placement or association, there are various measures one can do to strengthen the planet. If you are interested in bolstering the Jupiter energy in your realm, here are some suggestions:

  • Wear or feature the color orange. It is Jupiter's color
  • Jupiter likes things big, loud and ceremonious. Create some good feelings with celebration, rock music and ritual.
  • Repeat the mantra: Om Gam Ganeshaya Namaha.
  • The elephant-headed god Ganesh is associated with Jupiter. Put up some pictures of Ganesh or worship him in any way that feels good.
  • Choose positivity. When things seem hopeless and impossible, find that fire within that will burn up negative thoughts. Try to find the good in every situation and work with it.

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