Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

January 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Saturn Retrograde in Leo January 1 - May 17

Saturn continues his plodding through the Sun's sign Leo, and begins a retrograde period on January 1 that will last through mid-May, 2009. Saturn in Leo has much to do with destruction or breakdown of power and rulership structures. Leo represents the concept of centralized authority or a source of power that is looked to for guidance and inspiration. Saturn carries the energy of detachment, destruction of form, and the power to see beyond illusion of worldly matters. With this combination, we have the sometimes bitter wisdom of Saturn allowing us to see beyond the glamour of royalty and power so that we can restructure outdated or imbalanced modes of rulership or authority. This energy will hopefully be reflected in the changing of the guard within the executive branch of the U.S. Government, as well as within our own personal spheres.

The first half of this new year will be a good time for individual, as well as collective, review and restructuring of where we place our authority, where we look for guidance and inspiration, and how we act as leaders ourselves. Saturn generally demands letting go on some level; choosing to do it willingly and with detachment, despite the fear of doing so, will ease the pain of transition. Saturn also calls for slow, deliberate movement and patience. Don't expect "Change" overnight.

Full Moon in Gemini January 10

The monthly Sun-Moon opposition occurs during the night of Saturday, January 10 while the Sun is in the late degrees of Sagittarius and the Moon is in the late degrees of Gemini. This full Moon is the culmination of the cycle begun with the new Moon of December 27 in Sagittarius, and it occurs in the lunar mansion called Punarvasu, which translates as "Return of the Light." The energy of this full Moon is about bringing the knowledge and wisdom that we collect in the sign of Gemini forward into the deep, emotional realm that the sign of Cancer reflects. (Punarvasu spans the last ten degrees of Gemini and the first three degrees of Cancer.) Join the full Moon in expanding your mental capacities in the direction of intuition, emotion and relationship. Use the wisdom and resources that have been gathered in to help, provide for and nurture others.

Mercury Retrograde January 12 - February 1

There's nothing like kicking off a calendar year with a down-home Mercury retrograde cycle. The first of three in 2009 begins January 12 and jerks us back and forth for a few weeks until February 1. Mercury starts the cycle in the middle degrees of Capricorn and dips back into Sagittarius by January 27 when he conjuncts with Mars at the border between those two signs. That could be a pretty neat day for technological glitches, so prepare for the ride by backing up important data, making sure your phones and electronic devices are in working order and/or entering the wilderness for a solo retreat so that you can happily climb mountains instead of dealing with communication and technological problems. Alternatives to complete isolation from civilization are the usual Mercury retrograde remedies: communicate carefully, double check plans and itineraries, avoid major financial decisions and signing important documents, don't make any sudden moves. These suggestions should be applied to the week before and the week after the cycle, as well. Mercury retrograde cycles are great for review, editing, retreat and revamping, and not so great for embarking on shiny new projects. Saturn's concurrent retrograde motion reinforces this state of affairs.

Sun in Capricorn January 14 - February 12

The Sun joins retrograde Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu, the Moon's north node, in Capricorn on January 14. The Sun's vitality and power may help to boost spirits for the Capricorns among us, as well as to lend some inspiration as we slowly and deliberately make our way through Mercury and Saturn's retrograde cycles. The Sun could be a good spotlight for bringing into definition what needs to stay and what needs to go as we make our strategy for change.

New Moon in Capricorn January 26

The first new moon of the new year occurs when the Sun and Moon conjunct at 12° of Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn, in the wee hours of Monday, January 26. This new Moon happens in the lunar mansion called "Shravana" which translates as "Famous" or "Renowned." Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, we should keep the new beginnings at this time slow and steady, due to Saturn's naturally slow nature and current retrograde motion. Shravana is an earthy sign and supports learning, absorption of wisdom through hearing/listening, traveling and service to others. Shravana is ruled by the Moon and also enables us to relate to the public and to transcend cultural limits to connect with others on a purely human level. This would be a good time to focus on relating to others through communication, especially through the practice of listening.

This new Moon also marks the Chinese New Year: Earth Ox.

Venus Enters Pisces January 27

Lovely Venus, currently visible as the "evening star" moves from Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, which she entered on December 29, into her sign of exaltation, Pisces, on January 27. Relationship and creativity may pick up a bit as Venus moves out of opposition with Saturn (in Leo, which is opposite Aquarius) and into the more fertile, juicy ground of Jupiter's water sign, Pisces. Keep in mind, there are still many forces at work that want us to proceed with care and caution. Jupiter will remain under this effect for his entire tour through Capricorn, which will last until December 2009. So, while we still can enjoy Jupiter's expansiveness, it may be at a slower pace, which could in fact, promote stronger roots and stability. This condition of Jupiter transfers to Venus as she moves through his sign, which will last through the end of May, due to a retrograde cycle coming up for Venus in March. We are blessed to have the planet that rules love, beauty and relationship in her sign of exaltation for five months. Venus in Pisces opens us up to the sea of love and devotion that flows between all beings. Enjoy!

Mars Enters Capricorn January 28

In answer to Venus' move to her sign of exaltation, Mars moves into his sign of exaltation, Capricorn, on January 28, where he remains until the first week of March 2009. Mars' transit of Capricorn could act to stimulate and empower the other planets located there: Sun, Jupiter and Rahu (north node.) The inherently aggressive and impatient nature of Mars may make the attempt at "slow and steady" a bit challenging, but if we can channel the energy of Mars in ways that maximize power and resource, we could make excellent progress on the material plane. Mars' exaltation negates the debility of Jupiter while he occupies Capricorn, so we could see the month of February being a good window into expansion and work in what may otherwise be a slow winter/spring season. Having the two very human planets, Venus and Mars, representing the potent human forces of male and female, both in their signs of exaltation, could help us to feel vital, active and creative in the face of what could be described as constricting and difficult times.

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