Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

August 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mercury Transits Leo August 1 - August 19

Mercury continues his swift tour of the zodiac as he transits the Sun's sign, Leo, during the first part of August, and makes an exact conjunction with Saturn on August 17. Mercury is easily influenced by other planets, and we may feel a sense of caution easing into our interactions and commerce with others. The obvious need for a change in the way we interact with our own government, or that which we allow to rule us, may become a highlight of this period. Saturn's influence on Mercury will likely manifest as fear or caution in interactions dealing with rulers/subjects or old school/new wave. This meeting of Mercury and Saturn in August is a foreshadowing of Mercury's upcoming retrograde cycle which will occur September 7 – 29 in Mercury's own earth sign, Virgo. Additionally, this will be Mercury's last visit with Saturn while he transits Leo. Saturn has occupied the Sun's sign since August 2007, and will spend his last full month in Leo in August, exiting to Virgo September 10. Mercury's mutable influence should help to usher Saturn into Virgo next month.

Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn August 5

A rather interesting full Moon awaits us on the evening of Wednesday, August 5. This is amidst a penumbral lunar eclipse, which is a follow up to a penumbral lunar eclipse on July 7 and a total solar eclipse on July 21-22. Three eclipses in quick succession like this is unusual, and reflects the current state of insecurity that many people across the planet are feeling due to lack of fulfillment of basic human needs.

The Moon reaches her point of fullness at about 20° of Saturn's earth sign, Capricorn. The Moon's north node, Rahu, is also present in Capricorn, as well as retrograde, debilitated Jupiter. The Moon will fall in Shravana nakshatra, "the star of learning." Shravana's power is that of connection, so we may find it difficult to listen to others and connect, due to the Moon's eclipse. Additionally, our sense of hope and expansion, which is represented by Jupiter, is similarly dampened by Jupiter's placement in his sign of debilitation. Saturn, the lord of Capricorn, is finishing up his transit in the late degrees of Leo. Much has been said in these forecasts during the past two years about Saturn's role in Leo, and how it has to do with reform of outdated, hierarchical governmental systems. This full Moon's planetary configuration is symbolic of the breakdown that needs to occur in order to foster an updated system based on equality rather than disparity.

Synchronistically enough, President Obama's birth chart is strongly activated by the current set of eclipses. His supporters maintain faith in his ability to execute plans that will help the economy recover and repair diplomatic ties with other nations, even in the face of conditions that seem insurmountable. His detractors already blame him for his failure to magically improve each person's lot in life after only 7 months in office. The expectations on this man from the public are incredible, as we see Rahu and Jupiter transit his 4th house. His birth chart does show his potential as an agent of change, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the US White House this month.

With the Moon located in Saturn's sign, Saturn located in the Sun's sign and the Sun located in the Moon's sign during this momentous full Moon, there is much emphasis on the home and the homeland, as well as re-structuring. We may find this to be a time of both individual and collective re-structuring of the home, of the country, and of the world. Saturn's influence urges us to walk the thin line of personal responsibility combined with humble detachment to results and things. Be attentive to what is worth keeping and what is worth discarding, knowing that something must give.

Mars Enters Gemini August 17

Mars continues his pursuit of lovely Venus, who is keeping well ahead of him, into Mercury's air sign, Gemini. Mars remains in Gemini through the first week in October, and provides us all with a good window for work that requires writing, communication, travel, movement, or technology of any kind. This rhythmic work groove will be further enhanced when Mercury himself enters Virgo on August 20. Allow the quick and free environment of Gemini to inspire spontaneity and flexibility within the work you plan and the structures you build.

Mercury Enters Virgo August 20

For as much as he runs around, Mercury really enjoys being home, as well. He speeds into his own earth sign, Virgo, on August 20 and will remain there through the third week in October 2009. His prolonged stay there is due to an upcoming retrograde cycle September 7-29. This is a really good time for work with the hands, farming, harvesting, making medicines, designing, organizing and analysis. Using this earthy grounded aspect of Mercury energy in tandem with the powerful driven energy of Mars occupying Mercury's airy sign, Gemini could help to create new environments and systems of communication. Both Mars and Mercury are essential to the maintenance and repair of health and health systems. Let's do it!

New Moon in Leo August 20

The new Moon occurs at about 4° Leo, early in the morning of Thursday, August 20. Other than the taint of the previous new Moon's full solar eclipse, the only other influence that negatively affects this new lunar cycle is the parting glance of Saturn as he slowly moves through the last degrees of Leo. The new Moon occurs in the lunar mansion Magha, which means "The Mighty One." This nakshatra is associated with the Pitris, the fathers of humanity who protect the human race. This is a time to create a home and a country that our ancestors would be proud of and that the generations that follow us will be inspired to protect and manage. This cycle will support activities that require bold action and leadership.

Venus Enters Cancer August 22

Venus exits Gemini and moves into Cancer on August 22, moving quickly through and leaving Cancer on September 15. Venus in Cancer, although not in her favorite spot, may encourage us to beautify our home and community through cosmetic enhancements, entertaining and sharing our homes and gardens with others. Venus will aspect Jupiter during her stay in Cancer, and may at least give us the artistic inspiration to work with what we have, opening us up to gratitude and appreciation in the face of hopelessness and deprivation. Venus joins Ketu while in Cancer, which may inspire self-reflection that ultimately leads us toward a richer connection with others. Venus has the grace we all need to recognize the abundance that is woven into the very fabric of the world in which we dwell. This is your home, it is beautiful and it is a reflection of you.

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