Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

April 2009

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Mars-Saturn Opposition April 5

As Mars moves through Saturn's air sign, Aquarius, he comes into exact opposition to retrograde Saturn on April 5. The push-pull tension that comes from the mutual influence of Saturn and Mars may have been evident during the last two weeks of March, and it will culminate on the 5th as the two planets briefly, but exactly face one another. Mars' tendency to move forward, plan and execute has been dampened by Saturn's slow, cautious influence, so we may feel the opening toward forward movement after the first week in April.

Mercury Transits Aries April 6 - April 23

Mercury breaks free from the pack and moves into Mars' fire sign, Aries, on April 6 for a quick two-week transit. I've noticed that when Mercury starts really moving fast through the signs, he soon moves into a retrograde period, so this is a heads-up for Mercury's next retrograde cycle, which will run from May 7 – 31. During the month from April 6 - May 7, we may enjoy an unusual sense of mental clarity, confidence and alacrity. Mercury, who is easily influenced by other planets, to the end of Mercury's energy being lost, suppressed, overshadowed or confused, will be relatively unaffected by other planets during this time. This would be a good time for laying groundwork, making plans, setting up systems and communication about technical or practical projects. Mars' escape from Saturn's influence will also aid in the initiation of new phases.

Full Moon in Virgo April 9

The Moon reaches the culmination of the cycle begun on March 26 as she reaches her point of fullness on April 9 in Mercury's earth sign, Virgo. The full Moon occurs at 26° Virgo, in the lunar mansion called "Chitra" which translates as "the beautiful" or "pretty pictures" and suggests the importance of creativity and art. Venus, currently retrograde and joining the Sun in Pisces, aspects the full Moon, and as the significator of art and beauty Venus will further encourage this blossoming of art. The new Moon of March 26suggested turning within to find a hidden source of power; perhaps by April 9 we will have prepared for an appropriate and creative way to express that power. At any rate, this full Moon looks like a nice kick-off to a spurt of both creative socializing and of creative work. Strike while the iron is hot, people.

Sun Enters Aries April 14

Things should begin to simmer nicely as the Sun moves into its sign of exaltation, Mars' fire sign, Aries. During this month that generally runs from mid-April to mid-May each year, we all get to enjoy the astrological phenomenon of the Sun moving through it's favorite sign. Especially in the northern hemisphere, we witness the Sun's power to encourage new life to emerge from the earth while the Sun travels through Aries. It can instill all of us with the confidence to express ourselves and to align ourselves with the right work for us. Mercury joining the Sun in Aries, but being far enough away from the Sun to function normally, should help with communicating our intentions and desires, which in turn furthers us along the path of finding our correct actions.

Mars Enters Pisces April 15

Mars exits Aquarius, an unfriendly sign to him where he was aspected by Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, on April 15 and moves into Jupiter's water sign, Pisces, where he feels more at home and joins the exalted Venus. It's excellent timing, really, as Venus in her retrograde period wasn't into entertaining visitors so much, but as Mars shows up, Venus prepares to resume direct motion. Venus and Mars are the "human" planets that represent the female and male aspects of people like us. Not surprisingly, when Venus and Mars interact astrologically, it generally indicates a passionate connection or influence of some sort. Both Mars and Venus will remain in Pisces through the end of May, so let those creative juices flow, feel the passion, and use that energy to drown out that mewling whisper that continues "recession...economy...crisis..."

Venus Resumes Direct Motion April 18

It's as if Venus finally looks up from her deep introspective meditation only to find Mars right in front of her, so she stops in her tracks and faces the morning light. Venus, as the planet representing love, beauty and relationship is back, this time as the morning star. She will advance through Pisces in close tandem with Mars, which could provide for some interesting and passionate relationship dynamics to explore through May. Venus' occupation of Pisces, which is Jupiter's sign, helps the condition of Jupiter, as well, who is having a tough year by transiting through his sign of debilitation, Capricorn. This somewhat deflates Jupiter's normal mode of expansive hopefulness, so while Venus occupies Pisces, we can improve our own sense of hope by activating Venus' capacity for love and connection. There is no need to struggle alone.

New Moon in Aries April 24

A new lunar cycle begins late in the evening of Friday, April 24 at 11° Aries, in the lunar mansion called "Ashwini" which translates as "yoking horses" and implies harnessing power. Ashwini holds the power to travel and heal quickly. This is a time to begin processes that are focused on healing, rejuvenation and travel. But for Saturn's continued retrograde cycle, this new Moon, along with the other planets' positions and movement during April, seems to be opening the door to new paths and new beginnings. The time for review, evaluation and planning is coming to an end, while the time for action and inception is at hand. Saturn will keep things slow and steady, as will Mercury during his coming retrograde cycle in May. For now, though, it's time to feel the opening possibilities that come with the newness of spring. Carefully harness the horses that represent your store of personal power such that you can convey yourself along the roads you truly wish to travel.

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