Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

September 2008

by Kerry Shamblin

Calculations are done using the Chitrapaksha ayanamsha and the mean node. Timings are based on Mountain Time Zone, US.

Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus Conjunction in Virgo September 1 - September 2

After the new Moon in Leo on August 30, the Moon moves into Mercury's earth sign, Virgo, to join Venus, Mercury and Mars. Bringing the energy of the new Moon into this sign that is associated with work, service, health and harvest should allow for movement, change and growth to occur with passion and alacrity. This planetary conglomeration is relatively unaspected by negative influences, so this should be a good time to get the ball rolling on projects associated with health, healing, harvest and service. Although the Moon moves out of Virgo on September 2, the other three planets remain in Virgo through the month of September, except for Venus, who exits on September 19. For people who enjoy change and productivity, this should be a satisfying time.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction in Leo September 2 - September 3

The Sun and Saturn share the same degree of the zodiac, 17° Leo, during September 2-3. Saturn has been occupying Leo since July 2007, and since then has influenced a string of planets as they passed by. This conjunction with the Sun will mark the last influence by conjunction that Saturn will have on the planets for awhile, until Mercury and the Sun make it back around the zodiac in the summer of 2009. Saturn's sometimes trying influence has created hardship and difficulty on many fronts for many people during the past year, especially during his conjunction with the nodal axis during the fall of 2007. Whatever lessons Saturn has been creating for us this past year should be illuminated strongly during the first half of this month. Now is the time to take responsibility for integrating them into your life. What may seem like difficulty and suffering will ultimately lead to the enrichment and enjoyment of life.

Jupiter Resumes Direct Motion September 8

Jupiter has occupied his own sign of Sagittarius since November 2007, and has been moving in retrograde motion since May 2008. When planets are retrograde, they are literally closer to the earth, but not literally moving backwards in their orbit. Retrograde motion affects planets according to their nature. Jupiter represents the universal principle of expansion, and while retrograde, could give the sense of expansion being slowed or retarded. Jupiter's retrograde cycle gave us the opportunity to investigate motivations, to explore the results of past expansion and to identify areas in which we hope to grow. The direct motion of Jupiter beginning on September 8 may feel much like the gates are opening for us to move forward in our journeys. Connection with a teacher or forward movement on the spiritual path may take a leap during this month. Jupiter's Sanskrit name is "Guru" showing his capacity for auspicious guidance and spiritual advancement. The domain of life (house) containing Sagittarius, and currently Jupiter, in one's birth chart could experience a turn-around this month. That which has been under review and/or slow growth since May should be able to expand and travel on as Jupiter resumes his forward motion through the zodiac. Jupiter completes his transit through Sagittarius in early December 2008.

Sun Enters Virgo September 17

The Sun exits his own domain of Leo and enters Mercury's earthy sign of Virgo on September 17, joining Mars, Mercury and Venus. This will strengthen and focus the energy that comes to us through Virgo, encouraging the work and play promoted by Mercury's practical and active sign. The Sun stays far enough away from the other planets throughout the month to allow them their own function without overpowering them through planetary combustion. Let the Sun reflect your inner purpose as you allow Mercury, Mars and Venus to direct the work of your mind, hands and heart. Virgo is a mutable sign and encourages change, growth and movement. This is a good time for organization, regrouping, and harvesting.

Venus Transits Libra September 19 - October 13

Venus issues a graceful sigh of relief as she moves into her own air sign, Libra, on September 19. Although Venus is considered a natural friend of Mercury, being positioned in Virgo debilitates her; perhaps it's just too much busy work. We should feel our capacity to love and relate take wing again as Venus moves through Libra. Libra is a social, philosophical and community related sign, and Venus' location there vis a vis Mercury's location in Virgo allows the two friends to support and protect one another. This should be a ripe time for allowing the grace and compassion of Venus to enhance the Virgo-inspired labors that we may choose based on the energies of Mercury, Mars and the Sun located there. Venus rules relationship and love; her transit through Libra is an opportunity to create new approaches and actualize ideas about how to relate to others. There may be a bit of restraint on Venus due to an aspect to Libra from Saturn located in Leo. Try to allow the wisdom of Saturn's restraint to guide decisions without degenerating into fear-based hesitation.

Mars Enters Libra September 24

Harness Mars' power toward your Virgo-related projects during the first part of September, because he follows Venus into Libra on September 24. Venus and Mars will both occupy Libra for a few weeks, until Venus moves on to Scorpio in mid-October. The combination of Venus and Mars energy always creates passion. Get ready to shift the drive of Mars toward Libran pursuits toward this month's end. Mars lends his skills at building to the actualization of Venus' creative, philosophical visions of love and relationship. The relationship between Venus and Mars could be described as one of love/hate. While there is an obvious human, sexual attraction between these two planets, their methods of getting what they desire is often quite conflicting. Be aware that there are two sides to every story, and while two people may have a common goal, the paths toward that goal may lead through radically different terrain that require unique modes of transportation. Exploring the relationship between self and other will be big during the end of September and into October.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo September 24 - October 13

Mercury prolongs his stay in Virgo by initiating a retrograde cycle that begins on September 24 and lasts through October 15. With Venus and Mars out of the picture, Mercury has an almost empty stage to work his retrograde magic. During Mercury retrograde periods, and for a week on either side of them, it is wise to avoid major decisions involving business, commerce and communication. Wait to sign contracts or initiate major changes until after Mercury resumes direct motion, or get things done before September 17. Mercury retrograde periods are good times for review, relaxation, editing and re-organizing. Mishaps involving information and communication are common during these times, so take preventative measures to back up data, double check travel plans, and to make sure vehicles and computers are well-tuned (before Mercury goes retrograde!) Mercury's retrograde cycle will keep him in occupation of Virgo for about 2.5 months (ending the first week of November.) Overall, this is a decent period for Mercurial pursuits such as writing, communication, marketing and travel, done slowly and with deliberation, of course, during the retrograde cycle, September 24-October 15.

New Moon in Virgo September 29

Interestingly, we get even more Virgo attention with the new Moon occurring at 12° Virgo early in the morning of Monday, September 29. The Sun and Moon have their monthly meeting in the lunar mansion called Hasta, which translates as "hand." This should be a good time to begin a journey, to initiate a health regime or medical treatment, to pursue studies, to lay foundations or to begin projects that require the skill of the hands in any way. This time of new beginning is tricky due to Mercury's retrograde motion in effect near the new Moon. Proceeding with the attitude of caution, humility and service may ensure success of projects and journeys undertaken at this time.

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